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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Squad Builder
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yo what is going on YouTube it's your boy double 8 9 skills and welcome back to another one of my videos welcome back to such an adult video man I got such an awesome video here for you guys today you guys have been loving these squad builders you guys have said that they've helped you guys a lot of you guys have said that you have used the teams and they're amazing and you just like seeing new teams and that's why I really like playing and doing this series that I've been doing some kind like a mini series on the channel I mean I went on Twitter I was like y'all pull your nation show me some beast and cheap team some amazing teams and my homies accent me a team he said you'll like this team on on wait you like this team on a past on a past dream and I was really bummed that you didn't use it I got elite 3 with it I'm usually a go-to or gold one player Phillipe is a God he has 120 goals in 117 games and I read this and I said you know what man this team actually looks ridiculous this team looks unbelievable and not only that in this video I am going to play in Division two with you guys to show you how good this team is your product my skills why not the weekend League in the weekend League first five games first 10 games I could play against the top 100 black legacy League player I can play against the bronze players like it's a Scylla player in Division 2 you're playing against people that are good or like it's guaranteed good players that have made it to Division two its players that have won games and fever that know how to play fever there's no easy games so I'm gonna play in Division two with you guys right now live but first let me show you the team I'm rocking up with ladies and gentleman it's guy ready I think it's Philippe rightfully I think that's how you say I call it Moxie maximally Nia I can't say it but Moxie I call her Moxie this guy man unbelievable guys for games in Division two with this guy it goes for assists ok my man Moxie has been lights out amazing now I only played four games i'ma continue play more right now I'm about to go into a game which that's gonna be gaming on five with this team I'm yet to lose it it I've played against icon team's not hope and I pray when we go into a game right now that we get a fool icon team because I am so confident the team that Zack put together Zack the team you put together my guy it's amazing man thank you so much for linking it I use my man moxie without even a hunter on him imagine him with a hunter for games eight goals in Division two okay beside him is gonna be the beast himself Teemo foreigner foreigner the burner the machine the monster I did have a hunter on him the dude zaps there's nothing really much to say about him do that 67 physical 83 pay our 93 pace good shooting now listen the biggest thing I wish that this team had couple things my cam I wish I had him he had more stamp and my striker Moxie Philippe whatever his name is I wish he was a four-star scaler the fort I need the Lockwood get this here's a four starts killer why was I not being able to connect Lockwood get this with him he's actually a four-star scaler wait a minute Jesus that guy's unbelievable then guys I was trying a lot go to get this and I couldn't get out he kept doing the ball roll my man has four star four star he's actually unbelievable guys I literally did eight game four games eight go without even knowing this man had a lock okay I was doing lock or kathas now what maybe I was just ball rolling cuz I don't even have it guys the fact that I know he could do like forget it forget about it yeah unbelievable man on freakin believable that card is out of this world man up next is Hamid Rodriguez if you guys watched one of my recent drafts I got hummons Rodriguez and I was blown away by this guy everything about him is amazing his passing and shooting everything except for his fam if this guy had better stand this team would be the best team on the planet I'm telling you guys right now I know you probably like skills you come home and you're hoping this thing up watch bro watch when we go into a game I could have chopped up a bunch of clips of me playing in lower divisions and be like check all these girls I'm going into division two with you guys we're gonna end up matching up against a good team because that's what in Division two and you're gonna see what this team can do I'm not lying you guys man first of all four we won the first match the pickle thumbs up can we get 10,000 likes a few guys like seeing the creative teams the fun teams the cheap teams the beast teams the amazing teams smash that big ol thumbs up for your boy I'll make sure I keep these coming for you guys and you guys come up with the teams I just trying to make sure I like them and if I do then I'll show a video you know this team got big boy go that's gonna go that's cuz that guy bro if you got go to SK and your team you're making plays bro you are making plays let's go let's go is that good okay up next my dudes we're gonna have to put Robbie up but Robbie up see Robbie oh that's different right because Robbie otha is actually not going to play see him he's a CDM I know a lot of guys would say skills you playing a CDM high medium CDM I mean a high high high medium he likes to go forward look I've used Robbie all to different teams at CDM on this one and another one I've done on my channel and every time I put this guy to see the M for some reasons a beast I don't like for being like CDM because he's a medium medium I don't like playing kondogbia TDM cos he's a medium but Robbie oh there's a hide medium but he works I don't know why I can't explain it to you I wish I could but I can't he's unbelievable a CDM I don't know why man I really wish I could explain it to you nothing next we're gonna go ahead and lob the big boy himself in thali so I think I said his name wrong Starly so I don't know but I probably said it wrong but that guy is unbelievable all right in that we're gonna go over back over to the French league okay because in the French league we're gonna go ahead and pick up my man rule fier how was he decent you know he made some big saves he made some nice saves we'll see in the game I'm about to play with you guys if he can make some big saves as well but my man rule fear is an absolute machine man absolute beast I just hope that I can remember in my head that my man up top Philippe has forced our skills because for some reason I kept thinking he was a three starts killer every game I played man as I look for my next man who's it going to be it's actually going to be too homey wait is he untradable he might be I actually might have him untradable I got both of them on trade all must be nice my man marquinhos and my homie Kemp and they don't really get much better than these two does it bros these two are absolute machines I actually played murky murky knows on basic could put a shadow when I'm didn't feel like wasting the money still play fine shadow one camp end by the way I would run the team is shadow never bite though Lisa as well I put a shadow on him but I didn't do it I played him with an engine still beastly and fee Slee my man at the left back position I love this card man a lot of you guys might not like this car lighter guys but guys let's not guys not good enough to play I got his um what was it his future future star wasn't it I don't know I think it's a future star one I don't even know Mandy I think is a future star I got it and I love them and now he's back in the team and I played him without even a shot at one I mean the dude was absolutely unbelievable man 4 stars skill an absolute tank and then at the right back position we're gonna go ahead and throw the big boy moon here ladies and gentlemen this team cheap as dirt yes then-chief easy to get one one run at squad battles is buying you this team and I promise you one thing this team will take you up divisions this team will get you the best finish that you've gotten in in the weekend League gross I'm telling you right now this team is stupid good and I know you're probably but listen if you got to make a team you got a big team cool but for the people that want to do better finishes and they got an average team this team right here looks average but plays like a beast my talk is cheap let's jump into the game let me show you what it's all about man again big old thumbs up and subscribe this team's unreal alright baby that's what we want to see a big fire team that team is amazing I'm glad we're facing a team like this the only thing I'm not glad about is that it's a four bar connection but besides that that's exactly what I want to see Fieri a Viera petit Bernal dingo the boy is mu can my team compete against the biggest of biggest teams that's what we want to see man we want to see our team go up against some of the best the biggest and the baddest that's how you find out if your team is really overpowered like you say it is let's find out I'm probably not gonna commentate that much because right now it's all about concentrating a little bit making sure we play goofy for a little bit and making sure I show you how good this team really can be if I'm just saying your commentating baby I'm not really thinking about we're trying that hard or concentrating that much so I'm trying to say I almost got a huge deal do get a steal this man right oh not you I want him the pass see instantly but he didn't do it Christiano yet the lay that one off okay so that's that's a good mmm I like my defense there bros come on man let's keep it going okay I like that I got a Robbie up in the box who is pretty huge good pass oh that's not a foul man I thought he's gonna give away a pan here's when el dingo stole it from Rennell dingo with Meuniere sending it to the middle and almost score yo he's such a beat smacks yeah call him oxys names maximilliana I can't say you know I suck but y'all can say easy by me I'm bad with names I like his name though if I just know how to say it properly nice pass hummus I want a team oh I couldn't find him that's unlucky as well keep it going keep it going keep it going pop there lay back go pass to my boy Mandi I love this Mandi car man the fact that he gives me skill moves on the weakest wing is so dope I see ha mez I get him petit trying to car guard me Kenny almost took me down for a pen yo we got this team pushed pretty far back this could be dangerous the speed the speed as he put it as he put it as he put he does concetto camp M'Baye all over son can pee all over it son deals with them still son give me that nope give me this interception giving us an exception give me this interception so right here we just got to defend this properly man do not give him his first goal on his first shot please diera all over that was my man how many Rodriguez but I don't keep it you know what's crazy is that I'm always someone that looks at work rates when it comes to a CDM and you'll probably be like how is the Robi alt on this man's team if he's a high medium playing CDM I mean that's a very good question I can't stand having even a medium medium at CDN but for some reason every team that I've used that's a cheap team that puts a lobby up at CDM the team performs pretty darn good man here's what's up you he's controlling the game now man he's controlling the game now man a couple minutes of him being on the ball I had him pushed back pretty far now all of a sudden he's trying to get back but honestly he's not doing nothing he scores from this now bit okay he did all right but he's not really going for anything get that out of here come on now get that get that out of here if he scored from it that but you know that's something but all he was doing was holding possession he wasn't really doing much with it that's a bad play out so against a team like this put TN via and CDM we got to make sure we walk the ball up correctly here's Mendy give me that steal nice my striker came all the way back to get that steal hummus' can't do nothing with that one I like the way he's playing man he's trying to control the game we're defending well and I feel pretty good about this game man the more this game goes on the more I feel like yo my team is competing my lord sheep team is completing against one of the better teams in FIFA and not only that I feel like 100% we're walking out of here with a dub which is nice I do feel that way inside man I feel like we can attack this guy pretty good here's hummus put that up top oh no that's such a he got so lucky to get that block man cuz he didn't Xen except that just hit his defender and here steel here can't get that one let's get the stopper here man he didn't try to pop it over now the world over that twenty-nine minutes in we're still doing fine man we're good with Gucci were Gucci he hasn't really threatened at all like he can't get in and I'm running a four one two and two he should be able to get in pretty easily bro oh look at that he's not guarding the men running nice one too so my man is playing pretty defensive when I dropped let me see what I do here what I do here got him with Mindy got him one more time with man he got an open man as well oh man I should have played it down one more time with Timo vorna the extra pass is how you win games I should have put the extra pass and look at Mandy look at freaking Mandy he did it all by himself I wasn't even controlling him Mandy ah that's tough sonow though mine nice steel put that there if I get this past off it's a go oh whoa what a tackle from Blanc your water tackle from block I was sure he was giving up a pen there nice pass that's mine that's mine that's mine no it's not Christian I'm gonna get that well okay we're okay we're okay mine easy peasy good D good D good D well I got a chance here he pushed he bit he bid on that he bit hard as well that's in oh he misses but the team of order cleans it up baby just like that that's a bowl yeah baby yo I'm trying to tell you guys man slowly but surely this team could compete with the best of the best of the best of the best of the best teams man like I know a lot of y'all gonna be like skills yo come on man you really think your team is better than that team you matched up against I mean dude I'm in Division two which means this guy knows how to win some games at FIFA Division two is a pretty hard division right and we're playing with a team that's under 150 K pretty much a thing right the team is pretty cheap and he has freaking whose debut Ronaldo Vieira I mean yeah he doesn't have all the primes but come on man he has a crazy good team do not give a kickoff here man I'll be the last thing we want to give up defending beautifully defending beautifully nice my man right here man this is the guy right here man this is the guy right here man I love this car man I freakin love this card man I'm trying to tell you I love this card man I shouldn't cut back there if that card had four star skills man you have no idea man you have no idea man we would tear people up man come this way nice i intercepted it but i don't stay with it that's unfortunate okay let's get this Cristiano I think he's looking for the el tornado crosses where were nel dingo that's a great steal from hummus that's unfortunate team over one I just wouldn't pass the ball we go to halftime man and there you go man look I've given this guy one shot he said all the possession he's wanted obviously he's been sitting deep with his two CDMS I've given him one shot bro that's that's pretty good now I know y'all played my skills you say this team's over power you don't have possession I mean dude we're winning we're winning we've given up one shot I think that's pretty powerful man and if we can hit one more I think this game is over man got that mine send that right there come on boys Munir I saw him making the run but I was too afraid to put it and I probably should have put it cuz either way I was gonna lose it he has go let's go against petit petit wins that battle ha men's trying to get back to cover his mango that's good spot Christiano there comes the skill move he could have him here he could have me down hacen Aldo so now those stops and shoots and good defense good goal keeping we give him a second shot of the game he's had two shots 50 minutes in and I'll be all good fine I could have a passing here he's off it took so long for him to pass bro that 4 bar connection sucks man you got to play that right away man I don't blame the player them and I play them but I blame the connection Vieira still Vieira you got to watch the el tornado cross his man I've read that I did not give him Renault dingo he won the el tornado cross it Zeb you I can't get that one trying to cover ronaldo cristiano is the alternate across I'll turn it across no he didn't go for our trying to cover the old tornado cross rose I can't really get the ball right now man he's dominating this game when it comes to possession but he's not doing anything he's literally not doing he's just passing it around like I'm not even I'm on I'm on I'm on press on heavy touch so I'm not even defensive bro and he can't get in which is pretty crazy here's one out dingo camp MB should've had that he does have it but it falls back to Mende Viera I thought he would go back to men he plays it all the way I'd like what's he doing here man like I'd rather just play fifa he looks like he's just ready to hold on to the ball the whole game big interception now we're gone I don't have anybody though still no pass have to slow down for one sec here's hum is I mean I could play that slow stuff to where we just hold the ball forever like he's doing and not really attack but I want to attack humming hum as I really like calm as his car – man that's unfortunate I thought he would score that go that's good son wins that big boy son doing big boy son type things popped at the Sun please big steal camp M'Baye let me put that up top nice see if we go slow and move the ball we can hold possession – but what's the point of that I want to win I want to score goals man I want to score goals hit Ronaldo that's mine that's mine y'all good D put that there there you go hummus now how much is the player with really low stamina it's the one thing that really sucks about this team is how much Rodriguez a Stan oh man oh man oh oh man oh man oh man flex on them skills and there you go hey we'll keep doing our thing you know I'm saying now if I get the ball my plate away he plays because he's walking out here with loads of possession but it's pointless possession and I'm saying he's just this is the biggest problem with the team big boy right here man this dam is only 70 on Hummers and Robbie alt has 82 but for some reason he's low on stand right now but I think he's lost and simply because of running up and down the field being a high medium you know he runs up and down the field about up and down the field constantly some I think that's the big problem with the team is obviously how many said Rodriguez it's tan but if you guys bring some nice super subs with you they comments will do just fine for you man cuz he's done just fine for me now if we do get the ball I'm pretty sure he just went constant pressure something probably made a sub or he went constant pressure one of the other we're gonna figure out what he did in a second we'll be able to see what his team does but he best believe that the way he was playing is the way I'm going to play now if I get the ball we're just gonna play possession now right we're gonna take everything slow one step at a time and it looks like he either went three back or I might be able to just can I win the header please thank you let's see is the own constant pressure you have anything here it's one two okay this is not bad Munir oh I have a good pass to Timo Horner chillin Timo yes baby big boy soon Timo Varner with the three nil man come on Big Boy Timo you probably still white due to see so much I don't know man I'm just a dude it's just funny up week footage shot from Timo Varner going up against Vieira Ronaldo I could have showed you a game full of clips where I'm winning games and you don't really see it though man this right here I think shows improves how good this team actually is man I'm yet to lose weight in Division two I got a ton of games on it I'm very close to Division one and this team is uh taking me right there man he's taking me right to Division one look at this pass right here this guy always scores man I would be so surprised if he doesn't score this game because he scores every game I've played with him look at the ball movement lucky snow with it though ball but ah oh man maybe I should have passed it okay okay what are you doing bro so not at this point he's just nervous but like I said we're gonna walk out here and it's gonna look as if we got dominated on stand on possession but we really Denny scores all the time now that's a sweaty but we still you don't look like we got dominate on possession but what he was doing was holding the ball and not allowing us to play our game right so we just had to defend it why he did what he did and once we went up by two he tried to start coming forward and once he started coming forward we did what we do best man we started scoring goals like crazy so there you go man a team that's worth under 150 K going up against the team that's worth mils upon millions upon millions – and I think division 2 is actually more of a test because in the weekend League we can get we can go up against the division 5 player in it and this division 2 is the vision – man like there's no there's no there's no bad opponents in Division 2 if you've made it to Division 2 you've won a lot of FIFA games to make it here so we came out we did what we had to do and I'm pretty sure again we could still lose but I'm pretty sure this game is over man I'm pretty sure we picked up a massive d2 win with a team that's just insanely overpowered man that's a beautiful over the top to catch us out and he made a mistake man he pushed a little bit 4 out of 4 over now Dino now something's in my eye yeah why something my bro Oh bro son isn't my oh it hurts hey yo my hurts man hey my eye hurts man what the hell I can't pass the ball bro ha ha Myers what the hell bro I think something flew in my eye bro defend this good pass down white a few scores coz my man all he's in score – yo it's my eye bros he only gave possession back cuz my eye man that's BS bro I think it's better it's getting all watery bro I think something flew in it alright let's play this slow man 82nd minute oh he's gonna score again if you give the ball away like this off a kickoff they usually score right away nice job kept em bay hummus' Oh hit that that's a ball here comes the homie he don't miss he don't miss he don't miss he don't miss that guy don't miss that guy I'm pretty sure he's about to get a hat-trick now or he got a hat-trick that car don't miss man I'm telling you guys right now that's a ghost scoring machine man that guy is on lievable if he had forced our skills he would probably be one of my favorite strikers in the game for that price unbelievable card man another unbelievable finish for him as well I don't know how many god I don't know if he got a hat-trick or not he might he got a hatch he might have got a hatchery gross give me that yeah we just destroyed this team man oh he went attacking big time bro do we give him the hat-trick here oh I messed I don't that could have been 6:1 and you see how like you see how like the game is right now if you if this guy happened to score on me early and was able to play that possession stuff and sit deep it would have been tough to get back into it man because of how strong you know sitting back is right now but we just kept it we kept patient we defended the best we could we got our goals and we waited for him to come out and once he came out we really gave it to him and that's what you have to do right now in this fifa's be patient patience is key and then destroy your opponent baby that's gonna be a dub right there man big win for us that you guys go man I mean call it what you want maybe you think I'm crazy maybe my skills overpowered mean that you wouldn't lose the possession battle we just 5:1 the team with Cristiano Ronaldo Viera petit Zeb you won't conceal Lu Mendy's card Blanc's card Vieira's card fir'aun's card like that's a good team and my man got double team are underway the triple the double my strikers going off my sis coming from everywhere man it feels good man absolute beautiful performance I wants the stats as well because stats will say something here the possession came back but look at that we allowed four shots one shot the first half for the second half against a team that just completely dominates us and we get a possession but you're gonna go something with a team like this man I hope you guys enjoyed this video man let me know if you guys are gonna try this team if this team works whew blowed up the comments down below I want to know how you guys do how many points we pick up 26 points bro that guy has a lot of points man we just smacked a lot of points from him we're getting very I think to get the division 1 is 2400 points and we're already a 2885 so this team is easily gonna get us into Division five or Division one which is absolutely amazing man shout out to Division two we're in Division two where you had to shower the Division two hopefully you guys enjoyed it they go thumbs up makes you subscribe I love your faces thank you for watching I'm gonna catch you back here later or tomorrow for same same time same place love you guys Bowyer

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