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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team
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yo what is going on YouTube is your boy double late-night skills and welcome back to the road for champions RTG edition more like the rich man to glory Edition more like oh goodness you could've read real quick skills you're gonna rage sell everything no I'm not gonna rage sell everything but I am kind of hella like just salty with myself I am kind of raging with myself and I'm kind of just like oh like here's the thing bros is I did what I did what I wanted to do here okay you've never went first no worry abou skills you did it back atop what I did you know I spam to my games I'm literally Saturday night I'm done now I've never played my game is quick I always play Friday 10:00 Saturday 10:00 Sunday 10:00 what I wanted to do here was I wanted to play the best of the best players I wanted all week long I play in Division I think I played like 40 games of Division one I did really well in Division one I was trying for three three and four one two and two okay I went into foot chance I wanted to play the best of the best of the best of the best players because I wanted to see if I could still do it and if I could still do it I would keep it if I couldn't you know the same if you can't beat it join it let me explain let me let me explain we have one game remaining we didn't do as great as we wanted to but we did get elite which is an awesome accomplishment still now you're probably saying skills wait why are you so like ah what's the matter first of all let me hit you with a few things okay big boy Lozano is one of the best cards I've ever use it's not bringing this guy off my bench eight games played seven goals one assist if you haven't used them yet you got to use them this guy's unbelievable also my boy rash for he's pretty fun to play with coming four times two goals to assist he's pretty nice and then run out dingo ten games four and two he's probably the weak weak link now you look at this team you like okay skills you're better you're set up for a four three two one or a four three two one you exactly a four three threes any four three threes you set up for a 4 1 2 and 2 but I'm not really set up for a 4-2-3-1 because if I do go forward to three one Denis Vieira and my boy Conte CDMS and whole it has to play middle cam now I played against gold machine I lost to him in the 90th minute off of a header off of a corner I'm playing against bet though all these guys are top 100 players I'm saying I ended up being bad to like 5 1 or a 5-2 or something like that I played a couple top play a bunch of elite players a couple top 100 players they play three top 100 players I beat two of them lost to one of them ok but was enough to me get top 100 I lost on penalties I lost to go gene things started really collapsing at that point right now I tried my very best to run for 1 2 & 2 & 4 3 3 I didn't want to play the 4-2-3-1 I don't want to go back to it man I didn't want to do it at 40 and noted that thing in FIFA 17 I just didn't want to play that football I didn't want to play the sit back wait for them home let me counter but it's happening it's finally gonna happen I'm doing it I'm done with it I don't really know what to do for 4-2-3-1 you guys can let me know in the comments down below if you think this team is built for 4-2-3-1 I don't want holy as a middle cam in Bop a right cam Renaldo left cam r9 striker and then Conte Viera CDMS and holy cam but what I really want to do is actually play r9 middle cam or now although striker and Bop a right cam and I need another player probably what's the matter I want to sell this Viera I've had him for so long I'm sick of him bro I hate his touches I hate how heavy he feels I know the moment I sell him he probably like oh he's right selling he's right so nah I love the team I love the team I love it I actually played a lot of games on livestream with a lot of you guys and on the stream I kept people like skills selves and like I like van Dijk too much I like Veron but a lot of people are telling me that Ramos would suit me better so Van Dyck and Sergio Ramos back here which would then mean that we need more sello over Mende but I want to play 4-2-3-1 as I talk to you guys so you can see me playing it I'm not advanced enough of 4-2-3-1 I don't know it enough I don't know how to run it I don't know if press the heavy touches with the way to run it I don't know know if drop backs the way to running I don't know but I know one thing I tried my very best to topple a dude I 16:02 not top 104 1 2 and to my left back in my right back Swanton balance i played a super super super super duper duper attacking football I played home games away games this weekend I played three bars four bars as you can see bros I'll play anything I don't care I'll play anything right now I don't care I want to play the best of the best players because I want to test it for one two and two could still do it and I just feel like fall and tukutz to fall into it do could still do it but I leave myself to open for the counters man everyone's running this 4-2-3-1 and they're just sitting back and they're waiting the counter right man so we finally got a game it took a while playing against combat hey yo I actually played against combat already and I actually took an L to him this weekend League when I was playing the 4-1-2-1-2 attacking 4-1-2-1-2 attacking like like with my left back and right back just going forward so now I'm about to play them in the 4-2-3-1 and we're gonna see what takes place so I need you guys the comments down below man I always come to you guys I always come to you guys and I'm like yo yo guys how do you run this like do this do that do this and it's the first time I'm really turning to you guys I say yo teach me 4-2-3-1 man in the comments down below let me know what depth you're running let me know your tactics let me know who you have that middle cam let me know if you had the coins who you would run at middle cam I right now I'm running wholly at middle cam r9 out on a wing and then Christian on the other one and then actually no I have I don't have it I've who Leonor and in BOP it out on wings and Ronaldo at striker now Bros I am going to obviously concentrate in this game I don't need this game it doesn't take us up it doesn't take us down but I lost this guy today like I literally law bit ago I lost to him and I played an attacking football and he was able to just kind of chill back and score goals on me man and I took an L and I I know he's a good player I know he's a very very good player but I was so upset with myself man cuz I could I constantly attacked him and I was just getting hit on the counter over and over and over again and I just quickly realized that man you know when I 4-2-3-1 in FIFA 17 and i40 a node and made all the competitions it was dope and I didn't want to go back to it cuz I didn't want to have to play the game that like competitive I liked for one two and two cuz I would out score people but now man it just seems as if after the past couple weeks I've put in the cotton performances I've had I still got good finishes he leads a great finish like he leaves a great finish don't get it twisted but I I want better for you guys man I want you guys to be watching Top 100 rewards for me man so I gotta get it together and I quickly realized that I'm making it harder for myself I'm literally being hard-headed and making this game just stupid hard for myself simply because I won't go into what is the most overpowered formation this year and the most overpowered formation this year is the 4-2-3-1 and instead of trying to beat it and instead of trying to find these you know be a hero for the community and find this way to beat it I'm gonna go for it two three one and I'ma stick to it and I know in the beginning it's gonna be hard in the beginning it's gonna look bad but I am gonna play so many games of Division one this week in 4-2-3-1 to understand what the heck is going on and how to play it properly so I've already in the last couple games the weekend league I think I don't like four or five games I've already started playing the formation and I've already started like trying to learn how to play it so that's a good thing I got a little bit of experience with it but not much I might try to out tornado cross here good luck out back post and pop a oh my god he over jumped it or I may be outside that was really weird um discount playing right now looks to be in a four one two and two so he's playing what I used to play and I'm playing what everybody is playing I think he's in the four one two and two it looks like a four one two and two so let's see if I'm able to just sit back kind of control the game and counter him over and over and put up loads of goals cuz that's kind of what I'm looking to do now L tornado cross or nine back post there it is two-nil 15 minutes in I literally am going to miss elite one because I lost to my opponent I'm playing right now and again man I just played an open game bro I played an open game I attacked I attacked the I attacked I gave it everything I could and I also lost the game while I was up to nil I went to penalties another game that just shouldn't lost man so I only have myself to blame I really do I only have myself to blame and I not take full responsibility to like you know for losing the games like I just got to be better man I got it stop allowing myself to get hit on the counter stop allowing someone to come back from being up to nil that game has to be over like this game here I'm up to no this is a quality opponent this game has to be done I cannot let my opponent get back into the game and that's what I'm gonna hope that 4-2-3-1 does for me clamps up locks up I might try another one he's giving me all the time in the world look at this oh my goodness he's giving me all the time in the world just BAM bows crosses unbelievable let me stop this here give me that that's a great ball out wide I got stopped this Amman Jordan getting forward my man Jordy getting forced so I need to steal this encounter that's kind of the goal here boom oh that's such a bad pass I wanted holy so hold it right now is um my middle can hold it right now is my middle Cameron I don't really have stuff set up correctly in the 4-2-3-1 because I don't know how to run 4-2-3-1 I kinda just through whatever like press on heavy touch I kinda just through whatever together because I don't really know what is strong in 4-2-3-1 but I'm gonna learn it very quickly man I've been talking to a couple my homies that like you know that play the pro scene and stuff like that I'm like yo what are you guys running into 4 2 3 1 and I'm starting to just try to understand it figure it out as quickly as possible and once I know how to play it properly imma make a video on it but I don't think Viera is gonna stay arrive we don't wanna give up a goal here yes van Dyk I don't think Vieira is gonna stay around Bros I think it's time we part ways with Vieira I think it's time that you know we just do look at this this counters gonna look this car looks amazing right now that's beautiful too I mean it Bob pays off to the right do I do another el tornado cross I think so I might have r9 as well I do or nine boom through it three mil baby big three mil it's frustrating man because you guys are actually seeing exactly what I talked about man I played four one two and two against this opponent and I lost you know I attacked that attacked I attack couldn't score stats wearing my favors and I lost combat walked away with the victory now I'm in a defensive formation 29 minutes in and we're up three now and we literally missed 27 because we lost him so it shows you oh he might make a comeback it shows you it shows you man it shows you where I like how FIFA is being played right now and my biggest thing is this like the fact that I lost to won the gold machine he scored a 90th minute corner you guys know a gold machine is man I showed his rewards there was like number four in the world right now in next parts or something like that I lost 2-1 to him off of a corner in the 90th minute big boy Ramos beat me man in the air it lets me know that I'm playing Fifa at a decent level you know I beat Beto who's another pro and stuff it lets me know I'm playing at a decent level I'm not playing Fifa poorly the biggest thing for me is like the opponents I were losing to or either like you know a lot of them a lot of them will be like gold one players and gold one players a hella good but if you want to get top 100 you can't take an L to a gold one player because then when you match the top 100 player you're really screwed you know I'm saying I did not I should have cut back this way like that was such a mistake that's my fault man big time off for a big big mistake I don't know about who lit like Hulett right now I feel like my middle cam in the 4-2-3-1 does a lot I don't know how for you guys for the guys who play 4-2-3-1 I feel like your middle cam is I mean he's big you know he's he's a big part of the team so I think you need someone that can score headers someone that has a really nice weak foot you just need the whole package look at our nine but back post I wanted him but I couldn't get him and then Lala clamped up on but now though like it was nothing – that's a good ball got him Bobby hey no pen holy and you're probably like what skills you play for it – do you want pretty good you up for one I don't know how to play it I'm kind of just like winging it Rose I'm literally winging it if I win this game I can get twenty six window which is he'll eat two one went away from top 100 and I'm playing a guy that I won went away from melee one and two wins away from top 100 top 100 b28 this week so my loss to gold machine that's okay I take that out I take that l he's a top 100 player like he's very very good that's the loss like you're okay taking bro that's the lost year okay taking but in the game I was up to now and I lost some pens and then losing the combat there's my top 100 finish so losing to this guy I'm playing right now and then the game that I was up to no loss no penalties if I if I just turn those two games into dubs all of a sudden this video is you know we've done it top 100 but I play an attack in football and the attacking football wasn't really the thing to do men in those games especially the game that was up to two nil like up to nil I need to go into like a formation like this a 4-2-3-1 and finish the game off I'm in a 4-2-3-1 a defensive type formation I've given this guy one shot this guy just beat me a few games ago you know it's little stuff like that man little stuff like that just has me so mad at myself man so like a Reggie inside because just join him bro just join him if that's what the strongest thing in the game is if this is what's overpowered run the overpower them for so long I was like Bob I'm not doing I'm not playing for totally wrong cuz I you know I 60 and old and stuff for for 122 and I love that formation man so I just wanted to keep running it I just want to be in it man I want to score a lot of goals I want to play fifa and laugh and score goals but you know what for one your weekend league is not about laughing I guess you got it you got a you got to go try or it sometimes another one another all tornado he's giving it to me cuz ya know he keeps giving them to me man five one huh I missed the elite one cuz I lost this guy he's a good player combat man GG to you if you watch this video you are a very very good player obviously you beat the heck out of me the first time but it's just showing you bros it's showing you how important formations are that's what it's showing you this guy's trying to play a four one two into attacking type formation he's trying to do what I've been doing you know all of FIFA but it just seems like that's not the way right now man the way is the way of FIFA at the moment is to you know make sure you don't suffer goes wait for your opponent to make a really big mistake and then see I hit him on the counter you're under saying and can i play that football hundred percent like I said in FIFA 17 I made every single like pro tournament that I could make because of playing that type of style you know like I was able I went why you said I played four one two and two right and I made a lot of events that way but then the first pro tournament happening and my boy PSG rocky at the time he was but allottee rocky or something like that it was when he was a little different pro team he showed the world where 4-2-3-1 was right and then after that everybody kind of went oh what a goal everybody kind of went for two three one and you know I'm saying it became what it is today so rocky was definitely one of the first players to run that for 2-3 wanted a turn at a tournament back in FIFA 17 and you know since then the rest has kind of been history man a lot of it's a very very strong formation now in the beginning of theif I would go for one two and two times up for by a couple goals and then I would switch for two three one and close the game out the problem is now is when I'm in that four one two and two you know I go forward I look like I'm about to score I hit the post or the goalie makes a big save my opponent comes down and scores now all of a sudden I can't go forward two three one for the rest the game because now I'm chasing the game the entire time so from now on instead of going in and switching once I take the lead I'm just gonna play it man I'm just gonna play it from the jump and hopefully do well with it oh ah I thought I got that in um and hopefully do well with it now the big question here is or do you guys think I'm crazy for droppin vieira because I'm a vieira cuz I'm gonna show you exactly in one minute what I'm going to do now I'm in the wrong for I want to also let you guys know that I'm actually in the wrong 4-2-3-1 I'm in the 4-2-3-1 with left a right mid in the left MIT I mean I'm deep as heck bro I'm in the wrong one I'm gonna pull Vieira pull it back and then I'm gonna bring in Lozano and I'm going to bring in a rash furred and then what I'm gonna do is put Christian I'm out on the ring I took out my man r9 aka got on there something whatever that I like to call him if you guys know what that is like you know it's like a Mexican food I think it's a Mexican food carne asada I think it's a Mexican fire that comes from Mexico carne asada or maybe it's just a Spanish dish is that from Spain or is it from I'm not exactly sure where it's from but carne asada no ever or you can call them gordito no ever whichever one I call them gordito no ever now cuz he's fat but because my man has no lungs on him okay he has no spam on my man dies all the time before half-time he's like dead um but he's such a good player man he scores a lot of goals from me so I brought in Lozano and pretty much every time Lozano comes in for me well you're gonna see what happens I am pretty confident my man will find the back of the net Rochefort here and there he goes look at this guy man look at this guy man look at this guy man Lozano oh I missed it that's on me I should have chipped him I could have finessed them imagine if my opponent comes back if he comes back it's on me man and Bob play right there that's a goal to all van Dijk the department the apartment building got there first man and then you know so that's this is what I want to do right but I don't want to start why I can't start Lozano cuz los llanos not a right mid or he is the right mid and in ba pays the right mid so I can't really start him if that goal comes back and bites me in the booty I'm going to be very very upset also I need them all I need the ball we need the ball yo come on man how is that not a foul against Van Dyck and and and that's another thing would you guys sell Van Dyke or Vieira I kind of like I kind of like oh hey I kind of like both of them and I kind of don't want to sell either of them because I know how good they are man I know I know hey now I'm in on lozano ah what that's the penalty man um I just feel like Conte and hold it together at CBM is good enough and the reason I don't really like the air is he he always takes these really heavy first touches and he's so like slow sometimes to the ball you know I'm saying like I don't know I feel like holy could just make so he can intercept the ball he could play the ball faster he got some moves on him he has a good shot on him he could pass the ball and he gives us a lot more than what Vieira I get something Conte it's not going to work as Conte is just overpowered card man I got Rochefort here I think I do I might go for it too that's such a bad ball we got do better there man I still Rochefort oh and holy gets forward that you go unlucky you actually could have scored with Lozano again I cannot believe I messed that up but right here Bros this is usually what happens to me right here I get on the counter after having a good chance I get on the counter but look how fast with this formation how fast context back it's it's night and day man between the two formations and it's unfortunate because you know not just EA the way they've programmed the game but the way the community plays now the community plays a little bit different so we kind of have to adjust ourselves to you know use the metas men the metas and what's the strongest and what's the most overpowered and unfortunately 4-2-3-1 just seems to be all my is he gonna smoke and Jordy he is smoking joy look at the speed on this guy man aha a pen now man he got a clean tackle that's two times I could have score a loss on you guys see how big Lozano is man he literally spent one-on-one to eyesbrow I actually could've won this game six – so after digesting this game I swear to you guys I lost this guy about three games ago I'm not even being 100% honest with you guys that's the difference Bros I could play an open formation or I could play a formation that allows me to you know if I got a soak up pressure I could soak up pressure you know a lot of you guys are probably in the same boat I mean maybe the the patch has got you feeling a different way but I can tell you something man that with the way people have like huge teams and stuff and everyone that done can do SBC's because all the rewards that are in the game and stuff like that hate you all the rewards that are in the game and stuff like that you know I'm saying maybe you do have to play a formation that doesn't leave you so vulnerable because everybody has such fast teams you know I don't know kind of just bouncing ideas off you guys get up in the comments down below let me know what you think man but few games ago I lost for this guy I missed elite one because of losing to this guy and I switched my formation I come back I play a few games later my last game of the weekend League and you guys see what happens so frustrated man so frustrated because I just think to myself if I play this whole weekend League in the 4-2-3-1 are we top 100 right now is this video top 100 you know I'm saying and the thing is I rushed my games because I like all you needed was 28 this week from what it looks like it's gonna be 28 so if I just didn't rush my games I probably would've still got 28 but I wanted to rush my games because I wanted to see I wanted to get to this conclusion and my conclusion is this man my conclusion is right now in FIFA for 231 seems like the way to go now I'm gonna play the forward two three one with cams not the forty two three one with the left mid and the right mid but uh you know man is so frustrated with myself man I want to rage man I want to rage not at the game not breaking the trolling I break a TV but kind of you know smack myself in the face a little bit man I literally just lost to him and I literally just lost me I literally just lost in him man we would've got 27 you know what I actually might be able to go – no I can't if I go to the channel will I be there I don't know if I'll be there I don't think I'll be there I honestly don't know if I'll be there let's see uh I want to see if the first name against me in combat is here that's Tigre I don't think he is my man huge gorilla 20 in one GG man go get that top 100 brother um I actually don't see myself man I don't see myself I don't think I see myself umm yeah man so I don't really see myself here I kind of wanted to see I kind of want to see what was poppin but I I played against Beto right here 28:28 uno and and and and I beat him so it's mental bros it's actually it's mental like I beat him I beat I'd be a bedroom I lost a gold machine I just beat that combat guy when you saw me lose to it's like crazy to me that I'm beating the top 100 players I'm beating the pro players and I'm losing the people that I get in like gold wine and elite and it's simply because I'm leaving myself too vulnerable so let me know how you guys feel in the comments down below I don't feel like the patch has made the game harder I feel like the patch has actually made the game you know easier to not get countered but now you either play a formation that doesn't allow you to get countered so let me know if you guys would sell vieira if you would Sylvia or like in the comments let me know it's through cell Viera because I'm thinking about selling Vieira and Vuitton and Mende and going Ramos Marcelo I guess and then we need something we need someone to play middle cam because a whole it's not gonna be that you want somebody tall strong fast weak foot who could we put there please let me know in the comments down below man spend your boy double-a nine skills hopefully I showed you guys something today hopefully I showed you that like yo 4-2-3-1 must be the way now you know I'm saying like every information I find out about the game I'm always gonna let you guys know and that's kind of where I stand right now hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you did big ol thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to the channel I love your face and I appreciate you guys taking the time today to watch my video Wow we missed the Li one cuz I lost the combat and I just played him again that feels bad man

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