When Physics Go Seriously Wrong In Just Cause 4

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Welcome back to Just Cause 4. Today we’re out playing with the largest nautical vehicle in the Just Cause series, the mammoth Spearhead transport. I wanted to see if we could first of all lift this beast in anyway possible and also I wanted to see if sheer weight can take down a bridge, needless to say, the physics get the best of me this episode. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Just Cause 4, thanks for watching and liking.

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we will do this we will do oh my god what is going what's going on guys dray here and welcome back to another episode of Just Cause 4 check out this thing we got an aircraft carrier here and I think I might jump in that I was gonna play with this conquested or warship for a little bit but this is an even bigger boat with an already big boat right here so yeah today we're gonna go out have some simple fun and see what kind of shenanigans we can get into I've unlocked a lot of the different vehicles in this game as well as the weapons so I want to try out some of those things see what it's all about and yeah I want to challenge myself today I really want to take out a bridge with my own manpower so if we can do that that would be great look at the freaking size of this thing okay what are we gonna be able to do some interesting stuff with this do this alright well we might actually be able to store a lot of vehicles on here too you know what I want to take that conquest at our warship with me let's see if we can maybe load this thing on this isn't dangerous at all I'm gonna try it though and see what happens so yeah we're gonna bring this guy with me cuz this is some good weapon power we don't have any weapon power on that aircraft carrier and this is how shit babies are made here we go oh God okay that didn't go as smoothly as I wanted to did we actually crash this thing oh yeah she's sinking she's sinking get out of here okay well maybe we can is this thing it's not exploded so it shouldn't be broken what the hell is going on here Oh God Jesus Christ what the Frick goddamn physics you crazy okay well clearly that one's a little bit too big for my even big aircraft here come on can I get what the hell is going on here Rico it's not swim time it's Destruction time come I am I suppose oh this is going as fast as I'm swimming okay that was that was that was trippy man oh my god come on come on you you can you can climb a little ramp Rico alright being that we don't go for your power now what's um what's coal in the cannon truck that sounds fun and we're going to put this on our boat here so we at least have some sort of defense you know what maybe we'll wait for that to come but also I want to see if maybe I can bring this boat with me I think I might be able to oh oh oh operation save truck it's going in the water man it's going in the water oh no come on Oh everything's breaking for me all right I think we're all tied up I think this should work anyways let's put a couple more on here just in case this is a heavy load after all and I want to bring this weapon with me so yeah we're gonna do that I think that should hold now we'll load this thing up with vehicles later I'm not really sure what we're doing today like I said we're just having fun so we'll see what happens and if we need something we'll load it in but hopefully we can bring this boat with us I'm hoping this doesn't break looks like it's still tied on come on there we go and we're bringing the boat with us all right this is this is weird wait did it break no come on all that work and I didn't even get my damn boat are you serious all right so here's my target this looks like a pretty small bridge and compared to something like that over there with the crazy cement structure so I think we might be able to take this thing out I'm good I think I'm gonna try and lift this whole aircraft carrier I think it might be a little bit too heavy though look it's friggin jet ski beside me you can see the size comparison now absolutely ridiculous all right so before we start trying to take this beast down let's you know make a pile up on a – maybe the sheer weight of vehicles on the bridge could take it down I honestly have no idea how the weight goes into play when it comes to taking these things down but ya really want to start a pile up up here so looks like it's a rather high-traffic bridge this is actually perfect right here hey buddy I need your help thanks man I appreciate it you oh crap no no no no you you listen to me right now I asked you nicely please don't hit that oh my God thank you so much for stopping at least the pedestrians they don't stop for humans they stop for animals though that's the important part excuse me sorry about that didn't mean to do that oh god please don't lose this this is important all right this is looking this is gonna be a cool bridge take down this looks good right here like this though are you dumb like you're not gonna be able to get through me man ohh oh my god oh no oh no no no let's let's no let's not make this thing fall up there we go you're just you're just not helping yourself are you yeah that's what I'm talking about now nobody's getting across all right so let's see if we can what the hell with this thing I'm going to try and use the balloons and we'll see if we can do some other things as well don't think this is gonna go well but we'll see what happens here I'm just gonna get rid of all those all right so yeah I highly doubt balloons will do it alone we got all the balloons I can get oh my god Oh what is that noise that is a creepy ass noise man okay all right are we lifting no doesn't look like that's enough oh god oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa okay okay okay you know what maybe maybe I can save it but nope not saving it Oh Riko ten points on that dive buddy all right you big bastard let's try this again this time we're at the safety of the ground my god this thing I almost spawned it a little bit too close oh god how we doing big old traffic jam on one side only that's kind of weird but okay oh my god somebody almost fell off all right so this is a magnet crane so I'm gonna try my luck here and if I this doesn't work I don't know what we'll come on man okay we're gonna lift this thing up nope doesn't look like it's working unfortunately let's try that again though oh my god what the whoa what the Frick what is going on no okay as long as this is okay that's most important part what the hell just happened it was kind of working I mean look at the back it's actually lifting out of the water now I'm not sure what the hell happened there but I think we're onto something guys alright so I'm gonna go a little higher this time because well I think maybe the boat hit me and that's why we went all crazy so yeah we should be good here let's drop her down we got it now oh my god no why is it pushing me backwards I need to go I really wish I could turn this camera around so I can see what the hell's going on let's just what it what day I didn't even jump out hold on hold on okay okay okay we're okay everything's fine right now this is this isn't totally breaking oh my god Rico pull yourself together we will do this we will do oh my god what is going okay I think it's back to the drawing board for us cuz ah man physics man that's why all right and we're back we're gonna take this thing out man it might take a little while and unfortunately as you can see my aircraft carrier has indeed vanished and there's no way in hell I'm gonna drive one all the way back here because it's about a 15 minute drive so yeah let's try this again that wasn't working anyways and we got to figure out the best way to do this now in the old games that you you could just simply use the grappling hook to blow up bridges can't do that anymore it's not enough power I have tried it so I'm not even gonna bother trying that but I think we're on to something with the sky crane I think this will actually work quite well at doing this so we're gonna try this again and maybe if we can drop something a little bit low excuse me god damn see like they'll stop for animals but Rico Rodriguez the savior of this place nope not stop for him I guess I'm sorry about that I'm just trying to kind of make a blockade here just just don't worry about it man just get out of here there we go we're just gonna okay this is just getting weird at this point yeah this isn't gonna break the game this is this is this is totally safe guys this is totally break the game there we go all right so that should keep the cars blocked here I think at least hopefully and you okay all right everybody's fine oh crap I didn't even notice but I have the spearhead transport in my thing all right we're gonna try the armadillo anyways this one's obviously gonna be a little bit smaller but it's a giant dump truck so that should be good all right well that's coming we'll also get in this and let's get this set up man let's do this all right please ignore the dead body of the other aircraft carrier beside me that totally wasn't me that was another guy so here we go and yeah oh my oh my god why does it do this why does it do this god dammit that's so frustrating alright so I decided to try balloons this thing is definitely heavy as you can see it's not lifting up with the balloon so we are going to need the help of the crane lifter my god this is gonna be so difficult though I don't know why but it flake flings me around so I'm gonna try it again here we'll see what happens oh no not up a look I don't want the freaking below I just ripped a balloon off are you serious okay where's oh I didn't know I could do that that's impressive alright try not to hit the balloons oh god damn it god damn you go away balloons God who knew this would be so hard it's like stuck on me now great oh my god I'm just I are you see can I please hit the giant dump truck instead of a freaking balloon Oh God it's oh it's just it's too okay drop it down a bit there we go okay okay okay okay don't do it don't do it nice and slow Oh God the moment I lift up that happens the moment I start trying to lift helicopter oh this is so frustrating well would you look at that I actually kind of broke the bridge now that was because I crashed one of these into it but yeah the definition of insanity is trying things multiple times and expecting different outcomes that's exactly what I'm doing so let's try this again and this time with Elfa loons okay I'm really close to it Oh God okay and drop it oh my god holy crap okay that uh that didn't work at all as per usual Oh God okay there we go and the truck finally exploded as well but check out this it's kind of broken part of the bridge is broken maybe we need to help it out with some mines let's see if we can maybe break some of the supports and we'll even hit the thing as well so yeah this is a mind gun and pretty high explosives so we should be good too let's try it oh that's all I needed was a simple mind gun oh my god okay yes my new favorite weapon this thing I didn't expect it to do so well but goddamn let's throw that one out too hit the button oh not enough all right man today is not your lucky day because well looks like you're already in a crappy situation aren't you buddy oh yeah we're gonna blow this sucker up let's do it there we go oh that was so fun so worth it my god that took forever to do and I gotta be honest I was hoping to do it with sheer weight on something like a dump truck but you know what the mine launcher paid off alright look at that I beat all my friends and I think I'm pretty much at the peak of the world and how foxes are here that's always nice so I thought we would try something fun my favorite thing to do in the wintertime is to go sledding so you can't unfortunately get a sled in this game but what we can get is a boat and it kind of works like a sled if you think about it so we're gonna try and sled down one side of this I'm thinking this is probably the best shot right here hopefully we'll slide down the right way now which boat do we want to use of course we got to try this spear head again man so uh yeah this should I mean it's big so hopefully we won't hurt ourselves hopefully we won't kill any Pacha's either because this guy is adorable hey buddy what's up it's alright I mean a freaky oh don't run that way at least run away quick like you better run away real quick cuz this is a big boat dude oh god I need my boat I need my boat ok come on just spawn it ok that's not gonna work now is it hmm well I guess we could follow it and wait that's not the kind of sledding I want to do at least we know it works so we might need a little bit of a smaller boat or I guess we could hold it on the ground up here it's on flat ground now we just got to wait for it to pop and it might not actually pop up here because there's not enough room I'm thinking that's the case we might actually need to make this thing float and land it in the air I wonder if that will work what's I can't even get Oh God oh my god that's scared the frig out of me what the hell is this crap okay didn't didn't expect that okay it's moving though it's moving maybe we can get it unstuck I have no idea what I'm doing in this game anymore oh my god okay well clearly I'm uh an NBA all-star there what the hell's going on Rico this isn't a trampoline buddy or maybe it is alright well there's gonna drive this thing yep this is actually okay okay what the frig we just gonna go down here is this actually working come on get out of the mountain didn't know I'd be saying that today oh my god there's an L pock on the boat yeah you're coming with me buddy hold on cuz we're going and you can't do anything about that oh my god okay so yeah we're sledding in a giant boat isn't this great with an L pakka on board seems to be that he's actually still here oh my god you're four you're gonna fall out buddy you're gonna fall out of a book Oh God there he goes I don't know if you can see him he's so small but my god this is actually kind of working okay we broke it a little bit no no we actually broke it a lot actually weld you have a good time sledding Rico I don't think you did buddy the Freak is going on today can I just have a drop that isn't a total failure all right guys well I think that's where we're gonna wrap up this episode of Just Cause for having some simple fun today I figured we'd end off with of course a monster truck because what's cooler than that anyways guys I had a fun time playing today I don't know what you guys really want to see in this game I just generally have some fun with it but if you have any suggestions on things you would like to see let me know in the comments below but yeah we're gonna wrap up this one here so thank you guys so much for all your support thanks for watching and liking guys and I'll see you in the next one

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