When Giant Cargo Planes Meet Bridges And Trains in Just Cause 4

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Welcome to Just Cause 4! Rogue agent Rico Rodriguez journeys to Solis, a huge South American world home of conflict, oppression and extreme weather conditions. Strap into your wingsuit, equip your fully customizable grappling hook, and get ready to bring the thunder!

Just Cause 4:

Bring The Thunder:
– Soar through the skies with your wingsuit – Skydive, Base Jump and Free Dive with no limits!
– Fight your enemies under extreme weather conditions, including towering tornadoes and tropical lightning storms, taking the iconic – Just Cause action to insane new heights.
– Use extreme weather events to your advantage thanks to never seen before in-game physics.

Rico’s Ultimate Mission:
– Spearhead the rebellion and defeat the Black Hand, a hi-tech private military organisation.
– Face off against Gabriela Morales – your most fierce, capable, and unpredictable adversary yet.
– Uncover the truth of Rico’s father’s past life on Solis’ and its extreme weather.

Huge South American World:
– Explore the remote South American country of Solis, home of conflict, secrets, and danger.
– Enjoy 1024 square kilometres of exotic playground, from rainforest to desert, via snowy mountain peaks.
– Discover a plethora of wonders as you explore the world of Solis from bustling cities to rural grasslands.

Creative Destruction at its best
– Customize your new grapple hook with evolved and brand-new capabilities, allowing you to create your own personal stunts, destructive methods and overall play style.
– Experiment with a huge variety of new vehicles including military jets, helicopters, turbo-fuelled sports cars, and construction vehicles.

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A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received a free download, merchandise, or any travel arrangements is supported by the developers.

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A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received financial incentives to produce a video need to be disclosed. I will (and have been) disclosing these as sponsored.

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what's this thing oh sorry I didn't know you were there on the road hey what is this okay operator no way oh I can think of so many uses for this okay it's parked a hole man I wonder what that's come I mean I could see what's called here you go and then like that and the boom no that didn't that didn't work don't you what what happened oh I need to do where'd it go don't you dare tell it when did it go down into my waterfall hole where'd it go oh there it is down there fell down we must go get it my people need me this thing's kind of cool too because there's like uh-oh different things Oh what why did it bounce when I hit the water that's awesome okay drive drive you fool Odo's gonna blow up really run away see you guys are full of really bad ideas and I wanted to try out some your really bad ideas I mean fun ideas not necessarily bad like if they're they're terrible ideas they're bad because oh speaking of bad I found the micro gesture oh there we go they're bad because in real life it would it would destroy a bunch of stuff Oh nope that's the Run button it'll be back in here okay nailed it perfect what I wanted to do now is try to find a train I mean obviously because we've been playing with trains we're gonna try to attempt to land this guy on here of course it didn't work Oh low blow okay good no we're not under attack we're nothing this is my train no it's not under attack of it's my train gets out of here okay that we're all great now everyone's after me I just gonna have to blow them up quick and then Oh a bridge now we're gonna do is I guess decouple these things like I didn't know I didn't know you could oh that's the wrong gun here let's hit it with the old rail gun yeah oh that didn't work okay ow it hit something else in the real good you're shooting at the wrong dude dude there get rekt okay wait no get down I need this I need this right you're ruining for you're squashing my Jim stop it how do we how are we supposed to do this you're supposed to be able to detach these going down no that's not it that's the balloons we don't want the balloons would you just seriously stop this time just stop I missed it okay and stop shooting at me thank you okay let's try to detach this back here like right here and then we'll just clip onto it and I'll pull it there we go no that didn't stop it and shoot it yes yes I think I detested all right hahaha wait I'm going faster than my train um here we need to stop it oh this is bad it's on a hill it's not a hill no it's not a hill um ouch that would really hurt come back train come back where'd the other pieces go well there they are they're going back to I'm just I'm just crouching and running slowly what was that I'm wondering if I can slow it down please please slow down oh well there's the other part of the Train it's also a rock in the middle of the tracks that's not too great hah just slow down please how about some thrusters on the backside justice please slow down nope Hey stop moving so fast like no joke that's ten thrusters it's not moving or it's not stopping I need you to stop dude and push push are you kidding me that actually stopped it by by running into it that's that's a little silly what okay whatever I don't mind I guess now your bad idea is to call upon big spaceships to come in one of those things oh you're supposed to land that now it's gonna blow up that's good that's the wrong way you dummy you're the wrong way right now how am I supposed to turn you around oh no bad idea bad okay that didn't work at all Oh No yeah I don't know what happened but I think I rescued one trade all there it is that's the one I tried rescuing wow that was pretty legit where are you gonna go I need to watch this I got it I got a train car this time oh it's gonna go all the way down I should go surf it no no I shouldn't oh that would be good okay yeah we got one dead saw that he did I stopped it in a pretty good spot now I just need to make sure the arrow goes the right way hope there's enough space for it to spawn in Hey oh hey that actually worked oh that's awesome okay ready and let's open the gate whoop okay look back operate bet Oh beautiful this actually might fit alrighty hey mister train I need you to oh no no no no no fest it worked it worked I'll hold how the world just I mean we got ourselves train boys now just close up the gate that's still there sort of you know try to let's roll who stopped oh no oh no I did it how in the world how did I do that I love it oh I forgot to secure it oh okay we better we better go inside hold positions and cargo bay we're in we still a train Oh what okay ready and then we need this one down just to make sure just hold it into place real real good solid like this it'll still be perfect no one's gonna leave it then we got to go back into the train or into the plane in automobile whatever it is all right we've done it open up the gate that's right still in there yes no what do i what do I do with the train oh I'm gonna go drop it on oh it's on fire I thought I saw fire I want to go blow that up oh no we're getting Sparks and junk now stop sparking and junk I don't like it whoaaa it's kind of heavy I know Oh Oh what that is gonna crash I didn't want it do young to die you know I should do I don't even know where I am I have no idea where right all right here I should try to drop it into this Hey drop it into the big cauldron how do I do that okay where are you what I think my train disappeared I think my treats Oh No and this is it that's the last little memento of my train what is that oh it was the hitch oh that's too bad oh that's a bad angle that's a really bad angle sorry airplane you failed me you failed me you have no pilot oh I'm not actually gonna I'm not gonna see a crash I need to see it I need to see a crash nope oh there goes hey what is it doing it didn't blow up it's alive it made it mission complete successful landing it's dancing it's like I'm looks like a whale it's falling through the world what is going on with my art Kyle I wonder if I can go rescue it no that's there's no rescue no hope involved with that baby what hello Cal huh Wow kick kick the coward of deer the face Oh this would be amazing can I actually do this okay ready and right there okay I need a flight odo I need to fly you I need a flight you you're not blown up yet oh shoot Oh No where'd it go wait well my plane just get eaten by the ground that was cool yeah there's something just satisfying about kicking a deer grappling hook right near the dudes face ready get set and kick it to death yeah pow oh wow I actually killed it poor thing don't worry buddy I'll make you live again I don't make you live again – she weren't dead though he will be after this it's gotta clear a few telephone poles out of the way they don't need those there oh don't you dare don't you dare oh no oh no this is not good that's well that actually works pretty well I just need orient you right on top of the railroad tracks oh shoot the train's coming right now Oh No get in get in um no open the cargo bay open the that's not the right door go oh no a train this was not supposed to happen this way I was supposed to open the door and you're supposed to get in oh whoa okay I wasn't expecting you here um the locomotive we need that we need to need to fly it I was probably the most asked question in the last video is can you what no I guess I can't can you fly a train with balloons and I think so ouch okay bad guys showed up we'll try it we'll try the Train balloon thing again makes me wonder if we can just load this thing up with balloons and then whoa I did it hey I need couple days we okay and then this is the balloons pick it up maybe maybe not this is a really really bad spot for bad guys to come get me let's try to lift up one of these back one's maybe there maybe I'm far enough away stop it yeah dork I don't have any good guns besides a real gun Oh get rekt okay mission activate Oh No oh okay we got a space bus now oh really let's see did I zap him with my with my super duper laser power Oh No yeah Wow get rekt okay good oh no blue skin pop No would you just not do that please comparing face he might get away train here come on go we've found the wall oh great oh great this is bad this is real bad they can't touch me we're going too fast oh no come back train come back I miss you already oh no you hit something you're okay it's okay we're good we're good oh no now we're stopped barely going where are we going nobody could touch me why am i going so high ie not sure here I need thrusters oh that's a helicopter oh that's a good helicopter though whoa okay I'm underneath come back oh no it's upside down this is bad problems we're going away we had a space program oh I got hit by my train ouch oh that hurt good bye train there you are nope nevermind I can't get you love mrs. just drifting out into space and get rid of all of the tethers and there goes crashing down to earth am I gonna see a good explosion I hope so and Oh nope I guess not I did get some points though all there goes it's keep its rolling still be spun ah shoots another train Hey where's my box at I call it a box it was supposed to be here already Oh what it what a late bloomer hey this might be good tada okay the cargo ramp is open it's on the railroad track we just have to wait I don't know five minutes or so until the train comes again incoming train it only took like three minutes or so okay oh this is gonna be so bad I got I don't even know where I'm gonna watch from maybe train inside the plane go okay I did it I captured him Oh No is it gonna blow up wow this plate the Beast yeah why do I want to kidnap you train I want to kidnap you come on in the weather is fine I may be oh wait no that's wrong that's the wrong thing okay Oh would you stop that here we go and indigo and two of them would you not do that please and like that and you all that's too far away get ready get set and I want you in okay it was not enough let's pull it it's pulling okay this is working oh sorry pal sorry horse thing dear whatever you are there get in here get in here yes Oh what is those amazing okay I need you I need you mr. Teague's turned you around all these things are super strong oh no not you guys I don't like you hey stop it stop it like that it will bring you it o my other whoa it's some sort of weird pixel thing going on yeah I need to steal this for my own private gun collection come on get in here you nerds wait I got Fred's what is this thing I mean we're going camping I guess Wow did they kill all the bad guys you dorks blow by airplane wonder if these two things will blow each other up look at all the birds flying around – a little weird yeah go that'll work hey blow up ya didn't really blow up what are you guys shooting at over here this thing we can fix them hello goodbye hey he's duck hunting God dude that would not it's not how you're supposed to hold a gun hey you're not supposed to be here who are you goodbye bad guys now who shot me you this thing is easy as gut in the game like a one kill one shot kill that's it everyone goes up and it's a dance party in space well that didn't work as intended either um Wow I can't even blow up that bridge should we take one of these planes oh that's a good idea let's play one of these planes into a bridge for the finale I don't think we can blow up the Train bridges though I've tried a few of them that's a beautiful looking arch bridge right over there I think that's the one we blow up in the previous videos – I want to know if I can blow up this tree here that one right there trees that wouldn't move does that get blown up maybe maybe oh well blows other things up can I pull it over can I sure know the railgun I don't think this tree is gonna go anywhere nope hey where are you going buddy that's my car thank you and landing that's one of my favorite parts of the game it's just calling in gigantic airplanes oh wow and it actually I can actually fly it from here okay here we go Oh scratch that we can't fly it from there you ever seen a jumping bus before whoop oh it's not jumping right now and jump oh come on how about you car will you jump you cars are about to have a bad day a real bad day oh that's that good it's not oh no I see that one blew up immediately yeah it's gonna be hard to get an airplane in here unless of course you find a spot like this with the bridge down below it okay this will work maybe I was right come on Blaine no it's too many trees in the way here we go he down into the canyon through the wind I'm not gonna take this one out I'm gonna take that bridge out or try to anyway these arched bridges look really cool so let's see if I can do it on one pass coming in for a fiery landing oh boy oh boy okay that looks pretty good abort mission oh well we did it didn't blow up the bridge though I crashed it right into it are you kidding me it didn't blow the bridge up and the bridge is literally still standing are you kidding me right now that's so awkward that this would be I thought this would be the cure for a bridge cancer ah there we go and then whoop that'll do it that might work hey come over here are you kidding me crashing into the bridge doesn't take it down but I bet if we but if we did a little bit of this it would like that and then like just crash okay he's over got eight of those things that there nobody jump across those thingies so let's try this a big a big plane can't break it oh I did the wrong ones no shoes gonna do the these ones instead the retractors okay I've got myself a big fancy boat just to watch this you know like I'm fourth of July and stuff where you go on the water to wash your fireworks does that work okay just are you kidding me that didn't even work what I removed all the thingies hey now will this break the bridge no how do you break her knees stupid bridges and here's the magic trick he doesn't take an airplane just takes a bunch of tethers easier to crash a bridge using tethers that it is – oh no waves to crash an airplane into it anyway guys that'll wrap it up for today's video of Just Cause for if you got any suggestions and things that you want me to do let me know and keep your stick on the ice will catch you and next time bye

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