What is the BEST way to play emulators on the go?

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In this video, I talk about the main ways to play emulation on the go — on a cellphone (with or without a wireless controler), on a modded PSP, on original hardware with a flashcart, and on a Chinese emulation device such as the GPD XD

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anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of emulation way back in the late nineties when I first found out about the technology the idea that I could play a Super Nintendo game on my computer without paying for it blew my little mind away so emulation has been a hobby that I've cherished for but 20 years now and I'm a big fan not only of emulation but portable emulation the emulation they can take on the go with you today there are lots of solutions for emulation on the go and I want to talk to you about some of them as you can see here I have a plethora of portable machines that are capable of emulation let's start with the easiest solution your cell phone I mean this is a bad example because I have an iPhone 10 and as you know emulation isn't as easily available on an iPhone as it is with an Android device I have an Android phone your summer however if you have an Android device you can download emulators directly from the Play Store and play your games like that but of course with touchscreen controls it's not the best experience in the world and that's where something like this comes into this is a Bluetooth controller and a cheap one at that that allows you to basically do this it's uh but the phone like this so that's what it this it turns your phone into a portable console of sorts so you have your buttons here you have shoulder buttons here most of these controllers have the exact same layout you got analogs and that way you can play a bunch of retro games and of course there are options when it comes to controllers you have something like this which is more pocketable and a little cheaper or if you go with something like this it's a little bit more premium but it works the same way you can put your featural here your phone here on top of the controller and you can play your games like this it's less portable because this you know it's it's a little more involved it's a little bit bigger you can just carry this in your pocket like with this guy right here but it offers a much better experience the grip is much better the triggers the the trigger Siri has two sets of triggers as you can see the analogs click it's it's just better all the way around but this is still two different devices that rely on your phone to do the gaming for you what if you're not into playing games on your phone yeah what if you're not into this kind of setup where you have your phone push the top of controller like this what if this is not your thing well there are options of course you have to talk about the PSP the PSP Z powerhouse of emulation back in I want to say 2005 is when hackers figured out how to make the PSP run an unsigned code which basically means to run software there was not sanctioned by Sony and of course the moment that became possible hackers started putting out emulators for the system in the majority of my playtime with the 16-bit library was not on those consoles it was on Sony's PSP in fact I never ever bought a single PSP game this thing was just an emulation machine to me and nothing more the PSP is a very capable emulation machine and it runs everything right up to the n64 I say right up to the n64 because it is capable of running in 64 games but you're not gonna have the best experience now if you're looking for Super Nintendo Sega Genesis Game Boy Game Boy Advance Game Boy Color PlayStation 1 this thing is your guy because I'm such a huge fan of the PSP I also have the PSP go like I mentioned recently the PSP Go is my go-to PSP system to play with right now I have a black one as well but the white one is just so sexy and as you can see here I'm playing Pokemon firered emulating from the Game Boy Advance so since we're talking about Game Boy Advance this might be a good time to bring up this guy right here this is the revo k101 plus I think it's that's a long name this is basically a hardware clone of the GPA the Gameboy Advance so it has let me turn it on here it's been a while since I flavoured this thing I'm not even sure if the batteries charged well luckily I have another one let's see here if this batteries charged I guess not really should have charged these things before the video no wait the battery is alive there we go okay so this is a hardware clone of the GBA what that means is that let me turn it off here what this means is that you can play your actual wanna grab a big handful of these games here so you don't think I'm just a pirate I still collect games game so you can play your original GBA titles like say Super Mario Brothers – let's turn that thing on so as you can see it runs original cartridges and has a backlight something the original GBA didn't have so it's an actual it's an actually pretty decent device but on top of being a hardware clone that can run original games the revo k101 plus that I get it right beside comes with if I can find it here and will dismiss something call a cake art which is essentially a flashcard more on that in a while you put that in here you turn this thing on and the loads right into the menu there we go so it loads right into the menu here and as you can see there's a list of roms that this thing is capable of running say let's say here Advance Wars one of my favorite titles that Nintendo and intelligent systems has since forgotten anyway so there you have it so you can plate roms GB roms on this thing with a screen that's the league's better than anything Nintendo has ever put out for a gameboy platform so a really decent option but you're pretty much stuck with GBA it also emulates a few other systems but not as well as the GBA so you have those options right you have a cell phone you can play rums on your cell phone provided you're not rocking an iPhone you can use something like a PSP which is a system that has been modified to run unsigned code in this case emulators you can also run roms on original hardware via a flash card this is the easy flash 4 which is a GBA flash card you put a little SD card on the side here loaded with roms put it into an original Gameboy Stearn I'm not sure if this thing is on charge there we go the baddest no charge and as you can see it'll load into the menu of the flashcard and show a list of rums this is my least favorite way to emulate because it's the experience is a little slow and I'll show you what what I mean here I'm gonna load up advanced worst to so it has to unpack the ROM I'm sure that's not the right work to use but you know what I mean it's you see here it's saying there's a progress bar here so you have to wait for the longer ROM to load and I just I'm not a huge fan of that not enough portable anyway so there you go it doesn't think that long but it's still kind of annoying if you ask me but this comes with the benefit of running the game in the harbor it was meant for in the first place so a few people prefer that it's not exactly my case but that's an option using flash cards you can also run roms on harvest such as the DS my dias light I'm currently playing through pokemon heartgold here and it also has flashcards just like this that allows you to run wrong so we can run for this case if you have a slot-1 flashcard meaning a flash craft that looks like a DS game you can only run DS games if you have a slot-2 flashcard such as this let me let me save this here I'll show you here what I mean okay save turned it off so see through a slot to flash card you can also run roms on a DS now of course you are limited to playing basically GBA games with the splash guard with the slot-1 flashcard on the other hand you can't run some other emulators like Super Nintendo Sega Genesis and things like that the experience I never found very good so there's that you're mostly gonna be emulating DS roms if you're planning on emulating on a deus at all of course there's the more legitimate option of just buying those games on the Virtual Console on a system like the new 2d SXL you're not working with the biggest library but the heavy hitters are there and of course having free but at least you're supporting the developers I mean are you because I'm sure some of the people who made these games are not even alive anymore but I have to put it out there that the option for buying these games as opposed to let's say stealing them exists finally if you're really serious about emulation this is what you want I've mentioned this thing a lot of times here on my channel this is the GPD XD it's a Chinese tablet that is shaped like a Nintendo 3ds XL that runs Android meaning you can just download those and Play Store emulators I mentioned earlier I have this thing set up here as you can see on the screen real nice there's a Super Nintendo emulator there there's a ps1 Dreamcast PSP GBA there's a DOS emulator Gameboy so this thing will emulate everything on top of playing actual Android titles so this here is the ultimate this is if you're serious about emulation this is probably the one you actually want it has dual analog so things like ps1 titles that you can run on a PSP will run much better on this just because of the inputs it also has four shoulder buttons just like the ps1 did it it ends up being a closer experience to play it on original hardware ironically enough this would be the original hardware being that it's an actual PlayStation device it's made by Sony but the experience of playing ps1 games on the GP Dixey ends up being actually superior so there you have it these are the options for playing emulation on the go the most affordable most accessible one would be to just play it on your cell phone with maybe like I said a little Bluetooth controller these are really affordable you can throw this in your backpack and not even notice it's there but some people don't want I personally don't like that kind of jerry-rigging a phone and the controller together it's not for me I prefer something like the GPT XD just because it can emulate basically everything below and including the Dreamcast it has all the controls you might need to analogs for shoulder buttons but it's not the most pocketable this is a little bit on the heavy and bulky size if I'm looking for something that it's easy to carry around I guess the easiest would be the Gameboy micro but then I'm stuck with really only playing GBA games GBA rom so not ideal plus the battery life on this thing is not the best I've replaced the battery and I'm still not getting what I hope to get out of this thing so it's not what I would recommend personally for emulation point by the way I guess I should mention this flash cards usually drain the battery a little bit faster than regular games so that's something to consider maybe that's why I'm not getting the battery life I hope to get when it comes to a good balance between portability and price and the amount of systems that it can emulate I think I'm gonna go with the PSP of course the best we go is a little bit on the pricier side especially the white one which is a little bit hard to come across but I think this has the full package you can run a lot of different games it's not very expensive it's very possible in fact let's look at this see and it can emulate anything right up to the ps1 really well so out of everything I mention here I'm gonna say the best package the best overall package would have to be the PSP go price size and emulation capability what do you think which is your favorite device to play emulators on the go let me know in the comments down below and that's all the time I have today I'll see you guys next time

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