Vitality Win RLCS Season 7 Finals – Record Viewership for Rocket League?

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RLCS Finals this past weekend was absolutely amazing, another great story line for the champions, and nearly record breaking viewership. What more could ya want?

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hello buddy hope you're all doing well welcome back to more oculi news I hope you guys all enjoy as always gonna give you my thoughts on a big event out there that being season seven finals which were absolutely amazing I'm going to talk about viewership my problems with it of course the best parts of it give you guys some highlight plays so on and so forth I hope you guys all enjoy the breakdown because this past weekend was absolutely amazing for rocket League there are always continuous I guess I could say examples out there above how competitive rocket League is currently and this could be though you guys can of course argue down below in the comments section down below this could be one of the best runs I have seen to a grand final taking that beam of the championship from vitality I didn't want to spoil you guys in there for too long out there but of course you probably already could tell by the thumbnail this might be one of the better our LCS runs and seasonal runs I have seen in quite some time with that being said as well a lot of people of course is gonna be hard to beat season 6 and the fashion that cloud 9 took it I think vitality though they might reign supreme in my book for quite some time of their run and doing so but as always hope you guys all enjoy first of which we do not see a lot of teams here right think it was a big disappointment to see the legacy of Dignitas not be there TSM as well eg CJ CJ and his boys as well alongside a couple of other teams and with that being said though there were still an amazing line-up of teams out there so amazing storylines on top of that when I look at these teams you of course have vitality and barsa your two dominant European teams throughout the season same goes for NRG in cloud 9 then you have G to tag along who is always struggling to break that top three in North America right they are never consistent enough to actually break that barrier I think a lot of us would always put cloud 9 NRG above them so they're trying to make their run as well then you throw in rogue on the back of chrono V of course a brand new roster there this season and with that being said you know he's done a great job reforming them to make it to this point alongside triple trouble they were certainly two very surprised teams to come out of the European region then you ever OCE teams your South American teams notic knowing what to expect too much but with that being said I think this time around it worked out pretty well in terms of what teams actually made the playoffs but let's get into the breakdown so many good storylines so many great teams and just a very very weird event with that being said I think the group stage went pretty much according to plan right all of our best team supposedly did go through as the way it should be no real sneak peek slash hero slash upset teams although again for me teams like rogue triple trouble the fact they made playoffs at the our LCS finalists to me they were my sleeper teams out there come I kind of sneaked through teams unfortunate enough no OCE and no SI teams will make it through this season no CTE run like we saw last season finals but again hopefully in the future these teams these regions continue to grow together and they come back better and stronger and I always love to see a lower region make a run throughout our LCS finals this time around though did not happen with that being said though when it comes to round-robin best of fives you only play to a two series and all of a sudden that's your seating for the bracket we got a very unfortunate circumstance very unlucky circumstance where we saw practically I would say our top four teams all in the same upper bracket compared to lower bracket we saw one top ish team that being g2 then you go to the upper bracket and you saw cloud nine NRG vitality it's just and then you throw in bar says well those are your top two North American and your top two European teams and and that sucks that that really does suck because in the quarterfinals we got what could have been a Finals matchup but that's how the cookie crumbles right that's what it makes it so important every single series throughout group stage if you want the best seed you need to to win it all but unfortunately enough our best teams it's just the way it worked out it's kind of sucked because vitality and RG I'm really curious what you guys think about this my favorite series all weekend long was vitality NRG in the quarterfinals and like I said before it could have been very much a finals match especially with how much people were doubting on vitality I was actually texting my buddy about this I thought you know if the Betty odds are good enough on vitality I definitely would take this the entire desk of course takes NRG and then with that being said as well if I would have projected though predicted the event itself and RG would have been my favorite team but these are the Titans the best North American team this season the best European team this season at one point in time of course looking a bit shaky as of late but vitality was on such a strong run you know with this new roster themselves but with that being said one of the best series NRG take map one and ever since then though a pretty much near a full reverse sweep as bite Audi take down NRG and just the the fact that NRG can go out in 5th through 8th place in a quarterfinals against vitality at the our LCS finals it's a bit unfortunate of circumstances I really wish it was a Finals matchup because besides that you know vitality they start their run there alongside that of course we have a team like g2 I think they pretty much dominated PSG although the score line reads 3 to 2 it was a pretty dominant at one side of the fair on top of that of course when it comes to cloud 9 as well I think looking very well offensive pressure wise they've done this quite a bit they suffocates you with their offensive pressure and barsa has also struggled against that especially throughout early to mid season as well cloud 9 takedown barsa of course my my favorite team besides a former ghost gaming and then very lastly rogue managed to take over triple trouble that matchup a very lucky matchup for both those teams I could have seen it going either way but chrono V pulls them forward to their first ever semi-final appearance and it just it just continues to kind of shock me we of course then had to for Oh sweeps and it was almost kind of funny the same things that cloud nine was doing to Barstow with the offensive pressure and kind of just choking them out offensive themselves with their own offensive pressure the same thing happened to them with vitality they make it look almost eloquent the way they four oh sweet cloud nine they make the finals with G 2 and G 2 looked magnificent against a team like rogue I will still stick to it though g2 had an amazing run throughout playoffs because of the matchups they got were fairly lucky I don't think we should lie about that but with it being said they looked so strong against rogue I was expecting a very close finals but its vitality taking it and hand guys shouts the entire of course scrubbed killer coming out the MVP himself a couple of days of the event including the final day as well well deserved on top of that though of course the entire trio let me describe this run we can compare it to season six and cloud nines run you know you beat the former world reigning champions Dignitas twice twice in best of sevens back-to-back that was very very incredible then you look at vitality though and just let me describe the the run they made you guys can decide as well in the comments who made the better run between these two teams because vitality they'd be our number one two and three North American teams in doing so after losing to g2 in the group stage and NRG had dominated these guys precedents historically pretty well throughout the year so far these two teams had dominated vitality and all of a sudden when push comes to shove when it really matters they take down our G in the quarters and take down our second or I guess you could say first best North American team how you rank them in cloud nine they for Oh sweep cloud nine then they take on G to the team who beat them pretty bad in the best-of-five in the group stage just a day previously and they take them down as well they take the ROC s title by beating out the entirety of North America and in doing so they finalized such a solid run they had throughout the entire season and with that being said you guys can of course determine which one is better I still think season six was remarkable I have a North American bias though but with that being said I have two big give big shouts I think scrub Killa great event Jay naps himself is the reason they made that run I could say the same for Chicago at times I think Garrett G had an amazing presence and I almost think his teammates just could not live up to it during that very very critical series but they too obviously had a very solid event I think it could have gone either way with how strong and they started it there are many MVPs deserving of the entire event but with it being said an MVP viewership as apparently peak viewership breaks 200k for the first time since season three of our LCS this is a second highest peak viewership of all time for rocket league and I just couldn't be happier for all of you guys who watched it it was a great spectacular event it seems like every year we have an amazing storyline to go with the team who takes the title and I cannot wait to break it down once the our LCS season 8 does continue for all of you guys as always my name is Jake I hope you guys all enjoy just an incredible event it always brings me back when I watch great rocket league events how much I truly love breaking it down for all of you guys until next time though I hope you all enjoy I will see you back here hopefully some time soon as roster mania will continue

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