(UK) Grand Theft Auto 5 Casino DLC Grinding GTA5 Live Stream PS4 Now.

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Hey everyone and welcome to my streaming channel. I am currently working on a Minecraft Castle project which I expect to take between 1-2 years to complete. So far I am about 4 months into the project. My goal is to build the most beautifully detailed castle ever seen in Minecraft and so far it seems to be looking great. Both the exterior and interior will be fully completed with a perimeter castle wall and internal castle grounds.
I am very particular on who joins my game as this has taken a lot of hard work to get where i am today so please do not be dis appointed if i do not allow you to join. I cant take any chances with possible griefers.
So please enjoy following my buid and remember to SUBSCRIBE to get your name on my SUBS WALL.

My main channel is AJP83 so go check that out too.

Please feel free to leave a donation

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