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ladies and gentlemen I have done it again today I have told my sister that we're just gonna be playing a normal minecraft parkour map she has no idea what to expect she's gonna be playing this map thinking that she's just really bad at Minecraft and I'm gonna be a really mean brother and give her a hard time and tell her well Kitty I can't believe you're so bad but in reality she's not actually that bad at parkour it's just that the map is a troll map and to give you an example let's say you were park chorong over here and you ran and jump right you're like cool I made it and then this happens just one example of how annoying this map is and how much it is going to troll my sister guys if you enjoy these types of videos you need know what to do make you guys subscribe comment leave a like and oh okay my sister's coming guys I can't forget the clock she's coming let's go you you know what is going on everybody welcome back to a brand new video with my beautiful picture see you delete and whole I'm gonna ask the magic 8-ball should they leave a like down below on this video read it read that as I see it yeah we can't it's hard to show it to you guys hopefully we can get some good zoom in by our editors but yes just leave it like it does say as I see it that magic stupid comeback will you try alright Keeley this is it again parkour by the way Keeley has a youtube channel you guys did not know go to check it out down below in the description only once you are done with this video of course and yeah make sure you guys subscribe please leave a like down below so we can keep making videos together otherwise we're gonna go broke and then and we can't have videos yeah I feel that so let's do it I can do the parcours sometimes wait wait where do I go though okay so that green block right there by the way it gives you jump boost John come on sis work oh my god you got a jump don't you don't double tap we just hold our it's so much better yeah or is this good spring I'm not really you can't jump you have to go around it onto that wooden plank block which one that one yeah that one Oh get a jump around gonna jump on that yeah we got a jumper wrap don't WTF w kills me oh oh oh did you are you going now to the book I thought you said you were good at parkour did you LA okay let me get back up there you go yeah come on okay I've got a jump with if you get a joke if once you're on that block do not jump get on top of it round top don't jump again let's do it okay you need to land in that water got it she's got a go okay I have Harry he ready yes don't miss the water Oh what are you doing come on once you're on the block you now have the effect so now okay here we go I can do it this time I think I can do it ready you got a double tap like you're sprinting and jumping it's like one giant jump now keep holding it now you let go of it why did you let go of it he's like son of a gun I'm sorry you inches later wow you did it we totally didn't cheat can you do this yeah tell me you can do this please come on yes okay maybe there's still hope guys I still hope guys come on you can definitely do this one you gotta stop doing that w tap thing that thing is bad I don't know I don't know how to life okay go join the game I'm on my count wait am i oh my oh whoa whoa whoa is that yeah that's not me okay okay did you give somebody your account info oh okay then how is there somebody in here doing stuff she left the game that's so weird I would have religious come on hey guys see you do something okay oh I'm sorry I can't about fake so I'll do it again I'll do it again I'll fix it kela you did so much better last time you really let us down okay that was easier you know was it okay there we go very cute oh no you just missed it yes you did come on come on okay I'm freshly you didn't miss it just come on please I'm sorry I'm like that you're gonna be so beautiful at parkour now you're so hot kill your parkour skills are ugly like the legitimately their ugliness come on good one okay Lizzie older brother hold on and just hold w how easy was that how easy Gailey what was the odd it worked out with it rain made two jumps in a row see how much easy that is look at that she's like a prodigy or something okay come on okay there you go come on all right there we go okay yes okay let's just calm down a bit come a little bit hi there you go come on one like will end my suffering ladies and gentlemen just one light please okay come on come on you've literally we can do this I've already had a cheat with you once okay why can't I mean I'm not jumping further you're stressing me out I can't focus come on just make the jump I'm not good under pressure oh wait okay that's it I'm getting you bad this part this is ridiculous look at how easy this is oh yeah jump on the block they just gotta do it like that hi so he's hit 21 deaths alright okay Mother Teresa oh right click okay come on come on you can't fail this I don't know what having a go I'm not good at Minecraft are y'all playin it come on game you've got this let me do it again please please I stepped on the other block and then it moved me over am I gonna have to do a diss track on you I'll have to do a legitimate diss track on you Oh sister sucks upon cool she stinks so hard cool she needs her brother to do her parkour because she's such a sore score you wanna have a little bit of skill let me write this track on to you well I'll get my wife to diss track you're like she did Rob how many wait what's your average thumbs up what how many thumbs up a thumbs up do I get like Farah be like this many likes it's for me to write this turn on press about like like honey likes on the video thumbs up oh oh wait huh where'd he go what the heck I didn't do that okay can you just do the parkour that's hundred thousand lights he will write a diss track on a grass block I think a lot of grass blog I want you to diss track a block in Minecraft no I'll just show you oh man just check on you oh come on she finally got a Jag boy okay I can't do these blocks these are a little easier I can do these blogs like they're really easy I just all better like come on wait mine hold that our key just don't let go of it you can also take breaks if you need to just saying okay do you want to continue being my sister no cuz you're stressing me out yeah well I don't know if I want you to be my sister anymore either if anybody's looking to adopt an 18 year old redhead let me know my parents don't know that I'm putting my sister up for adoption I'm putting Preston up for adoption he's 24 million buddy I'm the oldest sibling so if something ever dad you give me to you what Dave got you whatever the count is even live in the same state as this Oh and you are a toy how are you doing it what is wrong with you ladies polizia whoa no oh okay oh you got this okay okay this is snowman gosh no man no worry about what would you do over you know what I just oh oh you can probably kill the snowman with it literally crying right now oh my gosh please tell me you can make this don't miss it don't miss it don't what the heck okay come on come on don't die to the snowman uh-huh go this is too much pressure you can't kill him Oh continue on onward and upward oh my gosh come on two checkpoints right there okay back up back up I'm gonna do this all over again older brothers out there I'm calling older brothers out there the pain is real the struggle is real it's only getting worse it's getting worse it's so bad Kia your parkour skills are rubbing off on me why can't you kill the snowman I want to kill him rip everybody even speaker users will die from this look there you go got my it's not matter there you go boom oh you won't on it why you all about it see my friend honey wait this is the wrong way I don't know it's worse the map or my sister which one is worse comment below thank you coming down below thank you coming down below okay don't go backwards that's weird stop double tap and I'm not double tapping I am is holding are they know ye I believe I believe in Jesus uh-huh Christian but right now it's I'm fine okay I'm finding it hard to believe in you I believe in Jesus but I don't believe it sister I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me okay lord give me strength to get past the Minecraft part now you're abusing Jesus's powers wait look that wait I thought Jesus is gonna help me for the knee why do you just let go this pretty or just chill out a little bit you don't got a hole that you don't mean goodness gracious president Styles calm new hoodies of lip when you show stress you just start programming y'all merch it's how it is sometimes man you just you get so stressed literally the worst move over over you can't even I can't park it's a lot of things you can't do sister I know but it's true can you do this yeah I can way I can do that I I do cake you did you not hold shift when you jump towards a lottery price did you think that was earlier my hand was on the shift my finger was on this jet key keywords broken computers broken a would not know which side Erica's computer probably cost more than you yeah Oh get out of here all right can you make this please yeah just hold shift on the ladder and you'll grab it my trolling knew there's a ladder right there I'm just gonna old ship oh wait no wait wait what are you doing nice and slow okay okay watch your luck there you go Matt she's using her brain ah there we go game I swear I was on shit so I don't believe you watch my finger it's on the chassis I swear oh shit it would get there the next level but Kaylee won't hold shift again I pitched it I'm a Miss changer buttery biscuit I mean biscuits pretty good I'll take a compliment okay you just broke everyone and their mother speakers wait what's that whoa okay do this but I just saw some – you're right when you die next time because you will die no no just keep going keep it going do you even need the corporate ladder okay what do you mean what do you mean how did you miss that oh here backup I'll get you back to your spot again older brother once again coming in clinch every single time you've got this come on huh yeah it's bumping touch this ball point for the love of God thank you okay come on what the heck is this what do you mean what the heck is that you jump on top of it parkour you've heard of it works well tough to get but let's just welcome whoa hello person Oh about it zombie ping go wait am i okay do I need to do everything so is this gonna just be me playing parkour I feel like this was gonna be okay look or you could even do this oh well there's a hacker's potion here look drink this I don't drink it oh it's gonna pop why okay why did you even like did you not think about jump it up here then doing that look I don't play my I didn't know I could get on you guys this jumping if you miss this okay okay just slow slow down slow down slow down life is not necessarily a race if you keep racing to buy if you wanna be one big disgrace upon your face and then you're gonna get hit in the face with a big old piece of mace and then you're gonna just want to do better but it's okay you got it in the face with cake you suck at parkour elbows as bad as a snake cuz they can't jump they got no feet Fayed elite may be on the floor crawling at your feet that's not even a rat that's just you like being annoying for like two minutes straight okay back up wait no we I figured it out I was standing I jumped immediately when I got on the cactus I got a chill for a minute because when I film videos of my sister I think they might come over I think about my wife and why I continue living oh is that the reason you're living right now just Jesus and Breanna not so much look see boom boom boom I mean you don't to do that daily I don't believe you I don't believe you I think you're just lying to me I don't know is one limit can you make me do it now oh come on there you go Hey yeah that's great it's good stuff right there you just keep on your ass right keep it jumping on the tops of those little piston things you just keep it going okay slow down slow down slow down looking good okay all right let's just completely screw up everything everything's not okay all right you know what we might just do an artificial checkpoint leis and gentlemen because of this sister of mine okay that's an excuse guys I walked in last night and she was on her computer playing Minecraft she's like oh my gosh minecraft is my favorite game excuse me you just cursed me you just you put your face you put your face in front of my face look at you're putting her face in front of my face okay don't miss this it's literally what are you doing I got scaly practice what do you got Stuckey oh my gosh are you seriously dying I literally do all of that you do the control that's happening I don't know I don't know what do you mean I literally taught you all the way over you're writing from the checkpoint and now you're dying what's happening oh great look what so now you're going back up see you're fine come on can you just get to the checkpoint sis I don't know how I'm dead boy I'm stuck oh my gosh that's just an excuse it's quicksand it's not like it's not the cookie doesn't exist in my grip oh yeah thanks for flying Kili you better lay on that spawn point you better land on that spawn point that yellow spawn point right there you come back down you better land on it you if you don't next time we throw the magic 8-ball look it's normal I can do it see Seelye do you even know what you're doing with your life no why a magic 8-ball will I get a new sister soon come and ask again that's right you can't you're gonna be that easy bro like a doctor what are you doing I don't know I don't know clearly you don't know the parkour does anybody work horse we'll just get out of this mic and a hold on him and she goes ladies gentlemen she's falling to her death and she did back up back just back up a 12 seconds later there you go Kili you got this you're in the nether it's great all right just don't don't miss this don't miss these come on let's that's that let's let's actually do this for you know alright there we go there we go it's hard yeah they're not the greatest okay okay I'm actually a little bit of press right now not really but a little bit I deeper no you're fine you're fine you're fine you're not they died look like maybe you need my help again do you my help but no I feel like myself again no I don't okay this I'm a strong independent woman don't need no man to play your mind ground parkour for her okay look I'll literally set you up to the biggest easiest pull jumps come on come on Matt come on Lily show me darling yeah yeah yeah you're my friend okay come on what it's one just a one job boom how did I miss that come on oh that didn't hurt you know you just do those brother abuse okay but down below if I would have the brother abuse if you could just make I think of age 20 years playing this game with you no no no just like to say let me do it let me – let me get you my cookie I would just like to say I'm sorry to everyone watching I would like to say I'm sorry to mom and dad for failing you at minecraft parkour whoever why do you why do you watch me why do you why are you apologizing to everybody but me I'm who do is to film the video of you that's like the worst part okay and now it's rubbing off on to me it's rubbing off on to me okay now upsetting spaghetti hey that's my word not anymore it's not can you lost privileges that look just walk and jump I don't magic 8-ball will I ever be able to do the parkour it's gonna say now my sources say no there you go magic 8-ball I'm sorry there you go okay where am I wait where do I go now with the duck that way that that way how am I gonna get there the red thing that invisible thing is unmissable it's a glass pane that's invisible it's a glass pane oh all right now your brother is even more upset he spaghetti Gillian I bowed out of the beat the bat jump in the lava just jump turn around jump in that lava stream do it why just do it now swim swim oh geez base mark keep going forward keep it up I try you've got good one it's not working really keep going for are you holding w yeah okay go back daddy you're too high okay it's right there now it's like what do you mean what do you mean oh my you made me episode a spaghetti you're making me a say spaghetti maybe more episode a spaghetti ladies and gentlemen I come to interrupt your viewing experience because there is a fourth of July sale and it's fire fire fire bar July afford back-to-school sale now I know what you're thinking Preston I don't want to think about school it's July 4th and I understand that but you can prepare for school by getting your merch just early ok just like my mom told me to do this video so just bear with me guys we are releasing three separate packages we've got the three-ring binder this is a three three-ring binder rings that's more than two oh by the way this is the light package we got a ruler we got a Preston fire notebook well it is also the fire pencil bag that one of my personal favorite sees it all the time not for pencils but other things we even got a fire lanyard clearly we've gone too far not to mention pens and pencils this bag contains the entire life bundle which you guys just witnessed now we're gonna move on into the basic bundle if you want the basic bundle you can choose either a backpack or a duffel bag it's gigantic you'd store a lot of candy in here ok last but not least we have the fire package and know this isn't all you get you get to choose the duffel bag or backpack with all the three-ring binder cool stuff I've shown you but you get a lunch box lunch boxes can we put my cheese in there it's great I think I think that's everything have I okay let's just cut the video I've done enough selling out for today good job guys wait what I don't know just run and jump ok I want you like make your face to lava jump I keep no you did not look at what like only took me 82 deaths this is ridiculous this is literally ridiculous by the way do you want to know something really really funny about this no the entire time do you wanna know something really funny no sorry what the map was gold you told me the whole game I knew it no but do you know what the band let's go away troll for Court the whole time I knew it no you did it no you did not literally at one point very white everybody I said you're trolling me look like literally okay like I gotta see if I can go find the beginning in this map because like and by the way you know who's giving you hack phocians every now and then again Sam how do you think you've been getting told the whole time he's in the discord call he's been trolling you the entire time on you Sam I don't know who you are but I really don't like you it gave me the wink hey hey I knew he was somebody that was I had my account as him no I was it a good no I got you right bro how you like kept missing this block right here guess what it's an invisible block look you can't even make it about this quick see feel like half the blocks in this map you know how you kept falling through at the beginning you kept falling through a hole yeah yeah it's because it was a ghost block just like that so many of these jumps that you missed and I kept I kept like getting so mad at you about you weren't actually missing them they just weren't possible the magic 8-ball can I please have a new brother was the same was daddy's uber says can't I'll predict now booth a good safe you know deal a no you were I don't want your love you were a really good sport okay you're right a boat and I just did the same thing to Joshua did you do this with Breanna and Josh no so Brianna we got a custom map made for her and the entire map just kept killing her and then Joshua I played a find the button map and Ed wallhacks on so I could see what he placed the button every time oh yeah check it out look this is wearing here it is like right here sorry did you see this at the beginning on the troll faces but I thought they were just my cupcakes I don't know my craft okay so like you but right here yeah I do it's a ghost blog looks you get felt like doing it this is not real and then right here there's invisible blocks there's a barrier block so you kept trying to jump this way right look okay Sam removed it but they're a barrier blocks here so you kept trying to jump here and it would just pushed you into the hole every time and then the snowman hit like Sam's plate yep oh yeah by the way you remember that ladder you couldn't make it's not actually a ladder block it's a fake ladder see yeah see watch my punch it it's a message for Sam hello Sam I don't know who you are but I really don't like you so thank you Oh ladies and gentlemen you enjoyed this pimping video thanks you guys leave a like down below go check out Kitty's channel I think I deserve it after this whole pretty worried she was a good sport now we're do eat Chipotle thank you for watching make sure you stay lit dab a whole bunch and oh that was the worst all right get out of here I love you guys my sister's annoying

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