This is what Rocket League quickchats ACTUALLY mean

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Rocket League players don’t always say what they mean…

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rocket League players are some of the most sensitive passive-aggressive toxic crybabies you'll ever meet so it's important that you understand the language to player base likes to use you see although the in-game voice chat is all but broken there are other quicker ways for a rocket league player to get their emotions out there for the world to see wait what's that it looks like one of them is trying to communicate to us right now okay remember what I said the in-game voice chat is broken that wasn't actually completely true when I said it was broken I meant it was ineffective as a communication method between two or more normal players as a means for angry brain-dead hate nerds to spew verbal cancer and racial slurs it's actually running quite smoothly thanks well thankfully this video isn't about voice chat this video is about quick chat or more specifically how to translate the deep meaning behind every single one of these emotionally charged rapid-fire statements take the infamous what a save for instance a staple for every rocket league player to whip out in their moment of triumph or defeat this one has tons of uses and meanings kind of like the F word it's versatile one of the most satisfying situations a rocket league player can experience is getting what is saved after conceding a goal then tryharding until they score goal and smacking down sweet justice with a what a save of their own see what I mean about rocket League players being petty crybabies it's in our nature ask any rocket league player and they'll have a story about a good what a save exchange but when it comes to pettiness nothing beats the type of player that gets mad when you don't compliment them I used to think this type of player only existed in mythology until I ran into one I'm sad to report they are out there this dude literally scored a basic ass goal and what I didn't say anything he said nice shot and thanks I'm not gonna nice shot every dribbler of a goal you just gonna have to pat your own back if you really need that level of affirmations for every menial thing you do in car soccer I thought he was joking but he did it again when I scored great pass he said to himself thanks he said again to himself needless to say on his next again basic ass goal I said wow wow wow nice shot oh my god Wow see what I mean about rocketing players being petty I'm proving my own point with my behavior the part of it is we just don't have enough quick chats to express ourselves our quick chat potential is way underutilized just think what we could do with options such as help move bro faking yikes lag hold my beer I let you score and I usually hit those I'm trash I'm in this rank not because of my mechanical ability but because of some game sense and luck even a simple yet powerful lol would be nice or how about a no accept at the joke of a no we have right now can you imagine your teammate doing some stupid shit and being able to just say no I'd spam the shit out of no and I'm in this rank not because of mechanical ability but because of some game sense and luck but what about quick jets that shouldn't be in the game that's where I'd be the happiest man alive of psionics removed to take the shot nothing good has ever come from take the shot players that spam take the shot of the same kids that think centering means I'm ready to receive a pass instead of you know I'm centering and yes that's also more common than you think I'm about to Center the ball and I see my teammates say centering Jesus Christ mr. Dominus you're not centering I'm centering wow this is triggering me just from the memories but God can you imagine thinking centering means I'm centering my car in the middle of the field there really is no hope for Rockley players I swear now we've already covered a fair amount of quick chats but I still haven't mentioned the one that can really trigger a rocket League player it's powerful because it's the worst kind of aggression passive aggression it's used by the kind of people that are annoying enough to let you know how they feel kind of but are too much of a bitch to use anything other than okay okay makes me mad not because of its message but because if you're the type of person to say okay after your teammate makes a mistake something that all rocket League players do I immediately hate you as a person now if you're thinking damn I use okay passive aggressively sometimes the sunless actually hate me the answer is yes I do but you shouldn't feel too bad because chances are I probably hate 30 to 40 percent of you guys watching at least which isn't too bad it means I like or can at least and most of you it's actually really really good because I hate most people in general so you guys are really on my good side with those percentages but the most important thing to remember about quick chats is almost all of them have a deeper meaning than their literal interpretations for instance need boost is rarely used to tell your teammate that you need boost instead it's actually used as an umbrella excuse for utter failure if you make a terrible attempt at a save and feel the need to say need boost are you really even saving face they're like no shit you didn't have boost you didn't even come close to putting your pathetic body in between the ball and the goal I don't think you just didn't feel like getting there I know you didn't have boost you didn't have boost because you wasted your boost to get back into position which when you were out of because you went to get boost might as well just say sorry not too much though my god the cereal sorry and my bad players need to take a look in the mirror and just become okay with who they are I mean grow some balls and stand up for yourself in silence you know like a like a strong resolute quietness because there's a strength and just not saying anything at all that's what I'm opting for these days don't skip the replay don't type nothing just let everyone wallow in their misery sometimes silence can be deafening sometimes silence can say you shouldn't have went for that boost bitch silence can be pretty rude like that see it's a balance you don't want to be too rude but you don't want to be an annoying pushover like I'm not gonna lie I kind of look down on people that have team chat only on not because I don't appreciate the secrecy of complimenting me behind everyone's back it's just I don't want to respond to seem like a crazy person in front of the other people that haven't seen your initial compliment if I scored and you say nice shot and team chat and I said thanks in public chat it looks like I'm the guy I talked about earlier who was talking to himself so again in these situations I just opted for silence as you can see I'm a big proponent of not saying anything at all I'm also a big proponent of over analyzing things that don't matter to most people like quick Jets you see when you're addicted to rocket League as I am these are the kinds of things that keep you up at night like damn did I really just make a video on quick chats and rocket League it's even worse for you you just watched a video on quick chats and rocket League I'm not the loser you're the loser dear diary today I called everyone who watched my video a loser in my next video I will try to butter them up again so they keep watching my channel and don't realize that all my videos are pointless we live to see another day one more game

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