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Battlefield 5 is difficult on Xbox. My brain wants to do one thing, but my hands say no. More potato lord gameplay, thanks for watching. NEW Easter Egg T-Shirt:
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do you forget those days where nothing goes right and you just want to turn on your games console and play something well that's today for me and I should have done this yesterday because I've been doing the console stuff on the weekend usually but yesterday I just had the urge to talk about some Fisher and Splinter Cell so so that's what we did but today would back on Xbox becoming the potato Lord that we were meant to be and I wanted to try and attempt some long-range sniping on console now that that sounds like a nightmare doesn't it long-range sniping on console it's not it when you say those words together they don't sound particularly nice today but that's what we're doing anyway so I joined a Panzer storm server I'm just gonna see if I can find prompt people and shoot them in the head because you know it's always good fun right like this guy yeah that's a good start I mean they weren't prone they were on a wall but you know still counts as one I am gonna go and become hang on I'm gonna become what they were they got a spawn beacon here I think so that's a pretty good spot for a spawn beacon to be fair I'm gonna put a surprise down for them if they ever come back here are they quick enough to react I see someone oh we nearly ran into that one you know it's going alright so far he's still kill at the start few head shots so far I think the thing is no war time is moving my crosshair that was strange I've never experienced that before so that guy run across and also aim or aim assist I should call it it just like moved my crosshair hang on he's trying to get a res don't see him can't quite get an angle on his head right come on we need to find a nice position where we can just chill I mean there's no way I'm gonna hit this thing is it what are you doing no get he's got out the other side know what he was doing was a bloody big one coming I mean that's a good spot right there this guy he's got the boys 8t he's loving it I'm proud of him there's more on the left one down okay right that's it need cover I was a guy close to me too right here somewhere it's so difficult for me to play a console you you wouldn't know the things that go through my head it's strange because I play this game all the time on PC I know what to do like straight away I like where to move to who to shoot first but because of my aim it's just like my brains just like Jack what what do you do mate this is wrong it like taking all the points back in this isn't good I've got to be quicker than this it's just up it's just a painful slow drag up to their face because I want to try and get the headshot because if I don't get the headshot I find the follow-up shot so difficult just go ahead err be pro venom what does that even mean are you an enemy I like this pistol it's nice to use sniper oh good get res orange bread thank you I don't know where no one expects tianj bread I like the music I often don't have it turned on on PC so it's nice to hear it you know the soundtrack in bi v I think honestly it's one of the best video game soundtracks I've ever heard and I've played a lot of video games I think most of it they recorded with a with a real Orchestra but there's some really moving stirring themes in it that are very good but I hope they win some kind of award whenever game awards season comes around the BAFTAs or whatever they call it long range pistol kill oh we got it unbelievable grenade er why not and that's the end of the game guys now that was a little short I think how did we do 13 – not bad there was some nice sniper headshots there but I feel like that's a bit of a warm-up so whatever's next we'll take it in our stride do the best we can right we switch to breakthrough is the first time I've played breakthrough on console – that's normal oh they're pushing up close the flick of the wrist mmm no no it's a badness how am i how am I allowed to do that it's ads PC I'm dead in a matter of seconds well I need ammo he's invincible okay right now don't call him don't crawl into my view also gonna help is it right it's the potato I lost the potato off but don't worry Alex Sam is there to help Mike the potato off is on again come on potatoes let's go let's go tank how we got him up on the bridge again NoHo y-drop boy it doesn't have to be this way little Sam's got me though it's okay everything's gonna be fine wow that tank open this Ridge again look here we go now we no no you kind of have to just like do a little dance with them almost yes right mom I think I think I'm getting it mom oh god no that's a bad miss I'm not getting it I'm just as bad as ever oh I see the shinies I see the shinies look at them shine and look at them shine shiny shiny how is that not it doesn't I swear these these medics on Xbox let their heroes they deserve the the battlefield purple star if that's a sort of thing mash the potato off again I can tell potato off it's potatoes then Oh see a shiny look at him shining look at them shine the bullet the bullet pen didn't do enough damage with the headshot to get him it went through my teammate or they've actually got that point no no are we being are we dying some people yes stuck out they've got so many vehicles well what's what's that about why don't we kill their vehicles I might have to go a thought let's try and kill these vehicles right so left these Panzerfaust right is dynamite they're over there at the top oh it's embarrassing but it's fine you know we we all got to start somewhere we all have to start somewhere don't we when you just we just pro now I don't understand it why what do they do the slugs the slugs outside the door Georgie Georgie I'm convinced at this point time that the medics the xbox medics will just do anything for you like anything bloody vehicles let's wait and see how many people run into me I'm actually out of bounds there don't peek don't peek no no no we're prone it's the chrome boys oh no over here come on we can do it we can do it you're dead anyone else around here not that I can see is there a rest lifer up here I feel like I feel like it might be a rest my product there I think we have to go check as long as I can get in the bloody thing hopefully I don't get shot yeah there's this arrest I broke a guy's it's a rare boy or the several okay hey guys so sorry for ruining the body there that's it's a rest my finish status you don't often see those course as a vehicle hammering me I want to get down I'm going I was playing bf4 earlier and I'm just expected to be able to pop a parachute from that kind of distance it didn't work out enemies yes people here come on walk into my crosshair there it is I'm gonna get sniped honor oh hello I hate the fact that this is our balance like they've got five tickets you can do this in a way no that must be the last ticket Shirley come on they can't have many left I might get a raise as well oh it's Johnny of all people Johnny raises me unbelievable clutch coming in clutch boys well you know what top of the team 32 and six I'm happy with that best squad as well I feel like we're getting somewhere guys I feel like things are happening and I hope my mom is proud of me I can become Lord potato I guarantee anyway I hope you enjoyed watching that guys let me know your thoughts down in the comments below if you enjoyed it give me a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more hit that notification bell and I'll see you in the next one

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