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Why use planes when you can make your own flying cars in Just Cause 4!

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ladies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to the force of nature that is Rico Rodriguez so I want to go explore more shit last time we did a little bit of story stuff at the start and everything and I feel like it was kind of slowing things down cuz all I want to do is get in and blow stuff up that's all I want to do literally all day early so what can I do the abandoned Factory is home only old weapons and whispers of a black site where the black hand interrogating dispose of dissidents destroy the airship I get to destroy you I thought you were a friendly but you're not you're a asshole plays or specific things I should be shooting hey hey Oh fuckers one down two down ha ha feet out go fuck yourself ok what else do I have to shoot this if this thing you know why captain I don't think that's gonna fucking work so what we're gonna do is we're gonna hop into this bad boy this is how we're gonna do it hey if you can't blow up the blimp bring the blimp to the blower oh god this fucking camera Hioki camera sucks in this game but half of this bad boy and then finish the mission thought I did it we're way isn't the mission going away wait what there's another fucking airship is that not the one well isn't this a big oopsie daisies there's something on the wing some thing it's me it's Rico Rodriguez it's the force of nature hello okay you stay right there mr. blimp I'll be back eventually ooh sexy man all right where's the blimp there it is you want to get it this is my job this is my mission wait we're gonna fuck it go oh wait that's right above me cheeky bugger bacillus encount does it you want me to destroy the airship over there fuck alright give me some fucking firepower no bullshit I need something better oh all right I warned jet prepare to be boarded get it boys hey I'm just blowing shit up I was doing Rico does I was just being a force of nature like I want to be look at this sexy wingsuiting skill force of nature force of nature wow it's so satisfying to go through the trees like a fucking child playing this game it's like video games distilled into their purest form which is just do crazy shit and have fun which I'm all about I like that that's very fun oh god don't hit those trees don't hit those trees I like my face is so fun oh we go up we go keep going higher and higher and higher and you can do anything that you set your mind to oh yeah so cool oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah all the way down Wow fuck yeah that's so fun holy shit I want to do that again okay okay can you do that again anybody know I guess I'll just stand the ground like a fucking plan sweet mother of god there's so many menus oh I mean you can do that in the previous game as well but that's kind of cool rental pilots are gonna work off yeah okay can we get in oh wait I have to fly I like that the plane still stays in the distance the one that dropped off this that's fucking awesome burger though nice you know nice nice job nice nice slowly does it slowly does hurt oh don't we go oh wait I gotta land right on top of this follow me hardware numbnuts we're here meat can we do stuff now there's stuff to explode here which means that I'm incredibly interested take it away take it away okay no that one's destroyed that's good I like that I want to do something else over here watch well that guy out and then hold that one out okay that's good that's good I like that a lot okay things are on fire it's a great start but we need to really push it over the finish line now folks what if I attach you to you you pull on each other or don't that's fine there you go there you go now makes noise giance have to do everything yourself don't you Oh God oh fuck there's your problem I like it when things go boom I like it when things explode so you could do more of that that'd be great there you go yeah fly away home buddy are you are you attached I don't think you're attached the way I want you to be okay I'm gonna attach a whole bunch more don't not you Oh God well that's unfortunate cuz now you're dead oh wait you're not dead you're fine oh-ho-ho-ho you got lucky he was like that when I got here this shoot this shit I'm here to save the day don't even worry about it who's shooting each other oh dear okay excuse me I want to get in thank you very much hi fellas Oh God you're a bouncy boy aren't you yes I'm just falling each other you're not even doing anything okay let me help I have a solution for this it's called balloon o matic okay well it thanks would be nice but see you later I guess it's time for some off-roading pictures oh this is a mistake Oh mistakes were made oh fuck oh fuck get back up get back up okay I want to try something out could i potentially make my own flying vehicle oh my god it can oh my god I can I'm a fucking hot air balloon take me away oh oh oh oh yeah man I could just stay up in the air forever and abuse this like stuck the landing thing scenery is great up here but 500 meters almost net never ends it just keeps on going oh that's incredible oh man you can even set it up that some of the balloons are like on the forward so you gotta go like this I mean it's kind of like that anyway on the forward you know what it mean oh man if you let the carrot drop the physics almost kick in in Reverse so it stops it and then the amount of momentum it had going down it pushes it back oh that's incredible you can just go so high okay see you let it drop and then kick in the balloons [Laughter] I let them go nice did you survive fucking nailed it bitches Jimmy Burton sorry I'm the first time driving I'm from Ireland we drive on the left here I'm sorry this is confusing though I don't get it fuck is she okay I'd really rather a few guys learn faster than I did cuz I'm not learning very quickly hey you know what I'm gonna just get out I'm gonna just get out and leave it there wasn't me Wow look how gorgeous this is that's so pretty to look at god this game is gorgeous sorry gushing about things for a little bit Jeb's are appreciate it every now and then cuz it's easy it's easy to look at the game and think well it looks the exact same as Just Cause 3 but no there's there's little things here and there that mean a whole lot more like the engine has improved so much about vegetation and density and loading distance and volumetrics and fog and all that kind of stuff it's come a long way it's really damn good to look at like that stuff in the distance is really cool that's a lot of environmental effect ah it's really just seeing the twinkling lights in the distance I really like that all right boys Bobby what are you talking about get in boys and go we're going fishing okay we're going fishing for bad guy gonna kick some ass maybe leaving nothing but winning cheaply you guys shut up you do too much talking in this fucking game 90% of the game is just people talking to each other it's afraid to let itself sit and just embrace in the ambience just embrace the explosions what the fucking great can you guys keep fighting over there that's cool I'm going this way I have some supplies to blow up supplies motherfucker supplies like these supplies Jesus okay that was real easy actually all right troops back in no no no get back in get in bitches we're going shopping I ain't waiting here all day that's your fucking mother heading to disco no pleasure in firing my weapon but every piece of scum who plans upon in the soil of their homeland deserves two bullets and thirty pieces of silver okay good for you Mira trapped under me oh he's a door underneath my car I don't want that underneath my car god it's slowing me down gonna get rid of it I did okay why the move again well we're gonna be here a while we have a long drive ahead of us I don't even know you guys's names what are your names Ricky and Dicky those aren't real names excuse me freedom coming where's the supplies vehicle why okay where are these supplies okay the right here you could have just let me do that you know okay with their media to get back into the care I don't know what you guys even get out I'm the one doing all the work I need to care about at least two seats not yours though you need to just go away BAE Oh is she coming back down so fucking cartoony a trainee died you can sit inside of a Karen that explodes all around you and you're fine but somebody comes up and waves a hand in your face and you're dead please don't tell me I'm starting over from the very beginning please no please please no these on bitch out training is pretty intense not oh sure oh do be sorry fuck okay almost there kiddies all right I'm taking you it's it's bringing your trainees to work day i'ma teach you how to liberate people oh yeah baby are you fucking serious so white the name's Ricky and Dicky cause your parents just not love you or something I mean Ricky's okay Rick he's like hey Ricky it's still not great but Dicky was a short firm Richard II make some sense dude Oh Ricky's for me short for Richard so you I'm not gonna get into the semantics of your fucking names you guys have died like three times by now so you're shit okay I'm at I'm gonna take some shots as well except mine are actually gonna do something you know oh fuck a little bit of supplies I've don't you fuckers die in the mean time yeah we did it let me know it son wait can I actually just move this that's cool okay I need my weapons cuz you guys suck you're very very bad at your jobs I on the other hand I'm amazing alright let's go blow shit up pump it up pump it up pump it up pump up enough force of nature no come on you can do better than that big boy there it is god those explosions are pretty it's like the fucking fourth of July over here Oh what am i tank who fuck oh fuck holy shit that went the distance I don't even know exists what's exploding anymore but I really like it oh I know how to make an entrance okay you guys can attack me all you want you guys may fuck me up from time to time but you'll never take my freedom improvise baby improvise adapt overcome oh this is gonna get you guys real good you Mattox okay wrecking ball okay everything's fine everything's normal shut up that was awesome Wow I have no idea what's happening and I am the heart Horace Horton but I'm fucking happy okay fucking plates do you pesky choppers overcoming your shit but look no further than Jack's trusty balloons oh it's you just trying to fucking hit me oh shit back Oh ah secrets I have no fucking weapons anymore oh my pens did you just say there's weapons up here ah I'm scared scared just amazed weapons are free Oh dope I thought I had to pay for them ah thanks oh I hurt my bones and my orchids ow ow that's a lot of fucking booms going on over there really not a fan of them what the hell is shooting me Oh probably that thing do you think it was him no I couldn't have in him cuz he's dead now oh you can't recover I calm down nice so cinematic Wow way up your asshole okay how are on the thing I don't know what this is gonna do but hopefully it's back up easy your turn Oh remote hacking progress wait hello oh you told me let's go fire right Oh Fox sorry I went fire maybe not that fire oh my fuckin ass could you hurry it up a little I almost there have we done thanks fucking christ that sounds great okay actually yeah that sounds pretty cool Jesus Christ you are very angry no you're very dead so that's good oh crap oh god gimme this is the way that a warship somebody said there was a warship down here somewhere I'm just going off there Intel but if you really don't know anything then I'm not gonna disturb you you I am cuz you have ammo for me so thanks whoa I think I see it thank you yeah warship acquired just need to open these doors good to go oh I see how I open ah don't crash though Lord Almighty what are you hoping to do I've got the ship out of its cave isn't bad it's like shooting an erection oh yeah oh yeah it's actually pretty handy the Handy job thank you for choosing me fuck off okay you may jab my signal well jam your face with a fucking rocket he is up there I know he's down there he's everywhere he's a Magic Man yeah it's for you good idiots we get it oh thank you fucking Jesus I did it oh okay he's out bitches oh oh all right I'm gonna leave this episode of Just Cause 4 here why Just Cause cuz I want to and I feel like that we've gotten a lot accomplished today again lots of nice explosions lots of nice boom booms this is very pretty the way the sunshine went out over those hills Asher's reminding me of Ireland I'm excited to get more into the game and we get to the point where like tornados and stuff start showing up because there's like I showed a little glimpse of it in the demo or the the the piece I got to play before e3 at the start of the year or earlier in the year where you actually had to like chase after tornado and stuff that was cool so those kinds of things are in the game and things are gonna get very very crazy when they start showing up so I'm excited for that but for now thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face like you're buzzed and I prefer rope Shaylee dudes [Applause] [Applause] okay Oh God oh dear Oh

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