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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, Draft to Glory





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what's up guys nepenthez here and welcome back to another episode of draft to glory in the last episode we had a really cool French attack we only got to the semi-final after playing five games very frustrating but I'm playing alright FIFA right now so hopefully we can get another good draft here today and do bits with it you know what let's go for the four three one two I don't use this formation often but I do remember having quite good results with it and we're gonna start with one to watch Christian order now that I saw I don't have t-midi Arenado again but I'm alright with what we've got here oh this Kurt Roni orchid thrown 4 stars skill moves nice and tall great shooting great dribbling good pace good physicals this is a quality card you know what let's take him we'll go for the sylia here guys I'll try and fit in as many city up players as possible even if it is a detriment to the rest of the team and when we can't get what we won we've got to take something for a chem style so we'll go for the engine chem so that wasn't too great but there are like been tanker would be good oh there he is how about that that's actually amazing and he's got shadow chem style and he is amazing 3 star weak foot is a bit suspect 6 to 4 stars skill moves really good physicals again great stamina good dribbling in general great passing great shooting in the you know what you need him for shot power and long shots and great passing for it you need him for with the short pass long pass on vision good pace and then of course gets that strong link with Ronaldo giving her a now go for chem Ben tanker for chem and then I can switch them in-game which means I can actually have the freedom here to pick any sentiment that we desire and I'm gonna take my link of it savage will carry on with this city our theme even though we did have the opportunity to move away from it there do we go for an F theme draft do we take art or he I mean this is another quality card it is throwing up the ffs cause I know we could take Bharati with the new screamer boost great shooting and passing great dribbling already decent defending terrible physicals terrible pace and he would soft link obviously to the left striker but Milankovitch savage can go and softly link to the left striker so yeah we're gonna take our ture there and we're gonna go for as many ffs cards and of course well we're not gonna get one here but what do we have here do we have a Assyria we don't want friend we have which works just about because of that it doesn't give us a massive chem boost but it gives us a chem boost all right so now now now I was interesting governor Powell Easter is amazing for chemistry guess our two on two seven one think away from being on good chemin self I didn't want to go for a full La Liga theme draft sorry a full Syria theme draft I will kind of have to take Fazzio what I like about this card is his defending is good his reactions and composure are good his strengths aggression a good his jumping is terrible b65 but he is so slow and in draft you will get crucified for that so we will take Capital Paulista and then then I guess we're gonna go David Lopez he's not the best that we've got available but it's all we've got available hey we could go for a hybrid here I haven't done a hybrid squad in ages and it is not giving me good defenders here we get Cedric but don't really want to use him capo a capo works for us and then Ingo we're just one position away from having like a really really good squad now on my god what do I have in defense Brazil and Spain so let's go for Mandan decorating ah man it start again it feels like for me personally every draft we do starts off amazing with the attackers starts falling apart in the midfielders and collapses during the defenders we've got we've got to go for more defenders here all the fonts and the font is from the French league so wouldn't link anywhere will it be nice to take another ffs card I'm obviously gonna have to go with all black he's big for chemistry and is a great goalkeeper other than the right-center mids and the right back that the defense is ok it's just not great that's the problem I would prefer something way better Mario Gaspar over kappa probably not what I want to take Hector better in we can take because we can get a Spanish right-center mid we can get Bella in on 210 Kem I've got to take Marcelo and I'll tell you why a he's insane B he puts r2 on to ten chem and then we can play a fanfare at right-back which is his natural position with the right foot and that is a much better defense even with one fan off chem I'm gonna need to get million committed Savitch on Kim which is going to putting them up a camera put in Benton current right-center mid didn't really get anything too helpful here let's take a loo with the new new boost and a shadow chem style we will do our chem styles today next up face it could be a good starting point Carollo is obviously a great place to go though yo yo my bro bro because now we go boom up there and then boom up there and that gets us to 98 chemistry who's not on chem the right-center back the right back the central center made everybody else is on chem that is a good team it's not a great team it's not the best team it's a good team will take Shaqiri with the new boost as well if actually been throwing up a fair for you screamer cards I'm quite happy with that bail bail bail I'm liking what we've got going on here really I really am Jacko not one Harry Kane not really what one either what do I want off of this do I want Willian would he be the best sub for me probably willing annum Bale probably would be what's coming in so let me think about how this team's gonna look out so otter Milankovitch savage and Ben tanker are going to be in fact you know what I would want I would want to put vent anchor there Zak drop people's chem I drop Rollo's chem damn it yeah I wanted to just start the way I wanted to start without having to make subs but yeah Benton quarter and malinka lit Savitch are going to be our center mids Ronaldo and cotrona are gonna be our attackers I'm gonna need to sub someone on for cam so whether that's Bale Shaqiri or Willy Anne I need that camera Perot lows gonna go my back line is okay much much who said about it's gonna cost me if I come up against someone would like Timothy or narrow team liam Bop a and and that kind of thing you know that's gonna be a huge problem for me almost would prefer my portrait Lopez almost I'm gonna take the Maria instead for the super sub two more pics before we do chem styles now Nelson sir meadow would get one better chem point than Juanfran we could take him it boosts us up to 99 chem we get up an ultimate pic here it's not Silver's which is nice David Alaba is a sub to come on in defense might just be some I like I'm gonna take him anyway I don't like Douglas coaster just doesn't fit Azul I mean Azul could fit if we put better in him but that would just screw up everywhere else I think we're gonna take David Alaba where I'm gonna go and work around chem cells boys I will be right back not all that much by way of chem stores today a lot of people already had some good chem styles and there's our silvers coming in so it really doesn't matter who we get out of those so let's put the team back together guys and have a final look at what we've got going on here after I think I think the team's pretty good once again I am a slight bit disappointed with my backline I feel like if you know this could be a draft that could comfortably win the draft with if I get lucky enough in matchmaking to not really hit against somebody who's really really good if I come up against a quality player with you know t-midi or a narrow team on your map a team with your name or that kind of player these two Center backs are just gonna get utterly exposed and that's gonna be a problem we're gonna have to think of a way around that however we're gonna get a 100 chem team sylia manager or a la liga manager so that's gonna takes up to a 187 a Spanish city our manager look about fantastic stuff most players actually here will be on very very strong chemistry to the point actually where maybe wine Fran in it right back will be better than some meadow biere a narrow 10 Ben tank or 10 cotrona 10 am willing to its average which is fine pirollo 10 which he's gonna get subbed out anyway our tours 10 the back line mostly 10 and then know the Mele sorry Nelson SMED is on 7 and time frame will only get six in this disregard on ahem one get seven actually because the Spanish manager yeah I'm Fran get seven I think I'd probably prefer who I'm Fran um just cuz forced asking ways and stuff so that guy's is a squad hopefully we could do some good things with this team let's get in to the action okay guys as we go into the gameplay the first opponent we come up against is going absolutely fantastic squad Team of the Year Marcelo and varan Thierry on Ori Christian Erickson's 90 rated card ffs are two quite like myself luis suarez and Thibaut Courtois very nice and he's got a few weak players there Espace huge mio i think was his right back maybe a marrow Gaspar there and rafinha you know in a sense mid but this guy was a strong player it's really weird because I had just taken my first chance here after four minutes he had a corner I counted and I scored and that kind of set the tone there I don't know if you just got a little bit frustrated and flustered that I scored such an early goal but he started switching into his defenders and rushing his a you know his defensive plays and that allowed me to school with my second attack and then eventually I scored with my third attack and eventually I scored with my fourth attack and I went for nil up against this guy inside like 25 minutes but I really and firmly believe that this is a super quality player I just got really really lucky with the fact that I made one or even lucky I suppose I just made the right decisions during every attack to the point where you know I scored four goals and then he ragequit he started putting his keeper and stuff and it was to be expected you know for kneeled down he's never really gonna get back into the game but when you look at the match stats other than a little bit of possession and and it's very hard to tell for possession 30 minutes in he had four shots three on target I had four shots four on target and I went falling it up crazy that's how FIFA can be sometimes into the second round would come up against the three four to one or three four three should I say again some really good players there Gareth Bale Douglas Kostas Champions League card again ffs or – t-midi a Ramos and inform him in Aires with him from essentia Ingo he made some sub straight away as well I don't know I think he stopped off his silver player and his right mid but I scored straightaway malinka bit savage and then eventually got a good interception there ball into Gareth Bale on 30 minutes scoop turns around 1 lakh rocquette is around another and green times that into the top corner to make it to nil it was into the second half when I eventually made it three nil Arthur here coming through gets into the box gets lucky to get the ball back there and I'm bare and then fake shots past one and then gets lucky again you could use fair to say that was a very cheesy go I would have been quite frustrated if I'd have conceded that myself my opponent did eventually get one goal back here Julian Draxler crying across the Cuttino to put it in the back of the net but too little too late for my opponent there with just 11 minutes left on the clock I was able to just manage the game from that point onwards and see the game out even taking a red card with Hawaiian friend to make sure no second goal was scored and that sends us through now into the semi-final you can see there my opponent briefly on the match that had just two shots one on target the whole game into the semi-final my opponent had a really good team apart from Dyer Kovacic and Kongo lo the rest of his team is remarkable you know maybe you could say Sacko is a little bit disappointing but with the shadow chemstar was also pretty good and my opponent here was on constant pressure the entire game and he was a very very good player so after don't one-nil down he Hill to Hill flicks here gets a drag back with San a even cuts back a second time and gets a ball in from this point onwards he was on constant pressure but he was also on drop back so I knew it was gonna be a long time for me to be able to get his stamina levels depleted enough to the point where I was gonna be able to really take advantage of that I don't personally play constant pressure but he was on one depth he was on constant pressure we got back in with cotrona at 1-1 and then it was in extra time and you can see there his fresh moderates has got the stamina but his Kongo low is no stamina his defenders in general have no stamina we eventually got a goal here in the hundred and second minute with Gareth Bale there getting the cutback and tapping that one home and I'm pretty sure that this guy used a no loss glitch there he didn't pause it to quit he was just about to kick off and then the game disconnected so I'm pretty sure he's a no loss glitch I did dominate in terms of chances he held a lot possession then into the final we come up against another monster team the 86 Lala informed the higher van Dyken Fubini o special cards of Iran they're felipe anderson Ronaldinho butragueño Mara's and Ronaldo a lot of the top end meta players Collison hatch the only bad player in his whole team and again this was a really tricky really tough game I get a good takun in there on his run out over sadly manual tackles in this game they just don't work eventually my opponent gets a rebound goal there with butragueño popping that in the back of the net off that just eight minutes once again it was a game where just had to work really hard to get back into the game and just to just to played a game really my opponent was on very low depth drop backing you know dropping back there and and just you know made it really difficult to create any clear-cut opportunities I did get back in after 18 minutes and then in injury time guys very late on we get a ball through to Gareth Bale a croquettas pass gets a shot away cotrona there stays on side and taps that one home four to one and once again you'll see a little bit here by the match stat so I feel like I deserve to win that but it was a tough game so that guys is a good strong draft win from us there and that is the end of the gameplay so let's go ahead and get in to the packs all right guys so we won the draft and I tell you what that feels good and I tell you why that feels like this this is probably one of my most satisfying draft victories ever because the style of player I played in the first round the semi-final and the final it was like a foot champions game for 30 you know it like all three of them I think I narrowly oh no maybe it was a semi fire at the second third and fourth round I got a big for nil win in the first round that was actually a ragequit no but he was good he was good specifically the semi in the final they were both on drop-back no pressure both on fast build-up and just sitting there waiting to counter and it was so difficult to deal with and and I went behind in both games actually and I had to fight so hard honestly I had to play the most concentrated fever I've ever played just to get back into those games and win them oh we ended up scoring late in extra time in the semi final and I think the guy did a no-loss glitch because he just quit straight away there were still like 10 minutes left in game as well I didn't expect him to quit there and then in the final after dominating like honestly I just held so much possession he just kept countering encounter an encounter and I had a few really good opportunities and eventually I got a rebound goal in the 92nd or 93rd minute I thought he was offside like when when I played that like played a ball tapped in I kind of looked over I'm watching the the FIFA World Cup and I looked over to watch that half waiting for the you know the goalkeeper to get a kick for offside and when I look back over my players still celebrating I'm like wait hold on was he on side so he was on side this team was phenomenal I loved having so many big players in the in the team you know I think prologues i62 as well isn't he six foot four pirollo but once Bale was subbed on which was not every I didn't do it at the start of every game sometimes I did it right at the start sometimes I did it during the game but with a team like this I mean we've got Ronaldo at 62 we've got cotrona at 6-foot we've got Gareth Bale at 61 we've got our two five seven being the smallest Milankovitch Savitch at six three and bent anchor at six – I had such a big squad I was just able to dominate the midfield but I don't think I made any other subs really David Oliver came on one time actually in the midfield for our tour I believe who was tired in one of the games so that that was there but that didn't really make much of a difference but I'm honestly just so so happy to have won the draft here it's been a few episodes since I've won the draft so I was really good to get back on winning terms Benton Kerr Cutrone a were great renowned are amazing you know we scored some goals not like an insane amount of goals but didn't concede many goals which is really really good you know only three goals conceded throughout the whole event which is quite nice what do we get for our rewards it's not the worst it's not the one these are all right rewards a mega pack and a premium goal players pack it's only sixty caves worth of packs which is the same as the two premium goals in two fides but I think we're gonna definitely make profit here well I know we're definitely gonna make profit off of these two packs it's just far too many items that we don't turn some kind of profit whether or not we get good players or items is left to be decided and it doesn't look like we're going to the kitchen Alberti neo so not even a board out of our Premium Gold players pack what else do we get here yeah I mean there's there's a summit like some of these guys will sell you know for 700 800 as per usual you know we'll always get anywhere from six thousand to ten or twelve thousand from every single 25k pack just as long as we're sensible of how we sell it and then a mega pack which have been my best new most fortunate packs this year we're gonna get boards we do get boards there we go so we get least something German sentiment it's gonna be Sami Khedira now we have definitely made some good profit here 85 rated Khedira will sell I think right now for about 12,000 maybe fourteen thousand coins somewhere along those lines it's 13 on open bids mate yeah 15 years literally about fourteen thousand coins so we made some very nice profit off of this this draft here we get a borrower as well who's quite a quite a good player to sell Dean yeh also quite a good player to sell the contracts will eventually sell over time fitness card is alright strike to send a forward card is right I also get forsberg in there as well and Christensen so a couple more 82's hey we made some really good profit off of this trough we probably made it anywhere around fifteen to twenty thousand when I sell the items which isn't too bad for draft during a week where there's no promo no special cards impacts etc so really happy with that guys and that is gonna be the end of the video for today if you did enjoy it be sure to leave a like rate and comment and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already but for now guys I'm out

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