There Is A SECRET Braithwaite In Red Dead Redemption 2 & He's Been Hiding In Plain Sight All Along!

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There Is A SECRET Braithwaite In Red Dead Redemption 2 & He’s Been Hiding In Plain Sight All Along!
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In today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 video – We are investigating Gertrude Braithwaite, the outhouse girl, and the treehouse man from New Austin and finding out if they are related!


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hey how's it going guys mr. masa for the win here and in today's Red Dead Redemption 2 video we are going to be combining two separate mysteries to try and solve what could be one of the weirdest relationships in the entire game that's right so these two separate mysteries we've solved individually at least I think but when you combine them together it opens up a whole nother Pandora's box we are talking about Gertrude Braithwaite the outhouse girl otherwise known as Braithwaite secret and we're also talking about the treehouse man of new austin I'm not officially sure anyone knows his name or if he even has a name now if you've never experienced these two characters or these two Easter eggs well let me give you a quick rundown of who they are so Gertrude Braithwaite otherwise known as the Braithwaite secret is a girl that can be found locked inside of an outhouse Oh bitch yeah what about this you wanna marry me yeah okay to you hmm you don't want to miss around over there that's my poor cousin there's no help in her believe me I've tried this is painful for me can we go later I knew how you braithwaite's treated enemies now I know how you treat kin – it's a great shame on a family that's shamed already I told myself she was better off here with family than in a sanatorium but maybe she isn't I'll do what I can from Boston for her sure you will okay you still got a train to catch get me away from all this so as you heard from both Gertrude a little bit or as best as you could of and Penelope that is the braithwaite's secret not exactly something they're super proud of and that is in the outhouse in their backyard so that's the first character we're gonna be looking at today and the next character is the treehouse man of new austin and he looks something like this [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right now on the surface level you might be asking yourself well mr. boss how are these two characters connected they seem to be you know so far apart from each other Gertrude would be in Lemoine the treehouse man would be in new Austin you know the they're they're pretty far away how are they connected well the connection actually comes from what I think is a pretty rare birth defect that both of them seem to have so using some glitches we can actually get inside of the outhouse and we can also get the treehouse man down from his treehouse and if you do both of those things you find out that both of them have a condition that is called a cleft lip and I did not know about this until recently now in case you guys don't know what this is it's a condition where the opening in the upper lip may actually extend into the nose it might be on one side it might be on the middle it might be on both sides now this is a pretty rare condition only about one and a half per 1,000 births in the developed world at least now we'll have this condition so there's a pretty low percentage that you would have something like this it's it's pretty rare now today it can be successfully treated with surgery and appropriate treatments and most outcomes are generally good however back in 1899 this was a big deal and obviously because in that time they didn't have modern medicine or surgical techniques it's not something that could be easily repaired now you might be asking yourself well what's the relationship here and why was this caused well one of the causes of this could be inbreeding and we know that the braithwaite's are big fans of Imbrium we see that throughout the story like that's not even a rumor or speculation it's something that even they and the Grays have confirmed so both of these characters have this rare condition so does that mean they're related to each other and does that mean that the guy who lives in the treehouse is either a cousin or a brother or a relative of the braithwaite's because aside from the fact that they have that cleft lip they both act very similar they both seem to be a little bit insane they certainly don't like others they seem to be afraid of a lot of people they both live in isolation unfortunately for Gertrude she lives in isolation because her family is crazy and they locked her in an outhouse in the case of the treehouse man he literally chose to live in a tree like a hermit so there are some similarities there but I just want to know how they might be connected because you can't loot Gertrude you can loot the treehouse guy but he doesn't have any documents or anything like that again we really don't know his name so it's kind of tough to tell now one thing that might throw a little bit of a wrench in this mystery is their location so we know that Lemoine is based off of Louisiana and probably scarlet meadows is you know Alabama Missouri places like that and we can assume them knew Austin is somewhere in Texas or New Mexico or something like that so they're not too terribly far away like they're not next-door neighbors but they're also not across the world from each other so it could make sense that maybe this treehouse man is just another braithwaite maybe he escaped maybe he was born in secrecy and he was sort of put into new Austin to get away from the braithwaite's I definitely think there's an interesting connection here now what's interesting is the only time you can meet the treehouse man is in new Austin so technically you would have to be in the epilogue so when you can meet the guy in the treehouse Gertrude is dead because as you guys know if you visit her as John Marston she has been turned into a skeleton so basically Penelope went against her word she did not help out her cousin from Boston after she ended up moving so it is sort of a tragic story I mean I guess it's one you can kind of expect the braithwaite's seem to be like really nasty people so that doesn't seem all that surprising that they would just leave someone they know one of their family members inside of an outhouse but I want to hear from you guys in the comments down below do you think there is some connection between Gertrude Braithwaite and the man in the tree house I mean this condition is so rare it seems like it would be way more than just a coincidence for them to have the same thing I mean basically one in a thousand that's not a lot so like I said I'd love to hear from you guys in the comments down below let me know what you think about this mystery and more if you did gonna enjoy this video though a like rating would of course be awesome and subscribe to my youtube channel if you are new really like daily Red Dead Redemption to videos like this with all the way guys like I said thanks so much for watching take care see you guys in the next video

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