The Sims 4 StrangerVille | Build and Buy Objects Review | Early Access

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  1. Steph you didn't have all the walls up, that's why you couldn't see the spandrls

  2. Please barbie house with pink !! Or mermaid palace

  3. STEPHHHH I C YOU………. hahahaha………. ——– Watching BRB LOLZ I'm Feeling Silly

  4. For the stairs, I would use it for a themed restaurant, a mansion, a lab–not so secret, but a work place, a hospital, a scary haunted house attraction–anyplace where you have a large opening.  Oh, how about as an entrance to an apartment complex or college?

  5. That last roof object could be used for a high fence, if you use moo.

  6. This video made me feel so happy, your reactions are just so pure and perfect >u<

  7. Ooooh I dont have a laptop right now, but I'm going to update one of my old furnish me houses, and Add an underground Lab to it…. This pack is going to be perfect for me

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