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let's get everyone what is good welcome back to the channel with yours chilly of course Makaveli and today we're doing another Spiegel than today's Beautiful's we're doing well okay so supposed to be like another dorm because I know you guys want some more dorms apartment type of things but then you know I kind of changed it into like a family thing because I had a baby stuff into it so I don't know what it is you can use your imagination it could be a single family it could be you know a dorm style you know a person in college could have a child and they could live here it's what after it's whatever you want I'm just gonna call it a single-family house our single family apartment I don't know something I've no clue use your imagination I have no clue because I I wanted to do one thing and I end up doing something else though I'm living up to you guys but yeah I'm doing this I have no clue describe this apartment except that it's really nice I like it what I personally live here not really on the layout is not for me but I think it's a really nice house again not everything has to be up to my liking but I love to making it I think it's fun I think I love the pops of pink pink saw my hair color but hey I can respect it so yeah I hope you guys like it though again it's not my type of style but hopefully you guys like it though so anyways let's just get into the face come to me we're gonna have a long discussion anyways so anyways first of all I hope you guys are having a great Saturday oh by the way guys that um that window thing that you see right there sadly I cannot send a link for you guys because the person took it down um so it's not there anymore so um I have no what to do I'm no clucking like reupload it again it's not my CC but he took the site down so I don't know I don't know if I could deal with that so sadly you guys cannot get that um I actually feel really bad because I I always use it in my builds but um anyways so I was gonna say today we're gonna have a long discussion about the future of the sims 4 but not like oh my god I'm gonna play no I'll talk about like the next expansion pack because people think it's gonna be University and so we're gonna talk about today what do I want to university I think I talked about it a bit before but what do I want to university what do I want brought back from Sims 3 I'm also I'm gonna like read off for comments of the day tomorrow I'm gonna read off your guys's comments to see what you guys thought so I cannot compare and see what you guys want and again maybe somewhere in the world EA is watching this video and they might get you know some ideas from this so why not you know why not talk about it so anyway so in the last so for a few weeks now or a few days now someone has been telling me are people been going around that university is gonna be the next pack unleash for the sims 4 which I'm super excited about because that's one of the things that I'm super in love with I I'm the Sims 3 I always had my sins after they graduated went to university and I'm so excited for that to be back so what do I want to see in university the first thing I want is to stall I know for a fact you can stall the game by yourself but I love the fact we're winning its university is still the actual aging I feel like that made sense because if everything went the way you would think it would they would like being adults by the time they're done University and everything like most of their well well you can say well actually never mind cut that off because you can you can stop aging yourself so that's not important so we're gonna cut that off so one things I want is multiple universities I talked to this before I want there to be multiple because we have multiple universities in real life you know there's Harvard there's Yale that's all types of universities so I hope that they can like establish that like there's multiple universities it'd be really cool if they act like three would be great but to be cool so you have like a higher in University which is like harder to get to and then you have like a lower end which you can get to easily or easily er that's not a word but like easier um he's a leer you can get into like easier so they be like two types of universities you know and also one keep like major highly and like science or no obviously people still have the same major I don't know but just the fact that they'd have two universities I've no clue how they'd work around it like one would maybe for fact I might use like one would be majored for like the arts and creativity stuff well the other one majors for like business and focus at the things logic you know that type of stuff who knows but that would be pretty cool if you can go that way Oh so I'm pretty sure and also thing I also wanted is the separate world hopefully I hope I hope I hope I hope it's like a separate world of multiple places I hopefully it's not like Dussel Valley which only had a certain amount you know I hopefully there's like at least four areas you know one that could be flag one could be flick you know the boys know I know one kid before you know like dorm Styles area for like all the dorms and you could live in and hopefully you can actually do dorms I think that'd be great that'd be so much fun to do where you can like how you have like apartment buildings but you can like you know in like in samus you know you can rent on an apartment so what you could do is you could rent on an apartment but you know you'll be renting out with multiple people for the example like the butler so it's like a butler way so instead of like the butler clean up for you guys the butler would be like the roommates and they with this like live there with you and they would help pay for all you don't help pay for it you just pay for like a chunk of it because that's all dorms work you just pay for a chunk of it at once you don't pay it like monthly I think that'll be really cool if they could have like dorms with multiple roommates like there was in the same as three that would be awesome and there's like multiple different forums like I really respect about instance for how there was like I think it was four different dorms no there's three different terms and then there was like you know sorority houses which is cool so that's why I think one area be great for like dorms or sororities another area because in real life not everyone can afford a dorm so a lot of people rent so I really cool thinking at like you know an apartment complex or like an actual apartments there because people do rent apartments while they go to college so the equally cool they could add that into the game so like that type of stuff and then there's also a room for like so one so one plot of the one area would be for dorms and sororities another part would be for like apartments and then the next part could be for like housing and then there'll be one spot in the middle for one spot in the middle for you know it's called kitten gaint non-games but like you know you're clubbing your Diner for example your gym just that type of thing would be in the middle of the land our little of the world and then like you know how for example we would go to the hospital or we would go for like the doctor career I'm like that's a great way to actually do the University thing and so we could go to like a pop-up world and them to be like a really big University and then just like how it was with the Sims the Sims 3 but you know with em since it was open world you never actually pop up somewhere but like you know how you could actually like go into the classes and so you'd bring so they could have like oh we need laptops back we need portable laptops oh yes God please bring back portable laptops that was a blessing in disguise you never know how much you need it until you need it like you know it'd be so awesome if you like go to the gym and then you forget to look upload a book or something and upload some assignment and you can like hop onto your laptop real quick and do it you know portable laptops were the ish we need that back also like if they could bring back fun stuff like The Keg needs to come back the photobooth need to come back you know orientation I hopefully they have like for each University that have orientations or what the mascots the mascots are so much fun heat of the moment kiss needs to come back that was great human will kiss the photobooth kegs party bags you know Shorty's dorms I'll have a stuff neat to come back like honestly they don't if they don't bring this up in I'll be so upset you so pissed off because I feel like it'd be really cool like you know a nice nice world like I said sorority place to hangout spots apartment residence and houses because people do have houses you know and then was it called again and it could be like you know I don't know if a purpose but it could also be like but the thing is with the world though it could be like how you'd go for like a vacation you know cuz you know how you go for vacation the only looking the only way you can go to like actually live or be in quote-unquote del Sol Valley well no ghusl Valley to be a nom what's that place called again that um Jesus always called again Oh God okay whatever the camping spots and the New Mexico curves they on how you get there is you know the only we can get there is for you know we have to like book a vacation we also have booking a vacation you can like apply for college and then also they need to bring back you know tuition it'd be really cool if they have a tuition thing where you know for you know how you know how expensive tuition is I really hope they actually make that realistic I don't want them to be like five hundred dollars tuition you know that'd be soft I want like you know tuition for each course like there's ten thousand dollars or you know a thousand dollars like make it realistic in that sense I know that's like a lot of money but college is a lot of money you know I hopefully they add that into that wanted to be as realistic as it can be it'd be really cool to like take out loans to pay for it you know and they get to pay it back I know that's not gonna happen but it'd be really cool if they had loan system to they also need to bring back that thing you know in the sims 4 3 where you could let go to like the main office and then you can like apply for something and then they'll give you a chunk of money didn't you bring that back about was the golden I never had to pay for anything in that game because I always sent my kids to college and they always went back and they always got a bunch of money from that so you need to bring that back in the game to anything else so other than that you know other interactions you know different woohoo spot it'd be really cool what's what's the thing you do in college they need to bring back shout I think this is a spot to bring back shower woo whose if they can bring that back I know that came back with Jen I think that came with generations when they can't bring shower who-who's back like please and thank you that'd be great also think I'd bring up like a tinder thank you oh my god could you imagine tinder is so popular in college so that they could bring them up an app or something on the phone or you could like meet people for like hookups and a lot of hype and stuff that would be great too you know I know there's moms for that but I think that'd be a great way to add some like realistic Nissen to the game because hookups are a huge thing in college whether you like it or not it's huge it happens I should know I've it happened to me so hook up very huge thing um also with a college life food we need some type of foods I think it'd be really cool if they added you know like ramen not like ramen ramen but you know how to describe this like they actually have fun fact they actually have all of the actual food thing but like none of them are like they're all like high class food like you know you need some like cheap college food you know we live off a junk food in college you know it's it's not an easy thing to cook every day like we eat top ramen but does the ramen look like the way they make ramen in the game no it's literally a bowl of soup and noodles that's that's what we do but if we wanna do in the game it's like all types of cool stuff so I don't know I think of people if they had different type of cool like foods into the game I don't know I just hopefully hope that there's multiple in all and all I just hope when there's multiple college or university of colleges to is just fine just make it be more than one at least I hope they add in dorms and roommates I really hope that comes into the game I hope it is like um I hope it's like what's the call Z and I hope it's like like I said when you go take a vacation somewhere I hope it's like that I hope you can't actually like live in the world you know I want that to be like dedicated just for University it makes that world's more exciting than just living there all the time you know you're like hey I'm gonna university you know you don't you don't like live in the university world do you one that was to be just dedicated strictly for university students also I hopefully they add in like interactions again like like I said before I hate of the moment kiss you know keg stands photo booths you know I hope they update the actual like selfie stuff to actually like take photos with like different movements so if like you're taking a photo with like your boyfriend or your girlfriend in the Sims 4 it actually show a picture of you guys like kissing or something stuff like that you know at do interactions I just feel like there's so much stuff that can happen in this game and this with this pack because it's generally based off of I know that old people older people can go to college but if this is generally based off of younger youth and I feel like with the younger with hopefully they go to it that direction soo but also add stuff that can compliment for both generations anyways guys that's just my thoughts hopefully you guys enjoyed this video I hope you guys loved it thank you guys so much for watching and of course I'll talk to you guys on the flip side as always let me know your opinions and your thoughts on University down below and what you guys want to see and I'll see you guys in the next one bye guys memory check the description for everything hi guys stay Moochie I'm out later

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