The Sims 4 just gave us some free content! Happy Lunar New Year

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The Sims team have given us some more new patch content to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Let’s take a look…
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hey everyone its Delia and welcome to a new video this is kind of more of a news update video I did actually have a different video planned today but I know from your comments you often appreciate it when I do cover a bit of sims news and what's the latest cost the full one one basically there's been a free update for all PC players I don't know about console ripped console plays I'm so sorry the PC players there is a free update that is celebrating the Lunar New Year so happy Lunar New Year to guys celebrating Chinese New Year and we've got new creative sim items new build and buy items we have a couple of new recipes as well which is kind of exciting and also like old patches they fix a few issues that might have arisen in the game but we're gonna go through all of that good stuff I will just mention to you guys that I am not very well educated when it comes to Lunar New Year Chinese New Year sir I'm gonna be relying on your comments to kind of give us a little bit more information why some of these items might be in this update because I don't know a whole lot about it so I'm really sorry guys who do celebrate it I wish I I wish I knew more so hopefully I can learn from you alright so first up we have a few creative sim pieces for male adults we have this new jacket it's pretty cool actually it's kind of kind of trendy I reckon bovis Lee it's got like a Chinese dragon on some of the shirts it comes in a few different colorways I love the forest green personally with the red on – they're very nice but we also have a few plain editions too so you can see that so that's what we got for male adults and just so you nervous hair isn't new in this free update this is custom content by acuity cuiturai cute eye so if you guys went down like that head eye this is one my favorite heads at the moment so I figured I would tell you guys and I might try and explain where a few of the other items are from cuz I often get comments about that so these are from get to work these shoes are from get famous for your female Sims we actually have two new dresses and some accessories so this dress is really really cute kind of it is very traditional looking but at the same time some of the difference in varying designs make it for a mental which I really love sorry there's some beautiful colors I love this deep red color but my favorite is probably when we start getting to all of the floral patterns like this I think is so beautiful I love this design on that I just I love this I love it I love it I love it who has done the Callaway's and some of the illustrations for this very free addition to our games it's it's really nicely done so I was like oh this is probably my favorite Calaway the kind of soft pink and movin Purple's super cute and then if we go in we got these new fan earrings which when I saw these I was probably most excited about these honest right now in Melbourne Australia or in Australia probably for the last six months actually there's been a bit of a trend of fan earrings like I just see them everywhere I mean I like to call it basic bish fashion not because I think of myself as a fashionista but basically something that's trending like in all the stores and everyone just suddenly starts wearing them so fan earrings have been very big here for a little while more sure with tassels there but still this kind of a thing so I was excited to see this I think they look really really pretty different colors lots of color ways including gold rose gold and silver so that's quite a nice surprise I am going to put some lipstick on you just because I feel like it this hairdo is custom content by one's a cotton one to colada okay I just thought it's cool and these shoes are from City living just in case you were wondering in terms of the other free dress we're getting this is the other option this one's a little less traditional looking it's probably a little bit more versatile and it's so pretty it reminds me of like an ice skating outfit because it's got that sheer top to it with the embroidery that kind of crosses into the more solid looking fabric and I just think it's very very pretty love it in the black and Red's there's also this jade necklace that is jade stone for all of the Callaway however there's like the black option for the chain that's the rose gold gold and silver this hair is from cats and dogs and these shoes are from backyards backyard stuff I think I love the issues that one my favorite and then little Shelia is dawning on you children's dress this dress is obviously very similar to the first adult dress is it almost exactly the same no it's quite different but it comes in some really lovely colorways as well it's got some little birds on obviously I think I like the blue the best but you've got nice simple red white I'm sorry I have some indigestion some embroidered flowers on it with a nice kind of lined texture I love textures in the game who this dusty rose pink is really pretty too I'd like to see more blush colors in the game so nice do you think the colorways though they've done such a nice job these shoes are just base game this hair is also custom content by ss-sir maybe if you search SS custom content custom content it might come up I didn't hear I'm sorry I can't keep up with all the custom content and who it's by I just yeah if anyone has any suggestions how to keep up with it let me know o ulcer ulcer I almost forgot to show you guys there is a necklace for kids so there's this unit yang necklace and it comes in varying colors as well Purple's greens all of that good stuff and then for this little guy he's got a cool bomber jacket on it's like a silk bomber jacket I think it looks sick I actually think this is pretty cool I kind of want to wear this myself and it comes in gold red green again I mean we're seeing a repeat of this same color scheme which makes turtle sense when they release multiple things at once to kind of unify them he taught that outfit and this little dress is so cute I think this is adorable and it kind of Gerdes with the adults and the children's dress as well so similar colorways but look it has little like rubber duckies on it it is so cute and yeah of course the blue one as well and you might notice that this hair I believe is free in the update as well so this has very cute I mean to me it looks more traditional Chinese this hair for a toddler however you know once you put it on different Sims or in different colors it's really versatile as well and it's for birth boys and girls I think it's absolutely gorgeous it would be Sur cute with a headband as well so yeah that is create a sim let's jump into building by and have a look at those items because I feel like I conquer and to live myrtle build murid without them it's really weird I actually struggle to film if I don't have a headphones on so yeah you can see some of the kids and their outfits in the flesh oh my gosh you are so gorgeous I want to take you out of the game into my real life this house is by the sim supply this is I think his split living room I just downloaded it with Murray furnishing to show off the new furniture options so we have quite a few things actually for a free update we have this rounded dining table which is actually really handy in this colorway because you can get the other color Wade's with a symbol in the middle so this is this is really really lovely but then we also have some some plain ones a couple of them so we have this one actually really love this and also the lighter color so I know a few other creators and on the sims livestream showing off these freebies they went for the more traditional looks of the table but I just want to show you guys that it can be versatile too and these are obviously some matching chairs oh that's quite cool love the gold gold accents on that and you know what you can even change it up you can go for a few mismatched chairs love that this rug is just sized up from base game RV here this is what is this the fiery moon gift center piece and this is really handy because the descriptions that actually educate you a little bit a new year brings a promise of new beginnings and wishes of good luck and fortune such hope is contained in these boxes with citrus and simoleons inside red envelopes scenery you can learn little bit and obviously it comes in a few different colorways I'm gonna change this up a little bit so we can see a few other options this table is pretty sick we also have these decals I don't know what this is was this main symbols of the watery moon the moon is known to be a trick star always changing its physics but sometimes it has its moments take a short break from new lunar year celebration the pig looked at one of the Grand Hall windows and spied the moon sinking towards the tree-lined horizon usually the moon spirit beams one of its visitors down to her but that night it gave way to her face that night she said up to see her own likeness and you everything is going to be York we also have some lanterns here a few more decals it looks like this is a new decal kinda cool and a few symbols and whatnot this is so cool I love these these are like my everything at the moment I just think that's er cute I've seen a few people doing builds with them actually saw someone and create a pet making a dog or a cat look like the pig because it is the year of the pig and they're just so funky they just I love them so let's have a look at in into this statue well this is quite a big description every new lunar year the countryside animals celebrate in a grand hall decorated with symbolic sea spices and paper lanterns this year the new year arrived without the honored animal the pig arrived near the party's end and sat at a table in quiet embarrassment noticed by the goat with all red envelopes gifted and food eaten the goat plucked a kumquat from a potted citrus tree and offered half to the pig she accepted with relief and explained she could not find anyone to care for her piglets until friendly curse returned to a farm with the Gertz understanding and helped with introductions the pigs embarrassment melted away to happiness during the remaining festivities that's pretty awesome sir also the kid is playing with this enormous like panda thing and basically this is a new toy I sized it up so we could look at it a little bit more easily but it's actually this little sides on the floor so she looks like she's kind of about to knock yourself out but yeah that's some cute like kids toys there's a couple of more items over here this is the prosperous room okay actually I'm not gonna read all of this out but you guys can learn more about it from reading through that and also we have these envelopes which I know are a big deal and you're meant to put money I think inside of them children running off to open these envelopes filled with happiness luxe and wealth luck and wealth is a humorous and joyful sight but as an adult take a moment to appreciate the give as well wishes for you and your fortune oh sorry and your future year only then enjoy the gift especially if the contents inside of a six spirit bag with wind fire and all that kind of thing oh I wish I my family did more traditions like this it sounds so cool and they come in a few different designs so there is a lucky citrus tree of the moon this plant is granted for the new you lunar year a wonderer of a new lunar year this tree has been known to sprout different citrus fruit including oranges kumquats and tangerines on special occasions red envelopes may appear as if expressing a wish of safety and good energy to the household so this is really really lovely I thought this tradition was quite interesting as well but it's a really nice tree and it does come with obviously the envelopes on it but it's also available in plain swatches as well so when your Sims aren't celebrating the new year you can also have the more plainer versions which is pretty cool now I'm just going to grab a kitchen here I'm just gonna buy a room because there's also a couple of new dishes for us to try out if we go to cook something we can actually now cook some dumplings and you only need level one cooking skill to do that so we can get our sim here a fin to cook those off and then the other thing we have is mud which requires level seven cooking stove skill let's just see if we can see it and there we can't so yeah if your Sims a little bit more skilled at the old cooking you can cook more than dumplings but it's nice to have a couple of new recipes and I think both of them a vegetarian safe surface seems very terian they'll happily eat it I didn't know you cooked dumplings in the oven I thought they were in a fry pan I mean I guess you can cook them in all different ways because you can steam them oh they look so cute when they come out oh I'm look at that we got some neat dumplings oh man I really feel like dumplings now that is the new update I hope that is helpful for you guys I just want to check if it's available on console as well I did just check if this is available on console the update and I don't know if I'm special or what but I can't find out if it is so I will try and list it in the description down below if I do find out otherwise in the future I will try harder and keep my eyes peeled for whether or not these updates off of birth PC and console or one or the other and wishing you guys a happy new learning a year a lunar new year new Lumia Andrew how to say it but I wish you a happy one and a good one and thank you guys so much for all of your comments your love and everything you do you guys mean the world to me sir happy Lunar New Year to you I hope you guys are having a lovely morning off to you on evening wherever you're out of the world and I can't speak too soon

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