The Sims 4 Breed Out The WEIRD Challenge

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Today we try the Breed out the weird challenge in the Sims 4! This challenge was so much fun so comment below if you want another one. How do you think I did?

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ooh those are some bad genes where's all the single men ATS done hey Don stretch with Don oh yeah that'll get them let's show them how flexible I let's get weird everybody it's about to get weird today we are going to try to breed out the weird we're gonna choose a weird sim from the gallery live and then I'm gonna have to find that SIM a mate so it's like you get the weird sim and then you gotta have a baby so that's two generations and then that baby has a baby and that's when you see if you could bring out the weird it's kind of messed up but I mean that is the way of life I guess weird I like a weird is number one and then weird ass is never to weird ass annoying gasp I don't even know what that is oh lordy oh my goodness so I mean this one is pretty weird oh look she has a little monocle and everything oh my girl girl that is that seems like it'd be really really hard to breed out because you got like those those tiny waist with the but the boob it's like the body and the face we have this this girl – ooh those are some bad genes so we're gonna choose this one created by Olivia and Ben woo okay so we got Eileen black bun Eileen Blackman everybody at least she has good sense in style except for the shoes and let's take a look at her face all right Eileen so she has the monocle I mean her eyes are they could be a pretty shape if they were like closer together her nose worries me a bit along with her mouth and her chin and I mean the obvious she's bald and she doesn't have any eyebrows I barely noticed that okay girl are you ready Eileen don't worry Eileen your grandchildren's children will be beautiful Eileen you have a beautiful home here to raise your family Oh where's she going where's she going oh she's on the computer because she's a nerd okay but girl Eileen we have got to get you a man ASAP where do you go to meet somebody Jim the library a lounge let's go to the park go put our moves on put our moves on an unsuspecting man because I didn't make babies with him everybody watch out Eileen is on the prowl she crazy oh wait there's a guy over there with muscles forget you guys I need dude with muscles come back come back hey wait we unsuspecting man Brad wait stop running from me okay okay look at that puppy dog eyes big muscles he has really nice hair Brad oh here she comes here she comes he's gonna sit do you want to you want to sit on a park bench and talk to me sit and chat yes oh my gosh are you single wait come back are you single I need to know where's she going where am I going Eileen Eileen I'll go play with the pigeons girl she legit left to go scare the pigeons Kelly asked every single are you single because if not you are wasting my time boy Brant is married to Brent well see you later just eat my shrimp so sad forever alone I'm gonna have shrimp breath do you guys think he kind of looks like Ryan Gosling right Ryan Gosling vibes are you single don't waste my time he's married okay of course you're married where's all the single men ads thank you next again not even thank you next it's like dance next we're gonna pick up on all the hotties I okay look at that ring on his finger mm-hmm bye Felicia oh wait is this a day huh look at him whoo he looks like a movie star is he married oh okay okay okay so friendly introduction here what is his name dawn Donny boy you want to have a baby hey Don are you single he's single he's single let's do it let's put in them claws and go girl just go he's non-committal it's okay as long as he gives me a baby I don't need it I don't Iike me man he's gonna commit to night dough done eight on stretch with dawn oh yeah that'll get him let's show them how flexible I I gotta put some like good beats all would be good jazz whoo oh no what are you doing don't ruin it don't don't she invites him over and starts yelling at him I can't okay apologize just going downhill this is cut out real fast wait wait wasn't the music son I don't want to argue I do not want to argue Don I just I just want to play video games Oh Lord okay can the video games save us can the video games save this relationship oh but look at his dreamy eyes dawn I'm so sorry oh she's getting happy okay we're getting happy oh oh hey hope he likes it okay okay okay let me give him a rose because he's a romantic Wow that a flip has switched let's go up to the bedroom or right now and make a baby I don't even have to do anything they're going at it guys oh my gosh they are going at it I know you hated me yesterday but let's try for a baby video game saved our relationship it really did oh look at this look at those ABS dawn be my baby daddy baby's on the way oh it's a boy we had a baby boy the baby is born yes we no longer have blue skin oh so lien age up toddlers okay oh wait I could see hair get a good look at him with daddies but in the shop he has a giant head okay he's gonna a job oh whoa oh my gosh look how cute he is oh my gosh cutie oh okay all right he's age Oh Oh turn around turn around Darlene Oh his face totally changed wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute okay look at this pants oh my gosh okay well shoot uh crap at least he has eyebrows right I think he has I think he has some of his mom's treats um I don't think we've quite bred out the weird yes okay okay all right here we go I mean not much has changed he's not that bad okay look he kind of has little dimples his profile is a little weird he has his dad's eyes but still I think I think some of his mom's traits I love the pink hair so okay it's okay though this was this was our first child so let's get him out there who's this girl hey wait a minute I like her features she has nice features she has nice skin and she has green eyebrows oh my gosh I love her facial features she has nice cheekbones okay we're gonna go for her Azumi her name is sue me where am I going get back over here and she's a kleptomaniac he's ooh me is a kleptomaniac you know it's okay are you single we need to know she got crazy eyes though buddies oh she's a geek she is single yes okay all right will you accept this rose yes she did all right it looks like they're flirting exchanged numbers I think we got this guy's she's coming over okay wait up wait up dad you're gonna have to go upstairs because we're gonna play video games together sexy pose I'm answering the door with a sexy pose Oh sexy pose outside she oh she likes it she likes it okay okay okay compliment appearance oh my god mom go back upstairs put some clothes on mom oh my lord all right this is it sexy pose and video games works every time right let's see if she's preggers oh I'm so excited I can't wait to see how the baby looks it's a boy we had another boy okay I know I wanted a girl but we got a boy you can't really tell when the baby's this this this little kind of looks like it has a big head Tommy aid shop oh he kind of looks cute I could see his hair okay so let's pick the tree we're gonna have them be silly dougie so he has green eyes green eyes just like Daddy and oh my gosh he's so cute he looks really cute but you can't tell you never know you never know I'm gonna treat the same spot where he aged up Oh I mean he looks cute to me let's get it let's get a better look at him come over here he looks cute he looks like it could be cute Oh blow out the candles hey looks like Jon Snow here we go okay here you oh whoa he looks like his mom whoa he looks like he could be a vampire hold on though his lips kind of look weird I don't know he still has he still has the profile of his dad I don't know what do you guys think he looks like a vampire look so big it looks weird I don't know okay wait we still gotta age him up we still gotta age him love one more time the moment we've all been waiting for everybody there is there he is ah not bad not bad I think his lips look weird um let's uh let's see how he looks for this profiles let me just go ahead and pause this I don't know he still has the same profile as his dad oh no I don't think I'm very successful on this one Botox gone wrong it does look like his face looks a little weird okay well let's get the whole family in here well there we have it three generations started off with good old Eileen from this to this it's not that bad but I don't know like he's kind of cute his lips are weird the profile if we look at their profile I mean he has a little bit more of a curve than his dad it doesn't the nose doesn't stick out just as much and the chin is a little more into fine his skin is really nice he got that nice caramel skin I think if I were to grade myself on this I think I would have to give myself like a B – or a see what do you guys think if you had to grade me on this what grade would I get leave a comment below if you're watching this but if you guys want me to do this again let me know comment down below leave a like on the video and let me know if you want me to try this again I would I would totally be down to try it again it's really fun to stream and if you guys missed the live stream I'll put some info in the description so you could catch our live streams on Twitch because there's so much fun and I love hanging out with everybody and it's just really really awesome yeah thank you so much for watching

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