The PS Vita is one of THE best handheld emulators you can buy in 2018

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Hi guys! Today we take a look at some hardware to play emulators on. The PS vita is by far the best option for 2018 for the money. The henkaku hack has breathed new life into this system and is becoming super popular again. Grab one for yourself with firmware 3.60 or less and you will have hit the jackpot. Let me know if you want a tutorial showing how to hack it and I will gladly do so. Follow my rom hack play through if you’re new to the channel and I hope to see you again!
hi everyone chemists here and today I'm actually gonna be going over a piece of hardware and it's the PS Vita I have the black slim model you can tell the difference between the PS Vita slim and the og PS Vita one easy way over the looks of course but the other way is the charging port that says I'm microUSB as opposed to a proprietary charger that the original one had but this is as of right now the PS Vita is the best option for a handheld emulation the reason is you it's very very comfortable hole which is not something you can easily say about other options you have both the option for a very nice two joystick and a d-pad the buttons are nice and tactile and I do not feel cheaply made and you also have some shoulder buttons as well third for use in Gameboy fans phones now I've had a PSP go if you guys haven't ever seen a PSP code you could Google image it you could you know it's definitely way more portable a lot more slim you can actually fit it in a pocket you know of like pants and stuff the problem with it is the screen is nowhere near as high resolution as the PSP is slim or the original PSP Doe now the original PSP has been OLED screen so it is really the the absolute nonsense green resolution but it is heavier ups for you to slim not only as a slimmer that it uses plastic and a lot of places at the PS Vita original used aluminum so it weighs a little more I'm saying that you get a trade often and also you can use a micro USB to charge the PSP to swim which you cannot do with the original PSP go which is why I went with a slim now if you want to use this for hacking first off you've actually got a packet so the hack is called in kaku and if you guys want I'll make a tutorial on how to do that for you guys if you're interested enough but there's already tutorials out there and it is is one of the easiest hacks you can do wanna system what it does is it gives you access to molecular show now the PS Vita does have an SD card slot but the problem is the PS Vita uses a proprietary SD card it felt like a SanDisk one so you can't simply put this into a computer and get access to the SD card route and just throw roms and the noise on there and just plug it back in and everything that's work you know what you have to do is you have to install this molecular shell which is a workaround what it does is a molecular shell is an FTP for those of you who don't know what that is an FTP is a file transfer program that's all it stands for and what it does is it creates a local broadcasted Wi-Fi network from the device itself so you'll launch molecular shell and you'll activate it by pressing the select button over here and you'll start broadcasting a small local network from the PS video you can then use your phone or your computer to connect to that Network because it gives you the IP address you can connect directly to it with a program called FileZilla and then that will show the route of your computer and the route of your PS Vita side-by-side and you can transfer emulators and roms to your PS Vita over that wireless network you turn it off when you've done that you install the emulators through my like our shell and then you open the emulator to open the wrong now I have the MGB a emulator on here for a gameboy advance you can get access to retro or on this as well you can get homebrew retroarch all sorts of other stuff but em GBA is the best for Gameboy Advance emulation because the picture is much more crisp as compared to homebrewer retroarch also the sound in retroarch is nowhere near as high-quality as the sound an MGB a so once you've done that you can just simply launch em GBA right and then you can see here I have pokemon crystal running but that just isn't any normal pokemon crystal it's my pokemon crystal 2.0 wrong that I made so this will work with traditional GPC roms GBA roms gameboy color urgent Gameboy just regular Gameboy but it'll also work with ROM hacks so let's say you want to play pokemon liquid-crystal you can do that you can launch it and the reason this is so great is because you can press the triangle button and you have full emulator control okay I mean you can you can load a stage so we can load my safe state 1 you know and and I'm in sprout tower pokemon crystal 2.0 you can see that this is my rom hack because I already have a larva thar I've got a star mean that's traded so it'll level up quicker I've got a shiny starter because I you know greatly increase the odds of running into a shiny pokemon and then what the benefit is since you get full access to that emulator control system you you can remap all your controls you can control the framerate and everything like that so I I'm map to the left bumper to just speed up so you can see that this is speeding up you know so if we can just gotta hold that down I'll do this battle super super quick bring up my shiny cyndaquil and then we'll bust ember it and there we go he painted there's their backer a little upset okay and this is you know I have the option to use a joystick or a d-pad so you just you you get a lot of value in this system there are other options as well there's the KGB 101 system I actually bought that off master all the the problem with that is I I could never get any of my wrongs to save there's safe saves the the saves would always corrupt and so I couldn't trust it and there's no point in using something you can't trust if you can't save a Pokemon game like pokemon crystal I mean that easily has like 60 hours of a playthrough time stuff to do so you got to be able to trust it this one you can have up to ten save States the actual in game saves also work as well so I mean you there's no there's no guesswork about the system so if you want to pick up one of these for yourself you can usually sign find a whole bunch of PS Vita's for sale on Facebook marketplace eBay or Craigslist you know the important thing is that you have the person selling go into system and system info and take a picture for you and it needs to be system software version 3.60 or under if it is above firmware version 3.60 you cannot install emulators on it there's absolutely zero ways to downgrade firmware on a PS Vita you apps it is impossible you cannot do it Sony blocked it so if you want to use a PS Vita for emulation purposes it has to be firmware 3.60 or below if it's below there is a way to connect to a specific DNS server and selectively upgrade to firmware 300 very simple I did a last week for a friend of mine it's extremely doable if you guys want me to I'll make guides on how to to do this it's just there's so many out there that yeah I don't think any of you will have any problem doing this so this in my opinion this is the best way there's I mean if you if you launch em GBA again right you can see how extremely crisp this image is it is extremely nice-looking it looks much much nicer than the screen on the PSP go and if you go on ebay each what I'm going to try to buy a PSP go you're already gonna be spending somewhere around $100 so I don't understand why you wouldn't put that money towards a PS Vita because if you can find someone on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist selling one of these at that low we're odds are they don't know why you want that firmware so badly and they're just selling it thinking it's a regular PS Vita so you can usually get I got this one for $80 the seller just was just trying to get rid of it and and and they had no idea what emulation was I didn't care about it and so that's a steal I've been wanting something like this for quite a while other options for you to do are you can if you are a traditional hardware stickler you can buy a Game Boy Advance SP and it's important if you want traditional hardware to buy the AG s 101 model because when you do that you get a fully backlit screen that is extremely high res is definitely like a sharper image but that would get you a 10 foot screen on traditional hardware and then you could purchase something like the everdrive so if you guys want in a separate video I can cover the everdrive for you but this has an SD card slot you know allows you to load wrongs for a Game Boy and Game Boy Color onto this and just slide it into the cartridge slot of traditional hardware unless you play roms on there like I've been able to play my wrong hat on traditional hardware which is extremely awesome but the problem with that is you don't get the ability to to speed up emulation so the only times I ever use emulation speed up features is when I'm grinding that I was trying to level up my Pokemon for like a gym or a specific Ally for battle or when I'm hunting shinies I really like to listen to the music and enjoy at the regulars you know innovations feed the game and there was a way I sped up most normal gameplay in my rom hack if you guys been following my videos you know I added an instant text speed in pokemon crystal and I also added running shoes so that way you can speed up parts of the game that aren't as important without affecting the music because I realized to listen to the music gameplay so I only like to use the speed up feature just when I'm grinding levels or hunting for ishani so that's the benefit of using this you get access to a joystick that's extremely high quality or a d-pad which model lot have and the screen is extremely high resolution the screen is also touchscreen but I don't use the touchscreen very often so I think this is way better than an Android phone because Android phones don't have physical buttons these are very tactical and there's just not quite anything like holding a system that feels like a gameboy I mean this honestly this this is contain boy that Nintendo should have made Nintendo should have made a emulate a handheld emulator I mean I so many people would buy it and it's better than using Virtual Console on a Nintendo DS because first off the screen resolution and size are bigger and then on top of that you get full access to the emulator so if you're a person who just really hates how slow Pokemon games are in general and you can you can fast-forward the whole thing the whole time you just don't get emulation speed on on traditional game boys and then especially if you want to play long hacks like Pokemon liquid crystal which is a phenomenal phenomenal long hack you just don't get that option on the videos um so I just think this is a way better option for imp inhaled emulation and on top of that the PSP that stopped being manufactured Sony so if you want to get the third-party controller of handles grips and stuff like that with a PS Vita Amazon still carries them and they're ridiculously cheap like this disc Pacific one is an external battery you can charge this controller and it has the same size batteries the PS Vita so you literally double your battery size and then now you have a controller like Griffin is extremely comfortable to hold and so I mean you can pick these up for like $15 Amazon because there's just not many people buying PS Vita's I personally think if you are a fan of Pokemon or wrong tax in general like Pokemon liquid crystal my wrong hack on there's Pokemon polish crystal made by Ramji which is probably one of the most immersive wrong hacks ever made or like pokemon red plus plus this is a no-brainer that this is absolutely the way to go you can buy other in handheld emulators like the Jeep PD and stuff like that and they're more powerful and everything but like they're really expensive and you you just don't need that much power to run Gameboy emulators you just really don't I even have a Nintendo switch firmware one auto when I pop my switch refused to update it because this PS Vita has taught me if you've ever bought anything that you think could run emulators sometime in the future that you won't hacked you should never upgrade the software because the earliest software's are always the ones that have exploits so even if and when that switch is hackable and I'm able to get emulators on it as well the PS Vita is is better it's a better size it's more comfortable to hold the screen is still huge to where you're never gonna be squinting the resolution is phenomenal the switch is nowhere near as comfortable to hold and the battery life on this PS Vita is better for me then mice which is the screens is so much bigger and when you are a lot like playing a crystal game you know you can you can make it fit the whole screen but then it's stretched and weird and I always play the large version of the square to maintain resolution but the thing is the the switches screen like so much of it would stay black but still live because it's not an OLED panel so you'd be wasting a lot of battery I this is definitely the way go in my opinion you can get these pretty cheap the only time you can't really get these cheap is this PS Vita slim also comes in a glacier white a red and a aqua blue now the aqua blue looks dope it looks very very good but if you want an aqua blue PSVita on the correct firmware and what a real place you can get it is eBay and those people know why you want that firmware and so you you pay to get access to that one above easily over $300 and that's even if you can find one so I tried to buy a aqua blue new PS Vita slim from Amazon it was listed as new but the problem is if it was new it'll never have been connected to the Internet so it should be well below firmware 3.60 when I got it in the mail I opened it didn't connect it to the Internet turned it on it was on firmware 3.65 so these people were were it was false advertising if it was if it was truly new and never touched no one would have ever connected it to Internet and the PSP would never had the opportunity to update its firmware so these people bought it from Japan or something like that thinking it was new and it wasn't and the box also had no plastic ceiling or anything like that it could have very very easily just been open and like juice and just cleaned very well so luckily Amazon has extremely good return policies but yeah I thought I'd cover some hardware for you guys this is by far the best way to play emulators handheld it's just the screen is just after this world and the battery life is great and the price to enjoyment ratio is just so high like I recommend this easily ten to ten to anyone in Miami as this is the perfect way to go so I hope you guys really enjoyed this video I just thought I'd take a break from making walkthroughs and show you some hardware but I definitely think picking up a PS Vita and the proper firmware in 2018 is one of the best choices you can make for for Game Boy and Nintendo handheld emulation so I'll see you guys in the next one

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