The Most INSANE Air Dribble You Will Ever See in Rocket League – Best of RL Streams #55

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oh shit ah what because you never know how many more shots gainers gonna get with LED here all over to 292 Рthanks to the 12-month frame welcome back buddy do I ever sleep I do sleep sometimes I sleep most nights actually but tonight Oh too late I mean it's only 23 past midnight right now so probably at least a hour sleep tonight hopefully I honestly never seen this where some of these air dribbling the ball and literally pushing it into the ceiling this is this is a first for me I've never seen that until today looks like you might be actually you're dribbling this on the ground here are you kidding me oh my goodness LED I think at some point here his car was on the ground but he didn't care he just kept on fighting it and he eventually got back up for it it's up again who tried his best to save it and almost got it oh my god oh my god epic epic gamer moment no way boys here we go sure can eternal life Atlanta Stig yeah stop fucking a gang in my games SP meter I've been in this case I'm done man why is this guy doing but doesn't bling my team again don't say that bullshit oh my god wait go for the bowl okay what the fucking what what happens Oh State Farm rocket science tips alright even I know how to do a ceiling shot it we don't do a beer [Laughter] make joyful mmm sure sure I'm on addy holy shit it's like I'm gonna have here something I don't know what the fuck I'm doing oh my god like what am i doing this game oh fuck someone clip it how that fucking hurt so much well hey look oh he got boys look what we got I might have a fucking be dodging that one quite late on the save it bounces off of the post but he still manages to clear that ball away ok gets his flip back oh my goodness so many things here he goes backwards uses his second touch to catch the ball then give up the flip reset up into over ch̩rif yeah don't see that very often that's a rocky daily shot if I've ever seen one beck toast what a special play from him certainly raka Daly's worthy Sharif looking to get a kick off goal here but no he will not want a goal from neck toes indeed oh my goodness I'm Nadia oh good here so pinch the ball with the bus [Laughter] you're fuckin garbage no wonder you retired shot coming in fuck you I thought it'd last longer and then they changed the time honestly are you big eggs it takes it takes it good whose fate who is this that guy's oral our season three we with the fuck is this guy oh yeah buzzing enunciated thanks for the nice is poor boys oh I really appreciated why why am I doing this why am i doing this to myself why am I not fucking playing Minecraft or some shit and I think I got one yeah and I think I got

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