The LONGBOW is OP – Apex Legends Top 10 BEST Plays of the Week #17

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These are the Best Apex Legends Top 10 Plays of the week including Bloodhound getting a beatdown like no other, vote for your favourite Apex Legends Battle Royale highlights or moments from this montage & give them the chance to move a step closer to becoming the Play of the Year.

Send in your best clips by linking them in the comments or on my Social Media.

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hey what is up everybody my name is Tommy Tito Brian and these are the apex legends plays of the week all the clips you're about to see have been sent in by you the community and now they're looking to get your votes and move a step closer to being crowned the Player of the Year for apex legends here on the channel so once you've seen all the clips write a letter of your favorites down below in the comments just like last episode where it was play G from lumpy Cheese it and spin on in to win little the most votes and does now move on if you want to get involved in a future episode just leave a link to your clip in the comments or send it to me on my social media but we're straight in to play a from the Dave o tea TV and you thought I ran we then got play B this one comes from IO baby rave oh I and it's a mastiff mauling here is your play see from Alves mm7 and I tried to tell him he stood at the window shaking his head telling them not to try and take them down but they came and alas it failed them but Alva's with an incredible clutch XM is play D it's been get a 5 and this is my time Club here we go with playi from pain Sherman and they're everywhere [Applause] we've now got play F this one comes from techno neo demon and it's double dip dunking Yoplait gee it's Mike University and their long and their lethal the longbow is definitely a fan favorite since the buff now your play age it's hella gay boy 69 and it's the Gandalf lunch fully deserving of that champion status two clips remain this is play-i it's canis biggis and I'm the captain of this ship some incredible work there from canvas that was your play I and here is your final choice it's play Jay it's black Daffy 55 and they're hunting for blood some strong work there from black Daffy to finish things off so now it's over do you vote for your favorite write the letter of the one you're to vote for it down below in the comment section if you wanna get involved leave a link to your best clip down in the comments or you can send it to me on my social media which you can see on screen now give me a follow over there I tried to as many giveaways as I can on those channels as well so I trying to goes back to you the community as much they possibly can because without you I wouldn't be here doing this every single day subscribe to the top tens and loads of other exclusive content just click the logo in the middle of the screen and turn on all notifications and ring the bell my name is Tommy t29 believe in your dreams become legend not speak to again in the next one

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