The COLLAPSE Of Apex Legends- EA Forced It & Viewership DOWN 90%

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Apex Legends took the world buy storm with 50 million downloads but learned quickly that growth needs to be organic and not fake/bought.

what's going everyone Jeremy are from the quartering finishing up on video three for today if you miss anything upload a video on the BuzzFeed hit piece on sargon of akkad earlier today as well as a a stoic defense of the Star Wars cringe guy if you miss anything make sure you check those out and I want to talk about an article that came out Friday and also some analytics behind the quiet collapse of Apex legends now I know a lot of apex players may be initially angry by seeing this or thinking that I'm against apex legends I'm not I think the game is great for what it is I've done a record saying that I'm not really a battle royale guy but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good game and when apex legends dropped to the surprise of everybody and being available immediately I think Respawn Entertainment did something that really nobody imagined and bought them so much time and credit with EA that they basically gonna do what they want now I'm guessing but some articles started to drop friday around um twitch user ship and overall interest in the FX legends and i want to go through things because i think there are a couple of reasons why we've seen a collapse and interest and that's because the interest itself was not organic so if we look at this is twitch metrics this is a nice way to see kind of what people are watching now it doesn't necessarily always relate in terms of you know there are games that a lot of people are playing that people don't watch on streams so not you know just because a game isn't popular on twitch doesn't mean it isn't popular in general although it is a decent you know a decent metric at least a litmus test of sorts and so we saw apex legends launching february 4th to 328 thousand average viewers and then it would peak on Tuesday the 12th at what three hundred and fifty seven thousand if we look at where it was let's say yesterday 28000 it is one it's down 90 percent from its peak 90 percent from its peak now if you look at fortnight it's been pretty consistent it's absolutely had its ups and downs but it's you know they must have had a big event this past weekend where you had two hundred thousand you don't see any three hundred thousand peaks on Twitch but it's been pretty much consistent with your average viewers at one hundred and thirty two thousand and average viewers at Apex legends being fifty five thousand it is the number of top five it's a top five show on Twitch however you can definitely see given that this we're looking at this month I'm guessing that includes the last 30 days it's done nothing but go down so I would expect apex legends to probably drop to maybe only in the top 10 and that is to say let's weather things here let's be realistic you're talking about a game that is free to play and still beloved by many many people and I think the primary reason you don't see this consistency going back to the first week of the year is because the initial interest in apex legends was not organic it was that apex legends while a decent game fortnight games like pub G they didn't come out of the gate at 350,000 concurrent viewers if that makes sense you know what I'm saying like they've gradually grew the games got better and better and better and eventually became popular for tonight it's it's not fair I don't think it's fair to say well if it doesn't beat for tonight it was a failure certainly EA is making a plenty of money and we looked at terminology are some financial information around apex legends paid 1 million dollars to ninja to stream the game and that was right around this launch week I think it was just for a day or two maybe just a day but what happens is when you don't have organic interest it wanes and I also think that apex legends itself dropped a lot of interest in kind of screwing that first battle past I also don't believe that it's beyond repair I believe they can absolutely turn this around but this isn't a good sign now if we look at some of the general search interests now this is a term even I was even talking to Joey salads of all people about search interests over time and apex legends and he was correct all the way back I want to give him credit you know see what you want about him but he's been talking about this since back in February and we can look at absolutely we saw early February it launches it Peaks out max the most interest that's ever seen the way this chart works the most interest has ever seen was February 10th and now it is like at 1/10 the interest it was in April that's a big deal that's absolutely a big deal and if we look at fortnight and and apex legends in comparison again apex Hudgins didn't drop until February it peaked and it's been on a steady to climb but if you also look at for night it's been pretty steadily declining as well so the whole space itself may be declining declining but as for night has so much more goodwill with their customer base in such a gigantic customer base they're going to continue to be at this higher level now not that long ago back in February Florida hit new concurrent player high despite apex legends success meaning apex legends did not eat their lunch epic confirmed that the game reached 7.6 million concurrent players on Saturday Saturday February 16th and if we actually look at this we can see Saturday February 16th it wasn't even a peak for streaming so it just shows a lot of people watch fortnight but it doesn't necessarily mean it's not necessarily related directly to how many people are playing it so maybe apex legends just isn't that great to watch while you're streaming you're also talking about guys like shroud dr. disrespected ninja who were paid to stream the game they got burnt out on it and then once they stop streaming the game you saw huge numbers drop again it's because it wasn't an organic growth that doesn't mean it can't organically grow but it looks like the number we're at now with apex legends it's more like where it would have started in twenty eight to thirty five thousand concurrent viewers apex legends this article dropped on Friday has lost its huge momentum the years break up Battle Royale game did not could not keep up with its own success apex legends had the smoothest and most successful launch of any Battle Royale game this is a fact while games like fortnight took months to build up a player based on a twitch presence apex legends shot to number one in its first days however lack of updates a litany of bugs and some fierce competition has destroyed apex legends launch momentum in the first month of its release 50 million players downloaded apex legends in search of a new battle royal experience at launch the game offered a laundry list of accessibility features including quality of life improvements and that made the complex genre more approachable since then apex Legends have stagnated it's almost like all this easy mode accessibility options doesn't really move the needle apex legends was smooth until the game's first patch went live its intended to be a simple bug fix instead introduced a host of new glitches these bugs introduced unintended abilities like player flight and malfunctioning guns all of these issues sorted out over the course of a couple days but it's set all set the wrong precedence while minor bugs are a part of any major video game patch apex legend issues recently crossed a line where respons latest patch for the game update 1.2 count progress as soon as they logged in now I don't think this is causing huge amounts of people to quit the game again you've got almost nothing involved invested in the game it's free to play ever if your player that's spent a lot of money everything gone legend skills legend skin statistics all currency besides apex coins I really hope they can fix it what made the patch worse is it patches themselves aren't meaningful apex Hudgins only had about three total balance patches or adjustments outside of bug fixes and almost all of them have been nerfs two months after release apex has added just one new character and one new weapon fortnight's 8.10 had three major balance balance changes reworked the game's vending machines an important way to get a loot and added a new vehicle along with reworked animations for healing now to expect respawn to put out output at the level of epic is not necessarily fair but it is a reasonable comparison this may seem like respawn is trying to get the hang of updating a battle royale game but the pace slow pace is intentional according to a post that went out along with the game's first balance up they respawn doesn't want to change age Peck's legends often we make less frequent but our tested higher impact balance stages in order to minimize the impacts and your time spent mastering the game a fair idea I think according to its metrics apex legends enjoyed an average of 200,000 concurrent viewers for the first couple of weeks but has since dropped to an average of around 50 K a few select light live streamers like shroud can drag the game back up towards the top spots but for the most part streaming communities moved back to old staples like a legal Liege of light League of Legends and fortnight without the excitement of fresh content players are losing interest in Apex legends of fortnight which remains the undisputed leader in the Battle Royale Jonah is the perfect counter example to Apex legends slow and steady strategy epic updates fortnight every week a new weapon or item comes every other patch along with game modes the point of interest is on on the map in patched 8.3 epic added an entire response system for the game the new fly explosions for the game and Buccaneer bounty event all just a week after adding new weapons it's a breakneck pace but it's designed to always give player something new to do in the game compared with for a knight apex Legends feels glacial and maybe that's I mean I think that's a very good point you know in polygon I got to give credit where credit is due who wrote the Austin I think we're on the same page that isn't to say you constantly have to have new stuff but I think in the Bowery but Battle Royale genre where you're literally doing the same thing over and over and over and over again and the game is paced is based so deeply on loot and weapons you've got to pick up the pace otherwise people are gonna completely move on another sticking point from the game has been its cosmetics the arrival of apex Legends battle past last month seemed like an opportunity for a respawn to show off the exciting rewards that had created but the cosmetics weren't exciting at all no one was pumped about the stat trackers character lines and poses that filled the battle past the battle passes trash the rewards you get contra mecha recommend it to anyone what's worse is getting each reward from the past is a grind that requires more XP than some of the game's highest account levels with no challenges but passes and asks you to go out of your way to try something new instead the release of the bad past just meant playing the same game the same way you've always been playing it while all these issues sound dire for apex Legends the truth is it's actually pretty normal these are growing pains that you didn't hear about in fortnight or pub G because they didn't get millions of players in the first two months for those games the developers found what worked overtime helped to make them the best they could and consistent improvement given enough time perhaps respond we've all to do the same with apex legends Battle Royale fans will be watching them every step of the way now I think it's an interesting point here at the end here we're talking about and I mentioned it earlier in the video yes apex legends was new and it didn't earn it didn't grow organically and I think that's why you saw such a huge drop-off that's still not a good sign for the game if people are dropping into the game trying and getting bored with it people don't want to watch it on Steam or on Twitch they probably need to pick up the pace they need to have some more big events they need to have some big cash events to get people interested in the competitive scene for it they need to have better rewards better loot more characters I think you need to have more characters more weapons they need to crank it up now one side of the argument is that apex Legends is taking a slow and steady approach and that most other games that went through this didn't have these high expectations to deal with and I think that's reasonable but the skeptic in me or the cynic in me says look this game has respawned backed by EA they have tons of money they had time to develop it and there's already recipes for success on the market so you could say hey well Ford I didn't know what would work for them it took him a while or pub G took it took a while yeah but they weren't getting they weren't released at a time when fortnight and pub G already existed so respawn while I think wants to do their own thing they should have every possible scenario already mapped out they should already know what works for fortnight they should already know what works for pub G and the fact that they blew that first battle pass was baffling to me the fact that they were charging money for characters and stuff that some of them some of the cosmetics were ridiculous to me but nothing egregious and I still support this game because I don't believe it's been over monetized I think they've had a few missteps which is reasonable but I do question if they can turn it around I mean 4/9 is still a juggernaut people will eventually get sick of battle royale I think that's already happening all around us I think with new each new Battle Royale game that gets released there's gonna be less and less chance for a success no fortnight I think is gonna be around for a very long time and you know even being second third or fourth in that in that area doesn't mean that you aren't making absolute ship loads of money so I think respawn probably has some time to turn this around but they should really look at delivering with the next battle pass and investing some money in in improving their what their game delivers worry more about organic growth than blowing your load up front by hiring every major streamer to stream for a week because remember where they go is where their viewers go and as they get sick of apex legends and go back to fortnight and go back to pub G or they go back to League of Legends so do their viewers I hope you enjoyed this video I'm looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are on the apex legends and how it can be fixed can it be saved and we'll look forward to talking again real soon

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