The BEST Emulators for Your PC!

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Looking to play some of your favorite classic games on PC? Let’s take a look at some of the best emulators for Windows!

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when it comes to gaming there are a few tools that draw as much controversy as emulation emulators are pieces of software that allow one piece of hardware to run software not originally designed for it while the term has a variety of uses in computing you'll likely be most familiar with emulators in the gaming world where emulators built for Windows Mac and Android allow you to play games from previous generations of consoles whether you're looking to preserve your old games by dumping them into a software emulator or you've picked up a used game that you don't have the correct system to play emulators can be a great tool for gaming let's take a look at some of the best emulators on Windows today by far the emulator on Windows with the most flexibility usability and customization options is retroarch retroarch serves as a front end for emulators essentially allowing for a number of game systems to be played using its slick playstation esque interface on one single menu with support for dozens of consoles arcade emulators and handhelds retroarch makes it easy to keep your settings synced in your game files in one location setting up retroarch requires you to download and update the core emulators you want to use within the software once that's complete you can load your chosen emulator and select the game file from your own personal collection of dumped games retroarch supports a huge variety of software emulation including every Nintendo console from the NES to the Wii in 3ds the Sony Playstation in PSP most of Sega's home consoles every Atari console and a number of arcade emulators any controller that works with Windows will automatically work with retroarch and controlling games is easy using sync system preferences games play well though some newer emulators like Dolphin struggled with in retro art compared to their own independent when it comes to emulation however there's no easier way to get set up than by using retro art which makes it the best emulator on Windows by a long shot however it's not alone there are plenty of fantastic animators on Windows worth picking up and one of our favorites is pcsx2 a ps2 emulator that allows for your older ps2 games to be transferred and archived on your PC pcsx2 s main fallback is the difficulty in setting up the emulator as you'll need to dump the BIOS file from your own individual ps2 to get the emulator up and running once you've setup pcsx2 however you'll find that the system is perfect for playing and revisiting those ps2 games you loved two years ago with a number of tools that allow you to improve your older games including the ability to implement a native widescreen mode and the option to improve the resolution of your games through software any ps2 exclusive game will undoubtedly look better on a PC speaking of which if you're in a Playstation emulation and you have a powerful enough PC it's definitely worth looking into also using our pcs 3 a ps3 emulator that allows you to play any ps3 game you might have in your collection development on that emulator isn't as far ahead as on older platforms so keep in mind that plenty of games may have compatibility issues dolphin is an emulator that allows you to play both GameCube and Wii games on your PC and though it too is difficult to set up and install on your computer it's an incredibly powerful system that allows you to play classics like Super Mario Galaxy at 1080p high definition resolutions without a remake or port of games like Galaxy or The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword on consoles like the Wii U or the Nintendo switch using dolphin might be the best way to play those games in 2018 dolphin is also included in retro RT but it's standalone version is much more powerful and feature pad by no means are these the only emulators available in 2018 but they are some of the best if you're looking to revisit some of your favorite old classic video games emulation is one of the best ways to do it if you enjoyed this video give it a like and make sure to subscribe to tech junkie for new videos every day

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