The 5 Worst Playstyles in Rocket League

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We’ve all experienced these players in Rocket League, and even more likely, we’ve used these terrible habits. Learn what not today in today’s video!

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picture this you're dribbling the ball down the field you're on a nice little counter-attack and it occurs to you that the defense is kind of at a position you realize now would be the perfect time to pull out a nasty flick this moment is what you practice for now is your time you hold your breath timing is everything out of nowhere for an object that you have and not accounted for comes screaming from behind into your vision absolutely crushing the ball down the field into the waiting bumpers of the defense where they then prepare their counter-attack on you if this has happened to you before then you've already experienced one of the five worst play styles in rocket league that we're about to cover let's get into it let's talk about the play style in that first scenario we talked about this is the easiest one to put in this video because it's the one that people complain about the most now just because it's the most obvious doesn't mean it's that worse though just trust me well we'll cover some worse ones the first one is the way over-aggressive classic ball chaser guy that's only going for solo dribbles like the thought of a pass doesn't even occur to him it's not even really in his like book of plays you know like there's there's only one thing and that's taking on the entire opposing team by himself but you have to feel for this guy because you know he's been through hell I mean these are the eyes of a player that has fallen to a rank that he thinks he does not deserve and must single-handedly climb back up to the rank that the rocket League God had destined for him because one of the biggest motivators of a player like this is they think that their teammates are not good enough for them and that they have to be the ones to win this game because they used to be at a higher rank he's just shouldering the entire weight of the team and attempting to carry unfortunately the higher rank you are in rocket League the less of a viable strategy this is there's a chance this also comes from a player that's transitioning to a higher rank and he's trying to play a little faster unfortunately playing faster just means blindly careening his car after the ball so if we look into this guy's mind we can see why his teammates aren't really part of the mix in there but I mean he's playing fast you have to give him that let's move on to number two number two is actually the exact opposite and I actually find it much worse a ball chaser I know what to expect and I can just hang back but this play style just leaves you to fend for yourself out there I'm course referring to the player that just stays way back out of the play so far back that they basically say okay you attack I'll just sit back in net and actually contribute nothing to the game the worst part about this play style is it's a really ineffective way to defend because guess what happens when your pass attempt Falls to nobody because they are back on defense the defense now has a counter usually a 2v1 and this type of space is an offensive player's dream I'd say 80% of the time this player is gonna get flicked not only that it's almost impossible to maintain offensive pressure when you're leaving your teammate to deal with a 2v1 on offense this comes of course as a reaction to trying not to be a ball chaser maybe or maybe just having a couple bad games where you got scored on a lot and you're like all right I'm just gonna stay back but as we see it does not work number three is the level of aggression is right but just trying to pass way too much now you might be thinking what's wrong with passing like that's great and it is but you can't just pass every time you have the ball there's some times where you just have to take the ball and goal he's always looking for an opportunity even when it's not there he's the one that's just gonna loft the ball over the middle of the field after like fiddling with it for 10 seconds – the defense has plenty of time to read it not gonna lie this is probably the one identify with the most because I love passes so much I look for them when they're not there or the defense will easily read them the signature move of a guy that passes way too much is he goes for a back pass when a defender is like hot on his trail and he gives the ball essentially to to his opponent and then leaves his teammate to sort of fend for himself but hey at least he tried to share the ball number four is the rotation cutter you might say that sounds a lot like the way over-aggressive ball chaser but it's actually a little different because the rotation cutter isn't necessarily trying to get to the ball first he just doesn't understand how to rotate behind the next player now this could be because the player he is cutting in the rotation is not fast enough to get out on the ball and so he feels he needs to cut but the worst type of rotation cutter is the one that cuts the rotation seemingly out of necessity for speed for getting to the ball quicker but then proceeds to not go after the ball in other words cutting it and then stopping leaving two of you sitting in net and eventually usually watching the ball sail over your heads into the goal as you can see this is a very frustrating maneuver and probably one of the worst play styles in rocket League number five is one that's sure to piss off my friend rocket sledge he's sort of the champion of this play style I think he does it well enough that it works for him it's the only going for demos player this guy is just so out for blood he's not even thinking about the ball he's not thinking about his teammates he's thinking about one thing and that's getting enough boost to crush his opponents to smithereens he revels in the salt in the chat after he demos somebody in fact that actually makes his bloodlust stronger if you respond to a demo from this guy you're just giving him fuel like this guy only wants to kill this is the guy that wouldn't have played rocket League like he preferred shooters but then he realized you could still kill people and utilize that part of his game to a like obscene level this guy is pressured him to play with because he's always out of position because all he could think about is destroying the other team so he'll go way up field even when you're defending so he can get enough boost to just find someone to run into and for obvious reasons this is also frustrating to play again but it's pretty easy to counter since you're able to catch this demo crazed fiend out of position and usually you can score on them pretty easily because again they're just not in position to defend they're in position to kill so there's five of the worst play styles in rocket League I'm sure we've all at one point embodied those five play styles so this isn't to point fingers this is just to look at ourselves and recognize these five terrible play styles that I'm sure we've all either ran into or used ourselves let's do each other a favor as rocket League players and just stop you

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