Single Girl Seduces Craig in The Sims 4 | Part 5

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 5! It’s baby making time with Craig, and will she get her first teenager?

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well it's business time you know what I mean I'm so sorry mom and dad hey everybody my name is Kelsey I'm single and we thought that it would be funny if I tried the 100 baby challenge the challenges you have a matriarch and that matriarch is supposed to have a hundred children with a hundred different dads there's a lot of rules so check them out if you're interested in knowing what all the rules are and if you're not interested you know feel free to continue telling me how to play this game I'm ignorant without using mods you can only have eight members of a household and we're not supposed to do any mods that would help aid us in this challenge so that means that I got to get those kids staged up and get out which honestly I never want all of to leave I don't think I'm emotionally prepared to say goodbye to all of you let's dive in and see I don't remember what state I left them in last time here's our sweet baby girl Brielle she's got a quite a stink face on I don't know what her deal is olive staring closed eyes at the twins I don't think they're very conveniently located so maybe we'll move them that's good look at this wait look I can see them up here wow this is spooky babies and The Sims look like aliens apparently both Myles and Rene are upset and Chelsea's still embarrassed because she peed herself at the hospital don't be embarrassed Chelsey we've all been there I mean I haven't but I'm sure other pregnant mothers have done that and the passive girls are like what is wrong with these children oh of course all of us being a perfect baby Angel and trying to distract Rene while I feed Myles Jamie as usual is pissed Jamie just go to sleep huge you're making your sister sad she needs attention you just go to bed sweetie just go to bed go to bed don't cry just go to bed oh why are they still sad twins is a lot no Craig wants to go on a date with me yes Craig save me from this yeah we're going on a date oh my god Chelsea's feeling very uncomfortable but it's okay cuz Craig's here great Oh Mooney crust Branca I'm just gonna watch it unfold really I mean they can have their first kiss they just embraced I did nothing and they're already vibing true love I shape it so much now she's talking about love like hey you want a kiss oh my god names he's in the background waiting to steal your man Craig just said this day keeps getting better what was all these people doing here also why did Craig invite us out on a date at 4:00 a.m. you know I'm not gonna think too far into this mimsy get away don't spook Craig we're gonna Bush wait can we trap her baby to Bush so first I would rather Trevor baby in a bush but let's let's romance him rush okay I really want this to meet Craig because this other dudes jumped into our conversations trying to talk about garbage dude back off all right smooth recovery talk about the cloudy weather okay he's trying to go somewhere so maybe we should use our bladder Chelsey's just happily thinking about Craig in the toilet why is that good get out anything is the party no we've become one when to become I hope there's a door there there is a door oh good lord I thought that she was straight-up peeing with him in the room and a group of people let's just enjoy time with Craig in between this dramatic celebrity could we go to like a more you location together have a deep conversation with Craig in this beautiful 6 a.m. range of bean slaw fish this is raw fish where they're pros if you're hungry Craig why didn't you invite us to dinner we'll earth breakfast why did you bring us to a random haunted location I mean not gonna lie a haunted house would be a very punting spot I think brighten his day and then let's see if we try for a baby in a bush it's not the classiest but you know a Chelsea's not one to like get hung up on that he said yes oh oh they're jogging in the rain too a bush he brought it on Bella I mean I wouldn't say this is like the classic rom-com but I'm feeling it Lucas is there in sync – oh my god they'd be perfect jogging buddies together oh shoot Brielle start school in an hour did Brielle finish her homework homework but Chelsea's busy getting busy did they even have wait did they not do it he really needs to pee though so we're gonna go home bye bye Craig we're running out of a maze away from him oh no Brielle stop just cool as you didn't do her homework did at least our sweet girl Olive do her homework she did typical if she's perfect Brielle not doing her homework but I lose her at school so know how to deal with their needs for like a little bit both twins are very upset as is Jaime oh he's good at communication let's let's work on some imagination he needs to be a Mormon adjective I heard it – it was weird let's to thinking for our young who are you Alexis it's Alexis kids name mom looks like she's pretty good so oh oh she's just gonna eat cake yeah I support it well our babies are sleeping look at ours waving to answer it man ope class Brielle's PE class gets to read laps lots of them to build their stamina and lung capacity she is mostly through the first lab when she notices the gap under the bleachers just the right size for a little rest would coach notice as she sat out few lap yes keep rubbing Bri out the pewter shades are not quitters realloc lances around decides it's too risky but imagining that cool shade helps pick her up her little speed yeah we were science ok real very busy today at school it needs a lot of moms help in lab Brielle science experiment exploded and we think it made a big mess along with frightening another student we think she did it on purpose academic punishment it seems right or no real harm done I don't think our Brielle would do that I think she's just tough no real harm done emotional control agrees is better responsibility decreases she's advised Brielle school how to do this I'm sure it's fine look at the kids they're just like she's ignoring them while they just sit on their iPads we don't have exactly the right amount of birth certificates on the wall mostly because one kid we accidentally sent alone and so we didn't get one so we're always gonna be one shy which is kind of annoying hey we just got paid we just got paid Craig says heard there's someone famous over at the lounge want to go check it out Craig's really into us however I don't want to check it out Craig because I don't want to hang out with someone famous why don't you just come over here and hang out with me and why are my boobs cranked all right we're gonna change your diaper then we're gonna sleep she's gonna keep sleeping cuz their energy is really low oh I heard that just congratulating her on her birthday so cute and then I want you to write bolster your heart her new romance novel I think she should have your romance novelist I think so just really fit Chelsea's personality oh why is G's mad again stop being mad go to bed yeah why is he always mad I don't trust this kid Brielle is a kleptomaniac but I'm really concerned about Jamie she's being flirty it's the perfect time our babies are crying why do I so to ruin everything babies babies they ruin everything no I'm just gonna let him cry for like a little bit they're fine oh that's great sir I'm she's a piece student we can age her up when she hits a three else stole wall at school that's our Brielle just our baby still crying stop it babies I need to surf lunch for our family okay Chelsea's finally getting our hunger stuff up whoop look at JB to grab some food he wakes up mad every time I get it okay your needs aren't perfect however look at our children oh she's so stinky see aren't ia good pair I didn't make all my children eat cake but I am apparently ignoring one of my kids what is wrong with you oh she's asking for a bath that is heartbreaking all right just bathe Alexis stop writing your work your life's work all of us still sleeping she needs to get one skill level for she's closest with prolly creativity how does the kid get creative maybe we need to buy something they can help her be creative Oh No our toilet is broken man who else is sad alexis is sad wires Alexis sad it's too scared I put a nightlight in this eight years ago why are you sad let's see if there's a better night light a night light in that room defender I think this is it why don't you work on your skills Oh olives tense but she's doing her homework anyway Oh doing no one can use the toilet until Chelsea fixes it that's bad that's bad both of the girls are doing their homework Chelsea's gonna fix this and then fix the toilet because she got fix that toilet though what the babies aren't happy still oh my gosh come on babies seal with it babies are killing me at least the toilets fixed one fell asleep they didn't really need anything they were just crying for no reason oh oh she really knows go the other go in the bathroom go live don't be yourself oh no if you pee yourself I'm gonna be very embarrassed for you not that your mom doesn't do it pretty frequently okay it looks like the kids are like happy finally so we'll have her asleep so she doesn't die now as soon as I said that that baby was like nah I will just scream bring out finish your homework I'm so proud of you for yeah for for you Brielle you go Brielle she oh she's done okay so she can be a B student but all it needs to get a skill up to level two and she needs to get her homework done oh it's almost birthday and Renee's that means we have two more kids I don't care I think this is definitely gonna help with her creativity right yeah all right yeah just keep playing with the cat what why did you stop oh the girls are having like a good chat oh they're hugging lonely recess the last week recess no end up wanted to play with me oh poor Brielle maybe because you stole crap from your friend I just climbed around on my own if that happens again what should I do ask other kids if you could join in or talk to a teacher Oh ask is up you can only join in I would her emotional control decrease whatever I'm cool with it honestly her homeworks complete I wonder if we could buy her like a violin wouldn't it be so cute she'd be like a little like a little creative baby why are you angry why is Brielle angry she doesn't want the new sibling that's so funny this is unexpectedly horrible but also really funny so I'm kind of cool with it is she cleaning up Brielle are you also a good girl even though you're very angry all right she's just gonna march her way to bed she's like ready to go six days I'm so tired I haven't gotten any sleep she's like I'm ready to take on this day may be getting my child a violin wasn't my smartest move okay can we right now I honestly take Renee back I don't want running anymore these babies are gonna kill me girls off at school bye oh no you're late for school wake up wake up what is that outfit it's jut God we gotta get a new wardrobe for this girl she looks truly terrible I like this is very hungry up flap okay okay I gotta feed my kids go servic I'm so sorry children I forgot I had other children for like a hot minute an airplane origami all of his mastered the art of the paper airplane my queen and can't wait for to try her original supersonic design that's my girl she's Rhett already finished her work sheet and the substitute is looking maybe now it's a good time throw the plane boy hurry wait for Risa she's a responsible beam oh she's very into this eating thing I don't blame her I'm also very into the eating thing yeah I drink that coffee and my friend drink it wait no no put it away that's the that's not what it's for that's not what it's for she's four cups of coffee she's done this way the kids are back from school she is excellent so all she has to do is homework she's a little tense she's have some fun with her mom mom's having fun in spite of all the babies crying in the background I like this get your butt back over here and I guess they can all interact this is cute alright I'll let it happen she's dating even garbage oh that's a girl she's not the snappiest dresser not quite like Brielle who was like a very cute dresser look at that girl however she's the responsible angel baby that we all know and love he needs to use the restroom can he use it on his own now yeah buddy he can burn in an air oh my gosh it's your very first inaugural solo pee how do you feel Jamie could her a little demon child we love him you can have a demon child and still love them even if they are a demon which I'm pretty sure Jamie's a demon but he's our demon ah so quiet we haven't had a spare moment to think about love because it's just been so stressful no you need to you need to invite someone over to hang out and that's someone gonna be Craig very calm what we didn't take care of our baby our baby's still mad oh my god both of your children are mad now Craig's just sitting there like okay I'll wait I'll wait for you to finish up finish up with your like baby's stuff no Craig wait I'm in love I'm in love with him Craig you're everything to us you complete us okay we have a baby together yeah oh this is special like I know we've had whoohoo with five different men but this one's really special look at it kill boxers all the children are sleeping it's perfect timing she really needed some fun since right this is right she's feeling energized it's like who wouldn't cancel twin our chances of having twins are high I love you all but we got to get you moved out so we can have more twins cuz I really want twins Craig she's eating for two possibly more Craig twins 2019 leggo she's telling him the great news oh I think she should sleep where did Craig go he went on a run that's our Craig bye Craig thanks for stopping by extra credit complete oh did all of just do extra credit and we didn't even ask her to you were my everything in fact I love you so much we're gonna give you a makeover so obviously we absolutely adore her choice of PJs her day outfits are just this is horrendous oh my god isn't she beautiful I haven't like looked at up close to her for a little tacocat all right that's pretty cute yeah her hot weather outfit is weird like the purple maybe not this hat but we could you could rock a hat if you really want one I love it we could have given Chelsey a makeover maybe we'll do that later since that dirty diaper it smells his birthday yeah get it uh-huh hey Jeff hey Jeff these children age them up and guess whose birth it is your smiles pick a number between one and eight its first independent miles is an independent oh look at that it screams independent to me good job hurry pick a number between one and eight it's fun all right and they're silly oh I kind of love the twist oh look at little Renee Oh oh goodness Jamie's mad as usual our little demon our little demon our little demon not smart enough I've been trying to do homework for school but the last assignments have felt really hard maybe you're not smart enough to it what do you think spend more time practice makes perfect focus on different topics or get tutoring from a classmate I think spend more time practice makes perfect I think you're gonna do it yeah she's got a little bit of a negative emotional control but she's very responsible which honestly Brielle's done with her homework and got all our skills up he's eating right now so he's better oh she's really sad I don't want to give him cake but that's what we got my friend so we're gonna have her get leftovers why is he angry don't make a mess don't you make a mess no no no bad bad boy that bad bad bad uh-uh parenting discipline recent behavior strict don't make a mess miles no it's in there drink our coffee absolutely not miles no why is our other kid doing it now Briella uh-uh uh-uh absolutely not strict yell at for making a mess I oh my god there's too much going on here one child is cleaning up all the other child is making more mess young lady you're gonna clean this up you're gonna clean that up yourself and then mom's gonna got mom's gonna cook some more she's hungry and sleepy she's hungry so she had a slice of cake he needs to go so he's going to the bathroom he's taking himself what a hero my demons sweet baby no no no no go potty go potty go potty go potty go Khan go potty you got this you got this got this I know he's hungry we're cooking right now all right let's call everybody doing wheel oh wow we got to repair that please don't kill any of my kids Chelsea maybe you should take a pause on the eating thing and go fix that before any are your kids die please she's taking out the garbage – yes Brielle you be a little bit of a weirdo but you're crushing it this kid is wearing sunglasses to sleep miles is my hero mile mom is a really tired so mom should should go to bed even though she probably needs to take care of some of our kids it's my house needs two kids I have needs too it's going to grade school bye honey make a choices taking stuff out and then she's going to school to buy olives make a choices have fun don't make friends just study hard so you can become a teenager oh my god we for toddlers this is just too many toddlers honestly oh she and Alexis are bonding that's great our little bean here is cute sleeping in their sunglasses like a boss miles this Lexus is just staring at Chelsea while she pees cool cool cool cool cool cool lunch of sadness some other kids threatened Brielle and took her lunch money she's been crying in the office find the kid or I will she has to stand up for herself or give a hug for me it'll be okay we're gonna have them find the kid we're aggressive yeah I don't care about emotional control and my children apparently that's cute the kids just talking to himself like my brother you probably should buy new beds for the toddler's all right well we spent half our money on beds for children but that's fine let's potty trade miles there comes a moment in every kid's life where you gotta learn to potty miles piles is so cool miles was gonna be the coolest kid that Chelsea's ever had you know maybe she should just potty-trained everybody yep she's just gonna potty-trained everyone hopefully she doesn't pass out this is thrilling great reputation everyone loves attending social events that Chelsea hosts it'll be easier to achieve gold-level reward why did she get this should Chelsea be interested in dating a great reputation gonna help with that as well romantic interactions now have a chance of starting over in me a relationship up I don't know how she earned this great reputation but I love it it's nice she's just become good friends with all of her children just by doing the bare minimum potty training them crap all of us an A student and Brielle's a B student oh my gosh I don't know if I'm ready all if you look so miserable but you're gonna be a teen soon Oh mom's gonna pass out oh man that's not ideal why don't you sleep I really want you to age up your kid Jimmy imagination in potty and then he can age up so we'll just get him grinding on those he's so close to Jamie's really close to being a kid kid olive you can do whatever you want because you will are so close to being a team you gotta study you go buckle down all these little kids are so funny sleeping in a row like this all the little beans all the kids are asleep 5:00 p.m. that sounds pretty solid why don't we get Brielle to like chat Nick it's chat room and up her up her skill there she's like oh popcorn do you like popcorn I love popcorn we need to cook a chocolate cake nope Ferb express your disappointment I'm gonna have her clean it up this is not how we do it he is so close to the final level of imagination okay just go potty again and maybe he'll be it'll be time for kid time for this boy oh my goodness wow they grow so fast especially when you force them to he's angry as usual Oh cuz he's tired well he'll survive we can age him up – all right we can age up to kids now so we're gonna invite Marcus over to celebrate her teenage birthday I think that's only nice right it's 9:30 so I feel like Marcus won't be like that mad okay he'll be right over she's gonna sleep for like a hot minute before he comes over serious okay Marcus is here you're gonna say you're gonna ask you just be friends here share some big news what no comeback where did it go he's left man all right well we tried can she H herself oh that's kind of sad but also kind of fun she'll call her dad look how mad she that looks all right oh I got a age up all right blow candles all right here we go age teenage doom I can't believe our first baby is a teen pick a number between 1 and 12 the answer is 3 she'll be creative Oh God there's like three options here take a number between 1 and 4 it's – its – all right so it'll be this one pick a number between 1 and 38 it's 36 really 3 37 36 okay so bad oh my god all is hot olive is the hottest him I've ever seen all is hotter than her mom also all I put some clothes on oh my god oh my god but that means she also could cut she might be mean but I'm sorry olive doesn't matter and then we're gonna age up or a little Jamie here wake him up say happy birthday Jamie Jamie as usual is horrible alright whoa she's just good so hard all right Jamie my little demon baby boy let's see oh my god Briella stop ruining this moment and making it all about you our little demon boy's aging up and she walks away from him pick a number between 1 and 4 3 3 so he'll be a motor a motor boy and then pick a number between 1 and 36 the answer is 9 9 he's a music lover yeah what a cute and he's super mad look at our little demon boy he's so hungry he's gonna serve himself he's like mom there's such a bad mom oh you just slam that door oh the kids already took a piece all of it is a gorgeous human as usual stop it oh my god I'm so mad at her I am so mad at her punish her round for making a mess we're grounding her she has not learned her lesson the last several times for yellow no TV yeah no TV for you he's pretty good so he can start oh my god he has to do homework no oh I woke her up and she needs to go but she can Alexis can go on her own right oh no she needs help Oh potty-trained oh my god everything's different now can she get a job find a job Wow oh my God all of I love you all I've never leave us but also he believed she could do a job oh my god $40 an hour 41:59 for manual labor yeah I mean whoever got a job he's doing his homework in the bathroom that's fine I want you to clean up now I have so many children to force into doing stuff why are you outside what are you doing he's energized ah shoot you fried your mom's computer mom let's see oh let's do it the bad fashion here oh you could do so much better though serve brunch what are you going are you really gonna use that in there too okay oh she's looking so pregnant oh my god she's hanging out with her team oh my god am i old enough to have a teenager I mean I'm not Chelsea's old enough to have a teenager Dominic wants to come over I guess that's fine sleep in your mom's bed I don't have the energy to have you sleep in your own bed why does he okay I guess he's gonna clean up our house that's not why you came over but we can't control his his needs here he came over to hang out with his daughter did you kick that over who kicked to this over what Oh God oh he's picking it up what he didn't just kick that over again you know what we're gonna uninvite you to a lot of things sir Brielle loves you but honestly you're the worst Oh cute all right I'm gonna let them kind of do whatever they want oh well she's getting some mom skills there I think you should sleep I love that whoo who would Dominic is still an option for her it's still on the table first restroom then sleep get out of the bathroom while your mother's no don't you get up to have a black are you kidding me you were on the toilet and then you got up to have a bladder failure I am so annoyed with you right now I cannot I cannot clearly you're overtired do you want to wash the twin that would be I love having teen was he gonna clean that up he is cuz he's such a good coud I only have great kids is this really your daytime outfit olive because I have not seen anyone anything else and it's kind of weird mom meanwhile has just been sleeping and not doing anything which I feel like is heaven like I'm so happy that mom has finally been able to sleep for a long period of time look at those kids mopping this kid's washing the other kid these kids are self serving now we've done it that's what true Parenthood is you know having your kids be able to take care of themselves without you I did it Wow I just feel like I reach level 10 parenting you know no new babies however I think that we crushed Parenthood today hopefully we'll have more kids in the next episode but thank you guys so much for watching as always this is a challenge

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