Single Girl Remodels Her Children’s Home In The Sims 4

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The Sims 4, EA Games

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hey everybody I'm Kelsey and I'm single and today we're doing a live street where I get to remodel Chelsea's home now Chelsea has a hard-working girl and is also not me and she she deserves a new home her home is so ugly and I really want to make it not ugly I think that might be a bold move considering we have a very tight budget so right now we're not gonna be playing with the kids because I have already filmed episode six and edited most of it so we're not gonna look at any of the kids today we're not gonna see anybody cuz spoilers baby you got to watch that episode six coming out this Saturday all right let's bulldoze this baby I'm excited okay so this is our og home this is what it looked like when we first moved in obviously we deleted this and we added a room here so it looks a little different but it doesn't matter cuz we got bulldoze I forgot will this tell us how much we've got what value amazing 1-bed 1-bath I don't know where the 1-bed 1-bath are we got traits we've already given it one locked rate on those oh we don't want that one give it unto winds of vampires I didn't even know that was an option romantic aura that's fun name the house okay what is our house name baby central what are you guys on a name it baby factory I like baby factory that's great welcome to the baby factory all right and we're gonna make a romantic aura and we get one more learn faster here I'll be allowed to use that all right our decisions permanent guys we cannot change this again all right so let's look at a let's look at the gallery modern starter I think she's like a classic home type of gal who this one's 12 but it doesn't have any furniture so we would essentially have 8,000 for furniture I think that there's a OB this in Korea has stuff in it should we just go with the sangria this one's a 17 got three beds two baths two baths is like an upgrade for us oh my gosh we're gonna be rolling it furnished this looks adorable this looks like a classic family abode okay we need to give our blot treats again we got that romantic aura we got that child's play and we got that not I mean by pond leylines we get extra twins great and then we don't want to sink great starter we want a baby factory thank you to the person that made the sangria starter because of you we have to do significantly less work all right let's like tour okay welcome to our new home it already looks so much better than our old home good night oh my goodness this is cute as peckin cute how much money is it it's 2,300 so it's a little over budget but not the worst we don't need this pot can we disagree by pond by random ding we don't need that we probably don't need trees wait the pun did nothing the pond didn't add value or lesson valuable all right we'll keep the trees for now I think I think Chelsea with all the money she's made he can't afford this house we don't need this though bye if you don't need it we're not keeping it there you go okay we fixed a lot value there that's good oh my god this place is so cute let's take down these walls okay okay oh my goodness how ya they don't have a TV problem unless it's on the wall and it's invisible no they don't have a TV interesting interesting the dining room actually has a table got a bedroom for Chelsea bathroom second bathroom and a baby room okay so this is why there's three bedroom guys okay you know what we don't need art Chelsea doesn't care about our jet the art awesome art is a waste of money I mean I think it'll probably makes it does probably make them like the space more but like and it looks like the second floor is pointless so we're gonna have one story which is great this is pretty cute this is a garage door right what is that it's a fake garage I mean okay that's impressive okay what else let's just dive in here I don't love this wallpaper is it is it crazy that I really like just like white walls oh this one's kind of nice do you guys like this one it's like a teal we need a rainbow all right let's try the mint let's just see what she looks like which is so cute all right we're done now we don't get it by I do we need a fireplace the ambience is great but $600 can go to a TV no one's gonna be watching the fireplace in the future SHM a hassle well I am a modern gal a new television this is I think the TV we currently have wouldn't it be great to get a TV that's mountable that is so expensive we could put this on the coffee table in the mood this coffee table back baby I like the slap I don't love the color but I love the the vibe maybe like a black it kind of matches the windows you can look at other clothes Oh more white yes instead of off-white do we need a plant I mean this plant be cute but it's $60 we'll keep it for now and then we'll see where we're at with what we want oh my god Chelsea might like actually achieve her dream of having a tables and chairs we just buy also I don't like the front by simplicity dining table for 200 oh we got dining at one let's do it all right this looks about like the same as what we had before and then let's get into these chairs we likes peas and yellow because it's you think I like them like this better so they can face each other that's kind of cute I don't hate that I wonder if we put like a little I feel like I should cut on non necessities but like I want flowers is there a better fridge what is this fridge who are you fridge it's 375 dollars with the fridge oh so this is like not the most it's not the cheapest fridge but it's not the most expensive that's good chic how much is this one where am I going with this this is kind of nice actually okay and then we're gonna put in this one here they match is that cuter is that ugly I hate don't know or I could just make it all way oh this is a different point than that this is why I don't I'm not a home designer I'll work with our budget guys we don't have all the options in the world let's see these walls whoo where would would you want to go in the morning your wake up you walk into your room and you're like huh oh I like the gray –great is Kelsey do I like I wish we had money for a nicer fridge honestly I wish there was just a gray fridge no coffee pot anymore because Chelsea doesn't need it this thing the their hygiene and reality reliability are the same into the PC or ones more expensive so that's pointless so we're gonna does your cheap sink cheap same okay we got a bath in one in a bath and the other but I'm thinking it might be nice to sell this and then get a shower for one of them and we need a bathtub for the kids but I think Chelsea gets stuff done quicker in a shower you know I'm saying shower girl we deal I gotta like that yay I like pops of color can you tell now what the baby doesn't need is a rug bye we definitely don't need this nightstand and we learned we don't need a dollhouse this is an ugly mirror I don't like it so a decoration still open to the mirrors oh is the cheapest mirror though been ten more dollars for not as ugly of a mirror it's fine this is a cute bathroom though I like that bathroom okay yeah I'm thinking I'm gonna keep the beds from the other house and just because I don't exactly remember which beds we need but anyway yes we love a more open concept I agree ie we don't need that or leave that wall extra walls we don't need them here I'm not obsessed with this hot pink not because your girl doesn't love hot pink cuz this girl loves hot pink because I just think that not every child that Chelsea's gonna have is gonna be a hot pink aficionado so we're gonna do nice it looks like this guy yeah okay yeah q q do we need a whole room for a baby we need two bedrooms or should we knock out this wall and make it one big bedroom we got to think about how many kids got to fit in this room like at any given time it could be seven children there's no way they're gonna fit in this move the baby-making room I'll get rid of the curtains what curtains are those separate I thought they were connected oh my god they are separate we love our thrifty friends you don't need these curtains you know what Chelsea's like that girl and you that doesn't have curtains alright so what's up what's this urban smoothness we're gonna get read like Chelsea I would probably enjoy this like rose well let's look at beds first cuz a lot of times you'll have to like decide around the bed I think eventually we'll we'll get a better bed but I think for now let's just stick with the bed she has okay so there's this that any of my favorites probably this one which means which gives me the feeling these side tables are for people that care also it looks like there's like not a light in that room are there no lights in the bedroom just 55 that's 50 these sconces what's up with the Scots although this is technically the kids ceiling light it's like kind of cute so we're at nineteen thousand three hundred we are under budget fam I don't want this triangle thing I see what they're doing just ornate blocks should we look into getting it's uncomfortable we need to invest in a better bed for our girl I just wish I had all the money she does deserve a new bed I actually like that a lot it's not too expensive and it doesn't give us uncomfortable which is good okay okay okay okay there's no decor but you know this is just the base and the more she makes money the more we can add the special touches okay so now we got to get this woman a desk where she can write her brilliant do we need two couches I feel like we don't need two couches yeah I mean it's kind of ugly but it's cheaper than this one like a big sofa for the fan it's a work in progress wait oh my god we accidentally deleted the plant our IP plan let's uh let's put her desk she'll put it like right here that's right cheap little white desk boy that looks nice we'll bring over her computer from the other place we don't really need this books honestly they're just gonna pull books off the shelves and then put them everywhere and then I'm gonna have to clean them up and I'm not about to live that life by okay you know this is just it's not our dream house yet it's just our what we're got to work with and it's better than when we had you know I'm saying right so where we got we're at nineteen thousand five hundred and thirty three we actually don't need this because these are auto-populated so we're gonna sell that I'm okay with these we might end up adjusting the extra the bedrooms what else do we want oh my goodness how cute is this home that's a home I can get behind hilariously it looks too green for the rest of like Sookie oh wow I'm pretty happy with this you don't need those plants outside I don't you don't need those plans the iPads and the birth certificates we will put in our inventory and move with us along with the beds money-making trash bin we can't afford that right now but thank you so much for your suggestions we could take off the plants just to make sure we can afford this help I don't want to take out all the plants though they're so cute maybe we should take out the back trees this trees 30 bucks there's no even point to delete the tree $30 you know we don't really need these home lights 55 the tree is $30 but thought the wall Lantern deluxe is 55 no one needs to see out the back I can't believe this cost of nothing it's $0 there's no way in real life that would cost things right this is zero dollars this is the teens and teens and kids and todson here Tod's and baby todson baby one we want Chelsey's like romance writing room we could make it read for her romance writings I love the red dawn the red is happening red red room I love it this is Chelsea's alone private room although you know the boys are just gonna go in there gonna sit at her computer oh but she could look she has a view into the pond that's adorable yeah just put kids lights in all the rooms Kelsey that's the stuff yeah all right let's see yeah what our final here is that the baby-making factor it's nineteen thousand two hundred and thirty-eight dollars but that's like this is just polls I guess it's forty five dollars we could sell that we're gonna just make it yeah yeah okay so we don't want the clapboard in the front I mean these windows look kind of weird now and now so juice but now that looks weird we'll grab these I'm not a home decorator I'm just a girl sitting in front of the Sims this doesn't make any sense anymore cuz it doesn't look like a driveway we're down to eighteen thousand nine hundred and twenty-two dollars my friends I gotta like this standard no not sunburned saw what is this color doesn't matter I don't care it's fine can we do a look at this guy alright let's see how it looks from the outside now okay I hate it sell the chimney oh that's $200 we don't need a chimney okay we'll make it read the match we're yes you know sometimes your girl's got a splurge I know that besides aren't red but that's how the game had it already and I don't want to change that because it's cheaper I gotta like that I'm feeling like this home feels like home I think the baby factory is right where I wanted to be it looks like a little bored home I think Chelsea in the field are gonna really enjoy this home that we've created for them to my library that's what I want the lot they do I hate that front door those are cute desk cute dough right baby factory I must save it to my gallery but just know that this is not originally made by me I all of this goes to the original creator thank you so much the original creator for giving us a husk that we could build our baby factory into good so that means that when we extol the 100 baby challenge download this creation and have our girl Chelsea start her new life and enjoy this terrible grass we'll be uploading the next 100 baby challenge part 6 which will not include this helm it'll include the original home and it's gonna be up on Saturday yours truly will be there when it airs live and I'll be chatting with you all but the video itself is not a live taping like this but I will see you back here next week at the same time at the same place for another spin-off episode that I cannot tell you what it's gonna be about but we will soon we will soon uncover that once you guys see episode 6 all right thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time you

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