Single Girl Raises A Teen In The Sims 4 | Part 6

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 6! Olive is now a teenager, but how long until she moves out?

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Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts


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Wow teenagers I don't know how to raise a teenager everyone my name is Kelsey I'm single and we thought it would be funny to have me try v100 baby challenge is a challenge where you have one matriarch and they're supposed to have 100 kids there's a lot of rules to the challenge to make it all fair game so if you're interested in those we'll have those linked below we just aged up our first child into teenager dumb and so our goal for this time is to get her out of the house so we can have more kids because at this point we can only have one more kid before we're gonna be at capacity all right we did the spiel let's dive in we're back in the pshh Mae house Chelsey sleeping it honestly deserves 18 years of sleep she's perfect he needs some socializing that kids good that kid needs more bladder so which one is it smiles smiles oh go potty he can go potty on his own miles when did you get so grown up also why did you keep glitching Myles is glitching a lot that's not good for baby all the kids are doing so well everybody's needs are fine except for Jill see she needs to go to bed although she's gonna go to work soon right in 10 hours so work is in the morning on Sunday Oh mother daughter who she's tense why are you tense from wanting to steal of God she's tense cuz she hasn't stolen anything in a while he's hydrating like a champion Erin sleeping you're asleep seriously Chelsea's probably gonna have a baby soon they're asleep Chelsea's almost has her energy all the way up I didn't even know that was possible for her I'm so proud wait is everyone asleep you take a bubble bath Chelsea you deserve it whoa she's really really pregnant and really really smelly sorry Chelsea hopefully your fun will go up with the bubble bath too I think we'll just have her serve dinner cuz I want to get her skill up why are you still wearing that I think I need to find out if she has other outfit oh yes she does and they're all really ugly there you go that would kill look at her I love her bun – she is so beautiful she's also got like the biggest aim her face but she's cooking for her mom the sweetheart that she is who's crying why are you spicy sad you still need potty help get mom to help you potty mom mom mom gotta help your kid potty she is called a meal like everybody there's food I made it aren't you proud of me I'm so what no I thought everything was going so well but here we are in kenan secret she's taking a selfie honestly if i look like you i'd be taking a lot of selfies – miles is great miles can could do some some skill building any skill would work what what are you doing no no mhmmm encouraged it no disciplined strict yell it for making a mess go over there you tell her wait did you not yell at her hello no it her what's happening Oh the toilet is still messed up cuz she apparent she could this baby's still sad cuz their hygiene so bad that's I didn't mean to rhyme look at our hard-working Queen I'm gonna not want her to go she doesn't have a level a skill at level three yet but her gaming is really close which honestly I'm proud maybe after she's done with all this stuff I'll have her game she's uncomfortable but like I don't really care I'm such a good mom here's our girl she's cleaning up I have just only responsible children he doesn't have anything to do this kid should go to bed oh not another kid no no no no no no discipline strict absolutely not don't do that bad girl you're gonna clean it up but then you should go to bed because your time how are you already tired you did so little always been doing everything they're bonding they're bonding so cute it's Falls my favorite Oh olive starts work in about an hour all of I think you should sleep until you have to go to work so that you're a little bit better rested for it oh my god our baby's first job I'm so proud of you and I made you do manual labor cousin paid the best oh she looks mad – she's like oh mama I can't believe you gave me this job I feel like she's like that angry person that has a heart of gold I'm just still mad that she's mean it's fine but it's not fine Brielle's doing extra credit work my children are all angels and Jamie I think Jamie grew out of his demon personality honestly but I don't know needs to pee that's fine we can work with that let's let potty help Renee Hobbie help Renee that doesn't make any sense but it kind of does all right Renee ask mom hey mom mom ma'am ma'am why are they walking over there I like Renee's little outfit though mom and no he'll say sure can I learn how to potty mom I like how my child has to ask me to potty house Alexis doing with skills where's Alexis at we're at level three communication we're almost at level three imagination and then thinking movement potties only on level one you need to get it together with our potty teaching he's still watching TV because he doesn't have anything to do like he doesn't have any knees I'm just so proud of this household now we're just significantly less of a hot mess and I'm potty-trained miles the cool kid of the impeach my family miles it's got potty level – yeah miles Alexis just became good friends of Jamie ah Jamie and Alexis are good friends now Oh olives back and she brought home $295 I'm so proud of you sweetie go to bed I just wish everybody's needs were like chill at the same time we could all go to the park together but I don't know if that's ever gonna happen cuz Chelsea is so sleepy all the time I really like the socks and slippers ensemble with the backless thing and also why are you cooking there I guess someone put up a toy up here I didn't there you're like the kids just go over maybe he can just go over on his own you're gonna have a fun time by yourself it's Jamie's day out baby I've never seen that oh wow all right Jamie screw your family you're an independent boy Brielle's gonna eat and then she'll join you but Jamie it's your moment man all right it's a Sunday it's 4:00 p.m. you're gonna go to the park you're gonna be like bye mom I'm gonna walk across the street mom would be furious he's just gotten to the she's gonna play space and explore too you know the impeaches maze are very independent cuz mom apparently is always sleeping which is weird but fine she's reading she's like I'm gonna go hang out with my brother across the street oh my God look at that playing together you could prank your brother pinche oh they're gonna they can become partners in crime that's cute once she hits level three of thinking we'll have her go to bed good job kid you crushed it so we just need level three of movement and two up potty I wonder if mom could play with them once you piece why is it so much easier to keep the kids as needs up than it is Chelsea Chelsea it's just a pain in the butt all right Chelsea's gonna go hang out with her kiddos she's real tense so hopefully she'll lighten up and maybe she should call over a friend maybe she should call over so I know that his name is actually being you and that apparently Kim is his last name but I keep calling him Kim because sometimes Kim only shows up so sometimes you know when you call people by their last name we're gonna fight over him apparently he's based on I think a kpop star which is entertaining to me if you're watching I didn't realize this is based off a real person until after the fact but you know he's gonna be right over though all right I can't wait for her to start playing as his face monster get in there Chelsea space monster it up wait play as the space monster mom oh he's at the house awkward I guess we'll just like go meet him but here comes Chelsea so she played monster for like two seconds so they're kids let's have these kids go home they look like they could use some sleep but she did have I guess a little bit of fun hopefully she'll have a whole lot of fun with that with our new our new gentleman caller here wait no my Emilia me why are you in the bathroom Chelsea talk to him don't don't don't don't make him come into the bathroom to talk okay well here we are he's cute Oh is he down for her sexy posing he is asked every single are you single I'm single oh where did it boarded Ming you go oh he went to our computer well slacker he's like mom sleeping can you not have your like guys over labor what a queen flirting with a man when she gets into labor haven't gotten all about of a house though all right well I guess Chelsea should have the baby at the hospital though Oh Craig should come along Craig's baby cry grabbing a baby quick where did he go no oh my gosh I'm just having flashbacks to Avengers that was so sad we saw him for two seconds and then he disappeared Craig alright well you know don't you just wanna play video games I get you girl you'll just chill here until you want to have the baby that's fine I would honestly do this I'd get to the hospital wanna play some video games I'm in labor it's fine could I play video games alive in labor I feel like that's a good way to pass the time I want twins though but we have so many kids I don't think we'll be allowed we'll see you I guess what what just happened they moved your into a new room why this is nope that's never happened before and she switched doctors maybe it was like right in between one person shift and the others congratulations it's a boy Craig never had a boy and dream daddy this is exciting so I'm gonna look up a baby name from all of you I like the name Charlie so we're gonna go with Charlie thank you several people who suggested the name Charlie Charlie and peaches May there it is we're at a full house alright so essentially we're not allowed to have any more children until we get some children out of the house so we gotta now work on we had our baby we're a family of eight oh my god there's a lot of kids fighting what's happening here okay where is our baby baby oh there's our baby Charlie our perfect son our favorite son teenagers could even take care of baby's needs oh this is gonna be good okay he needs to use the restroom so please get out get a skill to level two okay why don't we just play more Sims I liked how she wanted to have a human in her and I just blocked it oh my gosh I'm gonna be really sad maybe I should just make a house full of kids and so then we can visit them and sometimes he's right next door what a great face to come home to I tell you what actually she isn't pregnant although I guess we can't really get pregnant right there's gonna be kids in the house Oh baby Charlie's upset why don't you change that dirty diaper my girl mom is potty training like a boss he's angry I don't know why he's gonna play Sims though so we just need potty and movement and then we're we can age up Alexa miles this is pretty much on twos of everything except for communication no she's flirting a little oh she's having a quick little flirt she's mad it's like I'm gonna go to bed okay all our kids are going off to school bye kids have a fun time at high school bye Brielle do your best yeah straight really hard so you just really hard all of you study so hard mom get up Alexis wake up mom wants to give you a bubble bath it's kind of nice that like a big chunk of kids go to school so then during the day I don't have to like be babysitting all of them because he kids with a lot of kids so far I'm just gonna call it that Charlie's my favorite cause he hasn't cried about anything in her winter all of what a school prize that's a great good job Olive what a queen should we give it to her in front of the class or quietly and privately in front of everyone just privately please or and that's it publicly but give it privately in front of everyone she wanted award show her off we're proud of her all right so we're just paid our bills so we're back we're back to 1,500 but I feel like that's a significant improvement and oh we're writing another book we finally got a little bit of time to do so all our toddlers are being good our baby's pretty good after we fed it so it's a good morning to be a mom she's like in therapy like mr. white slowly caressed her oh the baby's crying all right back to writing he's slowly caressed her cheek what do you think I was gonna say oh no our food went bad but alexis has leveled up so that's good we need to serve some lunch here all the kids are home from school okay and we finished our book she is tired so you should sleep but how what is her grade she's an excellent B student so all I have to do is get all of her stuff up and she'll be good to go but she's really sleepy so we're gonna have her go to sleep brillz really tired so we're gonna have her sleep as well he's tired he should sleep witness to a bully so Jamie some kids at school were being mean to one of my friends I wanted to help but I didn't know what to do what what do you think I should have done step in and stand up for your friend stay out of it and consult your friend afterwards get an adult I think get an adult is always a good call when you're a kid but I feel like I want him to be a Gryffindor and to step in it stand up for his friend this matters two degrees is I'm fine with it yeah just skip to bed all of you kids that are really tired Haho I have so many kids that's what she's saying I have so many kids did she steal more crap I'm gonna sell it that's a lot of money oh no oh no oh no oh no she's like telling him about her dance and that that guy talked to me and I was like absolutely not I am NOT interested I am family focused are you really gonna get some coffee instead of actually going to bed he'll be that girl well she wants to hang out other kids who can blame her ooh baby sister baby sad baby sad she's just being me your brother ah that is so lean Wow she's so close to being done just do your homework stop chatting his homeworks complete alexis is almost good to go we just need Alexis potty like two to three more times and then maybe play some sympathy or a really like tense I get it I probably made it way worse by making you clean up but it's like you know you got it sometimes think of teenagers and all fun and games all right here we go Alexis it's your time your potty time I feel like about a lot of my toddler's their lowest skill is the potty and that's probably because I don't keep track of that need as much that's on me that's on me all right go to bed then thought you wanted to some fun she is she going she's going to bed and her sister's bed I guess she's still fits that's fine Alexis just keep going potty you're almost there what another thing broke are you kidding me we just replaced you you know what we're gonna get better we're gonna sell you and get a better sink because this is dumb this one's a liability room that I got very perfect I don't know are you there yet no not yet okay this kid has been on that long enough you'll get a piece of cake he's really angry cuz she's tired so close though only like one or two more potties and you're there weirdly Charlie's like a great kid I mean I guess not weirdly because charlie is the child of our our beloved oh I spoke too soon I like just did five actions with Charlie because I clearly loved Charlie way more than all the other kids what what broke now no not our back no we'll clean it up and repair it she's pretty tense do you think this is the day or she'll be oh wait we need to get her skillet I'm glad I checked go play video games real fast better hurry up school's gonna start like really shortly yeah I get that skillet she's gonna be late to school because she's playing video games but I really want the skill girls off to school study hard Brielle series are just cool okay okay you're done you're done go to school now oh that was so funny study hard everybody oh she got just called in but it's fine you're already at school it's too late they can't hurt you no I'll tell you like mom I am really smelly and so is my twins can you please and then she's like well I need to clean it first Wow I have really really neglected both Renee and miles when it comes to bathing oh no Charlie I almost forgot we had a baby because Charlie's been so chill and gave him a bath splish Splash we be taken aback oh how is she not having fun how is Chelsea's fun going down I would be having a blast but it's not fair hey our baby is all clean she's like me much more happy miles is very sad because he's smelling 2-mile just go potty is it time yeah you may be really angry and tired but you can be a kid now Alexis no bad boy yes express your disappointment go over there and tell him say miles I know you've probably seen your siblings do this a couple of times that doesn't mean it's okay Charlie needs me sweet baby Charlie what's wrong love of my life darling of my heart Olive is done with school for the day and Abby is not bad but that doesn't mean there isn't any referrer of it oh she was so close to aging out don't pass out all out oh man well alright she's gonna go to bed – Brielle's real tired and she's an A student which means that she can be aged up into a teenager oh my gosh we're gonna have a double birthday again Alexis and Brielle are both aging up Jamie we need to get him a skill of level four with something social okay so we just need him to socialize a little bit more and we're right there we're so close to getting her out of the house and then we can have a new baby I think it's so weird we have to like force our kid to grow up so we can seduce more men actually mom's pretty good to go why don't we have mom cook a cake we always have cake in the fridge here and then peaches my household we're a chocolate cake family – we've never made another cake Wow seven kids though that's a lot that's like probably the most kids I've ever had with one Sam ever and then you're gonna put some birthday candles on OK and then Alexis you're gonna come over here oh my gosh I can't wait to see what Alexis looks like Wow Alexis is aged up pick a number between one and four it's 2-2 so she's a mental kid and then pick a number between one and 36 it's ten one two nine ten there she's a geek thank you and let's get Brielle in here you don't have to start your homework you know why cuz you're an A student Mira Mira ma'am okay here she goes our second teen happy birthday Brielle I can't wait to see what she looks like as a teenager she gonna be hotter than olive okay Brielle pick a number between 1 and 12 it's five five one two three four five she wants family pick a number between one and four it's one one so she wants a big happy family like her pick a number between one and 36 it's 12 11 12 she's a foodie oh she's cute what a cutie yeah she's really cute I still think olive is probably hotter Brielle's real cute I'm wondering Alexis if you're watching this who named Alexis after themselves let me know if this Alexis looks anything like you cuz that kind of crap yeah you're gonna be responsible good job Jamie go clean up that mess from one of your siblings you can wait until your sister's done Wow I'm gonna be really sad when all these kids are like all grown up and having their own kids this I'd be crazy perfect he reached his level four and his homeworks complete he's good to go homework that's gonna be a good job Riya actually you know what what oh she's getting her job I'm gonna go manual labor always manual labor I like how both Brielle and mom are kind of watching the kid go the bath or while eating she's very gross in general I've got miles the coolest kid I hope that mouth keeps his fashion sense when he ages that she's potty level too so she can go potty by ourselves now so everyone now can go potty by themselves you only have two toddlers which is good it's just the twins they're toddlers now text emergency I love the teenagers okay I texted someone but they didn't text back and it's been like an hour should I text them again Wow the only part of motherhood that I feel like I'm well equipped for is advice yeah maybe they text the first one no way for them to respond or a text a mutual friend to have the Pope I would normally just wait for them to respond because either they're not gonna text you back and that's on them or maybe they are just busy oh yeah it's only been an hour you can wait like if it's been several days and you're like okay they probably missed it yeah so wait for them to respond yeah that's a good call Brielle's going to school Jamie's going school this could be our moment this could be the moment that Olive finally ages up into a young adult and moves out of the house I can't oh my gosh if this is the last day or you're at school I love you so much olive you'll always be my pride and joy oh my gosh and this is a this is Alexis's first day of school she looks adorable she looks like an American Girl doll mom needs some fun how do you have fun as a mom oh I know how she has fun let's call over a friend Ming you come on over come on over hey all right let's first kiss let's just dive it is a class presentation olive has to present in front of the entire class she's some great ideas for out a jazz of her presentation it go out I'm proud of you okay so uh yeah you should you should kind of do a little joke there oh so many phone calls from school today hack-attack we found all of trying to hack into the school's computer all the way above she's got senioritis we're not sure what her plan was but we stabbed her before she had a chance to do anything serious stuff please punish her warning should suffice maybe secure computers let's just do a serious stuff Punisher because I want her a responsibility really high talk about the sunny weather flatter head you can get back on track talk about the weather a lot ask about his day bet to him we were back on track with us with our new flame maybe not I don't know he's on his phone which isn't encouraging we're parenting level 10 she can enter full parent mode when when her own her own needs won't be as much of a problem that is very helpful discuss interests with him like what are your interests I feel like you could pick up your toddler and talk oh did he just give her a rose and I just accidentally it scooted past it oh man well should probably go to bed mom's busy chatting up a boy a really cute boy tell him an engaging story Chelsea so I had this very exciting thing happen to me about a frog and it was very large and then this bear came along but the bear was frog size and then a t-rex is she telling him the plot of like Jurassic Park talk about her love life she's like yeah I've dated a lot of dads and I think that or I've dated a lot of men but I think that you're perfect should be my next guy in my line of guys if that's okay with you oh he's so cute he's really cute I like his hair he's got good style her babies are all asleep oh look at you bald girl who are on the shoulder she like yawn – it's just so cheesy but I love it t–'s flirtatiously are they gonna be like flirty flirty complement is appearance brighten his day whisper sweet nothings Wow all of these interactions side by side are really cute how is this not fun for you Chelsea this is fun for me I think they should have their first kiss it's okay wait what just happened what just happened where you going don't pick up your kid your kids already asleep what is he doing he's taking us trash Wow get you a man who snuggles you and then just randomly gets up to take out the garbage thanks man mark but I mean sitting you got to go Oh No one last flirt for the road what's my daughter's out of the house we can make something happen you and I Hey you didn't leave oh they're hugging compliment his appearance right by the trashcan that's where she does her best work out next to the garbage all right now it's time for a first kiss first kiss kind of first kids right bye then crash yeah oh you just go into her room yeah you did that's fine oh is it no in a student oh my gosh do we still have that full cake or dissolve have to get a new cake oh no someone ate the cake all right well I'll have its time oh my gosh I feel like we should throw a birthday party we're all still a B student Jamie's an a a B student oh I got I got I got nabbed by the word a and alexis is just okay everyone's passing out whoa my baby's bonding with another dude this is kind of weird but kind of okay plan a social event she looks miserable but it's time let's throw a birthday party the birthday sim is olive Marcus her dad is it elder all right ward dad's coming Chelsea's coming all of the family's coming she doesn't have any friends sorry there won't be a caterer that's expensive there won't be anything else let's just have it here let's have it at the peaches Shh Mae residence she's throwing a party it's a flipping party y'all she looks unhappy she's wearing the ugliest party outfit I think I've ever seen my whole life but that's fine maybe her sister should make her her cake for her that'd be really cute we'll do a chocolate cake hopefully she doesn't pass out in the middle of it but your sister's gonna sleep while she's waiting on the cake Chelsea is going to a bench to put miles down don't do that what are you why what why was that even an option why are you doing that what do you need you need to pee in your there mom left you in the middle of this street you poor thing miles oh my god your mom likes you I am rescinding it Chelsea and peach ish may is a mom of the Year award you're the worst mom I think I've ever heard of you're still cooking you're baking your sister's cake like a good girl and your sister sleeping I haven't seen Marcos yet weirded mark where's Marcus where's grandpa Marcus have her maybe call it Marcus if he's not cutting yeah he's not coming to her birthday oh my gosh Chelsea just like wake up and feel like a dad duh why are you here for my birthday also she needs a different outfit this is her final day we're gonna be moving her out we can't just have her where whenever that terrible outfit was the shoe we need something cute this is of special occasion it is our eldest bestest daughter Marcus is gonna be over he should be no one touched this cake all right it's her party and she's gonna wear something really fun I don't know if that screams that is an olive that's Brielle thanks for pointing that out Fred all right well olive meet the new outfit anyway – because olive or Briana needs a new outfit – because that's it's not screamed at Brielle to me all right that's fine yeah I love it boom party girl it's time for her to a job and her father is a elder which is you're embarrassing me and I'm like yeah I'm embarrassed for you honestly take a photo for your sister Graham take pic yeah happy birthday to me adulthood here I come hashtag ten to ten your challenge oh my gosh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no don't you leave don't you leave I don't care how old you are invite him inside call him over Chelsea's looking fine in comparison to Marcus oh he's cleaning up oh nevermind I feel bad for for being mad that he isn't coming over now you got a hug your try to calm down your father or why is he so mad and the baby's crying Oh God the birthday girl has passed out I knew this was too much too fast change outfit when you wake up to your party outfit and and giving your father a hug wait our other daughter passed out too I'm so sorry I feel very bad this is a terrible terrible birthday for our girl okay but she's gonna interact with her dad she's gonna say oh my life is so hard but he's like comforting her like a good dad and then they're gonna hug can they give a hug now hug hug hug hug your father if your father a hug dang it your little brothers like hey what's up there we go father just rejected her for a hug oh my gosh this is slated for I am so sorry all of you deserved a better birthday than this I rushed it oh my god and also your father's terrible I cannot believe you know what blow out their candles your mother's here and she loves you and Marcus screw you for you were a good father but you're just in a bad mood today we don't appreciate it she aged oh it doesn't matter what this one is give me a random number five one two three four self-assured that's our olive oh wow happy birthday olive congratulations on your new birthday and olive it's time oh there's a social event going on so she can't do anything we'll just fix people's names for now this is what happens when you leave kids alone during a party they all get tired and hungry where's mom sleeping I'm sleeping in the shower okay I didn't know she was there oh my gosh olive has reached parenting level one because she's helping that's so cute and so sad her birthday is almost over what a weird in sad birthday party this was oh look at all the kids together this is so cute the party is over so now it is time for our darling to move oh my goodness oh my gosh goodbye olive we love you we're gonna move you into a great new home and oh my god guys this is so crazy I don't want her to move away she was my favorite she's like the hottest daughter we could probably ever oh my god she said her own household now we moved her out oh let's move her into a lot I think I think our olive she's a little independent girl I think she's gonna move to the big city Sammis you know so she's like going from LA to New York and she's gonna find a little apartment in the fashion district [Laughter] had to be done and you know what else has to be done now on your dad but I think we'll start with that next time I didn't realize that this is what it would feel like truly to be a mother to watch your child begin as a baby I remember olives first steps and the first time Olive did everything for herself the first time all have cleaned the house for us it's just been a wild ride I hope I'm not this attached to all of my children because 100 babies is too much attachment for me

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