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I did want to quickly say if you want to support the channel and you are a fan a fortnight then be sure to use my supporter creator code whitey – picker pic so you may have noticed a lot of people plug-in that lately I can't imagine why yeah but for real I haven't showered now in a long time also left my opponent I'm trying to get for my videos out but I want them to be the best of the best so that's why it's been a while for those you like for my videos that's why I've also had a few days without uploading and that's not because I haven't been trying I've almost filled up my entire disk space on my computer trying to get a particular type of gameplay video out a few all I've tried for the last couple of days to try an get it done and I've been able to do it I will keep working and I'll continue to walk in the later today but I want to get a video out for you so stay tuned for that but this video is a big one if you look back on my channel you will see a couple of years ago I did a big video selling my inventory on rocket league for about 400 keys with jakers a youtuber who at the time had 50 subscribers who recently hit 300 thousand subscribers so a lot has changed since then now I am thinking of doing another video idea why look at rocket League and look at the difference between you know then versus now you know such as prices just everything about the game but yeah in that video it was like my biggest training video I sold loaded my inventory for some mad prices compared to now but I thought for this video I would start trading some more I said when I did my very rare trader video which was the last video on the channel that I would actually trade the painted Octane's and trade some other things and I've actually traded my way to as you can see 400 keys I don't know why those 13 are there it's really annoying 400 was a complete coincidence but I thought hey that's actually the same that I did in the previous video two years ago so I'm gonna show you what I did to get these 400 keys now I just want to say whenever you think about the prices whenever they're valued at a lot of these items to be they're duplicates or items that were sitting my inventory doing nothing so I'm happy with the prices that I've got on 400 keys is far more valuable to me so we're gonna have a little training montage for you right now probably with a voiceover to explain what's going on okay so kicking off we have a white octane trade it was certified sniper I managed to get myself 90 keys plus a load of other random items I think 90 keys is a great price I've seen a lot of you know things on the internet saying 80 keys 85 that sort of thing and with a certification it doesn't add much but I think 90 keys and these ads is actually a pretty decent deal and also I've got a gunner wheel a couple crate just some round things say a couple very rare items I could trade up to potentially another way octane but the fact that this was literally just a duplicate that I got in the last video there's some serious keys right there and there was a stage in my hunt for the black dye sees that I would just trade up painted Octane's and I wouldn't even sell them but I managed to get a fairly sweet deal I did originally have the – burnt sienna Octane's in there but he really wasn't offering much for them so I decided to take them out and give him these eight Octane's for 30 keys which i think again is pretty good going considering I wouldn't trade them up because I never want to get annoyed at me and I wouldn't use them and I would never sell them so they just sit there so I think 30 keys is a good substantial amount for these Octane's and yeah I'm happy with that so I do still have – burnt sienna Octane's and my normal white octane and I got an extra 120 keys for those cars which is absolutely awesome now I didn't stop there traditionally I was just gonna make a video selling my painting octane so I thought you know what I can go further I've got some people that want some keys they're looking to buy some things I'm gonna sell some painted exotics some black markets and see what I can do and obviously I go up to 400 keys so we did a lot of business here now recently I've been getting black markets for fun especially dissolver pretty much every best items only recently I've packed a dissolver I had five so I thought you know I'm gonna do I'm gonna sell them and this guy was willing to buy four dissolve us for 119 keys now I couldn't find anyone buying them for more than 29 Keys most people were selling them for 29 keys so to sell these for literally just under 30 keys pretty much 30 keys each was great especially as a quick sell and a bulk deal for 4 of them so 119 keys for 4 dissolve is that I'm sure I can get back with future best items only videos so this this is good this was a very good trade I've also bulk sold 3 dissolves in the past I got like 200 keys for that when they were more expensive so dissolve us have treated me very very well the next trade it was a big one and that worth the white samus now obviously the golden pumpkin white zombies are being given away by myself and expose their trading to what are you guys I'm pretty sure the giveaway competition has ended so we will be contacting the winner shortly so I couldn't sell those and I did want to keep my champions crate for white zombies which yes they are more valuable but getting those from a crate was insane so those are the white zombies that I'm gonna be using so I decided to sell my players choice zombies and I've seen a lot of people 72 Keys 73 keys I managed to find someone who would buy these for 77 keys now that's obviously not the Loree that white zombies had previously you could sell them for well over 100 keys but you know I got them from a trade up and I just thought yeah you know what I'm gonna sell them get some more keys so 77 keys for me was a great trade for them especially this it's a duplicate that again I wasn't gonna use anyway the next trade was an interesting one it was items for items rather than keys now it was my final dissolver it was certified but normally people don't really care about that now I think I have overvalued the white grip strategy I think for key value he probably got a decent deal I mean he gave me a heatwave titanium white special teaching grips Drive which I'm sure I can sell for a decent enough amount and some certified red Draco's for the dissolver I managed to sell the heatwave for I think twelve keys the red Draco's could probably get me 10 or something like that and the grips tried eight checks to the right owner might get me up to ten keys so maybe not a lot of profit on that one but I got some decent extra items for just one dissolve which like I said I get that often I'm not gonna be getting another white special edition grip straight any time soon so although there was a mad profit in that trade I was quite happy because he was very specific in that he wanted a dissolver so to be honest that was more about me kind of helping him out as well as much as it was helping me out with a decent trade so I was happy with that one now the next trade it was a mainframe trade another item that I've got frequently in best items only I still had the painted one and I managed to sell three mainframes for 39 keys and I couldn't find anyone buying them for more than 12 so that's three keys profit for the whole trade which i think is pretty good especially for a bulk deal and almost like a quick sell like with the dissolver so I was definitely happy with that to hand over those mainframes to him for another bulky amount of keys now I was also negotiating a painted Jericho's trade with this guy and he offered me a hundred and twelve keys for the window that you see now of 24 painted Draco's there were crimson striker Draco's in their white Draco's in there and I just felt like he was low-balling just a little bit too much for the amount that I was giving him and I think if he put effort into each individual trade of those painted Draco's he could make way more than one hundred and twelve keys especially to the right buyer he was pricing the lime Draco's and the pink Draco's at like one key each and even if you look at price websites which I tend not to do all of them are saying at least three keys for those painted Draco's because come on one key for a painted this is cool-looking as a Draco I just wasn't feeling that so I did decline the 112 key offer because if you think about it as an average that's less than five keys per wheel on average and there's crimson Draco's in there white Drake is in there so I just was not feeling that whatsoever you might think I missed out on a good deal there but I've got decent Drakkar collection that maybe I could trade myself but that was one trade that didn't actually get made but still there's that and also here's a screenshot of me showing one guy my titanium white items because we came very close to making a deal for my white Draco's and white infinium Zhai think I was going to do something like around 70 keys or maybe I think he wanted about 65 keys for the white Draco's and the three Infinium and I just wasn't feeling it enough I think how do you off at 70 keys maybe we could have we could have done something but at the moment I think I still got those items so that is it for my training session 400 keys made black markets went down very very well still a lot of painted exotics I could trade and of course we hit the big sale of the white octane and the white song was the why octane being the most expensive of the bunch so now we're gonna get back to the video leave a like if you want to see more trading and stuff like this obviously I've got the imagery to do it was quite a lot of fun you need to spend in an hour to just go around trading so yeah I hope you do enjoy the rest of the video and yeah leave a like if you want to see more trading so as you saw I've got some pretty sweet deals that very rare trade up video managed to get me you know the white old chain that got me a load of keys I traded a load of painted exotics a lot of paint and Octane's for a decent amount of keys like I said I would not be using those otherwise you know they'd just be Saturday inventory they might make things look a little bit better as far as buying trading with fans guys I'm excited to do that again and I'm thinking about it I might blind trade with fans again soon I'm not entirely sure slash sold on that idea just yet but you know it might happen I'll keep you posted we both got demoed and they still fail to score yes we survived but yeah I am working on like a bigger rocket League video I've got like I said a whole disk space full of face cam footage of gameplay footage just a footage that I want you guys to see and I think I can make a really good video out of so I I am working on it I just had to get this video made I wanted to obviously to show you guys the trades I made and you know I wanted to do a trading me on the channel for a long time I know a lot of people are into Rockley trading and stuff so I thought yeah why not do that and now I guess it's time just to play some normal double my normal doubles rank has absolutely suffered I haven't really cared about my doubles rank the main rank I've cared about this season is Rumble doubles has really taken a hit and I haven't been playing the best so we're just gonna see if we can do something about that today in this video I'm gonna get that away from a teammate because everyone seems a little bit sketchy now I haven't actually played any games today so this might go terribly wrong you never know so you look like I I could have done more with that but he's just on them now boom it now boom it there we go I'm just like tap it down friend okay Bipin go on teammate oh yes the ball this team a I'm with is not particularly great oh man you've got a p90 mate how on earth are you hitting where are you going over him oh we actually got it well waited for it wasn't the best ceiling shot I wasn't really going for goals we're trying to beat him to it because yeah look at that that you know I'll take it not not terrible okay here we go we're back in the game okay big boom trash from me oh no would've hit that and of course he's not gonna save it if the stadium was a little bit longer I would have hit that but I hit the back wall we go 50/50 on that when I should have done better I also passed it straight to them but I wanted to get a complete boomer of a shot from what I've seen from both teams we should win like look look she's gonna take it out they won't expect the second touch or third oh how did he come back so quick oh my gosh I did not expect him to get back that quick no I just messed up the angle teammates gotta be there how are you how are you not even getting close to scoring there's no boost anywhere still beat that though wait friends look at it to me I thought we did the ceiling I think it might have done but it'll it she just cushioned off of it like a wet fart yeah look at it to the left to get that boosts like I wanted yeah they've morning anyway we've gotta win this game they've shown absolutely nothing like to to get this win yes no didn't it the ceiling Jesus there we go we got the goal what a sketchy game it's get you first game we didn't play that great but I think deserved MVP so I'm happy with that I hope you enjoyed the training montage if you want me to try and do more training or maybe some blind trading with fans or something leave a like on this video because I will be checking to see how it does this video in a way obviously I wanted you to watch for the trading and stuff I know the audience retention in this video won't be as high but I did really want to get a video out there with my upload speed I have to make a video in advance so I couldn't just spend today grinding out that video without making another one to prepare so yeah leave a like on the video and I do leave a quick chapter to the sponsors of this video in the channel because without them I wouldn't be able to get the items that I needed to make this video and to make the keys that I made in those trades I'm gonna play the sponsored intro if you want to skip through it then you can do we're gonna get into a second and final game of the video and just see if we can get another win under our belts and maybe play a little bit better have a decent little highlight for you guys I'm gonna play the intro then we're gonna get right in to the next game you guys need to go and check out these sponsors or this video longer calm they sell gift cards for cheaper than they actually are if you use my discount code pixel at checkout for 6 percent off say you want a $50 gift card go to the checkout use my code and you can get it for cheaper than $50 if you want to buy v bucks on fortnight keys on rocket league or much more than you can go and do that using the link in the description i'll get is not affiliated with any game that I'm playing or showing on the channel but they're really supporting me and I hope you go show them some love so with that being said enjoy the rest of the video alright here we go we're going to start a clan another party and let's see how it goes hope we can get this win to fake it I knew was gonna fake that I knew it luck there made the pass a little bit difficult over it teammate where are you at balls say FK my man's a FK what'd you do it to be 1 it is get to the right sound ah this is the test anything I'll be that no melt they're trying boom they better not choke a 2v1 I'm telling you now you are very pick a pixel yes that is me no shoot if I scored that we've been too near and now it's one oneness a 2v1 it's just the schooi situation they're really bad considering they should be destroying me but of the past him don't don't even pull off golf with your to be one short strats do you know playing better than these guys but it doesn't matter because the odds are so stacked against me we've got to get that boost I'm just gonna do this as if I'm winning Jesus it's bull why can't I leave why have to forfeit I'm gonna lose rank because of that are you mad when you're in champ – it's easy to stay at that rank when you solo queue because you can rely on your teammates Diamond 3 my gosh you play worse yourself I play worse as a diamond player no less that is gonna do it for this video not my best gameplay I thought like I was playing well but I think the 2v1 just flipped the momentum completely but that's gonna do it for this video I see a lot of cool things are now gonna be happening now I've got this 400 keys to play with so yeah leave a like if you enjoyed subscribe to draw the pixel army I haven't picked so you've been awesome I'll see you in the next video very soon

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