Rocket League MOIMENTS 27

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Rocket League MOIMENTS 27:
Best goals and other highlights from competitive RL I’ve had recently 🙂
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[Laughter] boom yeah we argued holy fuck my guys jeiza here this video is sponsored by amino amino is a great place to watch and explore video stories about anything you are interested in and the stories they last forever unlike elsewhere I made a video story there explaining how I make my videos what software I'm using for recording and editing and the settings are used for them so if you want to know how you can make these rocket league videos for example yourself click the first link in the description or search for amino apps to download amino you can find my stories by searching jzr and make sure to follow me to know when I'm posting new videos them Thank You amino for sponsoring and thank you guys for checking out my sponsors anytime I have one that's an easy and free way for you to support me and that helps me to do this for a living so I really do appreciate it thank you so much and enjoy the video muy muy okay okay okay that was cool nice right I lose to me 50 they say you guys are not using skyline oh my god that's beautiful mm-hmm ulti never watch and discuss peasant Bettman never misses except his parents oh that's like the first was from another will oh nice what are they wanted easy do one city for there's no way I get your plate like that you can't tell you I'm gay no nice hmm one day now we need to kiss that's the rule awkward enough already okay and the height love to be standing where the can breath it's very unexpected in here hahaha mm-hm [Applause] wait you're okay yo oh yeah yeah we can do favors okay yes nice with Enlow jump pass okay so now for example it's so much food yes always a weird eye wave – to the seeing and those reason I was able to steal heavy so it's somewhat gay but no it's not a gay yeah yeah it's still like a click that I like so trying to you both well then yeah I like it no no oh wow okay right make Oh that looked incredibly good from my point view because she's an awfully pendant oh we know is and you're talking about in better yeah holy shit oh dude I'm not hating so good this game perfect whoa redirecting can you still hear me oh my god I tried to go for the corner so it would have been nice something new but thanks

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