Rocket League MOIMENTS 25

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Rocket League MOIMENTS 25:
Best goals and other highlights from competitive RL I’ve had recently 🙂
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[Applause] that was crazy you're what no that was a deep scoop but I didn't like the fact that you can't really score if there's just someone in goal and with the power yeah mmm mmm the passing play going oh my god oh I mean that was good I saw the human don't know no scuse me okay now it now is the same case we should do youtube series teaching Mira to play [Laughter] [Laughter] mmm let's go baby oh yeah let's see the marshmallow go on 38 nice ooh big oh my god dude huge brain they're working huge I meant it past if you're sure but I mean I mean surprise I mean he's waiting for the back pass I knew it I actually like that sort so good skyline is typical I'll go with honestly yeah thank you boom you're so close saving okay oh why you must never die he tried oh my god that hit for so goood holy shit yeah they have no idea he's gonna make counter baby I hate it I didn't like nice nice nice I try I know scope is fun yeah dude no yo getting the bull yay Oh [Laughter] boy I'm so happy I'm not see him this save Jesus's I need to go first time of course i my ultra song needed background why out of all the songs there are things the video is to ending now please game do you hate me this much please touch was cute not gonna lie I did you see that we call it but I mean what was that fake that was the second time I do the safe that you need the same game sometimes yeah you wanna like kind of like Borgess like turn unexpected Li and just so your opponents like oh she's you do you expect that he was going but oh my god what are these bangers oh my god Oh yellow engine isn't beast nice idea boost there and then like I double jump I picked a boost and kind of cool hunt no mana to discuss our finish maybe this is romantist the goldrush settings have been super fun and success for me right now oh yes I feel yeah speedy but still smart I feel yeah like everything you see my control our or more with them k in the beginning of the stream but he needed to go to bed so nice fake oh that was such good that's that's a strut to me maybe I can pass back confusion to be what I just call that Oh since that's nice the classic honestly I should have pretty bleep yes [Laughter] it's fine we got that shot you've been just look up on it of course this was a good game right sorry I don't know back to you I really want display yes touch the so good look at this touch right now Oh have you seen that

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