Rocket League MOIMENTS 21

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Rocket League MOIMENTS 21:
Best goals and other highlights from competitive RL I’ve had recently 🙂
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what a save my call especially legend I saved you make sure that oh my god this game hates me No [Laughter] sorry I like what happened it's action thing yes that's better hi your so did this game cooler wetter than keep up so much oink young penis and then most nice all yes No oh I want three four one two seven how how is that one five two yes Oh mine oh yeah maybe same backwards floor pinch that's cool the middle yeah yeah don't go there when you go we people who both this mask you'll be so fast jay-z right that kickoff is so good honestly it's a new strut I need to fake that he's like contouring so Polly then I can just a fake trying to get the reason Polly it's kinda bad all never mind never mind this is see this is why I play with dissonance everyone was saying they are ugly ball I mean I play ten times better with them 1:22 from this range straight shot Jesus Christ for sure holy shit oh are you serious they gave my bad city thank you Oh sort of Oh wonderful oh yeah can we get a nice shot in the chat let's let's forget that the toxicity for a second yeah I could have used my Filipe anywhere with right nice good pass I swear oh my god just stopped on the post I want to see that again hey did you see did you see chat oh my my car just stopped it got stuck on something yeah Oh

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