Rocket League MOIMENTS 13

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Rocket League MOIMENTS 13:
Best goals and other highlights from competitive RL I’ve had recently 🙂
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okay Oh Oh yep yes nice I was actually so beautiful yeah my guys jeiza here this video is sponsored by tail rock if you're looking for a really nice watch and want to support this channel go check them out and use the discount code jeiza enjoy the moments and muy muy first I thought of passing in the middle but I was like just try that angle all you missed so bad oh boy 1:36 what 75 yo Oh oh let's pop the gold such a cute purse she met pole oh what a place I'll pass oh my god the delay on that is so good yeah the fake my god no it's like different words as well oh my god those nuts let's go I do you have any boost by the way no way so I've been doing this 1v1 video where I try to get two grand champ with random cars and one time I got octane CSR and I played so well with it and I don't understand why because the normal octane doesn't feel right or just doesn't make sense to me but CSR does some reason but yeah I actually love this car right now and want to get better with it because I think octane is the best car to use in comp and I'm glad that I can use this one so that's why you're gonna see me using it more now and a quick shout-out to brutal traders for giving me these cool items to make the car look super dope check them out in the description thank you guys for these I knew it Thanks wait nice oh I just didn't deserve to go that's nice there you'll spotted Oh nice nice actually I'm not gonna get oh yeah nice clean I almost pass him that was so good wait a message a sir no you always like one more pass even though it's open like where we are plate them let's make this here second play okay yeah okay that's my car Oh one called about a year that's a chicken and eggs I didn't think that was that fast oh no but that's good you can see that I don't know why D because I don't know why but I would just one bit oh my god 100 yes I'm gonna look what a renewed what you're what easy pretty weird Blair thank what happened I can still see anything that's such a banger

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