Rocket League MOIMENTS 10

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Wind and Rain:

Rocket League MOIMENTS 10: all the best goals and moments I’ve had in competitive recently 🙂
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Pulse leumaS#9822
[Applause] yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what my guys jeiza here the controller I was talking about is this new scoff infinity for PS pro controller that scoffs ain't me by the way I'm not obligated to say any of these everything is my own an honest opinion that I wanted to share in public because I'm truly thankful for scoff so I had a problem with my old controller which might be because of my aggressive lip canceling but now when I got this new controller I feel so good playing rocket League again it feels like I can control my car exactly how I want and the reason is because how smoothly the joystick moves the grip on it and agree behind the controller and actually all today's clips were recorded in only one day after I got this controller because I was so much happier with my car control that I played rocket League a lot again and that's all because of the controller so huge thank you scoff for this and one more thing I will be attending the Dreamhack Leipzig this weekend with MK well and I steezy representing wind and rain so if you're going there as well don't be afraid to come and say muy enjoyed the video and muy muy Hogan [Laughter] beautiful do oh yes so good job saluting beautiful house almost so clean yeah this time I predict to the past ever loved one to pass there oh yeah and I had this idea for a video it's called one goal equals four feet so we are playing ranked and any time the opponent scores only one goal we need to prove it the game and leave it so let me know if you're interested in this and if I should do that in one's twos or threes let me know in the comments thank you no no no no oh right I got it [Laughter] nice nice for them I almost bomb to you into the rebound ship look at that oh my god oh I was waiting on flushing yeah the fakes was amazing calculated No Oh subjected past just a little piece of it yeah it's good yeah so everything all right away you know first of all flip reset button oh yeah I left in any books [Laughter] don't you I was so sure that's too much I'm getting bumped so how is it what what is that page you see what was the fake absolutely genius plink did I win – lost any fast kick-ups today Amy he's fired Amazon did you just hear about it no like I saw on Twitter well I just do what you did why this music clips I actually can't Scott I she can score it I'm so sure you'll bombs bad we could always do like a medal puss they look so nice oh you mean this epic oh yeah we can craft you wanna play Mike huh no oh playing Russian what I mean Wow it's get it boys get it just get it no oh wait oh oh you keep oh my god no

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