Rocket League – GOAL OF THE YEAR 2018 – GRAND FINAL

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The best goals, top plays & moments from Rocket League are right here, welcome to the Goal of the Year Grand Final 2018 where the Top 20 monthly winners from the Top 10 Goals of the Week for Rocket League go head to head for your votes & the crown of the best goal on Rocket League 2018.

VOTE in the comments below for your favorite goal/play to give them the chance of being the Goal of the Year 2018!!

It’s the Top 10 series where The Best goals are on show, have you scored an epic winner, clutched up with an awesome last ditch strike or even had a funny fail then get involved in the next episode of the Rocket League Goals of the Week.

Rocket League is available to Play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

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if your husband with the chance of winning this incredible Rooter from Netgear and the Nighthawk pro gaming range all we need to do is once you've seen the video click the link in the description and follow the simple instructions to get involved there's only a couple of days left so do not wait get involved that could be yours but welcome to a very special video this is the rocket league goal of the year for 2018 here on the channel we've had millions of views on the series so many thousands of votes and hundreds and hundreds of clips that have come in from you the community it's now down to the final twenty these clips were all now hoping to get your votes but who wins and is crowned the Grand Champion is completely down to you if you do enjoy the video drop it a like and of course subscribe for daily top 10s on all of your favorite games and loads of other exclusive gameplay now to vote could not be simpler all you need to do is write the number of your favorite down below in the comments once you've seen all twenty and of course if you wanna get involved in a future episode or a new series you've got a great goal from rocket League get it sent him leave a link down below in the comments and this could be you a part of the next episode so goal one is the optimistic noob and it's drifting delight the second choice is of course gold – it's zombie extraction and got a case of the tribbles I think I worked that out of 15 touches before putting it top bin for themselves one nil up in that game goal 3 his cosmic squalor and free to style for the win one is already looking a very tough choice as to who is gonna be the winner is only going to get more difficult for number 4 is hockey time from my mother's perspective gah number five comes from act tough and it's a wonder on wheels don't six welcomes the gecko to this grand final and they have got the corkscrew counter maybe your vote will go to goal number 7 from kicks in' and they're in seventh heaven for goal number eight it's twitch TV Joe John RL and it's a hundred and thirty nine kilometers an hour of pure pinch go nine comes from no way and it's the start of dreams I think it's safe to say he enjoyed that one goal number ten is as we approach the halfway mark this is Watterson one two three and it's a beauty down at the beach [Applause] here's your goal 11 it's nitro gainer and it's called an equalizer oh I didn't quite an ad Rick mmm-hmm Alvin go number 12 it comes from Albert double three double three and it's a 360 finisher they say in number 13 will be unlucky for some of maybe not because Flo mo 179th is starting at the double for goal 14 it's idk RL and always expect the unexpected now don't forget once you've seen all 20 goals right the number of your favorite down below in the comments to give your vote the one with the most votes will be crowned for Grand Champion and also win some pretty cool prizes or your favorite be goal number 15 it's Mac tough he's in here for a second opportunity it's put in the work and reap the rewards or number 16 it comes from org source and third time's a charm heading into the final stretch for this grand final go 17 its mexic 10 and just unstoppable for goal 18 it's musty and this is a roof slide runner he's got better control of the ball that I have using his roof of his car rather than actually on the four wheels that was goal 18 this is goal 19 the plotter matures its Letty seven and take to the sky and then take it home and here it is at the final choice it's goin number 20 last but by no means least it's pavlenko bow but it's a crazy comeback for free normally you will get just one goal but in this final film you're getting three in just 20 seconds that's why this game up 3h somehow the power is in your hands you need to vote decide for your favorite clip by writing the number down below in the comments the one with the most votes will be crowned the grand champion of 2018 for rocket League here on the channel if you would like to win at that Nagy Reuter don't forget there's only a couple of days left click the link in the description and follow the simple instructions and also twine to as many giveaways as I can on my social media they're all linked on screen right now so be great if you could check those out if you fans subscribing for daily top tens on all of your favorite games plus loads of other exclusive gameplay simply click on the logo on the left hand side of your screen ring that bell turn no notifications and me one of the first in the world see every single brand new video if you do want to see more rocket League and how we got to this point click on the playlist on the right hand side and ah sweet you again in the next one

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