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Rocket League Gameplay – Today, We are going to be doing some 2s with my boy dayvid.

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hey guys welcome to another rocket league video today we're gonna be doing a little series of my boy David you may have seen them in men's Channel it's a buddy of ours we play all the time on stream and stuff so is that it's a cool dude we're gonna be doing some tools we're gonna see how far we can make it to DC so let's see how it goes all right let's do this game number one I'm ready Farms that we get when we get the new mouse oh not really useless okay you know what I mean you got it this map is so beautiful let's go take those the modest you see your knees I just I don't know the one thing I've always liked about this map is the lighting I feel like it's so like sometimes yeah one side that he shows you like the Sun if you have bloom on you oh you score these all day oh I see little spicy shop yeah Oh right now your name shows maverick haha because I had the date smart I was so kids I think what well minimize yeah like I'm always turned on well I never took it off so buddy oh wait a minute we tell me baby I got it no complaint in their rights it okay what are your thoughts I don't know I haven't been riding a lot I honestly personally I feel like I want to start playing six minutes soon but I don't know I do you think personally I think they should have been a hard reset yeah you see some boys being soft Lisa's yeah about time to do all everybody right now chant every oh hey GG we take those you know for sure I think I think like something that they should be like a good idea yeah it for one month maybe my friend told me it'd be like a good idea to add divisions I'm not sure by adding like a whole new rank but I do think that like maybe once every like three or like two seasons they should do a Harvey stuff but yeah like even when they do hard reset what they can do is actually just make the season a little bit longer yeah like for example like let's say we give G season from the first week yeah we got like in their defenses yeah but I still feel like they need to have a leaderboard for them to matter for sure yeah honestly I love to me yeah I'm adding a new rank mode Simon like we're you know it's like not really ranked yeah exactly frankly they just editor badges Oh is a pageant yeah Oh No Rahab trip I'm my curriculum oh oh no idea turn on transparent oh oh oh come on little thank-you goodness it was out of a bit of a bath Oh taking your boost don't worry about it I know I'm beat there somebody I know see you oh oh did I get that upper 90s high it says your father yeah I'm confused I've done look it I'm getting tangled oh boy you got it what I'm behind you Oh who's there Oh No what's John yeah I don't know I I think I think the reason that I want to harden Sissel bad news is like last season like towards the end there was literally like 25 players above 2,000 MMR that's like that's insane like that's way too high right are there batteries – okay oh I miss go 5-0 really quick whoa I have like I really thought you had it any food oh no he missed lays out a goal oh my god those unfortunate bro all right here we go here we go we're waiting it's turn up time is there they didn't say more like done we take these are good I'm sorry when I hear oh wait a minute i staged there yeah hi one more 1375 in a dream let's go we got more than enough time being all day we should spawn it higher games or a three-hit their genetic this go be right I believe let's go wait a minute watch them maybe personally all right honey goose so this keep it up keep it up no one can keep PG those fun hopefully anyway no next game nicely iPhoto for the winning these two out of this place come on we got it alright alright music this is fourth gear right now all of you Oh hypoxic that I got turned on transparent cool clothes all right here we go that's what he was that's all what I got you my life oh I know I got fun I believe in you oh wait please I'll go I don't dunk me he dunked me heavily I'm like huh all day I'm gonna become the past play all witness oh and he bumped me anybody no no I can't understand what just happened literally I yeah I couldn't I couldn't explain this to you I don't know what just happened I am for every confused we take those sodas oh yeah quit let's go and there's probably got it I can pick it up go hey and actually lifts up yep Oh nice day I'm thank you let's do some good gotta hit the play I got bumped let's go the play that's what I'm talking about blades I almost got it – shot me across them man ok well there we go I've seen you hit this oh he's love oh wow Oh a wooden house very often this is awkward we're good tie game we wouldn't yourself the very close ones that I give you the other day they're too dirty yeah I see you oh okay imagine you double touch that all the boxes what well I'm dead we're tied up we gotta kill hello my man hi bad mom you got it we got here I'm bumping you I'm toxic come back and back I'll go Oh Oh touching anything oh no oh I was terrifying I saw him get the flip side to be Oulton oh wait ho baby take it Shelby wait a minute I am so confused nicely oh he's up okay he's ready for ya he's prepared he's needed confusion Oh no longer capisce all day all bases are there buckaroo Oh what he bumped me he's insane Lenin five nine booths here we go eBay oh I knew right there perfect oh now I got a hundred let's go oh geez a plain blue ope live – okay

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