Red Dead Redemption 2 VS 1 REVIEW/COMPARISON

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Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 is definitely one of 2018’s most ambitious games, but how does it stack up against the Original Red Dead Redemption in an In-Depth Comparison?

Let’s find out in this episode of GAME VS GAME!
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rockstar has been one of the best game studios for the past 20 years they have developed and published to some of the most well-known and influential games like manhunt Max Payne and who could forget table tennis of course they're real claim to fame is Grand Theft Auto and the last entry GTA 5 is still topping the game charts after five years on the market now Rockstar has returned to the Old West with Red Dead Redemption – the prequel to their 2010 hit in layman's terms these games are kind of like Grand Theft Auto in a western setting but they are also much more than that while they serve as dedications to old western films they take place during a time where the Wild West was slowly becoming less wild the law was taking over technology was booming and banks were on the cusp of owning everybody it's a period rarely touched upon in cinema and both red dead redemption games tell unique stories because of it and the first title former gang member John Marston is forced by the government to track down his old members in order to get his newer and more honorable life back on track two on the other hand is set during John's time as a member of the van der Linde game but now the story of how the gang collapsed are told through the eyes of a new protagonist arthur morgan we will go more in depth on the story later in this episode but now we have to ask if Red Dead Redemption too is a true successor to the first game was it worth the 8-year long wait or does it pull a grand theft auto 4 and not quite live up to the standards set by its predecessor we will find out with the following categories world controls gameplay and story with only minor spoilers for both games even though you've had eight years to catch up on Red Dead 1 will spare you in case you've played to two but not one since it's now worth playing even more if you've completed the story in two now then let's saddle up because the battle between Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 is about to break out now obviously we're not going to pit the graphics of these games against each other because well come on and to be fair comparing Red Dead Redemption two's graphics to any other game would be a David and Goliath scenario because it's probably the best-looking game of this generation and all time instead we're going to compare the richness and detail of the worlds that both of these games offer what's interesting is that the new austin district of the first games map is included in Red Dead Redemption twos already massive map but while we're on the subject of new Austin let's talk about the open world of Red Dead Redemption 1 even though the game is set in 1911 new Austin still feels like an old western backdrop thanks largely to the vast deserts and small towns that haven't quite caught up with technology as if yet new Austin is an all gist desert though as some areas have trees snow as well as lakes later on you will also visit Mexico which is also a desert like new Austin but with different architecture safe to say red dead one doesn't have that much variety in terms of its terrain because you'll be spending most of your time in the desert and canyon settings this is largely due to the limited power of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but it's also appropriate seeing as it's a Western now having been released a whopping eight years after Red Dead 1 and on more powerful consoles it's no surprise that Red Dead 2 has a better looking and bigger world until you get to new Austin you'll be hard-pressed to define to any deserts in the states of West Elizabeth ambery no New Hanover and Lemoine instead you will find rich grasslands gorgeous mountains haunting swamps and rich bustling cities like Saint Denis whereas Red Dead 1 had some settings like that didn't hold a candle to the variety found in Red Dead twos but what kind of worlds would these be without the life not just the human life but the wild life both games have an abundance of animals to hunt in exchange for some money and food tread carefully though because as some of them will be in the mood to pick a fight of course Red Dead 2 has more animals and a greater focus on hunting you see unlike the first game the world will drastically affect the protagonist if you're not properly equipped this means dressing up for hot or cold weather and maintaining a healthy weight by eating and drinking not doing these things properly will affect how fast your health drains or regenerates and how much stamina you have the same goes for your horse which you will have to clean and feed regularly so yeah the winner of this battle is obvious it's one thing to have a bigger and better looking world after eight years of progress in game design but it's another thing entirely to have this world affect your plane if not properly equipped Rockstar did not have to do this at all with Red Dead Redemption – but they did and it is because they aimed to make this game as realistic as possible and it definitely worked in this battle for the game world oh boy here we go we just said at the end of this last battle that Rockstar aimed to deliver realism in Red Dead Redemption – which worked in its favor when designing the open world I stand by what I said about Rockstar being one of the best game developers of the age but they would be even better if they just made their games not have frustrating controls Red Dead Redemption one definitely has these moments of frustration moving around can be a chore especially when you have to keep tapping a button to run this was more forgivable back in 2010 but in 2018 why but at least aiming your gun in Red Dead 2 is easier than it wasn't one where it was literally impossible to hit anybody without using auto aim granted I still did that at times and too but it felt much less stiff than it did in 1 also there is a first-person mode but I barely used it because this game is clearly designed for third-person control make no mistake the awkward controls of these games were very much designed intentionally especially in – as stated before Red Dead 2 has the goal of being as realistic of a game as any game would allow it's a great idea in theory but a recipe for frustration in execution this is especially the case on that damn horse I'm not going to lie and acts like Red Dead one didn't have frustrating horse moments but in – they are made all the more worse by those infuriating trees real horses don't run into trees very often sure Red Dead Redemption 1 had some janky controls as well but upon playing it recently in anticipation for – I didn't notice them as much as in the new game maybe because Red Dead one came out eight years ago and it would be safe to expect the game's controls to improve within that timeframe not get worse even though the controls in Red Dead Redemption – aren't a deal breaker they certainly are nothing to praise with that in mind Red Dead Redemption 1 wins the battle for controls simply by not being as rage-inducing controls are one thing but if the gameplay is good enough then it's much easier to tolerate some lackluster controls most open-world games nowadays include a main quest as well as a ton of side quests that may distract you rockstars open-world games that seem to have a healthy focus on both and I personally have felt more encouraged to play the main quests more so than the side ones the same goes for Red Dead 1 & 2 not to say these side quests or in this case the stranger missions aren't good they are you encounter most of these two stranger missions just by exploring the game's world but they're not random encounters like the literal random encounters in both games NPCs will run into you asking for help requesting that you bring back their stolen horse or challenge you to a standoff in Red Dead 2 however they take these encounters up a notch sometimes you will be ambushed by rival gangs and other outlaws that will try and rob you and you will still be helping citizens along the way if you want by bringing them back to their homes after their horse died or helping them recover from a rattlesnake bite and if you just want to kick back and have some fun you can play some five finger fillet watch a movie a stage show or play some dominoes to pass the time and gain some money through bets as you can tell both games have these side activities and utilize them well but where I find it to to be the most different isn't its bounty system you see in Red Dead 1 John is on a quest to become a better man which is why it doesn't really make much sense for him to do bad things in that game Arthur on the other hand despite his good heart is still an outlaw and I found it to be much easier to be a criminal sure you can still hunt criminals through bounty hunting like in the first game but it's also fun to be the criminal robbing citizens is an easy way to get some cash quickly and you don't have to just stop at stores and wagons more freedom of choice already gives Red Dead Redemption to the upper hand in this battle but another big feature is the camp your gang will set up an outpost where you can contribute money and other goods to improve it but after I finally upgraded my camp I mainly just filled up my wallet in the thousands as you can tell we talked a lot about Red Dead Redemption to in this category more than one because it does everything gameplay-wise that Red Dead one did but better except for the controls and with more options simply put Red Dead Redemption two improves upon the gameplay established in one which is to be expected after eight years of progress which is why it wins the battle for gameplay here is where the fight gets interesting Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 are both fantastic examples of storytelling in video games the acting is superb the writing captivating and the settings immersive however well if they also have in common is that their beginnings are super slow in Red Dead 1 you spend about the first hour at the McFarland ranch leading cattle taming horses and shooting some rabbits it's a chore to get through and literally they are tours you would expect to do at a ranch in Red Dead 2 you spend the first two hours at the snowy peaks it's not all boring however you'll engage in some fights with the O'Driscoll gang and hunt for some deer after you descend from the mountains you are free to explore the world so regardless of how slow the beginnings of these games are at least they served a purpose they are obviously tutorials but they also offer exposition to catch the player up on what's going on but with those beginnings out of the way it's time to really decide which one of these games has the better story and believe me I was very conflicted when deciding the winner of this battle you see Red Dead Redemption 1 is a special game as far as story is concerned many fans including myself have a connection with John Marston as a protagonist as well as his quest for redemption that said upon further examination there are also some flaws in this story for one most of the characters come off as a little too cartoonish and stereotypical there's nothing wrong with stereotypes but they can overstay their welcome what's that you have an Irish character named IRA give me a break need a signature crazy person that's where Seth comes in and how about that quirky nigel west dickens that jerk still owes me five dollars thankfully there are still plenty of normal characters in that game but the ones in Red Dead 2 feel way more believable and less like one-dimensional stereotypes sure there is still this Scottish guy but whatever it also hopes that most of these people stick around way longer than just a few missions they have so much more time to become fully fleshed out then there is another problem with Red Dead one being that most of the quests make John out to be some kind of an errand boy not to say there aren't missions like that in Red Dead 2 but Arthur's involvement in the story flows way more naturally than just people asking Arthur to do favors for them the only real problem I had with Red Dead 2 story was how it ended no spoilers here but I feel like it lacked the oomph of the first games ending and that could have been due to the two-part epilogue that lasted around four hours that said I'm probably in the minority when it comes to that feeling which is totally ok Red Dead 2 has an incredible story and in his undoubtedly rockstars most cinematic game yet in the end both Red Dead 1 & 2 have amazing stories but to knew how to tell its story better without an abundance of stereotypical characters and a main quest line that made Arthur out to be less of an errand boy than John looks like I turn into a goddamn errand boy and with that we have to give the victory to Red Dead Redemption – so now it's settled with Red Dead Redemption 1 winning the battle for controls and to winning the ones for world gameplay and story it's no surprise that Rockstar Games took all the lessons they've learned from one and even GTA 5 and created one of the best games of the year and console generation that said would it really be that tough for you guys to learn how to make proper controls still it'll take a lot more than clunky controls to make this game any less great than it already is which is why we have to give it a score of 95 out of 100 anyway we'd like to hear from you do you think Red Dead Redemption 2 is a better game than the first one explain why you agree or disagree in the comments section below or tweet it to us at common realm in the meantime be sure to click that thumbs up if you liked this video and if you are new subscribe and hit that notification bell to know when we upload another episode of game versus game as well as more content regarding the Nintendo switch and other game franchises we'd also like to thank our glorious patrons including royal producer Kenyatta Ali for all their contributions to the realm be sure to visit slash common realm if you'd like to join the ranks in exchange for some awesome perks and swag that's all for now girls um guys so we will see you next time on the Commonwealth realm

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