Red Dead Redemption 2 UFO EASTER EGG Tutorial! (RDR2 Secrets & Easter Eggs)

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Red Dead Redemption 2 UFO EASTER EGG Tutorial! (RDR2 Secrets & Easter Eggs)
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what's up everyone welcome back to gang go so today I have the first Easter egg of many for Red Dead Redemption – this is a similar Easter Egg to ones found in GTA 5 as it involves an actual UFO hovering above your location but first I must give a huge thanks to quill streak on YouTube for letting me use his clip as he already found this in game a rue leave a link to his channel in the description please go over subscribe and let him know game goat sent you I'd really appreciate it anyways on through this Easter egg so before you go see the UFO you can come to this location in the day and you will find a note the area you want to head to is in the heartland just north of emerald ranch around about here on the map once here you will find a dilapidated old shack with a note inside it pick this up and it says at the second hour under the half moon by the great love and grace of our Savior cuckoo ABBA Voyager of time and galaxies we cast off our corporal shells so his vessel can take our spirits to the promised realm to live in peace and power until the 2000 of the year when we will return for the new chosen and worship once again at the peak of Mount Shan in his love we rejoice always now if we take a closer look at the first line it says at the second hour under the half moon so what you guys want to do is come back to this location how around about 2 a.m. and once here simply walk into the shack and this is what happens yep a UFO appears above you with a Northern Lights esque vibe to it now this could be a nod to the truly odd UFO mystery in gta5 or it could be the start of a much bigger easter egg in Red Dead Redemption to my personal take is that this is just the beginning as Rockstar are known for including quite elaborate and tricky to solve Easter eggs in their games what do you guys think is there more to this UFO Easter Egg than meets the eye or is it just a little addition Rockstar added into humorous players let me know in the comments as I'm definitely interested to hear your guys's thoughts please drop a like if you've got this far and you're still watching feel free to subscribe for more Red Dead Redemption to secret locations Easter eggs gameplay whatever tips and tricks tutorials and everything else and I mean that's pretty much it for this easter egg thanks guys for watching this is game go and i'll see you in the next video

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