Red Dead Redemption 2 Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why
This week I jump into bed with Rockstar and review Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PS4 Pro, and I gotta say, it’s an absolute nightmare.

Really though I think from watching this you can tell I like Red Dead Redemption 2, I am just focusing on the negative aspects to question the many reviews saying Red Dead Redemption 2 is a perfect game. It just seems worse than it is in this video because of my ranty “this is why it’s an absolute nightmare” style.

The animator animating Red Dead Redemption 2’s horse poop (at “Rockstar”) was CircleToonsHD, you can see his amazing stuff here:

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The next absolute nightmare video will be a VR game, but I thought I would try my hand at another 2D game, and what is better to complain about than Red Dead Redemption 2, possibly the most successful and critically acclaimed game of all time!! I’m sure no one will have any issues with my constant complaining.

I am sad I couldn’t show off Arthurs sweet moustache I have grown him, but since we are on the PS4 Pro there is no easy way to take a decent selfie. I pray for a PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2, I’d probably get it again and do a whole Red Dead Redemption 2 Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why video again WITH MODS.

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rented retention – it's about a man named Arthur with the ability to skin any animal alive in the space of about three seconds good lord Arthur I mean skinning a rabbit for him is like doing that fucking tablecloth trick actually let's quickly talk about a previous rock star game back in 2013 Rockstar Games released GTA 5 a game about three Psychopaths murdering their fellow Americans the game was majority of lis overseen in Scotland and left us all wondering is this really what the game industry is turning into now I know what you're thinking but I've got these now you ain't going anyway if you like GTA 5 that's fine honestly I just happen to think these games are a systemic symptom of the ongoing destruction of mainstream media conditioning us into becoming brain-dead morons incapable of independent thought geez swig up cheese Fritz where the two seconds then hold left until your inventory open things like on cheese the ether cheese will increase your health stamina intellect run speed block piloting ability drunkenness I'm gonna leave not before this cutscene cheese is made from milk the type of coagulant use depends on the cheese desired acid cheese is an acidic source such as acetic acid to be a bit more transparent about what I mean here is a summary of a typical mission in a larger triple-a game mission starts watch cutscene go to place follow path there in car for two minutes press where to climb walk for two minutes go to specific points on that one-by-one watch cutscene kill fellow sentient human being do you have health in this game get on bike go to specific point on that increased driving skill but driving skill makes you better at driving watch cutscene mission him now you can still argue that these new big games aren't all about the gameplay there are product of some of the most talented game designers in the world striving to push the technological and narrative elements of gaming as a whole yeah like that [Applause] read their to ultimately continues this similarly restrictive mission design from previous rockstar games but before I get into things I just want to say I do like this game I highly recommend it wait a minute I better get dressed quickly you know what this is this is way too hot all the things I say in this video aside it is a landmark on what is technologically possible within videogames and it has an into the spider-verse level of visual creativity whatever that was oh my god it's so good it's so car horse – begins quite slowly as is the pattern for rockstar games like GTA 4 I've heard mixed things about this beginning as it takes five or so hours before you're free to explore the map but rather than driving your cousin to the fucking grocer three hours I feel this opening actually captures the spirit of an old movie and properly introduces us to the dynamic of Arthur's gang in their view of the world Arthur actually feels like a well-rounded character if you choose to play up to his level of humility shown in the cutscene it's not like michael from GTA 5 who plays like Michael Bluth Don fucking Tony Montana after convincingly views his place in the world with a cynical dual morality and justifies his actions as necessities to keep himself and those around him safe until I'm holding the controller but early on within the confines of the story it all works very well until of course we reach the inevitable jail very mission where Arthur murders an entire town filled with innocent people oh dear honestly it's fucking bananas I do what I gotta do to survive but this person doesn't have a face anymore in this mission this town is 1 million percent justified in trying to kill me in their eyes and 9 – to be honest I just walked into town and started murdering every sheriff I could get my hands on I'm pretty sure this guy was just a blacksmith well I helped top this woman earlier at least I'm a little bit more complex this will teach you to innocently protect your town against numerous Psychopaths who were trying to kill your family for no discernible reason somehow I feel Geralt in The Witcher 3 got away with doing terrible things a little better I'm of course referring to the moral choice where you free the soul of a monstrous evil tree Hartford reasons bye bye evil tree spirit horse of death the level of realism Red Dead 2 is going for in the mission cutscenes is so complex and nuanced that the actual actions outside of these cutscenes makes you come across as an absolute madman Edgar Allan Poe gonne flad the Impaler your humbler moments of character which are extremely touching and well done are all lost in a sea of literal death I mean Arthur comes across as more evil than the monster tree heart spirit from earlier he certainly murders more people oh and speaking of realism imagine growing up in the 80s and watching as gaming evolved from monkey island to tomb raider deus ex to bioshock and then dedicating your entire life to studying and mastering all the new and adaptive 3d rendering tools and techniques then after decades of practice finally working your way up to the dizzying heights of a programmer rock star man I gotta get this perfect oh shit I have an idea if I just aim this up here and bring this to fall down okay alright now it's coming together now it's coming together alright I've been working all year and this is all I have to show for it you want more you can't honestly it feels like my horse shits every 30 seconds let's do a little experiment from science okay so we've gathered up five horses here and we're gonna watch their asses for ten minutes then we will collect our data at the end and calculate an accurate number of average poops per minute go what am I doing with my light this is what happens when you have too much money one day I'll make enough videos and be able to hire someone to do litoral acrobatics in the back of all my videos just to make me look frivolous a million subscribers finally so guys we did it a million subscribers I just like to thank myself for being so great surely there's a limit on how far you can go with realism if you introduce pooping and surely I should be pooping – why am I not stopping everyday for a poop myself oh god it's happening the level of realism in this game outside of being able to walk through four consecutive bullets in a row includes some of the most impressive things I've ever seen in a video game it's honestly astonishing the level of detail put into this game and it leaves you a little taken aback in a good way polluting carrying objects pushing through the bushes recipes skinning but do we need all eat all of this does any of this stuff actually make the game more fun does the mud leaving an exact imprint of everything that passes through it like a beautiful electronic canvas of wonder actually improve the game I mean it does bring me immense joy take me the happiness I feel dragging a man through the mud and watching him slowly get more and more filthy leaving a perfect trail of mud behind him is all too real do it time to clean you off in the river muddy pup what the fuck is wrong with me I can't decide if having all this detail is actually ok and let me explain what I mean we all know deep down gameplay is one of the most important aspects of how fun a game is like why is the hand-to-hand combat in this game so simple why is the tracking mechanic of legendary animals literally just pressing a button then following a series of prompts that appear on screen these are gameplay elements with comparatively very little creative thought put into them this is possibly the most dynamic world in a video game ever made what annals actually leave physical trails but the only way to actually track one of them is to be told exactly where to go step by step by on-screen prompts yes I can go to the fucking theater who prioritize this was he here well let's be fair let's sit down and watch this what is happening to these games who would watch this and why teams of thousands of people paid presumably hundreds of thousands of pounds over the course of eight years to animate what can extensively be described as at least the tennis in gta5 was a fucking game bland as a popcorn bagel but at least you pressed buttons improve the hand-to-hand combat engine implement events with no gameplay create an innovative animal tracking system implement events with no in a game designed by less than 3,000 people someone would have quite rightly stepped forward at some point and said wait a second this is bullshit think of the subversive nature of undertale options and events were included simply to mock the player for doing things in the game's context that made absolutely no sense shopkeepers quite sensibly being insulted when you try to sell them stuff in their own stores maybe in Red Dead to the theater doors could have locked and the ticket seller takes off with everyone's cash and no show is actually ever played on screen then by the time the player realizes it's too late Andy's escaped we've quite rightly feel like total morons for trying to see a show in a video game the pitting of dramatic recreation of the Wild West but no fifty people at Rockstar all sat around the table and one moron says let's put shows in the game and everyone else is too polite to say anything otherwise probably because the company was previously headquartered in the UK where we apologize if someone walks into us oh my god I'm so sorry I think I'd remove all these bells and whistles for a decent tracking system but I gotta say the best moment this year was hooking up the pros who a 4k TV and showing all my friends the animations for skinning a duck good god Arthur this isn't Temple of Doom it's a mallard not a fucking banana and then once he's done with her Arthur just disposes of his defiled bird so basically it's hard for me to decide whether or not I'm really on board for all this realism it certainly does add a lot to my enjoyment of the game so it's hard to argue against it but even the way Arthur Lutz bodies and rooms it looks simple but I can only imagine the insane amount of work that went into how seamless picking up objects is when I'm sure it would have just been perfectly acceptable to do this while other areas of the actual game player lacking finer details you know what I've had enough of this vest as well actually speaking of The Witcher 3 again one of the biggest obstacles in that game was sleight fools in this game though it's minor inclines fuck me it's like the author has an inner ear infection what the hell is going on here this is beyond realism I mean I could get up there I don't want to brag that I'm a pretty agile guy I'm telling that's the word for this right telling even the dirt effects on your face are incredible in Red Dead 1 I would play poker for 20 hours straight while sipping whiskey inside and outside the game like a total badass Double Down but now the mud stays on my face the entire poker game so I can really get into character even the towns feel incredibly real especially early on when they're filled with buildings with seemingly no use like the post offices you run across these all the time later on you learn if you talk to this guy inside you can send mail but what would I want to send oh I'm ready well I sent it by having a fucking clue where it's gone ah cuz sheets odd has arrived I think you can probably tell that overall I would say the incredible attention to detail in this game does ultimately make the game more fun especially when deciding on things like whether or not you should save this guy hanging off a cliff the game's seamless animations make it so easy for you to get into character well well well looks like you're in a Mary farm bit of trouble don't you worry though I think we can show my god he's fallen Benny ah the most absurd detail is how Arthur has to actually smoked cigarettes in the game when he wants the refill is dead eye meter I know we're trying to be realistic here but the Dead Eye is a combat mechanics you end up smoking your way through every other gunfight like you've got some sort of deep-rooted nicotine dependence I mean look at this shit it's the best looking game ever okay it's beautiful it's realistic while still being stylized it's just how I like it to show you what I mean here's my usual graphics montage you're probably used to this by now no no not that fucking song ever again there we go the hospital is yes use this one oh for God's sake can we get a cleaner in here unlike all the brilliant animations and impressive realism we spoke about earlier I'm completely sure that these graphics do make this game better you see ever since the genesis SNES was we knew deep down that graphics didn't actually matter it was all about the gameplay but this is now a whole different pile of shit you see I enjoy trips to art museums as much as the next person ah another triumph and this game is a living work of art sure the ps4 Pro sounds like a wounded animal in a crashing helicopter when it turns on there we go but my god it's trying excuse me sir I didn't realize this was fallout 76 so here's where organic car simulator and me start to disagree a little flared jeans are you insane I don't have a specific problem with the story itself the writing and voice actually are all incredible I just find the way it's presented in the gameplay sections is a namely in organic and namely an organic fuck V you know what's in namely inorganic that fucking sentence there's a specific mission where you are given a treasure map but rather than work out where the treasure is the game tells you exactly where to go it honestly takes complete focus away from the amazing world that you're in as a result I literally spend half the game looking here instead of here what a lovely day I think the inorganic nature of the missions is more prevalent in Red Dead 2 because as a sequel the game's mechanics are very similar to the first the gritty Western open-world its combat and the Deadeye mechanic felt very fresh in the first game but it's all just been regurgitated more oh my god said it's a black horse it's you in horse form finally you can be my horse no oh never mind he's got a white nose he looks nothing like you unless don't do it human and if you do feel like going the whole hog and doing absolutely nothing you can just enter cinematic mode hold X and you don't even have to play Red Dead Redemption is so far however when galloping car really shines is when the story or gameplay is presented to the player without any prompts or explanation the absolute best part of the game for me was stumbling across a pig farm in the wilderness and entering without being told to an entire scene then plays out from this point and you're never once told what to do by the game I won't spoil it but it ends with this scene gone dad to me this proves how much better games can be when the player is able to work through them at their own pace without so much hand-holding undertale explicitly makes this point and you all love that so bloody much there are also random people scattered throughout the game you are free to meet without prompts but I found them all to be quite similar you just walk up to them they get angry and tell you to leave then you a pop look Oh Oh God why do people keep dying around me 8 I bought this for a previous video but it was too big imperfection is what creates perfection remember that pretentious scene in Inception where jack tells rose her dream form isn't good enough for him because she lacks all the imperfections that make her human well here wait a minute am I being pretentious now by trying to legitimize criticisms of a video game by referencing obscure scenes in movies that are in of themselves pretentious I fallen into some sort of pretentious Inception Leo help me tens fucking tens what are you on IGN Spain this is utterly ridiculous this is kind of where I've been going with this whole review Red Dead 2 is good but it ain't fucking perfect don't get me wrong there are games I would give tens to FTL undertale minecraft agario but these games are microcosms cool RG ja this is because they lay out a very specific gameplay style and execute the entire game within this style without any flaws however witcher 3 in my opinion is a far better game than any of those it's longer has more mechanics is more in depth that's better visuals combat and more detailed levelling up but it has flaws the middle of the game is about as interesting as manufacturing carpet it may be my favorite game but there is no way I could give The Witcher 3 a ten it does far more than any of those other games but that leaves more room for mistakes sure by that logic Beethoven's fifth may be more flawed than megalovania but I take that risk there are of course hundreds of things I love about this game I love how you keep a diary written in fucking cursive honestly Arthur Morgan does not strike me as that literary type today I left my horse on the train tracks their colors to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 is perfect and cannot be improved on is irresponsible let's face it even Sid can be improved on hairs just get in the way said cuz sheets tireless come

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