Red Dead Redemption 2 Free Roam Gameplay LIVE! Robbing Stores, Bounties, Hunting, Fishing!

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Red Dead Redemption 2 free roam gameplay no spoilers! RDR 2 PS4 Pro gameplay hunting, exploring and more!

RDR 2 Walkthrough, part 1:

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From the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America at the dawn of the modern age.

superb buddy and welcome to Red Dead Redemption to free room we're gonna be doing everything from robbing stores to hunting and even fishing checking out everything that the free roam of Red Dead Redemption to has to offer and get again do it get into a bit of trouble but a lot of fun so if you watch it enjoys – be sure to hit that like button subscribe if you're new and I'm gonna do my best to keep this spoiler free so if you want to you know keep this the storyline all intact for yourself that is okay cuz we're just gonna be doing every extracurricular activity over here and I think that we should start off with maybe a bit of robbery there's a couple of stores here there's a general store there's a hotel there's a bank there I don't think I can rob the bank yet I have progressed through the store where I can go fishing and I do know a bit more about hunting and everything like that but as you progress through the story different sort of activities some luck you can also do a bounty here – but I think I think it's a good thing to start off with robbing a store so let's go ahead and do that and to do that I think we should do it a little bit more low-key so I'm gonna go ahead and put on my two revolvers Oh all right sir don't worry about it and I'm gonna go ahead and put on my bandana as well there we go hide my identity although it's not gonna matter much if I hide my identity is it it's not gonna hide not gonna hide too much let's go through here and let's go rob the shrub the medicine store there's actually something interesting about the medicine store if we go to the back over here I was just snooping around looking and I saw back here it's like a metal door see that looks a bit suspect to me alright the lot man a little bit upset there but I think that if we go into here listen we got the doctor here alright listen I'm gonna take off my mask it's me don't worry about it so you go in here and get some meds some health potions stuff like that and go back here we got a security toy oh shoot oh okay well there's security door that oh he's not gonna let me rob him like that huh how about nope okay didn't even get the robbed oh I'm sorry oh shoot alright just straight up shoot me we all good disturbing the peace this is what I'm wanted for right now didn't even get to rob the store I'm just disturbing the peace just ready to serve the beasts are getting wild at me we can actually rob stage ghosts and sell them as well we can sell horses we've gotten to that point let's lose these cops oh and let's rob that store again back there seems like a secret area for some illicit activities to say the least they mentioned that the first time you go into town that some of these these these storefronts have side businesses which can be fairly profitable if you want to venture to them they're beautiful game though absolutely stunning we will go hunting at some point here we will go fishing which I've recently just unlocked and for those of you following the walkthrough I actually recorded that and we'll have that walkthrough up soon oh no I have a ten dollar bounty now goodness gracious let's see if we can get away from this guy oh he's really he's really gunning for me huh I feel like sticking to the road is gonna be less beneficial for me it's gonna be a bit less beneficial we got a card over there alright leave me alone Locke please I ain't done nothing well I did something but I ain't done too much somebody's house here we got a barn oh nice nice Bowl over there I'm gonna smack myself into the tree as you ride into the what is the Sun I think it's sunset overlooking this beautiful valley here great spot to go fishing at least oh yeah be careful about that horsey now when you do get a bounty on you you got to go ahead and pay that off or else people are gonna be very upset at you I also want to show you something real neat here so if you go over here we get our varmint rifle we aim at this California Valley coyote you can see in the bottom right how many stars it has those stars will tell you the quality of the pail go ahead and take that out and when we skinned them we should get a perfect help from this one perfect pelts sell for more and they also are used for crafting so let's see if this is I think it's a 2 star now that I shot it I think you might have to shoot a specific way maybe an arrow to the head would have kept it intact or maybe just a better rifle to be have been used so you got to keep those things in mind when you're hunting and not only i but i'm sure you will get the hang of it that was just a good pelt which is good it's good i don't know if you can use them for crafting to get pelts but definitely not a bad gig to go hunting there's some wild horses out here watch out Joe Joe come on horsies what we can do is we can steal a horse ride it into town and then sell it that sounds a profitable way to make some money I guess just profitable would be a way to say it let's stadium this is a Morgan horse wait all right there a little they're a little frightened so I'm gonna try to approach him see if I can get it a little bit closer to him calm him down so long as he's not spooked okay there you go buddy I'm gonna try to keep him calm okay let me Pat him there you go nice little Morgan horsies there we go now let's go ahead and get on him there we go stick on him Oh No yeah buck yeah I almost had it they're almost at it that was not nice horsey we're gonna let the Morgan get away I guess is there a way to I he's booked it now we try to get that horse so hold left click and move it in the direction all right that's what I've been doing wrong let's try it again come on boy just calm down calm down stop and comment before approaching again oh they're gunning it man you got to be real calm serene about it to get these horses there's a whole art to it let's say I almost walked up on this animal over here let's let's walk up to them let's see if we could find a horse that we could tame and do it right this time there we go ah there we go study him I think is still a Morgan it might be the same one that we tried to tame come on buck up just calm down everything will be all right hey don't worry about it all right I'm gonna stand up walk very slowly towards you it's all right everything's all good let me pay there you go you're good wild horses okay all right now we mount it we're clicking l3 and move it in the opposite direction that the horse is going then we hold it in the opposite direction there we go we broke it so we've successfully broken the horse but it would still have some wild tendencies continuing to bond with it to make it obedient we got a Morgan horse ladies and gentlemen a wild horse so let's head over back to town here and see if we could sell it you could do the OP to keep the horse that's totally an option you could sell it or you could store it so you could have multiple horses let's call our horse to follow along here I'm thinking though if I don't if I don't sell them you might kind of just run away to a certain point so let's open over a map which if you want to quick select you just hold the start button let's make our way over to the bounty the bounty place which is actually just the same thing as the train station that's where you pay off your bounty so that nobody gets mad at you anymore let's head over there right now you can see there's some wild horses over here we don't have the best stamina on this horse but again it is we've literally just got it so you can come to expect that and apparently if you tap X with the gallops properly you actually don't lose any stamina on your horse I haven't learned how to do it properly I think it takes some time to master but one day I will be a master with the horse here like I am with young jefe let's go ahead and just walk up to this train station here the bounty office – and let's hitch our horse just because a little scared he's gonna run away if I don't line it up there we go hitch him to the window corresponding level one achieved alright you can buy train tickets here you can rob them we're gonna pay a bounty off them so let's pay the new hand over one boom easy alright now let's go ahead and see if we can sell the horse we might have to wait until day time I'm not sure if they're open still is quite late as you can see some people are still up and about I would think that they would still be oh what's happening here whoa whoa whoa whoa dude you ain't afraid to get blood oh oh gosh get ahead but you dude oh I'm an excellent fighter all right what you got on me bro don't punch a lady yeah so did you get a mom pick up my hat partner let's loot them – what you got on you there we go 59 cents oh shoot what are the other horse go I'll see he's so untamed he would need a saddle too if he wanted him he went to come eat the hay from the hay bales over here it's pretty neat actually I've never seen them do that before all right let's go over here and let's see how much we could sell this horse for how much you got for me now I've never done this before so if we want to sell them it's two dollars and 20 cents not a crazy amount of money but you totally can sell them and if you want you can stable them and keep them I think you can hold up to three horses so we're gonna sell them there you go and then you can manage our horses I have one more you can hold for actually so I have a shire a Tennessee Walker and I'm El Jefe which is my my trusty steed there's also the ability to buy these horses here and I think they get a couple in stock once in a while so the thoroughbred I can actually get for free I believe that was part of some pre-order thing or one of the additions personally so I haven't got this one yet but he looks sweet it looks real sweet all right maybe we should buy that horse what do you think let's buy the horse let's go back here and get this beautiful horse now I'm curious if they change the way they look after a while so like if I come back later we'll thoroughbred look different as possible they use a racehorse so he goes real fast got a lot of acceleration but like the stamina stuff like that may not be as good as the other horses that we have so let's go ahead and claim them and we can just call uh it's called pancake for now and cake pan crew not pancreatitis pancake there you go all right so this is pancake here we can go ahead and go to grooming services you could change their Mane change their tail you can put anything you like on them you can put a mohawk I tend to go with the mohawk and then you can even change their tail and and braid it if you like you have a braided tail look at that and then addition to that I think you could change you change like saddles saddlebags stirrups horns blankets Federal's all that stuff is possible to change look at this horse right here so Bioware's my other ones a war horse this one's allegedly faster and of a different breed so let's go ahead an itch up let's go ahead and why don't we go to the saloon for the night here not the busiest of nights let's go I didn't get a drink from the bartender let's get it let's get a beer there you go you could just drink it back have a conversation you best believe me my drink get on a tee no I won't have another let's see if we can start up a bar fight or something my nude for some fun bad we got over here we got a bunch people just drinking it it's late at night 200 goodness gracious it's a bar fight baby oh shoot there's more of them than there is me we knew that going in though I gotta take one out at a time there we go we're taking this into the streets now let's grab them knock them out there we go last guy here come on Oh punch him through the saloon doors one second lawman nice but I'll be watching let me choke him out all right hold up all right all right I surrender just had a little bar fight just come with me all right take me to jail just wanted to get into a little bar fight here just a normal day in the wild wild west we got to think of what we did in here we interrupted their poker game it wasn't very nice I guess he made me mad though he was looking at me funny from across the room come on now now we got released on some good behavior here it's good to be free it's also good to rob some stores so let's go ahead and do that so you can see over here you can head to the bank but at the moment for me at least doesn't seem like I can do anything welcome you won't even do anything if I aim a gun at them oh yeah there's a lot in there too so you got to be careful but it doesn't seem like you robbed those yet that's definitely a thing that's gonna happen you just progress further story so let's go into the general store here what we're gonna do though is we're going to go ahead and put on our masks get our dual-wield out go first-person and head into the store oh hello sir I was thinking that maybe you give me give me what's in the register all right they give you money okay no need to do anything drastic all right oh there's a witness all right I'm gonna go ahead and take this money real quick hope you don't mind me grab that grab a couple dollar bills I'm gonna furnish this shop I've had enough well that's kind of depressing I didn't mean for all that to happen oh it wasn't me it was the other guy psych sike that guy would not die was the other guy happy alright that's what you want to play it like this 1 2 3 woo come to the Wild West gun slinger out of here look at these graphics though oh wow well that's pretty brutal oh good I'm not just helping gonna help you out dude get the authorities why try to hide in there ray combs huh I tried to rob this store before you reported me so you get all right that's it they wanted to mess around all right we got to get on out of here time to steal a horse oh these horses are bucking formation yeah oh this horse is going whatever way he wants right now oh shoot the horses buck me off Oh someone just shot the horse actually we're out of here their horse killers around here oh that's my horse it's my new trusty steed close the dog we got to pet him you got a pet him it's only fair come here dog oh oh no I didn't mean to do that can I pay you oh I can't pay you with the law man coming give me a second here I'll defend you these bad man are trying to take you from me let's get a carbene let's get a oh no horsey do not portray me double-barrel shotgun all right not too effective into that range a little bit closer you Gucci oh gosh there there we go Noah this last one we're gonna run at them with our fists yeah oh goodness gracious take your hat while I'm at it as you can see I got some blood and dirt on me let's see if I take off the Basques oh they're just like no that's cool otay me i'm just anderson no they're not that dumb oh god shot me in the sirloin oh goodness that's it for me I'm just spraying before I go down okay so I just do that clearly I wasn't trying to live I just want to see how far we could take it I want to try some other things now I want to try a bounty I want to try hunting I want to try fishing I want to try robbing a stagecoach robbing a train and doing all that fun stuff so real quick what I wanted to do is want to go to the back room here and see what was up with this area there's definitely repercussions for what I've done do not use a shop at this time shopkeepers frightened wonder if we could look into the back over here okay let's knock on the door excuse me anybody home what do you want this is private you fit found a hidden operation at the medical business you could rob the shops side business there fighting in there y'all need help alright so I can't Rob it yet because the shops not open we gotta wait till the shops open to do that the other ones weren't nearly as spooked I actually think that in that's that scruffles there I shot that guy so fair enough it would make sense why he's not there there is shows available though it kind of wants to go up one of those entail don't want to watch the whole thing might be long but I do want to see what it entails like a show is it gonna be like a lack of white film or something so if mm-hmm the bear does that even mean give me a ticket all right it's going here what is happening oh wow all right just take a seat anywhere so these are the shows that you can watch a slideshow Massachusetts and the creatures that live there one of summer affair was by the stream and old man wind appears I shall blow a mighty cold upon the land and gorge yourself on alrighty so this is a movie about a bear we're not gonna watch the bear movie but if you're interested if you get the game definitely watch the bear movie no it was boring and it was a movie about a bear that was gonna be an action flick or something alright let's go ahead and hit the source real quick we know we could just leave him here we kind of got like we went to prison open your eyes excuse me sir you need to respect your fellow man I need a bath for you already just alright sweet there got a bit not too dirty from the fight but a little bit let's go ahead and do beer get into this bath nice little bubble bath here scrub my head scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub that's a good wash right there oh yeah loving assistance here 50 cents alright lady let me know if you'd like a bit of an extra scrub anywhere extra scrub anywhere scrub my left arm specifically my left arm thank you I appreciate it that's a good rub there you might be the friendliest person I've met in this town yes that's how it is round here only man always been I was nearly married once she never bathed me let's just keep that between us and these four walls shall we all right she's not wrong there is four walls you scrub my left leg two things with you that's not my like that's good there we go got to keep clean out here you know so you spoken for your nosy aren't you no I'm just trying to chat I'm just trying to get a bath over here all right gosh you poor thing no she's just gonna tell me what I want to hear give me a kiss on the forehead it was a pleasure he was a pleasure all right we're nice nice and clean now where'd he go Rob something that's we're ready to do why don't we buy something new before we go Rob let's buy a new outfit before we go rob the store that's secret part of the store at least well part of me let's do steady just gonna shut that oh wait until morning we're just gonna sit outside on the steps waiting just waiting for the morning here there we go alright crack my neck 802 in the morning 21 fair night how's this guy again I'm sorry this with me again I'm sorry I'm watching you alright my apologies okay I'm sorry man since from you here's the catalogue okay my I'm seriously sir my apologies okay keep it in provisions back soon let me just try this one more time clothing let's buy cool outfit what outfits we got here the van gadelle what's the most expensive one we're gonna buy the most expensive and even buy this one the Dubarry creak oh that's pretty cool improve your honor to unlock this item fair enough you can actually I kind of like this because you can go through and look at each one of the outfits here a bit easier then if you were to just look in the catalog so I think we're gonna go with I actually like the vaginal probably pronouncing that wrong let's go ahead and buy that I got a little bit of a discount because uh I'm really good in this town apparently he doesn't mind that I shot him or I didn't shoot him actually I just robbed him I have there's a difference there's a difference out here there's a code get down to business alright I'm sorry dude I'm out of here okay I gotta go rob another store you might know him he's a medicine man let's go ahead and listen let's pop some let's see let's pop some miracle tonic there we go American tonics great but we need to restore our Coors so in the bottom left you'll see the heart the lightning bolt and the Dead Eye the middle part is the core of the outside is the the not core scar it was called I think it's called what is it called here four to five so the four to five is a little bit different so let's go ahead and eat we need to eat something eat some baked beans maybe get our health back up because their overall health is just really really poor at the moment let's just eat one more thing here she'll beat some corn I need something that hearty like a hearty meal some more canned kidney beans alright so we look pretty cool I think I might buy this in my actual playthrough that I'm doing what do you guys think cool outfit yeah I do because I'm a gunslinger let's go ahead and let's actually not have any gun going in well let's make sure to put on our masks as soon as we go in so yeah yeah don't worry about it well I'm back again there we go hello dr. Rob register Rob back room let's Rob back room back room please please I'll tell you what I do or don't want to do so let's escort him here go we kind of want to I think we want to stay out of sight here whiskey for you fellers yeah it's only the duck it's only the doc huh put it on the table you can see we're in the middle of some business here oh yeah all right well doc it's been a pleasure I'm gonna go ahead and take it from here all right don't feel bad they're probably bad men here's Johnny you good please don't kill me you tell the cops they shot me oh lady I was gonna keep you alive what's your problem well they got a wall safe over here doesn't look like we got the proper tools to open that up let's go ahead and loot this or loot her thank you lady well there's a lockbox here let's go ahead and search it my accuracy went to hell so your accuracy depending on your stats can be really really bad also my accuracy in general right there wasn't the greatest besides I mean I took to get the first two guys pretty nicely all right so this is their side business over here they got some rum they got a bunch of stuff here you got another lockbox here weapon weapon case that lady was savage she tried it she went for it we have a new weapon here there's like 70 weapons oh shoot oh god this is a new revolver oh it is the Schofield perfect well officer you gave me the perfect time to test it out didn't you why'd you have to walk up on me like that not a nice thing to do let's go ahead and take a miracle tonic and get out there I think we're gonna have some people waiting for us all right pardon me wait I just got to go ahead and rob the register yeah don't worry about it Oh sir why are you holding your gun like that like holding your gun like that keep that freak out of my face damn son be a tool right there and get that headshot – out there oh oh I'm out of ammo that'll do that Oh run through them like a train what do you want bro there we go headshot Ram headshot frame – perfect so if we wanted to we can escape right now I'm trying to be a good guy my playthrough so let's see if we can get in here oh no they closed up the bank of us immediately the horses are going wild they don't like all this action the dual-wielding is so awesome I absolutely love it the first-person look is incredible – I left money on the table again I'm not trying to to do it for an actual playthrough like this there is some stacks there's some money over here let's see how much money so if you were to rob this place here to grab some money how much money would it be fifty dollars that's not bad at all I mean all that work to get that one horse and when we got five dollars out of it or two dollars or something oh it wasn't me wasn't me yikes Oh oh that was mean you never take me alive you'll never take me alive hear me Oh God I'll tackle you off your horse Oh Oh slap him with a gun ow ow ow ow out yeah there you go I think we got the child on lockdown pretty much that's what you got to do you want to command respect around these parts put that guy out out we're gonna surround it now this is our last limb this is our last life take that guy out – I'm just eating buck shots to the head right now whoo I Will Survive hook Oh shot me in the left kidney I'm just kidding all right take one of them hostage you can take people hostage I don't remember how to do it though it's not something that was at least to my knowledge explained so I think with all this negativity we've been doing here we are do some positivity let's go ahead and collect the bounty so to do that I'm gonna go ahead and load up my story just because this is actually something I want to do for my save so let's go ahead and load that up and then we'll go ahead and head over to the bounty poster and start that after that we'll probably do some hunting or some fishing maybe fishing first because I didn't get to show that in the last one and then we'll do anything else you guys can think of so we're gonna rob stagecoaches we can rob train speaking try to go into one of the more popular towns and check out what's there we could try to solve the treasure all that stuff so let's go ahead and let's head into here and there should be a new bounty for us all right so bounties will pop up over here I'm getting expect inspect this here $25 reward Ellie and Swan a reward of 25 dollars will be paid for the arrest of Ellie and Swann wanted for the crime of matricide the above amount will be paid a melee for the delivery of the prisoner wanted it alive for questioning so then it shows the location as well let's go ahead and flip it if there's anything on the back nothing let's put this away there we go and let's just activate our autosave they say she's sleeping rough near Cumberland falls all right all right shouldn't be much of a problem let's get our horse and let's go ahead and open up her map and check out where she is so apparently she's over here let's go ahead and mark it and going over it gives you some more details she's reported to have an unknown male accomplice so we have to apprehend her alive very specific this isn't a dead or alive job this is specifically must apprehend her alive so that means we're gonna have to get the lasso ready let's go ahead and head over in that direction following the path directly sometimes it's a good idea especially in treacherous terrain but in this instance I'm pretty sure we could jet essentially towards the marker and be okay I think we can make that call your outfits gone yeah I can buy the outfit again if you guys like let me know your thoughts we're gonna head down by the river now anything you want to see in this free roam game play do you be sure to let me know in chat are we able to go through the water here there we go don't worry I'm looking for gold the horse sitting over there maybe I should wait and see if you find any gold huh Oh a little upset man I just want to see what you're getting here then alright I realized this ad actually isn't the location I need to be it just disturbed this guy who's trying to look for gold I wish you all the best fella I'll be on my way imagine you stay there long enough you actually find something new to Robin woo that's deeper than I thought so Falcon scream or something it's aggressive sound of bird sad here down by the water oh there we go bit of a jump up and too crazy for horse a half man calm down there's a little bit spook it's alright okay yes sometimes alright so this bounty should be in this area locate Ellie and Swan she's wanted alive look at this there's an elk over here let's go ahead and study it Rocky Mountain bolo to star Oh alright so we got it she there's a bounty hunter no I didn't mean it I didn't mean it oh oh you stabbed now are you kidding me Poli simply get on the ground just stabbed that dude goodness gracious poor guy Balu Dee's got that goodness what are the fire physics like doesn't will this work if I I don't want to take the cheese I want to drop them oh we got a lot of food in my way parallel Oh a lot of canned salmon and stuff can I just drop them there we go oh okay let me I guess we'll try it a different time there's like cheese and bunch of other stuff in the way apparently won't let me drop him kind of weird that it won't let you drop them let's just take the ground coffee then what else lady stop oh what'd I just do take the Apple you guys we're having a piece over here can salmon all right now we can put his body I'm doing this for science come on dude we tuck them into the fire hook oh oh oh snap that's creepy oh wow I don't know nothing about that but looks kind of realistic don't it all right we got to pick you up let's loot you first what you got on you oh wow hold up wow that's crazy all right let's go ahead and pick her up she is a bit of a feisty one isn't she go ahead and put her on my horse still we're on the back over here there we go all right I wish there was a way to quick takeoff markers on your map that you put down whoa that was a massive leap the only way to do it right now is either to take it out from oh I could hit her randomly yeah you want me to believe you you're a good girl I most certainly do not I don't believe you not even a little bit I feel like she's pulled that one one too many times maybe you're that crazy yeah give me a second lady I got to use them up my boat try to take out this yeah I'm a quiet lady oh my god all right I think he's a 3-star one so if we take this my fear is correct yeah lady whatever makes you happy lady perfect buck belt oh shoot can i stow it lady you got a move please there you go situation did I ask you to be quiet already beep lady this the help you're looking for goodness God love Arthur Morgan he's a character are you kidding me she's uh there's definitely something wrong with her let's just throw that out there I don't think she's normal man or a woman they're getting hit if they're trying to convince me that they didn't murder when I saw them do it you got antlers to finally killed a male we learned in out here man we learned all right let's bring her to the sheriff's office if this was 2018 probably treated a lot differently so she wanted me to take care of her then she wanted to kill me she needs some help but I am not the one to give her that help hopefully the jail system will rehabilitate her I'm literally a witness she's like a mass murderer she's killed like every man she's ever been with all right where's the money oh he's getting some money from there oh that's good to know that the money's uh money stored there so it seems this town's got more pressing problems than outlaws that it does impose order on the streets okay man has a heart of stone I mean what am I gonna do just little old maid she's literally gonna murder you dude don't listen to her yep goodness gracious just the two of us and to think you were sniffing around this officer one point I'm lucky use charmed by another yeah there else you'd be frickin miss Moorea don't you dare mention Mora again now hush Oh show me some sympathy sheriff I'm a widow I'm here with the sheriff just in case he gets a little crazy at least you respected the sanctity of marriage till death do us part don't know if she did chef I'll be honest I'm get out of here though you deal with the crazy lady I had enough of that she's really trying to get out she was really really trying to get out all right let's hitch up our horse is there uh so there's poker you could play there's poker over there there's five I believe there's five finger fillet over here so this is a second bar you can and if you wanted to play the game of five finger fillet I played it a little bit earlier in a walkthrough I haven't uploaded yet but it's a little bit simple I just want to explain it real quick it gets way tough if you continue it so we're just gonna do one here quick so if we go ahead and press play $0.50 we can hold our T and look at him I believe what he's doing it so you can see the pattern so you have to act circlex circlex circlex circlex circle and if you mess up you stab yourself there we go so all we got to do is do it really quick so X circle a circle there we go done with two seconds to spare but they get increasingly harder so there's different combinations so it could be like square circle triangle squirt circle and then it could rotate back and you have to do two laps so this one I got to do two laps as well and you can see this one is just all squares so this is the the easiest one the one you're also gonna make the least amount of money so all we gotta do I believe what was this one again square okay so just spam it and we're good with two seconds to spare wins the $1 pot and when you do that new opponent comes in and they bet more money but they get harder so just a little bit of an explanation and a bit bit of a game Oh harder to show you in case we're interested in the minigames available there's also poker which a lot of you know drink you could order some food from the bar you get a drink got to be careful you bump into people they could get mad lots of drunkards around here so I think what we do which one's mine oh oh don't buck I just made him run away all right let's hitch up our horse let's get a room for the night so yeah there's there's poker and there's a barber in there that you could go to but I want to hitch up my horse here get a room for the night get a new outfit and then then what should we do should we do hunting or fishing chat let me know and again if you're watching and enjoy this do be sure to hit that like button subscribe if you are new and if you want to stay tuned to when upload new one of these make sure to turn on the supposed to replications by smacking the Bell so $1 let's rent a room we actually probably could use them we could use a really quick bath we're really dirty so the way you do a quick bath here okay can you want to do that you literally just go in here you scrub your head you decline the deluxe and then you're clean essentially you're cleaned right off the bat when you get into the bath here so I think you could leave and that's something that we should test so let's exit a lot of you saying fishing a lot of Seng hunting some singer Robert rain you can see that was quick quickest way to clean yourself there you go alright let's head on up I do kind of want to return the camp with that perfect Pelt well give it in because then we could craft stuff there's some really cool stuff you could crap for your camp but first let's get some rest here you could change your wardrobe to the left there's a dresser so you can do that there but I'm gonna go ahead and get to bed so you can choose how long you want to sleep you can sleep till noon evening night we're gonna sleep till noon and that recharges some of your course again you want to keep those cores up because those are essentially how you're living out here okay it's a little confusing but as you play you'll learn more so the first time I played I didn't understand any of it as I played more and more hours I've come to understand a bit of what makes what there we go alright so let's go buy a new outfit let's buy that outfit that we were wearing before we went on that rampage and then I did thank you appreciate that I won't be like I just hey thanks gotta be careful not to knock into anybody people don't take that to kind of look around alright well I'd like to browse your catalogue please and let's go over to clothing outfits and I like this outfit so let's go ahead and buy that there we go looking sweet so this outfit is suitable for hot temperatures that's also very good to know because if you go into the cold you're gonna need something that's warmer if you go into really really hot temperatures you're gonna need something that's different so what you wear is pretty important let's go ahead and buy that let's go back to the catalog and let's go ahead and go to see there was some fishing supplies we can get some live worms medium sized River fish hmm let's get some life Oh besides Locke we can't get those Lake Lure attracts all medium and large say sized lake fish okay so let's buy a couple of those see if we can max out on those there we go we maxed out on those buy some live worms they actually sold out on them we can get some herbivore bait if we wanted to enjoy maybe get some arrows there we go these are all good get some varmint rifle cartridges there's also shotgun shell it's a bunch of different stuff that you could buy let's go ahead and let's close up that book there you go thank you keep looking let me know if there's anything else alright I'm digging our new outfit I'm digging our beer too but we could definitely change our beard and our hair if we wanted to let's make our way over here to our horse oh goodness oh you want a duel challenge to a duel alright get into dueling position I would suggest you men in the back move and you probably in the back move as well all right dueling position oh goodness slowly old Artie to draw oh wow he's missing an eye hole yeah yeah he's missing uh I can loot him right there you go I think I get both I think that's uh it's not stealing if they're dead I wanted a duel that's that's um Oh somebody's gonna report my crime it wasn't a crime I'm telling you it wasn't a crime the butcher can we actually let's go ahead let's get on to our horse here we've done a lot of things in this this free roam session so far I'm enjoying it I think that now we should make our way over to camp make way over to camp and then we can go fishing for large lake fish or we can go rob a train so I think we have three things top priority on the list right now we can also I believe sell things yeah sell legal stuff at the fence so you could be selling wagons you could sell unique heirlooms you can just sell the gold that we found the last episode all of that is possible so fishing hunting legal stuff or robbed a train let me know your thoughts in chat we're gonna go give this Pelt in though because again it is a perfect pelt they don't come by to optin so you got to make sure that when you do find them you give them in or use them for specific crafting purposes what I just lock on to here's something all right let's follow the trail here so most of the time if you do want to check what what quality their Pelt is if you've already studied them I believe if you just aim at them it'll show you what quality pelts they have a lot of you saying rob a train all right will rob a train that's we're gonna go up to now aiming at this birds there they're two stars so you could Rob I mean you could could kill them that's a level one that's a level oh that's level three I I hit him twice that might have reduced the pellet quality I'm not a hundred percent sure I think it should be okay it's a one yeah I think you have to use a bow and arrow on those even a small game bow and arrow but every time I use those it really really doesn't work I I swear there's no damage that's a one star let's bring the spell to camp it's just me Arthur come on now as we pull up into camp here you can upgrade your camp which is pretty sweet and I can show you how to do that in a second but again I don't want to do any spoilers so some of you consider that spoiler I guess I'm not going to do it let's go ahead and see if we can give the pelt in there so donate we got a perfect buck Pelt over here so let's go ahead and donate that in let's give them buck antlers as well anything else we can give we can give game meat game II wouldn't be bad mature venison meat scent glands I'm gonna give that to him really don't want scent glands but you can see you can do crafting upgrades now so now that we have perfect buck Poe we just need a deer pelt and an elk pelt that's perfect and we could upgrade that or we could buy that and you can see the little preview of them here too and then you could also change the way stuff looks by getting different perfect pelts or different parts of the animal so really neat really really neat if you got the moose antlers you can put them on the tree all that good stuff and the way that you get those leather working tools is you have to go over here to the ledger which I'm just gonna show you real quick hello and you have to hold square here go to the ledger and you can purchase thing in the ledger based on the funds that the camp has so you can actually get better medicine you get better provisions you get ammunition and arms for Peter ammo and arrows you could get Dutch want something comfy comfy ER so you get better lodging you get a horse station for 240 chicken coop for 140 leatherworking tools for 180 so that is there if you're confused and don't or that is simple as pie alright so let's go ahead and save real quick cuz we're gonna go rob a train so let's go story save game and save over this lot here so we're about thirty percent done the game there's a little bit scary I don't think that's for like a hundred percent do everything in the game completion I think this for the most general of completion so that makes me pretty happy to say the least maybe we could grab some food here before we leave there we go stew Bowl when you grab a bowl of stew you'll need to wait a few days before being able to grab another stew is good now we're storage some of your stuff there we go look at that drink that's do and then if you wanted to restore your debt I you could go over here to the coffee and pour yourself some coffee and drink that so I think I'm ready to rob a train what do you think chat see everybody saying to rob a train let's drink and you can see I think our Deadeye course is what goes up so you won't notice anything superficially here when we drink it but that main core is already filled so let's go ahead and throw that alright we saved we're ready to go now we got to go find a train simple as that or is it that simple now what we can do here is just head over to the flat next station we can wade out like bards crossing well we kind of want to get it between stations so it even might be better to wait like here in this sort of three-point crossroads we're gonna go fishing and hunting specifically still so don't you worry you haven't missed it if you just tuned in or if you've been watching this far and having to pay attention what's helpful here is since we got all these train tracks splitting what we should yeah there we go we'd hear the train if we just sit right here the train can come from any which angle while we're here we can see if we can explore a little bit and we can grab a scrapper bow just a kiss we can hide and let's see if we can grab a varmint rifle as well see if we had a clean shot on something I like I'd prefer the Bell again you can get different types of arrows and stuff so I've loaded up a small game arrow so honestly it doesn't seem to work all that well at least not on bunnies see if we can see any wildlife here I don't know how often the trains come through but to my knowledge actually pretty frequent what's also cool which I wanted to show you try to know from the last episode is if we go over here to the it's a horse cargo I don't think it's horse cargo no but if you go to here I believe where is it I had the option before but you can actually change your oh there you go if you go under horse you can change Arthur's hat legendary bear head hat big Valley hat so this is a big Valley hat I got on right now apparently it's not actually on so you can put on Arthur's hat there we go you could put on the bear hat there we go and then you could also put on that another hat the third option there the Big Valley hat there we go that's the one that comes with this outfit there's actually a carriage over there why don't we steal the carriage instead of waiting around we can get this bandanna here it's a full-face bandana which I'm not too proud of fond of we can get the normal man in over here there we go and while we're at it too let's put on that hat again let's put on Arthur's hat actually like it's the best there we go I think it suits him the most easy way to rob these if you want to very simply I can you jump to them Oh jump to wagon look at that no no keep going keep going jump to wagon yeah I'm gonna steal this if you don't mind there you go get the heck out of my face dude there we go anybody else enemies were led to camp I've never had that happen before I've never ever had that happen before was that a lawmen that I jumped I've actually never stolen one of those before so never stolen one of those carts before so wouldn't know all right up there good morning dude all right I want to rob a train I also want to rob one of the carts but I think doing crimes too close to your camp definitely not a good idea let's get moving last Oh again would have been a good idea for sure alright let's figure out where this train is we need to find a choo-choo train the easiest way to find one it's simply to Briah train ticket one appears almost instantaneously but I also don't think it's the same train as say one that carries a lot of loot in it right I don't know but I don't think so robbing a train is big business let me tell you Oh noise oh these canisters here these carry oil you can actually shoot them and I believe the oil leaks out Cornwall oil train so that's a 1-star Jackrabbit again it's just good to aim and see because you need those perfect pelts for a lot of different things so wouldn't be a bad idea to start collect them as soon as you can really they seem to have a campfire over here oh it's just one guy does that train that I see I don't think that's the train that I say but let's take out the binoculars could be right nope doesn't look like it in the meantime I was really loud how do you mean to be that loud where's my knife they robbed me cuz I'm a horse that's fine dude you don't even see me oh I'm sorry oh oh oh I'm so sorry holy smokes I'm gonna just take your beats that's cool yeah take your beats and get out of here sorry about that I would say I didn't mean it but kind of did we just tackled him into a fire so there's that oh there's our knife I forgot it was there all right let's get our bow out and then also our varmint rifle so look at this Prague horn over here we actually haven't studied them so we can't see their stats on them yet if we get a little bit closer to this one there we go it's American Prague hard if we were to bow this one which ones is the rare one here that one's a one-star that one's a one-star well the other one that was in the group here it's not the one-star so that's a stranger over there we're gonna leave em alone let's head over this bridge I think personally let's hope to see a train at some point here so this is kind of the blackwater direction there's very windy up here lots of birds that's for sure now where did we see cuz I've seen trains before I've seen trains that go all the way into like roads and down into here so it might be beneficial to go the other way well I mean we could go really either way I just say like if we don't see a train in the next minute or so we can go to a train station yeah West Elizabeth let's ride along the tracks here and we can call the train I think that might be the easier way of doing it okay it's all nos yeah right buddy you gonna get busted all right dude let's buy a train ticket and let's take this train ticket all the way to I don't even know randsburg is but we only get a train ticket to go there all right man thank you appreciate it so with the train again I'm not sure if this is a different train than the ones that you randomly spot throughout the world those could possibly be containing more loot very well this one I believe is just a fast travel route and with that fast travel route you can wait for the train to get off at the end and you can go ahead and hop on it after this town might be wanded though the one that I'm at I also want to show you something really cool with trains so what we're gonna need to do if we're on the trains hop off the train get our horse I don't know if we're horse followed us all the way through but there we go we're pulling up what a place love the Train in this game by the way looks dope I don't think I've been into this town truth be told looks like one of those model trains look at that alright I think our horse is here so what we're gonna do is hop off the train here this is a passenger train so I believe there's trains that you know carry other stuff they can carry valuable goods and are just not just passenger trains only so we're gonna do here is get on a horse we're gonna wait for the train to take off and then we're gonna go ahead and get to it oh there's a steamboat in the water look at that oh this is real cool where are we right now oh wow yeah we haven't been here before as you can see we're just like a small blip in the middle of the map we're just gonna wait for the train to go we can chill in town I mean I'm sure it'll whistle as it's going be cool to kind of explore this town – mine entrance is a mining town look at the air quality probably not very good a sheriff's office got a gun store you got another train here you got a boat over there you could take probably some prop oh goodness gracious find some proper fishing that you could do if you got out on that boat right you would think so at least wait we should let's go ahead and OH told you it makes itself known when it's starting to take off strong mister I'm gonna show you something really cool do you want to be a train robber so what we're gonna do is go ahead and put on our bandana make sure that both our guns are equipped here hop on your horse wait for it to pass here we don't even have to necessarily wait for it to pass but there you go you can see they have an armed guard at the back let's go ahead and chase it for a little bit I mean he definitely thinks there's something suspect about this I'm sure yep so what you can do is run up along the train and then jump to the train yeah when he jumped to the Train you can down walking the top of it or do basically anything you want so let's hop down here I think he's looking at us this is awkward yeah first man to shoot throwing knives at you though alright so back here this is like the employee section or something it must be hiding something in here right rifle cartridges some pistol cartridges that's about that there don't hear that some more pistol cartridges just seems to be canned vegetables health care Oh oh shoot ball are the trains moving well how do I shot his hat off oh now I'm wanted alright so what we came for is like this Oh somebody stop the train you can't you gotta be kidding me there is a ammunition in there oh shoot somebody's come to investigate you'll see me somewhere said you'll see me somewhere oh they're leakin they're leakin alright so there's some loot they're definitely not a whole lot to my knowledge let's go to the front carriages there's probably stuff that I'm missing a ton of it but like two people just have randomly doesn't seem to be right oh they got the whole army coming after me over here oh not making a break not really at least it's a big old train Oh Oh Chester well there's a big old chest here what's in here Oh a coin purse how much is in here a dollar 71 definitely not worth it there oh gosh let's go a little bit more forward I'm gonna have to be a little sloppy with this one oh really okay take care of that and while we're at it there we go all right drive this train let's go go goodness don't stand in the middle bro you're shooting up the train itself about there go shoo meow we had a year well that's a beautiful place to fish look at that grand theft ray chuckle chuckle chugga-chugga you're gonna just chase me the whole time try to catch me you ain't got nothing on me nothing y'all awful they're really about chasing me though huh yeah they ain't going to forget about me let's just say that a nice little random house here there's buy some loot in there oh we're going through a tunnel this would get out of the way he's still running on the track move it he's still run Oh No over catching up to a little guy now run faster you can do it he's doing it he's doing it we're good we ain't gonna run him over I don't think he just their ego to the side of the road oh no get back on it oh it's so close oh there you go see you later buddy oh and he's digs axe back onto the track move it buck oh where are we right now we're gonna go into the Grizzlies essentially oh we're doing a full loop back that's what it is full bailout the Train oh we got away at least trains gonna come to a oh I missed the jump oh part of me oh goodness alright so now we're out in the wilderness with nothing going on here but the beautiful world that encompasses us that surrounds us the wild wild west five bears and stuff oh goodness there's definitely bears and stuff here oh goodness a little slippery just a little bit we haven't seen any creatures yet look at that oh if I've seen a lake this is a lake oh this is where we took out the the bear isn't it where we took out the legendary bear you got a house over here too I'm a little curious I hear a turkey I'm out of stamina sir wait hold up yeah hold up hold up oh my gosh no no no no we good we've got horsies hold up oh I don't want none oh I really don't know oh goodness gracious yeah yeah Wow a gray wolf really came at me huh let's see what kind of money you have on here see if these are worth it I believe you can sell these to the guys so this has I could let go first person here so this has gone well in here it looks like a lot of tools but essentially you can't grab those so there's also lockbox here could be worth it if you if you want to be a bandit could be very profitable could very well be very profitable oh we have a witness here although sir for LAIV what you want you good not anymore you ain't so if we want to we get that guy still he got straight-up knife though huh oh come on get that guy out there and then we got our very own stagecoach they kind of frown upon that though don't they they kind of frown upon it a little bit just a little bit we can go ahead and do the wagon fence here so let's see how much money something like this would give us yeah let's head there so we'll go ahead and drop this off and then once we do that we can go ahead and load up our save and go fishing or go hunting and we can go in a big lake for the fish because we want to catch some really big ones right I think that would be a good idea I don't think there's any stamina cap to these these horses here so you can just whip it all day or you can hold it just holding it [Applause] dude oh wow you I'm gonna finish you off give healthcare give whiskey are you gonna be alright okay oh you want me to do it so I actually gained honor by doing that kisses wounds are so bad that was the most honorable thing to do in that case where the heck's my stagecoach it's missing gosh darn it give me a break I'm gonna go help this guy a lot oh there it is they kept wheeling down the road all right up here we go each go ahead and bring this in let's see how much money this gives us that's super sad but I mean this is the Wild West probably no doctor in the world that could save him during this time although I mean I did watch the revenant that bear messed up with Leonardo DiCaprio pretty bad what I mean that was a couple months until you is okay you know I like loke you want to drive this thing off a cliff there's a bunch of wild birds here let's see we still got a bounty I forgot what we did last New Hanover bounty of $160 I guess I did something bad I don't know what I did I robbed a train yeah yeah that's pretty bad actually probably don't like when you robbed trains and stuff canoe and fish should we just go find a big lake and do that I think I know the perfect one I want to see how much this sells for though just out of curiosity I'm not gonna save because I'm going for a and lop ringer type of playthrough off the bat so we don't want to do that but over here you can sell illegal things he takes some of the shadier things off your hand that you collected throughout this game I believe we can just drive this into the barn oh there we go yeah open both up both doors please thank you how much would you give me for this I'm curious I'm guessing at least like 20 baht dollars right at least 20 bucks that's two horses and a stage go fine I'm behind there you go how much is that 25 bucks that's too bad folk here got no time for masks all right my bad let me uh so if we wanted to sell stuff we can go to them we could sell all our contraband which includes includes our bar of gold which he'll buy for $500 so we definitely got to do this on our playthrough make sure we sell it over here large jewelry bag and is he is he selling let's see what he can we can buy off him so we could buy a dynamite tomahawk machete hatchet cleaver baked beans moonshine herbivore bait metal skull mask what executioner hood psycho mask homing tomahawk pamphlet all right okay then okay we can just try it on like this then all right so there's this one here I think that's executioner master yeah you actually sold me it they're so big on you there chief let's go canvas sack hood alright there's this one you look like a Star Wars character what else so you don't unlock this guy unless you do some snake missions just so you know or some some sorry unless you do some main story mission there's a lock breaker here I've never seen that before metal skull mask oh wow oh that's creepy that is so creepy let's go ahead and check out the last one the last one was the psycho mask okay that is sick not a word huh give me your money I'm gonna take you I stitch not quite oh you mother trucker do this see miss I'm sorry I shot you thumbs I'm sorry I stopped you man just he's the only witness to the crime just stop for a second I'm sorry god damn Haiti hose this on the road Oh – rotten rodent lock break makes you able to open safes all right we're gonna nevermind we can't we can't can't test that out we cannot test it out all right let's go ahead and load up and let's try some fishing let's try some fishing again if you're watching and enjoying this you want to see more hit that like button but most importantly if you are new around here make sure to hit that subscribe button as well and if you do not want to miss out on future videos hit the little bell beside it turn on those plus notifications would really appreciate it big shout out to all of you teach eat what's wrong with you I'm just doing whatever because I'm just gonna load and nothing that we did there was actually gonna count so there's that how do I get the gold I found it in like a burnt area okay perfect now we're back at camp everything's all good none of our horrible things we did will be counted so let's go ahead and autosave here I do want to get that mask though so we're gonna go fishing and hunting anything else you want to see let me know in chat and if I don't get into this stream make sure to leave a comment on the video and let me know what you want to see so we're gonna go ahead and head to I think we'll head to this giant lake over here so we'll head right over here I know there's a boat that we can get onto might be a good spot to go fish and there's actually some legendary fish in the game believe it or not but I believe every type of fish has a legendary counterpart to it so you got to be a master Fisher you have to be a bait master to get that was done actually for those of you curious of where the gold I found was in your own playthrough an easy 500 dollars once you get that guy you simply come into this camp over here don't do that now I'm all muddy now aren't I oh no I didn't get all the money you okay horsey I'm sorry buddy I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that you know that there's a treasure map in there if you look close enough and if you inspect the sheriff's office right here I'll show you where it is on the map in a second can you go under the desk you will see this lockbox which you can get go and grab a bar of gold so where is that on the mask map you say it is right over here Valentine up to the north go a little bit south resume and slowly for you writing in the lympha knee there yeah okay let's get over to that marker yeah this is my good playthrough so we got to be careful we gotta clean our horse – we got a bit muddy from that you discover the location of a legendary fish someone living near Flatiron Lake is known for their interest in fish so apparently the legendary fish is somewhere here and somebody that lives near Flatiron Lake know something or two about fishies you can tell us about the legendary one we're not gonna do the legendary one right now though I imagine it might be the stranger class near here who knows look at these guys hear the foghorn let's study him there we go America and pronghorn doe let's get to collect information about him that's the two star Oh somebody's setting up a camp over here they might know something about it I mean I wouldn't man catching a legendary fish oh he's a fisherman for sure oh no way padam oh but the poopy oh my gosh buddy he's no way I get his tail though oh that's a great first-person view right there boy okay dougie you wouldn't believe it always say I'm to trust I mean I don't know you from Adam and here you are sitting at my fire anyway I'm more or less handing my life over to them I met a very persuasive feller in San Denis under sustained was and he called me at a bad time okay you just keep talking don't you I've been given over to some poor living real poor living kind of behavior of the devil his self would be ashamed of they promised me safety salvation paradise all their appeal into a fella like me fair enough and I was ready to follow them off a cliff I just got out in time baby was the turtle so maybe it was just I didn't have the spine to go through with it maybe this is the third the things we'll do for answers huh yeah man anyway sorry to ramble on I should get back to it alright man I want to respond but it doesn't like me what kind of dog are you he's a Labrador Retriever I wanna know can I have your dog can I have your dog don't leave your dog behind dude no doggie oh all right I guess wonder if there's any like flus or something – the legendary fish cut down to carcass yeah pick up a fish yeah what we're gonna do with the fish Oh sockeye salmon I love me some sockeye salmon I really do sleep in the bed roll all right our horse is all dirty I feel bad let's go ahead and brush them we have to do a bit of brush in here yeah clean all that off of you there you go are you looking real nice now you got a pristine coat don't you let's feed you a little bit too buddy oh we fed him some hay alright let's get over here one of these giant pillars Oh some wild horses around here what is that down there was that a yeah I honestly don't know what that is hey that might be just a whitetail buck get on out of here buddy buck on out of here alright so we want to get some nice fishes right let's see what we get by the shore here so what we're gonna do now you can't fish until you do a certain mission so I'll give you a warning on that but once you have it you press l1 hold it you get over to your fishing rod here which may be under a bunch of stuff but fishing rod there we go we're at the Dakota River we're gonna have to go ahead and put some bait on it we're gonna put red bait there we go right let me go ahead and cast our line oh well that's a far one all right now be just wait just chill we talked about some good old fishing stories chat back in 84 I used to be the best fisherman in the world yep I want the Fisher Olympics not tucking home for Canada but then it all went down south after that literally went down south there was no more fish there Oh got a real this one in let me go buddy come on you get he's gonna break my line isn't stop come on oh he's struggling he doesn't want to get caught come on bring him in reel him in oh this is up pretty he didn't feel that small you really didn't feel that small red fin picture all I'm a throwback I'm gonna throw back because he wasn't that big we gotta let them yeah the baby ones live you know let's get onto a boat here what's the biggest kwatak animal I have no idea let's put her rod in the boat we put in the boat oh I put the bread bait on it ooh let's put it away let's put our hands on there we go collapse that fishing around very useful alright let's head out into the middle of the water here this is where she can find some some proper fish some birds on the water I think right when we get into the middle of this lake would be a good idea that's a really small fish we're gonna bit tired here but the good fishes are in the middle let me tell you that there's something up there in the middle though you guys see it I don't think that's a boat play my guys singing himself well I'm going crazy all right so where are we on the map right now this is a massive body of water to say the least let's go a little bit let's go like a minute out that way you can find the legendary bluegill at the Flatiron Lake oh can you drown I don't know if you can I don't think so I don't think you can go under waters though better than the first Red Dead where if you touch the water he died all right I think I think we should be far out enough let's see just say the name of the lake yet doesn't say the name of the lake yet surprisingly let's stand up in this boat Oh wrong button oh goodness I took I'm a fishing rod how do you it told me how to stand up before do any of you remember how it told me how to stand up in the boat I might have to go back in the stream and see it here let me see should have paid attention to that prompt I thought it was triangle too but I keep jumping out press trying I'll stand up okay it's just oh it's light press triangle all right so we're standing up now we can take out our fishing rod all right flat iron Lake right now hold l2 to grip the rod actually let's change the bait so we're gonna change it now to some lure fishing lake learn tracks all medium and large-sized lake fish let's put that on lake sturgeon and muskie all right here we go I haven't got a big one before there we go fish attracted to the bait will often nibble before taking a bite so you got to watch out for that so as soon as you hear a hard like tug on it look at his right leg to guess it then don't bump it um bumbum bumbum put a bomb on the mod fish they're like arrows in my back too or the the bows in my back tap are too to attract fish by flicking the line oh look it is I just some fish food welcome to my fishing channel 24 hours of fishing all we do around here is fish come on one fish I got got ye God broke my frickin line he's right there I saw him here's a bigan all right shot it again really throws it out huh all right so the bigger fish definitely take longer now this is quality gameplay you can say that again let's pull him away there we go fill them in a little bit once we make them a little bit tired we're good here oh hey chill chill chill it's really dark all right now he's tired let's reel em in reel em in I can't even see oh this is a huge fish to make them tired again oh shoot pull down L to drag the fish towards you quickly and then Oh calm down hey hey come on oh this is a big fish oh this is hard come on forget it oh we did whoa we got a largemouth bass a favorite among anglers that make up in fight for what they lack in taste though the flaky fish me can be eaten they they like crayfish bait let's keep them there we go we got a big old first fish here we got a couple more Lake lures which is nice man so beautiful out here isn't it I want to see something real quick can I put the lantern on my belt there we go and then hope if I take out now won't work like that huh all right let's try to get one more fish out here yeah all right just keep it cool calm and collected you gotta just believe in yourself and just really just cool it that's all you got to do this is a good time to relax take a breather go first-person just think about all the good things in life like fishing I've never been fishing in real life let me tell you that so I don't know anything but if I have to hold our to when they go fishing in real life better believe it maude fishy where you at there's some bait in the water oh you're making some power moves oh look a fish tell more fishing stories let me tell you about the legendary bullhead catfish I'm not even gonna grip my reel I'm gonna grip it I'm gonna reset my cast here we're gonna set it far away here yeah there you go what a cast what a cast go to the legendary fishing site I think I gotta practice a bit more before I do that I want to catch one more fish before we go out it's fishing this boring in real life guess come on just give me one more fish one more fish that's all our requests oh dude I have no bait on the cast I put on the Lake Lure didn't I misae okay okay so I put on bread here and let me switch it it's way more boring in real life all right there you go let's put the lure on it let's send this out to sea come on often nibble before taking the bait just takes patience you have to real lure to make it Oh got you okay oh well it tells you to do that like in the bottom right you'll see it tells you to spin randomly sometimes so that's some assuming when the fish is coming near by you got a real it a little bit come on now there's no fishes out here guys goodness gracious fishing takes forever let me tell you that I think I'd rather jump in there with my hands at this point keep on reeling all right we'll keep really I don't see a single fish all right let's hop in this boat maybe if we fish would it be better to fish during the daytime or what not a night time wait till day let's go back to the water the water's edge just use your gun no dynamite in the lake probably won't be a bad idea right it is so dark outside here you're using alert you have to learn the mission I was doing that I was doing that Tama day doesn't make a difference they're all sleeping lazy fish man he's lazy fish is there a part before this thing you haven't shown if you're watching the watching the walkthrough you know something some missions are different I did record three parts of the walkthrough for when I'm gone so there's that be able to learn consistently alright let's try it one more time because a lot of you guys saying this is the wave I see a fish over there too all right here we go fish all right bait get the lake ler is the lake lure already on it it doesn't look like it but it doesn't let me put it on it if that makes sense let's try this let's do born bait there you go all right let's cast out of line gotta talk to the fish how you doing fish do I have to reel it if it's a worm bait obviously very day times better I don't know tap our to do track fish by flicking line like I don't even see a single movement in the water Oh you were too slow trying to hook the fish gosh darn it Bobby hold up dumb fish I guess I'm the dumb one here you don't have to reel in with the worms seem to work when I was doing it we got some fishing experts in chat I just want to say that there's a worm movin in the water patience come on fishy the fish your sleeping man that's it this is free rum so I'm not gonna do any missions in it there we go come on I got one come on baby come on baby come on baby I can cut the line I really need to stop just stop struggling stop struggling you're gonna make this harder on yourself I'm just trying to get some good fish to eat all right come on no no don't do that don't do that pull down l2 Dre the fish towards you and quickly real there we go you fish you sir are a fish it's a four pound largemouth bass I'm gonna keep you two all right it's uh let's put on the large ler Blake lawyers are excellent for catching a lake dwelling large fish especially the lake sturgeon all right last one we're throwing in here take your time to catch fish well there's a couple fish over there for sure come on Oh once come once going for it I'm gonna be the best fisherman ever that might just be raindrops guys I take everything back oh there we go stop struggling stop struggling stop struggling stop struggling it'll be all right it's all right it's all right big boy there we go there we go there we go and yeah we've got another largemouth bass Tamara needs me to open this eat I got it open smear do I keep him or throw him back all right there you go fishy all right we got enough fish for today I think let's go ahead and hop in and get it on that here we need you to cook some fish that's what we need to do so let's go make a camp cook some fish see we learned how to fish in the stream guys Sturgeon could be 50 pounds what nice to know what fishing is like on a boat at night there you go happy savage oh shoot I didn't mean to do that that's another way of fishing they tell you that in tutorial they did not tell you that in the tutorial let me tell you that Beach this thing get on out of here oh we might have to swim a little bit it's a good day good day for Arthur Morgan wait a second I see a fishy in the water last fishy we need three fishes three is the lucky number let's go ahead and get some bait let's get a lake ler go ahead and cast the line out oh there's a lot of fish here let's slowly rake it in here there we go come on now come on now one of you guys gonna bite right there we go he's gonna fight it a little bit he's gonna fight it a little bit we're gonna pull him in though don't pull him in just fine I'm gonna pull him in just fat dumb mom bucko I've tamed wilder horses you just a fish miss strong fish though goodness gracious this right stick is getting pretty slippery not gonna lie pull down Ellen and drag fish towards you to quickly reel in it oh there's a snake in the water what the flight macaroni Oh what is this Oh got a steelhead trout sometimes called rainbow trout these tasty catches top price amongst anglers swap these worms as bait yes let's go for keeping that one you're mine I swear to you I saw snake in the water as well I don't mess with enough snakes in the water you ever deal with snakes the way I deal with snakes you dual-wield you find him he'd take them out it was definitely a snake there let's go to that guy's camp since you already set it up for us there you go buck oh yeah let's see if we can cook some of that that good good and drift it out I swear the water level might change looks a little bit different doesn't it it's rest by the fire in the mud though let's craft and cook so let's see we can make some coffee there we go look at that see some of that let's brew a pot of coffee there we go let's pour yourself some coffee now oh there you go that's that good stuff right there oh that's good that's the good stuff all right we can make some what should make oh we should make plain flaky fish succulent fish ooh what is Oh plain succulent fish gives you so much that's wild let's do the plain flaky fish though just because we didn't we don't have to do we don't have to go crazy we can keep the other one for later there you go cook some of that fish eat it there we go we're all good now yeah we can make some tonic let's go ahead and craft it with Indian tobacco you can craft three of this item let's craft it so we're gonna go ahead and mix it over the fire pour it into our bottle let's store it you can actually just drink it straight up but we're gonna keep it for later let's craft another one there we go let's do that weighs two and let's make one more here let's do that you can rob banks take people out and he's excited about cooking fish yes cooking fish is awesome you can make a fire bottle I'm gonna make one of these cuz I never seen them before so I think it's literally just a Molotov but there we go we've made a fire bottle make a second one – what else hunting nothing they're all right we're supporting some more coffee nice little morning coffee over here I'll be in San Jose I'm leaving tonight I'll be there tonight and I'm there tomorrow for the stree Invitational so that's why I'm gonna be doing uploads there's gonna be at least three uploads for Red Dead Redemption so be on the lookout for those this has been incredible I love the experience of this game such a great experience let's see if we can hunt one big thing and bring it back though what we're gonna want to do is get our arrow out see one down by the water there ooh that's an American prog horned oh oh there we go that's gonna be a three star Pelt as well we didn't really need the Deadeye there but all right buddy let's get them so you can see their stars how good they are in the bottom right when you aim at them so that should be a perfect belt a perfect Prague horn hide there we go let's go ahead and stir stow that there we go we can go ahead and pick that up now – it'll be good for the camp now they can eat for another day we got mouths to feed ladies and gentlemen this is the Wild West no Walmart around here put a factions I do want to be worried with oh there we go we can study that bird what bird is that it's a golden crown sparrow good to know good morning now we're getting a head back to camp we're gonna make some deer stew we'll see it fall on our way back we could spot any bunnies see if we could snipe one out make it a perfect bunny pelt check the crab trap by the fire at the camp I'm gonna check cuz a couple of you asked for that so we're gonna see if you can actually get the crab trap working I wonder if you can actually trap animals in this game don't know if they would go that far like in terms of trapping say like beavers stuff like that stuff they did back then you know will you be doing side missions I will be doing everything in the walkthrough walk throughs gonna be quite comprehensive so let's say nothing in the crab trap fortunately let's get moving there I think we might be able to go up this hill actually okay in one of the walkthrough episodes I did a hunt to bison so there's actually a field with quite a bit of bison the the mission is actually pretty heartwarming with who you go with so also the mission where you go fishing is pretty awesome I'm not gonna spoil it for you but there's a horse there watch study it okay you got a chill dude there we go alright what what horse is that that's a Morgan all right we already know about Morgan's we know enough about you don't we don't meet yet I think we can head back to camp now there's so much wildlife over 200 species of animals in this game believe it or not over 200 we haven't run into the half of it we haven't been to different ecosystems yet besides us no really there's truly a lot to discover in this game American red fox it doesn't get a perfect felt so it truly doesn't concern me we're not gonna make extreme bank if they don't got perfect pelt anyway so you got to be wary you got to know what you're looking for you know hunt a bear in due time we will hunt everything starting to bit with a bit talk with a bit of an accent now feeling it let's head down here through the forest you gotta give this into camp if you recognize the the noises some animals make you can probably make quick judgment too if the animal you're looking for is around which would be really useful say the least let's hitch up our horse here come on a little bit closer there we go buddy good morning all right let's grab this American pronghorn we're gonna have some nice to hear Oh horses puen it's all good it's very foggy out here – all right I'm trying to give you this very very nice piece of meat sir okay let's go ahead and put on the table sit donate when we donate we'll go ahead and give him the perfect prague corn carcass there we go and then give them the perfect pronghorn hide there we go all right so then you can go ahead and get crafting upgrades like I showed earlier and you can see what sort of is used for what so Arthur's lodging I don't think I got anything there was a Prague horn you need perfect boar oh there we go we need to perfect Prague horn hides and we'll have a beautiful table top oh there we go we can get a skull on the the freakin chuck wagon you can hunt moose snake a bunch of stuff out here hanging bones seblak antler we're gonna put it while we put it at let's put on the chunk wagon prong or SCARA let's go there you go recipe well there we go all right now we got a skull up there a little bit of some decoration to say the least this has been an absolutely incredible episode of Red Dead Redemption two free rub if you want to see more in the future hit that like button it lets me know if you like it subscribe if you're new and especially if you wanna see more Red Dead Redemption to content make sure you hit that Bell to turn on those post notifications I'm gonna be uploading this week would love your support on those uploads I'll be back November 1st so number of live stream is until November 1st actually I might live stream from like YouTube headquarters or or somewhere else so be on the lookout at least for Red Dead I think this would be the last last room at least for a few days so I hope you did enjoy it thank you all let me know if you want to see anything else that I missed on the free room stuff and I'm gonna go ahead and read these super chests and those of you who donated as well I did I didn't want to interrupt the flow of the gameplay I am appreciative of everyone who dropped the knee drop like who dropped a you know subscribed appreciative all that and appreciative everyone who donates as well so I'm gonna go ahead and read those now shout out to Jude Pope I definitely gotta play state of decay again man it's been a minute it has been a minute we also have a lion gaming shadow it to you Ethan Armstrong thank you for that the sloth tickler with the five favorite room been watching for years are you taking your Lamborghini to twitchcon in LA shadow too bad appreciate that no I'm taking a plane so my Lamborghini will not be coming but I will be there so if you are in the area and you see me make sure you say hi I shadowed Zeus Jacobson's love your vids keep it's good work will do man shout out to you and figure for the kind words shadow Simon Applebee Andrew Miller all you have to do is follow the damn train CJ san andreas always in my heart Andrew shoutout to you Adams am thanks for that definitely need to do some prior to the team wish I couldn't record some before a holiday but or before Halloween but definitely got to do that typical Jackson hey GG hope you and Tamara doing well I hope you like the pumpkin I made for you and you're my favorite youtuber and most important till I'm gonna go cough some fire merch a typical dot store from Jackson Jackson big chefs you love the pumpkin you made if you guys have anything like that in the art anything about send me send me on twitter instagram tag me and I will definitely be sure to do my best to check it out I appreciate everything you guys do Jackson big shout out to you at x lo show to hexa got huge fan to watch this is 1 million the best bro Thank You hexa got appreciate the support and glad you're enjoying the content Keenan gamer shout out to you and definitely gotta do more WWE 2019 be on Lookout Timothy Crocker glad you enjoy the videos real Kutta thanks for that wolf boy tantrum let's keep the stream going you're the best teacher error Thank You tantrum big shad to you Keenan thank you for joining welcome to lead if you wanna join us well link in description below and then we also have Alex Malloy glad I'm subbed you and Samara keep up the good work Alex big shout to you and I'm glad your self to be as well bad that I get to talk to you and glad I get to talk to you all in chat as well so I hope you did enjoy this more Red Dead Redemption soon so be on the lookout and if you want to cop some farmers head over to a typical dad store we have a lot of Red Dead Redemption inspired sort of colors and stuff on there so had their link in description below typical guy story get yourself something nice and make sure to tweet me a picture when you get it that note that's gonna be rad for this one and I'll see you very soon thanks for watching hope you've got some day and peace out

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