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Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m a mom of 2 toddlers… here’s what happens when I re-create my family as Sims and try to parent them like IRL. SUBSCRIBE! New videos every SATURDAY:

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hello everyone I'm here today to share with you guys a video and a category that I have never actually done before on my channel but I'm pretty excited 15 year old me is very excited right now and that is playing the Sims and not only just playing The Sims but recreating my family and it's something to parent them am I good sim mom who knows for those of you that don't know I have been obsessively watching the BuzzFeed series they've been doing on I think it's buzz fees multiplayer and it's all around the 100 baby challenge which is a challenge through the Sims that you're supposed to create 100 children with one sort of mother figure and they've just been following this girl Kelsey and sort of as she attempts to navigate through that challenge and it's been super entertaining and I really wanted to do this challenge from the perspective of a mom of kids under five and just see if I'm a pro Rockstar mom on The Sims as well as in real life yeah that's right I'm a rockstar mom it is entirely necessary to hide yourself up as a mom I'm just saying I'm going to attempt to recreate my family we're going to follow my family and I'm going to use my own parenting techniques that I attempt to use on an everyday basis and I'm gonna apply it to my kids in the sim game my sim children now I have not attempted the 100 baby challenge myself yet yet but if you guys want to see me do that on this channel leave me a comment down below and give this video a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out on new videos every Saturday and without further ado let's jump into this game okay let's do this don't tell me you don't also dancer this music right this is me okay so let's start with myself because I'm selfish but I'm not gonna make myself exactly like we're gonna be a little bit different like your name's gonna be it's gonna be like Raquel otherwise I'm just gonna get mad at myself is that my hair color that's that's kind my hair color what my brows look like I have to keep like looking in a mirror color in my eyes I've already forgotten what I look like blue well that's very blue that's more accurate okay browser not that light though I dye my hair like this then whoa that is a look it's not really what I'm going for but I kind of like need to try that for a makeup tutorial there we go that's what I'm talking about these brows Sims We Need to Talk okay what would raquel wear on an everyday basis is there a onesie hey that's let ik wear athletic wear raquel doesn't go to the gym honestly I just want to wear running shoes for like every outfit that's fine right oh we're Kelty trainers do that oh my god what is this is it glowing ooh blue is your color you need some pants though crates I feel like family is an important thing super parent a hundred percent yep that is her goal now for some traits feel like oh I feel like she's family-oriented because that's an important part of my life and so therefore also Raquel's she is neat which is not going to bode well for me in this game but it's accurate also pretty cheerful maybe not that cheerful lets out a sim all right sim number two is Chris my husband who we will name not Chris will name him like um Chad yeah that works okay let's add it up talk a little bit more Chris like whoa it's very like Disney Prince hair what would Chris where do they have any like hockey t-shirts oh my gosh oh he could be in a suit I can't change his walk oh my gosh it's amazing Sims oh my goodness that's terrifying so what I was is Christopher sorry Chad's aspirations here honestly I'd also say family is definitely a foodie family-oriented it's just good just a good human hey let's add another one unknown parent what do you mean I'm doing barren Oh oh my gosh yeah I feel like I want to make Julia a toddler to start out because I feel like that's a little bit more difficult because a child goes off to school for most the time so I feel like a lot easier shoo Juliet it's close enough the little dress with a cat ah oh my gosh Julie would freak out you'd need it immediately well blondie like our mama so freaking cute okay what traits can I do for Julia Julia is very independent and she's very inquisitive don't like taking orders from caregivers yep that's Julia yeah exactly well add a little Luke toddler toddler a little bull cut what a little puffin that's another good name sort of Luke that starts with an L Lionel Lionel leo Lucas Liam Liam let's see Liam and Luke straight will be what is Luke more it's a toss-up Luke is a charmer but he's also kind of clingy he's a little of both we'll just call him clingy all right do I have my fam Jam I believe I do where am I going to move them a waste of Springs this is the desert I live in the desert this place might have snow let's do that all right let's get parenting all righty what are we oh this is way too small they needs to some Grenaa work do I have money oh I do I need to add a room for the little kiddos so let's do that first so they're toddlers so we need toddler beds then now normally I wouldn't put them in the same room because I feel like they would just wake each other up all the time maybe some children are different maybe they'll be cool what else we need we need a highchair I think for both of them because they're both toddlers in this we need some lights – it's not very bright in here I'm just gonna selling everything okay give me a minute I feel like this is good that took me a while that's one thing I cannot stand unnecessary stuff in the Sims there was a wall here completely unnecessary add some lights move the table over added a room for the kids oh I replaced the shower because the kids can't bathroom the shower but I think we're ready now let's get to some parenting Liam already acquired a movement skill good job Liam should I be allowed to move my children I feel like that I'm not gonna do that I feel like I'm gonna let my children do their thing because otherwise I mean I can just parent from here it is 11:08 on a Saturday I feel like I need to get Chad a job maybe from home cuz both Chris and I work from home let's put Chris in business because that's basically what he does not Chris sorry Chad I'm gonna do that so much Juliet has already found the iPad or I guess whatever the Sims version of it is Rachel why don't you go and find your son where Liam go oh there he is oh don't lose your child when you just start playing okay I like to read my kids books so let's start with that cuz I feel like that is something that Liam would really like oh oh look at them go climb it up oh let go what time is it twelve fourteen Chad why don't you go and make lunch because I feel like children get hungry super fast oh that's a lot of different grilled cheese that sounds like good one to catch qts I like how they hold their hands very toddler s its parenting level 1 now encourage kids behavior and influence kids click to clean oh yeah no they're not gonna do that what are you doing Juliet just she's just fine she's fine oh there's a person hi person Oh No Liam discipline recent behavior asked to not make a mess we'll start small he is a toddler did she ask him did I just miss it parent do some parenting teach to say sorry apparently she can influence to clean so let's see if I can influence him to clean something snuggle oh I want to snuggle up forgive the mess yeah I guess he's a little too little to like actually drink anything I just became good for a Raquel just became good friends with Liam that's a night oh my god can you like give her food oh why is she angry why is she mad Paige rage no no no nobody can make me do it that's classic discipline recent behavior strict no calm ask not to be defiant emotional control good job oh she is defiant goodness Juliette what is your deal oh good he's gonna put her in there okay oh go get some food Chad what are you doing you don't need to just sit there and watch her he is angry Juliette don't give me orders Julie I can do anything she wants sugar what did you feed her Todd what did you give Juliette use diaper no Oh potty training I need to get like a little I need to get like a little potty I feel like kids I've used like little seats that go on top of the potties so I forgot that you're supposed to have like a supper club move some stuff around I think this works now Rachel not Rachel Rick I'll clean up oh she's so angry do it yes good job encouraging is good why is he so tense disobey him tough alert yeah yeah that'll happen so Chad's gonna be mad over there Raquel is loving life go away hate when people come to my door Liam what are you doing getting a little tired 6 o'clock time for bedtime I like to have like a routine so I will give my kids baths and we'll read stories and then we'll go to bed and it's approximately around this time so this works out perfectly ok so I love though they picked them up it's really adorable Oh chatted angry tell her not to be defiant check toddler is she dancing what is she doing she's dancing that's what I do when I feeling defy it oh she said subsisting to complain to mom classic to bed you bathe she Julia Juliet babe your daughter oh so it hurt to bed ok hold on she is not handling herself well let's do some parenting for Juliet we're going to discipline firm don't have emotional meltdowns emotional control that's positive oh he's gonna go put her to bed okay hell's gonna go watch some television feeling good are the children asleep oh he's fast asleep that is not how my toddler's go to sleep I don't think so Sims okay go watch TV don't turn don't wake up the children oh that's nice 9:30 watch current Channel hang out who's that Caleb children are sleeping Raquel is off to bed I am crushing this okay Chad you should probably go to sleep too wow I'm doing well with this doing one successful you need to wake up it is 5:30 I don't know what time Sims children wake up but like you should make serve breakfast no don't eat leftovers from last night come rekka get it together this guy needs to go and have a shower take a brisk shower children are still asleep six o'clock in the morning this is important this is an important part of parenting it's good it's summer sorry I got excited about that cool we're contes to work on her cooking skills a little bit but getting up before your kids get up is key at least in my house because as soon as the kids get up all your needs go out the window oh oh no okay don't eat grilled cheese Raquel is making a delicious meal for you Chad look at that scrumptious feeling energized that's good the kids up yet nope so sleeping now that is like my children they will sleep in until like 8:00 8:30 Oh first toddlers up who's up first he's feeling happy he's gonna go and watch his his dad look at those pajamas oh I want a pair oh no y-you Saida oh you're not saying okay grab a serving for Liam like he's probably hungry no no Liam ah I thought I already taught you not to do that firm tell not to make a mess go discipline your son Raquel oh we got another one up go and get her some food grab a serving for Juliet okay now do I need to clean this up I probably need to clean this up not me sorry Raquel I just want to follow him all day we're gonna go Oh gross they do your thing you do though there now they're eating some food not in their high chairs for whatever reason and on the couch go and what go and watch kids Network oh oh that's so cute Sunday morning cartoons oh I love that why are you uncomfortable stinky diaper for Chad I'm potty training duty again raelia changed Juliet's diaper Oh Liam so easy just picked him up put him right on the potty tell a story to Juliet I feel like we need to bond with Juliet to get her to respect via fort like maybe if we have a good relationship with her she'll be more willing to flea markets in town okay she likes the story I think or she watching television little this all of that and you go and teach the talk that's a good idea that's a good thing to do oh my gosh she's already on level three parenting level three in like a day and a half I am crushing this Oh cute and why is Chad mad he's uncomfortable okay well clean it don't just stand there staring at it and then discipline your son stop making a mess everywhere don't go to the bathroom right now rest express this appointment for making a mess why is he sad he said from using the potty I mean yeah that happens wow they have some cute interactions as adorable probably enough teaching how to do stuff maybe make silly faces see if she likes that is she like a fun does she like fun things oh she likes that okay cool precious little hugs for muffins he'd go to the bathroom I need to put like a door there I feel like that would help things a lot there we go I feel like we need to do Oh No Juliet's making a mess again where did they get all this paint discipline firm express disappointment turn off the television Chad parent your kid then I feel like we need to go on an outing that is a true test of parenthood is how well you can handle your kids when you're out in a public place let's go let's go to the park should we go to a restaurant a restaurant would that would be a challenge do you think they'd let us go there let's drive okay so oh I guess you can't take your kids here I've been sent to daycare no that's not part of this challenge wait get back here how'd you two do that lesson learned you can't go with a fancy restaurant with children all right we are at the park let's do this thing what do the cou doodles want to do talk about day I just realized that his shirt is like entirely open on the side probably not the best or the easiest a parent can she not play on the jungle gym is she too small and off she goes Chad watch your daughter I love how her cow immediately goes over and starts cleaning up some other kids mess don't leave your toddler all alone go and check your toddler stop cleaning up other kids message I guess that means he's happy oops are you going I accidentally sent Chad home Chad come back Addo Thank You Chad go back and see your children why is he jogging over there why are you jogging Chad okay what is there to do at this Park that is for toddlers nothing is there nothing to do can you fish go fishing together can everyone go fishing why are they all jogging to going fishing why are you leaving pick up your child don't go fishing without your kids it's like 101 parenting he's just hanging out she's like oh my gosh so sorry totally lefty there and is Juliet with Chad Juliet is not with Chad go here where's Juliet it's just talking to random stranger danger don't talk to people you don't know Chad Jack go and pick up your time sorry about that I will be taking my toddler and bringing her to a safe location away from strangers that's weird right if like an adult that I don't know it just starts talking to my kids Oh No why is he sad from low energy okay we need to go home everyone everyone needs to go home where did they go did they just are they just walking they're just jogging home well then you guys need to go home – everyone needs to go home together there we go there we go okay doesn't seem like there's much to do with toddlers like you couldn't even play in the playground so I guess we're just gonna go back home then alright what time is it is 8:45 at night oh my gosh everyone needs to get to bed go read your child to sleep he's put these kids to bed I think my children would be passed out by this boy creating a nice story I love how it takes approximately half a second for them to get on their pajamas my kids take so long to get up a jab need to eat something eat a quick meal get some leftovers where is she going what were you just going somewhere Raquel did I miss something go home dad go to bed Raquel go and have a quick meal so anyone else have days like that where you just spend the whole time and you have to like get your kids to bed and then it was like screw it I'm just gonna have it and some chips and calling the night Raquel's just sit down eating her ham and cheese I'm 1 o'clock in the morning I mean haven't we all been there now although it's only been like a two days in the life The Sims I feel like I've done a pretty decent job so far no one's been taken away everyone's needs are like basically met Chad needs to go to the bathroom but you know there were tantrums about potty training messes on the floor I guess the similarities between human children and SCIM children but I had a lot of fun this is an enjoyable experience and I'm glad we got to like test out the parenting of the Sims I feel like I did a pretty good job let me know in the comments what you guys think if there's any other parenting hacks tips tricks and stuff like that in the Sims that I should know about make sure you subscribe to this channel so you don't miss out on new videos every Saturday and that's everything I hope you guys are having an awesome awesome Saturday and I'll see you guys all in my next video love you all na

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