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Welcome back everyone to a Minecraft Animations reaction video. Today we are reacting to a super amazing! Animations Vs Minecraft video check out the original video above and let me know in the comment section what we should react to next!


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oh it is harab ride welcome back everyone my name is echo I hope you're having a great day today's video is another minecraft animations reactions video or should I say today's video is animations verse minecraft now I take your suggestions down below in the comment section you can link the video if you want me to react to it I'm checking out today something that was created by Alan Becker some of you might have seen this before if you've never seen this before this is mind-blowing now apparently I have watched this over two years ago I really don't remember all of it but we got to be checking it out together I will leave the channel down below and the video down below guys if you do enjoy this series and you would like to see some more minecraft reactions from me then please be kind enough to hit that like button and leave some animation suggestions down below in the comment section let's get into this animation now these are the characters that we're gonna see throughout this animation so I believe animation verse minecraft oh my good I'm so excited to watch this you know Windows is that Windows I figure it's like Windows XP that's an older version of Windows as she do skipping along oh we noticed something oh he does welcome to minecraft oh no here we go see I remember the first time I would play Minecraft I was like blocks what could I do with these we have a pro builder already okay that's pretty cool he's absolutely mind-blowing sick can I try this oh oh no goodbye you stole it [Laughter] welcome to survival okay it is survival ah always figured out the crafting table yo this is so cool oh this guy's built sup what this guy's built a working windmill okay I'm impressed I'm impressed oh here we go there's another guy okay it's like a superpower oh it comes another dude diamonds okay this guy's going full-on crazy he's like beacon what does this do it takes you up but wait ha he's figured out different colors now I believe like the red guy might be the evil guy at least he feels like he will be the evil guy oh he's gonna he's gonna let him borrow it oh no it's the faceoff everybody wants to minecraft control alright he wins you know reminds me of it reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings he's like it's my precious Oh this guy's full of savage go okay this guy's good straight into the storage files this is so cool oh wow he's stuck wait don't forget one of them knows how to make a pickaxe though so only needs to do now is get some wood and make the pickaxe hey this reminds me the minecraft story mode as well I feel like this is survival players being like Jesse not this the admin oh ok here we go see see here we go let's give ourselves some iron see teamwork makes dream work I'm impressed wood diamonds he stole those diamonds but wait how many can you make there's one chest plate leggings booties and this helmet it looks really weird see and see the different style character of Minecraft Alma oh here we go please make some weapons ah okay this guy's what you like the he's like the craft day he's gonna make everything he's made a bow he's made some arrows flint and steel fishing rod love to pick axes even TNT this is gonna be so much fun all this just to control creative I was so impressed with this here we go they've all got diamond swords diamond armor into the storage we go is it give you like the nether or the end oh oh wow it's the files what zombie oh snap get out of here where did he come from now they all come from different files maybe maybe the zombies are like viruses zombies are basically technically effective right so awesome push the button Mose um b s– even mo some beast the stuff the stop wait they're literally in the minecraft files please destroy the the thing pickaxe yes but he didn't gain exp so maybe the oven figured out the XP just yeah I'm really curious as to what's next but I feel oh snap Stage two is skeletons there you go [Applause] what next Oh what can I build next ah [Applause] here we go here we go it's time to dispense these first is poaching it Oh Evan TNT bombs out that's awesome buddies actually blows the creeper okay where's the cripple going lyrics I'm coming for you I got a feeling these guys are getting a house they don't know where to go okay we know that paid as minecraft plays we know that pain is so you just see a creeper it's like no it's time I don't want to die I'm too young to die they've also got full diamond Alma he's dead oh maybe this time how they met Vanessa right I wouldn't if they'll go to the end I'm confused oh okay yeah they are going to the nether don't forget guys nether is kind of like a resemblance of pals that have it having to dig there itself to hell what creepers and skeletons in the nether okay that was awesome he's behind you though oh that was lucky apples Oh see now they're learning about the hunger system that's so cool cuz it's literally like they're learning minecraft and going for the bait oh here he is what he's gonna try and talk to him oh no way this guy is literally like hair Bryan isn't he the creative harab ride house snapped even broke his sword pickaxe oh he did it pick it up no you should have just took it from him oh it is harab ride oh I do it this whole entire time he was her bride and now there's a giant stickman Shirley arrows aren't gonna work with this right oh he just deleted it and he broke his helmet chest plate yes oh okay that's not gonna help this guy is literally horrible isn't he he's gonna kill him he's half a haul away oh here we go diamond verse obsidian oh this guy's surely gotta die oh that's gotta hurt so much come on little stick man you got this he's gonna break his chest plate what is this oh it's Photoshop this is how they were created I've confused how look they were all enjoying the moment and then all of a sudden it was like they were no longer friends it's a Sode time to show you how powerful you could be in Minecraft oh it was an aha aha he was a half aha Hiro they're all in half a heart no food no weapons oh he's coming hey guys you gotta go hahaha and they're gonna try and attack him they've got those stuff oh you got a run fishing rod fishing rod saplings fishing rod and sticks I'm confused which file do you think they're in here's one anticipation oh there's two a couple guys you got this crafting table pickaxe rails maybe explosive TNT oh no not quite so you got it everyone is literally fighting for this one block combat dude you got this don't let red win that's quick oh we did it related minecraft that was the only way for the animations wait was he possessed by her a bride he was possessed by her bride that was so awesome I think this has to be one of the best animations I've ever seen it's like thank you friend see friends are forever at least these guys are Oh group hug right at the end is that it please don't be the end goodbye minecraft Oh they've just figured out League of Legends oh here we go here's another story don't do it don't you it's the end so it is absolutely amazing Alan Becca you've outdone yourself apparently I have seen this animation around about two years ago three years ago I don't fully remember it but that just completely blew my mind I think that's the best animation I could possibly of ever seen thank you everybody who suggested this because that is incredible it just goes to show you guys teamwork and survival does make dream work even if your friend is in creative overall you have the power guys if you didn't Darius hit that like button leave some more animations down below in the comments section have a great day and of course I catch you next time

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