Ragdoll Fall/Best Moments Cinematic Compilation – Vol.12 – Grand Theft Auto 5

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I DO NOT intend on portraying real life scenarios or subliminally encourage any acts of Felony, Murder, Etc. I am simply showing off multiple outcomes of deaths and rag doll physics in a mere GAME.

For those saying “Don’t kill black people”, “Don’t Kill Women”, “Why is killing a lot of black people?”

1. By saying don’t kill black NPCS, you are being racist because you’re saying that White NPCS being killed doesn’t matter and black people have priority over white and they shouldn’t be touched

2. Same thing applies for the women part, you’re being biased

3. When I use my mods to spawn the Npcs the race and type of NPCs that are spawned are random so I cannot do anything about that

If you have any other problems them simply leave a dislike and watch another video 🙂

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