PS4 Emulators Are Fake Garbage

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Today I wanted to talk about some game news and topics starting with the PS4 emulator scams. In this video I will also be discussing Streets of Rage 4, Ys IX and Devil May Cry 5.
what's up guys team here with the medal lots of games video thank you so much for checking out my video today I'm gonna be going over with you guys several gaming topics today first let's talk about the PlayStation 4 emulator and be forewarned there are a lot of videos on YouTube talking about the ps4 emulator it seems that anyone who really tries to talk about it say the truth see how this is actually not a real there's a few I guess different proclaimed ps4 emulators but some of the more prominent ones anyone wants to talk about this there is they're getting a lot of dislikes mainly because there's a lot of scammers online wanting to scam you guys now I'm not saying that a ps4 emulator could not happen in the future but what I am saying is is that the ps4 emulators currently today we're at the end of August 2018 all them are fake ok if you go online if you go on YouTube you'll check out the different emulators for the ps4 it's not exactly the most legit thing in the world do you go and do a search but I mainly want to talk about this with you guys a lot of you guys know I talk about a whole lot about PlayStation games for years people have been emulating PlayStation 1 PlayStation 2 games in fact the pcsx2 is an emulator that people use to play their ps2 games on their PC it's actually a very popular emulator the pcsx2 to not only play the ps2 games on the PC but also in a lot of cases if their PC can handle it they can play their ps2 games in 4k it's pretty awesome it's really popular in fact this is the crazy before I get the ps4 emulator a lot of you guys might be going you know what is this all about for years I thought there'd be no way that people will be able to play ps3 games on the PC but there is in fact this is actually a legit thing there in fact is a real working ps3 emulator not saying it works well just for some games it is somewhat functional it is rough like a lot of the games mainly why I never thought this could happen because the architecture the technology for the ps3 for 4 years a lot of people just strum to just even make games let alone wanting to play games from the ps3 on the PC it says the technology for the ps3 is it totally a whole nother beast and so with the Xbox one and the ps4 Xbox one and the ps4 are a lot more compatible or something a lot more comparable to a gaming PC the ps3 is way different you know the the ps4 Xbox one lot more closer to a gaming PC okay it's a lot easier to make games for those consoles now and so you have these different ps4 emulators and currently again they are not legit and one of the main ones I wanted to talk you guys about because a lot of people are being fooled being duped is the PC sx/4 and you know it sounds like hey you know Genie there's a real emulator it's called the pcsx2 why wouldn't the PCs x4 work you know you go on YouTube and you're like hey someone's playing God of War God Awards a pretty new game I don't have a ps4 I would love to play God of War on my PC well this is not real this is fake though most of you guys probably already know this but I think a lot of you guys might even not know that there are these types of scams going on right now for one reason or another wanting to get your information or have you download things that you shouldn't be downloading and again in the future I could see in fact an Xbox one emulator I could see a ps4 emulator because these consoles are much closer to gaming PC's you know these these developers are loving these consoles because they have hardware that is really easy to make games for from their standpoint from what I've the articles that I've read but currently at this point if you are interested in downloading when playing your ps4 games on the PC do not do it okay again this is pretty obvious but I thought I'd just share this with you that this is actually a thing the emulation community is very very strong and and I think it's pretty awesome for the consoles that are actually you know where it's doable like the pcsx2 and ascend you and the dolphin and I think actually there's there's then some emulation for the Xbox 360 as well so I can see definitely in the near future emulation happening for the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4 and I believe there's actually a legit one for a while there were fake ones or scam ones for the intent of switch but I think in fact there is one that they're working on for the switch and this would be a matter of time before me a little place which games on your PC I could totally see that anyway guys next topic I wanted to share with you is Streets of Rage 4 now of course this game was announced and came out of nowhere it's been it's like 2025 years old you know since there was another Streets of Rage game a lot of people are super excited for the upcoming you know Streets of Rage for that Amy also brought us the Dragons trap which is a really awesome beautiful looking game and with the whole thing with Streets of Rage for a lot of people are super excited about it Josh Fairhurst with limited run gang have something actually very interesting to say regarding Streets of Rage 4 so after the trailer was released josh says I've been harboring this knowledge for a year now I'm so excited about this it sounds like holy cow josh is known about this for like a year that Streets of Rage 4 was in development and it kind of made sense though because limited run games has a really good relationship with dot nu and they've had this relationship for quite a while you know they brought of course a lot of the games to physical copies you know you have Windjammers they brought on the PS Vita and the ps4 which is you know brought to the DOS con systems responsible because a dot em you know Windjammers was a franchise has been around for a long time on neo geo timing is like hey let's let's bring it back the limiter on games like hey let's make physical copies and also in addition da mãe who also was like hey you know limited on games let's bring east origin to the systems as well and this is really cool because I could with this whole relationship I could definitely see limited-run being involved with bringing physical copies of Streets of Rage 4 to us huge forest of course is going to be on a few different platforms I'm sure and it will be mainly available visually but to be able to have that option and no persistence isn't confirmed but I could definitely see how it could make sense and how limited run games would bring Streets of Rage 4 to us make it available to have a physical copy so in addition you know I just talked about ease it was just recently announced on how there is in fact a new ease game in development and so I'm really excited about this I was first introduced to the Erie series East book 1 2 on the turbo graphics 16 CD player from playing the games for years now this is fantastic news not exactly sure though it said there's a new East game and development that could mean a lot of things go a new ease game and the day arrives so we're gonna make some type of announcement it's gonna be like ease on the iPhone or ease on on the Android you know it could be something totally different my guess and I'm hoping that it's gonna be easy 9 then in fact it's gonna be a full-fledged game coming out you know of course like the PC and the ps4 I had a whole lot of fun with ease 8 I thought it was an amazing game it was a massive game with so many different characters so many wonderful exciting places to explore unique enemies that you encountered epic boss battles is a is a beautiful game excellent game you guys should check out when you get a moment and so my final thing I want to share with you guys today is I got a chance to check out some of the gameplay reveal or the gameplay for the Xbox one for Devil May Cry 5 digital foundry did a video and man guys this game looks so good looks so amazing apparently on the Xbox one it's gonna be running 4k 50 60 frames per second and of course with a game like that will make crime a 5 you definitely want the game to be playing super fast action sequences so much stuff going on you definitely want this to be playing at 60 frames per second where the action and the action is very similar floozie guys aren't from the earth everyone with double May Cry series very similar to like over-the-top craziness that you'd find similar to like Bayonetta and of course Doublemint cries have been out years longer than than bayonetta but it's been a while since a like sequential Devil May Cry game has been released a lot of people are super stoked for it and it really looks beautiful it looks incredible it's gonna be off for a few different platforms and I cannot wait don't only cry a great theme that I'm hoping will come sooner than later so guys after I got done making this video I just have a quick question for you what digital games are there out there digital only that you would love to have a physical copy of companies like limited run games who were able to bring us a physical copy of darius burst chronicle saviors and also companies like strictly limited bring us games like guns gore and cannoli on the ps4 physical copies limited batches I think is just a brilliant idea so again the question that I have for you guys what digital games out there would you guys love to see a physical copy of so guys I hope you enjoy today's episode of gaming news eating topics I want to share with you guys any comments things you guys want to me to talk about for the next episode next show let me know in the comment section below and as always guys thanks so much for watching I'll catch you later

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