PIXEL THIRST? Summer-Inspired Sim! | The Sims 4: Create A Sim & Introduction

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Hopefully XUrbanSimsX is proud.
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[Applause] hey folks how's it going this is iron Siegel here back with another create-a-sim slash introduction video so this time I'm doing a summer inspired creative sim I know summer is starting to wind down here at least but at least in my games summer is just getting started also those of you who are living in the southern hemisphere summer is actually just coming up so there you go it's still okay for me to do this but this sim ties into my seasons let's play because there's October who's one of the main characters of my seasons let's play and she's the embodiment of fall then there's sleet winter who is the embodiment of winter made him fairly recently and there's also Mae and Owen who represents spring where make eine des represents more of the transition into summer and Owen represents winter transitioning into spring and I've made create-a-sim videos for all of these sims so this is the final piece of the puzzle and his name is July Ellison and he is the embodiment of summer and all of these seasonal Sims do you feel a connection to each other and in the case of July he feels a particularly strong romantic connection to May when he ends up meeting her so yes and she's one of the spring sims and is the one who really embraces summer it it kind of makes sense that these two like each other so it's kind of interesting is that both of them are very romantic and flirty and the idea of settling down with one sim is it's just a foreign concept to them and so yeah it's kind of interesting usually with these sorts of situations it's just one of the two characters that would feel this way but in this case it's actually both of them and what I was thinking of doing is that a cage I might do an episode or two in a row where I actually play as one of the other seasonal Sims instead of always playing the same household even though like it's it's not going to change the fact that October and miles are the main characters I'm still gonna play as them predominantly but I think it would be a nice way of shaking up the formula a bit by occasionally having just guest characters swap in and have those in the case of the seasons let's play could be the other seasonal sins but getting back to July himself here there were a couple of things design wise that I wanted to accomplish with this create-a-sim and I'm really glad how with he turned out so I really wanted to use more ethnic hair because I've downloaded quite a few of them lately from tumblr and I just haven't gotten around to really using them so I'm really happy that I got to use one on July and I really also wanted to make a sim that is just outright made to look like a stud or pixel thirst as exurban Sims X has coined it so if she's watching this hopefully she's proud of me yeah I think this scent turned out pretty well is pretty good-looking and I also do want to make more Sims of color even though I feel like I'm doing somewhat of an okay job like even with the city living let's play especially every sim in that series was a sim of color but I feel like I can still make more and just balance out the diversity in my game more so that is something I want to do more of in the future and July does help contribute towards that even though he's only one Sam and I do like how I manage to use the shirt from seasons where his chest is exposed it's too bad we don't have body hair in the game right now because otherwise oh yeah you'd have a lot of body hair for sure but we don't so hopefully in the future they can be added even though there is custom content out there where you can make your sims look like they have body here I'd really still love to see Maxis do that themselves overall I have him dress in lighter stuff I do keep in mind where my sims are actually gonna live so especially with the winter wear I do want my sims to wear like more heavier jackets if they're living in really cold places like windin burg and rental today and then waste of Springs they can get away with wearing lighter stuff so you'll see once we get to the cold weather where it's just going to be like a hoodie and a jacket over but it's not like anything really really heavy it's just just yeah just for those cooler desert nights and I really do like how with the hot weather where I manage to use those new sunglasses from seasons like literal sunglasses because it's because the frames have that Sun shape so yeah that's that's actually an item that I've been wanting to use for a while but it always just it always just sticks out a little too much and it's just like ah it's too bizarre but I don't know I think it kind of works with that particular outfit and since he is summer themed it kind of makes sense to use those sunglasses on him as far as his personality goes there's more to him than just being a romantic because he's also really into music and one other role that I wanted July to Phil was to live in a trailer park that I downloaded from Jamba where it's just all set up for creatively mine Sims but especially musical ones and you may remember a few months ago I made a sim named a lyric and she was a Lindsey Stirling inspired sim where she does a lot of violin but she sings as well so that also makes her a little bit different from the person that she's inspired from but yeah July is going to be living in that same trailer park so I'm glad that get to fill up that lot a little bit more it'll be really interesting to play in once I have all the Sims that I need in there and by the way July's instrument is the keyboard so that's pretty cool I haven't really played around with it with that many Sims so I'm glad to have another keyboard player in my game so he does aspire to be a musical genius but the one other trait I haven't talked about yet that he has is water holic and this is a custom traits from a mod pack that kawaii stacie released a while back and basically it makes your sims want to be in and around the water so I thought that was something that really suited summer as well I just really hope that we'll get swimmable oceans in the future so that it'll be even more useful but we are coming up towards the end of this creative sim video here so I'm just gonna wrap things up in a little bit you will see pictures of July in game and the lyric does make an appearance as well but hopefully you like this creative sim he's actually being on my gallery profile for a few weeks now I just only now I'm getting around to editing the video and putting it up so yeah if you search the hashtag iron seagull casts then you'll find all of the creative Sims that I've uploaded just remember to click that custom content filter under advanced on the left hand side because most of my Sims you have at least a little bit of custom content although there's a few like the Black Canary create-a-sim but yeah most of them have some custom content be sure to leave a like or a comment or even subscribe because lets me know that like my channel my videos and it helps you keep up-to-date more easily with the latest content for me I do videos on the sims saw like the Hedgehog and more so I will talk to you all later and have a great day thanks for watching

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