Operation Spectre Rising | Black Ops 4 New DLC Update!

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Treyarch has finally announced Operation Spectre Rising today for Call of Duty Black Ops 4! We are getting a new specialist Character Spectre and his shadow blade. Also, we are getting a few new maps, Artifact, Masquerade and WMD. New weapons, blackout characters, weapon charms and much more! What do you think? Leave a comment down below!

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all right everybody what is up it's thunder welcome back so the new operation was finally revealed today for black ops for dropping tomorrow first on the ps4 its operation Spectre recycled I've been expected rising there he is right there Specter on top of the building super cool intro takes out his katana hops off the top of the building like a boss and then just slashes a crap out of everybody and what's all that confetti on the ground man we're gonna get into that a little bit later but as you noticed when he killed all these dudes it was all confetti exploding all over the place so anyway there it is man Spectre rising spectres back we had him at launch for black ops 3 from black ops 4 we had to wait 7 months for him in this map repair artifact I could tell just by this short clip I'm gonna hate it look at this map bro all the people multi levels multi tiered Maps I hate maps like this is this is just like Madagascar oh look at the smoke grenade man Specter smoke grenade they shout out that little censored dark specters like I don't think so son blinds them all with the smoke yeah Specter wants all the smoke baby he wants all the smoke so as you can see those guys are kind of highlighted just like the vision pulse I can't see shit but Specter could see everybody and he takes them all out yo this special it's gonna be a lot of fun to play with man there it is masquerade another new map and this map everybody thought this was going to be splash remastered or the aquarium remastered it's not it's a completely new map and it looks like this map looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun I cannot wait to play on this map and that's a new skin right there for ajax ajax with hair huh and look at the commando lunge ability of spectrum saw the smoke bomb and there's his commendable orange sword attack which looks incredible and here is WMD remastered a lot of people never play it on this map and there's a ballistic knife new melee weapon this ROG black ops 1 map and this map fellas it's fantastic I cannot wait to play on this but unfortunately guys it's gonna be part of the black ops past it's not gonna be a free map like we all thought it would be since they gave us all the other Oh G maps for free the WMD is locked behind the black ops pass unfortunately and here's the c4 used to blow up the dam looks like it's not gonna be a multiplayer they just use it as a prop to bust open the dam to change the blackout map so we go we had blackout Alcatraz now we got blackout Wetworks and I'm not really a blackout guy I don't really play battle royale that much right now but this looks really cool dude this looks like a lot of fun man I mean if you're into battle royale you're probably gonna love this I know Alcatraz is a huge hit look at that man the cargo ship got knocked over cargo great map from black ops 2 I mean just look this looks like a lot of fun man Bravo 2 track man this actually looks incredible and the hell's that guy they got an old man on oxygen playing battle royale damn son that's gonna be me in a couple years for real so anyway guys got some new characters new modes prop on zombies gauntlet two new maps one remaster a ballistic knife LMG and another melee weapon two melee weapon chops coming back camos oh my goodness two melee weapons Oh Treyarch seriously why are you gonna give us two melee weapons dude oh man America so let's peel the back layer by layer let's talk about that trailer over some Madagascar gameplay and man I have not played I think I played on this map maybe two or three times and I hate it and I hate it for this reason right here look at this multi level I hate this shit people hop it up on top of roofs it worked for favela for some reason I don't know where it worked for favela but mw2 but in Madagascar yeah this is probably my least favorite map in the game I've only played on a few times like I said but just a layout of this map the flow of this map everybody could be up on top of different levels it's just I do not like this map at all bro this map has got the weirdest flow ever but I had a pretty damn good game on this map dude my sniper's nest went hand I think I had the whole faze clan up there but anyway so let's talk about the new update that's gonna be dropping tomorrow operation Spectre rising I'm kind of hyped about a few things one it's great to see weapon charms coming back I heard there's gonna be like a little ray gun weapon charm you hang off the side of your gun like cool little track kick can we hang a blackbird there better be a Blackbird weapon charm I'm gonna at least give me that Vonderhaar or tawny flame whoever's in charge at least give me the Blackbird weapon charm son please bet or c4 sandwich yo can I have a c4 weapon charm look at this campus grow it could be a c4 that's all I wanna black bread weapon charm please Tony if you listenin hook me up you can't put it in the game at least give me the weapon charm like I have some kind of c4 and some kind of e sad in this game black bird whatever sr-71 charm hanging off the side of my gun come Oni we got to have that shit and also as you saw in the beginning the trailer when Spectre hopped off the building and he was slashing everybody with his katana by the way I like the katana sword even better than the Ripper the Ripper blade is kind of like a Wolverine now I know Spectre just looks cooler with the katana and I don't know if that's just me what do you guys think you guys like the katana better than the actual Ripper blades I guess we'll have to find out tomorrow May but the commando lunge on Spectre looks incredible and that smoke grenade blinded everybody but you can see where everybody's at dude spec there's gonna be a lot of fun I'm gonna use a hell out Spectre I could tell right now it's gonna be Opie at launch I'm gonna use the hell out of them before they nerf this shit off because remember when zero first came out zero was okay whenever they release a new specialist it's always Opie as hell there's gonna get in there Specter probably getting nerfed a few times but I'm gonna have some fun with I got ps4 pro 2 so I'm gonna be able to pick I'm gonna be able to pick first baby ps4 pro son anyway so the confetti effect when you saw Spectre slice everybody up with the katana that is something new in the game they're adding called death effects so instead of blood you're gonna be able to have death effects which will be in the black market just like the weapon charms like I said they're putting all this cool content in the game it's probably all gonna be in the black market I don't know how much it's gonna cost or if you could get any of it out of the reserve so maybe you can like see why would I pick a c4 when I could do this see what I'm saying look look I just I got this whole entire room tripmind up dude the specialist gear is so much better than the regular equipment oh my goodness for peace hellstorm missile baby yo my streaks went in this game I stopped using the drone squad dude the drone squad is the most a streak in this game I used to think it was the hunter killer drone but not it's the drone squad the drone squad is horrible plus it can be used against you if this is zero on the other team I think the drone squad goes more ham when zero hacks it and it kills you because when I use it and call it in it just hovers there if you guys miss the live , upload it on TSG I only get down to the description go watch that gameplay I called my golden my drones qualities hovered over my head and it just lets some dude just run pull right I find me kill me I didn't even do nothing that guy doesn't have cold-blooded on or anything it was so stupid I was so pissed but the death effects are pretty cool weapon charms are pretty cool there's gonna be a confetti death effect the money death effect just like in mw2 it's basically it's gonna be taking the place of blood which is good because I don't know if gore or blood is gonna be outlawed here one day like it is in China but if it ever is then cool we'll just have the confetti shooting out all over the place I don't think this China is confetti banned in China I don't know but hopefully it will never get banned here there's also gonna be a fireworks death effects when you kill somebody fireworks explode out of the dudes body that'll be pretty cool I like all this stuff man too bad this stuff didn't come with the game at launch see you man you put all this cool stuff like weapon charms finally coming back well why did it take seven months for them to put weapon jars in the game why was a weapon charms in it launched yo look at this sniper's nest bro like I said man I had the whole faze clan up there man's my boy teste up their face pajamas up they're sprouting up there the whole faze clan they were up there pooping on people grandad cryogenically frozen with his car 98 everybody man stop looping this shit out of everybody this was a 15 kill sniper's nest and I'll tell you guys right now when I go do my top 10 spore streaks at all due to history that's the updated version the sniper's nest will definitely be in there sniper's nest one of the best streaks ever I absolutely love it man so anyway guys I'm gonna link all this stuff down to the description you guys can check it out at your leisure we're getting Spectre back we get three new maps weapon charms death effects so Mastercraft variants a whole ton of content is coming but is it enough or is it too little too late I don't know you guys let me know down in the comments section what are you hyped for what are you excited for I mean WMD my biggest problem with this whole update is that WMD is not free we already paid for this map 10 years ago man why is it locked behind the past Activision Treyarch once again using nostalgia as a weapon and further dividing an already dwindling community with map packs pretty damn stupid so other than all that stuff fellows some other things I'm excited for is the reactive camos ma'am again the after life reactive camo and the nebula reactive camo coming tomorrow so some pretty cool camos weapon charms death effects maps that LMG sounds like it's gonna be pretty cool it's got good mobility in a fast reload and look at that man 15 kill with the sniper's nest yeah I might have to apply to phase after that son 15 kills sniper's nest am so not some quality blooping oh and speaking of blooper Don people you guys gotta check out this upcoming clip right here man guess what your boy found laying on the ground yeah a diamond camo paladin come Oni and I picked this thing up look at this get on son watch this right here watch this oh my god they said you had to be a superhuman a quick scope in this game fellas we'll check it out right here man check out what I just unlock there you go the panther the blue panther baby thanks for watching everybody I'm out

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