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jump so today we're back and this time we're gonna be trying to break the 193 wild record you know your boy has failed time and time again but today it's gonna be the day I walk away you like that little bit Brian man I need to become a rapper today is gonna be the day I get myself a 1 9 3 now if you're new to this channel please make sure you like subscribe and follow me on Instagram and Facebook links are in the description I'm gonna be giving away 5 ps4 pro at the end of the month so we have to do is drop me a follow all of those and me do Instagram name in the comment section and also if you want to chop chop chill whatever on this squad during mindless discourse our link is in the description to that also I'm a PC bits I give pasty bitcoins awaiting on there as well so suck a lot more fucking around let's jump in to the video now your boy is gonna go about four triple too fast to kick it off not my favorite formation but we do get one to watch 95 Cristiano Ronaldo yeah cam we're gonna get died ba ba we don't okay so I'm gonna take I'm gonna take silver because we might get to you I normally get T min yet de Bruyne in this formation so maybe we will get him hopefully anyway we'll find out on the next episode on busy bull V so strike up what have we got we get levin dosti there we go die bala towel little strong link to ronaldo CVM spot give it to me we get burn and Dini Oh actually you know what I'm gonna go for B neo because here we're gonna get banned Dyke boom boom boom boom we do get banned bike but oh my god PK and here we're gonna get t-midi a Van Dyke don't the booty video RAM loss works I'll take him right goalkeeper it's gonna be a stinker alright so I'll take him and then we're gonna go bum bum bum bum bum ninety-two David daheia right so for him in there right we're gonna go see em next spot is gonna be okay right ah I'm gonna go baura because of that little strong link to Ramos and then left back it's no team of the year Marcello but it is Fernandez so I'm gonna take him as it kind of comes in handy it's not ideally what we need right now what I'm gonna go trippy at next yeah I'm gonna take him right so next up is eighty nine rated seventy-seven chemistry is not looking good so far but we are gonna clutch this so I'm gonna take Bella in I'm gonna take him throw him there that gives me first nine right next pick we have is dun dun dun dun whoa whoa whoa whoa so we get sunny and then we also get junior now junior doesn't really do anything for me actually you know what maybe I'll take this junior right I'm gonna throw him there that gives me bus one and then we're gonna go over to the next pick now so it's 89 rated we can pull this off it's still it was still able to clutch it um why might do is I might take Benzema ah and yeah I'm gonna take the Benzema and I'm gonna chuck in my top that gives me bus for ah so right now it's 90 rated it's 91 cam right so and I'm looking too bad it's not looking too bad right we're gonna go for the next pick now and no one decent so we'll just go rating and then we're gonna go next pick which is dun dun dun dun to turn my prayers next pick is okay right now it's another stinker so I will go go Marty out and right we're gonna go next is a big one it's an icon no it's not it's gonna be Martin's currently do anything actually you know what what I'm gonna do I'm gonna take like as that I'm gonna firm that and then there we go back under camp now we need to do is go for the rating is 89 raters are we gonna pull this off and get a banner of a draft it doesn't look like it it looks like it's gonna be a smelly one eight eight or one eight nine is still one eight nine ah let me throw I'm from there and then we will throw Marty au in and then we'll take him off from him there and then we'll go last two picks its oh my god okay right well and I'm a stinker and then we have does it go up to a 189 yeah it does right we might be able to catch of 189 here just about right so I'll take ghulam taking the piss stopped or oh my god right the first drop is only a one eight eight disgraceful disgraceful right so we're gonna go five three two next and I'm gonna kick it off and take 91 Suarez obviously we're gonna get team in a year okay right we get 96 ready to kick it off next to him though center mid position we've got pop pop Wow we'll take the rod three next up accent a myth by middle back my favourite formation to build some bill P drop so I'm not gonna risk it it's only a poor rating difference is quite a lot but we're gonna play a safe we're going to go for chemistry and we're gonna go for rating so next pick is I'm gonna go for him ah because he does link up to the Suarez now right back what we got whoa nice right so we grab ourselves a coil I'm gonna take him now the center back is it going to be tea video Ramos t-midi Ramos and Team of the Year Moran disgusting so we're gonna take the Ramos obviously because he's 90 rate or 97 rate is so I'm gonna take the hair net and then we're gonna go for the substitute goalkeeper and we have sama right now the first set well the second center back kick is gonna be pk obviously then we're gonna move over and get ourselves a go ride nice it's not looking too bad so far left wing what we got we get done Ziegler but none of these I can really use so I'm just gonna take him anyway and it's 89 rated right now 93 chemistry here we go it's gonna be a banger with a black so I'm gonna take him warm we got 96 cancer ye realistically is a left back and we're good – goes a freepo you are the guy my friend welcome to the team so we're gonna throw your hair in that poem does it go up to a 90 it does so we just need to sustain the rating or keep it going up ah right so I'm gonna take silver and then we're gonna go over to the next pic now looks like it could be a good one we get ninety one hands off but this is a tricky one so if I take how that I could throw him on the bench but if I take Alba it bumps my whole team I'm gonna take Alba and I'm gonna take him out and then it should stay as it is so it gives me plus six in the starting eleven which kind of comes in handy we're gonna take Suzhou next pick it looks like it's gonna be a half piece of one we get back down bail 88 rated looking brash so we're gonna take him we're gonna go over to the next tick now which is gonna be 92 junior filthy filthy bill fee here we go what's coming next Pat oh oh okay right so I'm gonna take the brand and then I'm gonna throw silver in um it looks like it could just sustain at 190 hopefully it goes up but I'm not gonna complain if it don't so I'll take Medel house it drops to a 1 8 9 please don't do me daddy like this now it's still fucking dropped come on please please please ah no okay right well it looks like it's gonna be fucking money not come leave it how is it one at nine is it gonna go up let's take a quick look quickly just double check please go to a 190 no I how is it only in 189 yes it was so sick it was genuinely so sick bah right so this time and we are gonna go with a four three one two now I got 191 or 192 I like that in this formation we get ninety rated honoré to kick it off now the goalkeeper give me a daheia Oh take it right 91 – hey ah they'll be right next up we have Denton and then we get socrates so ah you know what I'm gonna take him there's a 10 rating difference I was gonna take the Liga Santander guy but it would have been stupid too so we'll take him next then we're gonna go and get ourselves a team of the okay right well maybe not so I will go holy start just in case we do get some of your Santander players ah next up I'm gonna go Alexander Arnold so swap them to round then we're gonna go sent them in and get ourselves a whoa oh you are so gonna take Arthur strong links to Paulista next up we have the bracket itch so uh I'm gonna take bracket itch I'm gonna take racket inch I'm gonna take racket itch then here we're gonna get an icon we get 90 can't a so I'm gonna take him anyway ah not really much I can do right now it's looking okay it's not looking terrible so we get team of the year de Bruyne build B so hopefully up top we get ourselves a little mighty agüero I was gonna say 90 agrerro but 89 agrerro will do now we're going to go next strike a position and we get dun dun dun dun dun okay right so I'll take this Donny right so so far as it stands it's not looking too bad it's not looking too bad so so far as it stands it's alright right so we're gonna go left back and we get Marcus Alonso ah firm now I got us five so it benefits me quite a bit next up we are gonna go for name ah ah yeah it's gonna have to be named our 93 rated it'd be silly not to next pick we have is per a hoe now if I take per a hoe I can firm in the middle it does give me more chem I think because he looks up to the Alonso actually doesn't link up to the racket itch so I'm not gonna go for him maybe I will go for hazard and take him for rating art because he can do anything with him anyway so fry them on their form and we'll go on to the next pick now and it is gonna be this dude are not great right but it 90 rate did anyway so it's not too bad so we're gonna go wine out of next ah and then if I throw wine album in I lose – so we're not gonna do that and we'll go over to the next pic now which is we get 90 degrees man alright well it's okay it's not bad all right so we get Griezmann if I throw actually we're currently do anything here so I'm seven came short of getting the 190 I take him and I throw him nowhere so he's gonna have to stay we're gonna throw name are on the bench goes up form 90 rated once again ideally I need another sentiment but it doesn't know like it's gonna happen so we'll grab him next pick is gonna be okay right he's not looking good boys it's not looking good it's not looking fucking good ah no right so I failed we're gonna take a look now at the 193 let's do this this is what the team looks like so far bust off can I just say look at it it has eight team of the year's eight of 11 team of dev twat 8 of 12 team of the years we've got messy and bat pain de bruyne daheia Naima Ramos Van Dyke Marcelo the only one is missing is Ronaldo right niche hurry the only one is missing his Ronaldo like it's so disgusting like so disgusting I've never seen anything like this before in my entire life now if you want to check out the guy who'd let me use his account Jacob his accountant was Twitter's in the description so a big big thank you to him without him in this video wouldn't have been possible so damn look at it eight team of the years like it's cheap I'm a real eight to me I can't believe it so let's build it we'll throw it in together and I will show you how it becomes a 193 right so we're gonna prevail at right wing we're gonna take off the Casillas and for daheia and then a centre-back it's gonna be Ramos and then the left back right now this is it as a 192 so yeah pretty much you can see it's a pretty easy 192 we're gonna take out the fret if we put Suarez in as well and then pretty much we have to do now is take out the Jordi Alba and boom there you go two one nine three like it's the highest rated dropped on the planet like ever that's it hundred 193 is never be mian it's never ever is not gonna be be in probably until team of the season this is the most disgusting draft ever so what we're going to be doing is when you're trying to win the draft today with this team and see how we do so we've basically failed the attempts of gang in myself so now we've basically got this one I don't think I'll ever be able to beat this like ever on FIFA 19 and tell team of this season is out or something that has higher rated cards I'm not getting a team of years in one foot here one foot draft it's not possible I was genuinely not possible so let's fix up the custom tactics and hopefully we can manage to win the draft so what I want to do is I want to play pressure on a heavy touch I'll leave that as it is the instructions I want to have Messi on stay central and get in behind we've stayed forward and then I'm gonna have stay forward stay forward Cruz I'll have a cover Center everything looks okay that's Suarez I will have uncover Center also with balanced attack and in pireno we wanted one cover center as well and then Marcelo stay out while attacking Carvajal stay back while attacking so pretty much that is pretty much how the team is gonna sit so Alex it currently it is the only 193 to ever exist right nothing is getting better than like nothing getting better than this right but I fail this I'm gonna try one more time I'm gonna try to win the draft if we win it we're gonna keep the box so I'm not gonna keep the pack something to give them to him obviously but okay so we come up against about hope and here I don't I don't normally play on playstation but I've got this controller that looks like Xbox controller so should be okay I'm not making excuses though I haven't kind of it you know all right here we go nibbly Suarez is on the ball pal pal Messi Carla suárez to bail back to SWAT squad makes it we get the gold that is what I wanted to see let's get it right next up Oh very ho messy Oh him with that black ricotta wait what I didn't do that this fuck you get this game this game are my god messy oh my god how does he saved up how did he save that come on Cruz run you dickhead right for some reason none of my sense of accent running what's happening alright Messi's off I don't understand none of them sprinting well he's going on look they won't he he won't run donno right by somehow we win this game I'm gonna stop playing after this one because I don't want to mess it up for him right now we're gonna play it to Suarez seeing as I can't run it makes everything so much more difficult all right here we go come on they all Oh what's a gold what a gold bail makes it 2-1 let's get it right so I can't sprint right now look you can see my Suarez isn't isn't running so yeah it kind of fucks everything up for me but if we manage to be in his happy days yes yes yes here we go fails head he's gonna know right we got corn I think it's a corner go kick ass that's why I wanted to see corner making sure we get the goal this is why knees all right pal ohh ohh Oh messy all right we're gonna whip that and again to swat know all right nippy Suarez go on and plop it looks like he's gonna hit me on the counter because I can't run with my players look at this look I'm holding it down but he's not sprinting yes yes / a how nice okay so may him him a senior oh oh nice nice nice over the over it goes Mayo oh he's made a great great great great save I'm gonna whip that in again boom wants a bull bale with the rocker header oh no all right well let's go huh oh yes Suarez nice okay here we go bagels gotta realistically all I need to do is kind of just play possession two degree Oh Oh we go bail with the nifty moves pray house Wow then we go for one behind him with no Sprint's whoa whoa boom ping it poom oh shit oh yes what to say there we go POW fight one done there we go game over pretty much good with three month one it almost right series ragequit we won the first game because my sprint button isn't working I'm not going to play the rest I'm gonna leave that to him to finish up we did get the window so that was pretty cool so that is pretty much the end of the video thanks for watching I'll catch you next time there is the 193 once again is absolutely crazy thanks for watching and see you a next time peace out

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