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what's up youtubers your boy double-leg night skills and welcome back welcome back to the voted for champions RTG additional welcome back to oh my god I got Radford it's going down I know a lot of you guys are gonna want to know if you want this Player of the Month Radford so I decide look I don't really mess what SBC is too much but if you guys want to see my thoughts me complete and as we see right when they come out let you guys know if I think you should do it then smash your big old thumbs up if you guys want this to happen and get 10,000 likes your boy will start to do more SBC's I'm not really good at SPC's you're gonna look carry them like damn skills you probably wasted a lot of money here but a lot of this stuff is untradable man I got a lot of stuff just on that comment after by Delhi Ali who is actually like its extinct you saw me just use him there let's hope that we get a Delhi Ali back so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna complete Delhi Ali excuse me I'm a complete Rochefort put him in the weekend league team and jump into the first game of the weekend Liga have not played one weekend League game yet your boy kind of just really just woke up as well so I probably gonna be playing some bad FIFA but hopefully we still get the double that's important okay I already completed that one now you're gonna see in one of them I'm turning in Alex and alone you're gonna freak out like skills do not turn in Alec Sandro Alexandra is untradable I can't use them either way I'm using Mandy as my left back so I'm not gonna do anything with them in my club I was this close to turning in Kevin de Bruyne ax as well because he's untrainable but I didn't do it guys right here we want to pray for a deli alley I'm telling you guys you have to snipe him right now we want a deli at least so we could put back into it cuz one of them we have to complete needs deli I'll show you in just a minute but again if you want to see me complete more SBC's and let you know if I think they're worth it hit that big ol thumbs up for your boy man so it lets me know what content you guys enjoyed and if you missed it I posted a headliner video late late last night I posted a draft video for you on this morning and now I'm posting this video your boy is on the grind bro and hopefully you guys are enjoying it man so right here it takes deli alley see you see right there almost turning Kevin de Bruyne and that would have been a big big mistake man Big Boi deli a lead but I was able to just use Alexandro instead now we need deli alley to finish off this team you see Alex on the row in here but it doesn't really matter cuz as I told you guys he is untradable so it's no big deal now let's try to snipe homie man cuz I got him I sniped him once at 10 okay you guys see I'm saying we got a hope one oh man yo this is gonna be bad is there another player I can use come on Oh is there another player I can use Bros cuz this is annoying surely there must be another player that will complete this right oh this is just bad man this is so bad you know what the last one I did maybe I shoulda turned Ellie Eileen and I Oh doh I'm not quick enough at sniping bros this ain't a snipe video neither I want to get it and just try rise for it I'm trying to figure out if who else is 84 English midfielder oh I got him yes Pro sniping video as well hmm right Bros there it is man we got him we got the blade le ally which now means we are going oh no 90 count right so I just had the most annoying glitch trying to complete this it kept saying like not ten players not in Club and all men it was driving me absolutely nuts but I don't think I don't have to turn in Alexander Lee I don't I was about to turn Aleksandra I won't even need to turn Alexander oh the game was just glitching out for me but I got it done we got it finished let's turn it in ladies and gentlemen epi EPL man of them men of the month or player of the month big boy Ratchford super excited about it man we get to jump into the weekend league and let you know what I think about him see if he's a beast if he's a monster I know his headliner card was unbelievable so very excited to try this Radford card in the weekend League beautiful animation I pretty much have all the men of the matches now all the player of the months almost but this one looks special man 96 page which is something all of us love the shooting the dribbling my man looks like an absolute tank absolute animal and he looks like someone that can insert into everyone's main teams bro because even though he's only an 87 or all that's um that those stats look much better than a 87 overall now we've hyped them up obviously right four star four star we've hype them up but now it's time to get into game and see if the hype is real because I'm gonna be honest with you guys I believe the hype is real man I believe this guy is unbelievably good and overpowered yo do so little first game of the weekend league as well so let's not mess this up I do Sol middle of so many how do I fit him Oh easy oh yeah easy moving Bop am a decent decent yes your boy has Fernando Torres I do I do I do i got Fernando big boy Doris hey Lozano if you guys didn't see the headline a video you guys let go check that out your boy hit a nice little Lozano Oh make him say on nine and ah here we go boys get him in um what do we write on him uh Hawk Hunter no no no no hunter um I'm thinking maybe a hawk finish up his speed give him like some physical some shooting yeah let's roll with a hawk man Yolo swag man we put a hawk on him and here we go ladies and gents we are gonna run now he is probably gonna play on the wing for a little bit for me and then we are gonna move them a little bit on the wing and then global that striker Game one of the weekend League as we happen to this game you're gonna be like oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa definitely about to see how good rash four it is haha you know I'm saying as we jump into the weekend Lee you won't see me rocking a Liverpool kit is it I know Liverpool fan don't worry don't freak out okay okay and even if I was no problem with that Liverpool's though I'm just saying that uh you know I was rocking it because we were rocking the El Nino Fernando Torres I was gonna give you guys a play review on him as well but then I decided you know what they probably don't want to see that for me it's already too late on that he's already been out for too long too many player reviews have been done if you want to know the second kit I'm wearing that is the SBC one man that is the one you get from not yes we see objective ones I believe you got to score with like a lot of league of players or something like that oh you know what I come I oh he's off side my man roster was offside either way I think if he gets that so it's the offside play give me that okay this guy's coming out the gate swinging man my man wants to play some football that's for sure whoa whoa rash for with the flicker dreams my man is super defensive like what get this very nice China oh man Ronaldo should I hide that there that's unlucky we almost have Ronaldo there sitting deep so we need to find a way to score man and soon we don't want to get caught up in the BS I try to actually swing that one the Rossford watch the counters here come on now we're actually gonna have to super tribe are nice jobs you won't consult my man sitting super deep okay I like it I like it a lot give me that she won't consol he lost you can't lose that man does not let this kind of happen not the way this guy said the big boy fan toy let's go love that centre-back van Dijk car man let me tell you that card is something special he just took on my or nine man yeah saw that yo you took out my or nine we got to see I'm not gonna try to force Rochefort in either because bro this guy this guy has a ridiculous team there's no time to try to force feed we just got to try to score goals man like I'm not trying to force-feed nobody Cristiano please get up that dykes too big Rochefort was making a move I donno if you saw that let me give it a rise for Van Dyke oh no that was a terror you saw I didn't pass those touch very very bad touch there man bro this guy is sick dude all right we can League welcome welcome to the weekend league here we go the big boy weekend League we are here get that interception please stay inside lucky unlucky unlucky all right just be smart be smart once we get one you got to force these guys people I want to sit in the back like this with big teams Bros you just got to force them out man once you force them out it's all copacetic man you just got to get you got to get that you got to get that initial like goal get them out the back I know sometimes it's really hard to get that initial goal very hard sometimes your van Dijk is a freaking animal yo goodness gracious that van Dijk get my van Dijk do the same please please thank you that would be lovely good passing I want to move him to striker you know I really really want to move I actually might do it pretty soon I think he'll just oh man what a move I think he'll just be way better at striker and way better suited for this game at striker come on ice nice Knight nope can't get there come on boys come on boys come on there you go we haven't let this guy go forward at all which is dope so we're doing everything right when it comes to that no I have to I have to that's for sure oh my goodness he almost messed up y'all were taking it he scores in his debut I didn't even sweat that to him I had no angle with r9 but that first touch from Radford very scary that's the second time he's done that I don't like the fact that he's had those second of those touches bros those touches a little bit weird a little bit weird so obviously he scored that's a pro but the cons I've seen he's had he's had two of those very very very wild touches man but maybe now we could free ourselves up some space I think I'm gonna go back post here can he get this Bradford let's go haha I'm telling you guys the height the speed and the shooting on him and I'm pretty sure the guy had some pretty good head actually see accuracy because he's tall he's a striker that usually give that to their specialties in the per a mean I'm saying they'd be hooking up the perm players big-time sometimes look at this man oh and Marcelo back post that's a no-go for this guy and that's the perfect thing man like I said when you're playing against Park the bus and the guy has a big team I don't freak out man don't freak out play your game slowly but surely and your biggest thing against people like this is to make sure that you don't get too aggressive first of all I mean let me make sure I don't give this guy up please do not give up a kickoff thank you you want to make sure you don't get too aggressive oh god I gotta beat am I gonna beat them you want to play your game and you got to be like okay look you're not gonna come out the back but guess what you're not gonna score me neither and then go from there go from there because the moment that you let the guy frustrate you and stuff that's a big problem and that is a big problem now this game is nowhere near done because this guy is a very good team we're gonna see what happens when he actually starts to try to want to attack right now he hasn't like started attacking so he might be an animal attack you go out for a corner no Radford debut man what are we saying two goals I'm telling you guys it's simple it's simple right this card really can't be bad the stats it has the height on him the skill moves the weak foot that's decent he really can ask this gentleman he really I mean looking at he just can't be bad now is he worth 400 K about he's about 4 or 500 K I think to build him right now obviously Delhi alien stuff for extinct so hey my man thanks for running out he had a big chance there too he messed that up um what was the saying uh yo he just scored two goals from the outside wing as well that's decent yo that's decent man wish he had 5-star skills man doesn't have that l tornadoes would be dope way in decent whippin this I couldn't get it in and you know this guy this guy this guy refuses that I'm playing this guy refused to start pushing out he's not really still not pushing out so we're not gonna fall into his trap were letting him in as an account man that's what we're not gonna do we're not gonna fall into his trap man nice heel to heel from Rochefort I'm looking for the pass here oh that's a pattern okay Rochefort do I give him his hat Rick he won the pen do I give him his hat what the problem is can I score the pen that's this but I give it to him usually Christiano takes my pens but I might give him a hatchet man I might give him the hat trick let's see if I could get it though let's see yeah I think I'm gonna go where he's standing oh he actually played me bro he actually played me nice the offside he actually played me that's tough to makers 3 now you probably walk out of here happy big dub super happy very very happy more oh what a steal right for himself he may have missed the pen but he won't miss this he did oh no oh no I'm not writing that I'm not writing that is that is that is that a bad thing he definitely did a bad thing there but that can happen to any player in this game not gonna happen to see our 7 I don't know what the heck just happened though I had two chances oh no no no oh lucky thank goodness for that I had two chances to make it three nil I didn't do it had he scored right there this game would've flipped upside down and we would have been trouble luckily oh man this guy's pace is something serious man luckily we get super lucky look at the Strank look at the pace I'm Chyna I'm Chuck gross I'm trying a lot go getter to get the pass inside I'm not trying a lock or to get to the shoe I'm not trying to make a beautiful goal to make Rochefort look good I don't care for that I'm here to make rats for look I don't really care if rice was in my team or not I want him to be in my team I hope he's good enough to be in my team but I don't really care if he is you know I'm saying I got in Bobby I'm not really tripping I'm trying to lock we'll get the inside to see if I can get the pass the easy goal because this guy's playing so many people in the back um so far pros I mean he scored two goals he's very fast he's very tall wins balls in the air you know I'm saying that's nice Kahn's very very bad – very bad first touches and that volley that we came in that guy's scared the heck out of that bad could happen to any player you know I'm saying also I miss penalty but that's not Rasmus fault because I just suck at penalties let's be honest this guy's not really here to play fifa you're gonna see this a lot right now in the weekend League a lot of people just sitting back in hoping for the best would park the bus don't let it don't let it like get in here and play smart play calm you'll do fine this second half has been such a dead half like honestly like so bad the entire second half has been so dead it looks like he wants to play fifa but it looks like he doesn't want to suffer any more goals it looks like the guy wants to get forward but he doesn't know if he should go forward like I'm not sure what this guy wants to do in this game I'm not sure what he's after r9 goodness that's not a foul that's crazy and at this point it's like the 78th minute I kind of just want to I kind of just want to see it out at this point I don't really want to do anything else but see it out if he scores here I could be in trouble that's why my man Viera comes up huge oh no nice dude she won't thank you man she won't just save this big time he's definitely pushing up now he only has three people back he is definitely finally pushing up that is dope to see man I'm trying to play fifa he looks like he wants to play fifa now – I'm crossing this one in to my manhood late but van Dijk the apartment building was right there in the middle man the apartment building was chilling I got him pop a two I could bring it in pop a off the bench for r9 but I'm not really looking for attacking options I'm I'm more looking to see this game out I could go down and score a bunch of goes more with Rochefort but there's no need man points don't give you brownie points you know I'm saying like oh look at holy he's gonna get an assist as well who should have or nine or not surely poppy shooty shooty shooty shooty shoot it come back to correct name Oh Mandy unlucky okay look at that right now though just had that oh no oh no Renaldo just had the same touch that Cruyff was I bet uh rashtra was having early in the game so maybe it's the server's good defense there rajesh replay out here look at that man he's so strong gross he's super strong I like that he bullies everybody man I really like that I do enjoy that about him I'm not gonna lie to you guys come on r9 nope didn't happen and I ran right away from the past as well got intercept that won't we do a for the first game of the day no warming up I'm taking it man if we walk out here with the three with the win I'm taking him in I played hella bad too the second half was hella boring my guy was just like again man I understand why people are losing and saying defensive still bro like bro losing by two or losing by one or losing about 15 is all the same what do I do here oh oh oh assist Oh let's go Radford two goals one assist my guy Radford fighting are nine and there it is man I call him go to eat don't know whether because he's like me dude I'm saying he can't really breathe after running around for a little bit they made him so bad with the stamps I got immense I don't know every man you know I'm saying um my guy can't really run like me but yo Big Ups to visor that you guys have it man Player of the Month rockin out there with Cristiano Ronaldo rockin out there with listen I think he's worthy of my bench spot and he's getting it he's gonna be my super sub a hundred percent the only reason he's not starting for me is cuz Imbaba is just in Papa you guys know about him Bob hey come on now and Bob hey is that guy but yo he won a pen he got an assist he made place happen I didn't force-feed him he scored two goals and he's gonna get us the first win of the weekend League so are not a Cristiano Ronaldo did nothing man it was Ratchford did more than Christiano Ronaldo which is very impressive to see so shout out to my boy Rochefort and more importantly let me click this let me keep this clean sheet let me keep this clean sheet let me thank you shout out to my team and we did well bros we did well with very very very very well we'll take this dog man and pouring dub as well rap and this thing man hey stop trying to ruin my clean sheet man what the hell would we playing – hey all right game over man ha ha I thought you'd shot at ruined my clean she met and there you have the man first win of the weekend league my homie didn't really want to play he want to sit in the back but that's what you're gonna come up against a lot and having someone like Rochefort to be able to give you goals and everything like that is what's important man so hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please smash that big old thumbs up for your boy make sure to subscribe one game two goals one assists that is rash furred we got him he's good I like him and I got to say if he's under 500k which I did him for a lot under 500k but I had untradable I'm saying this card is definitely definitely worth it a very very fun car to play with hey thank you guys so much watching if you wanna see these Dumars pcs big old thumbs up and i'll catch you soon oh yeah

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