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FIFA 19 Insane Pack in Guess Who!!!
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just another disclaimer before we get into the video guys Oakley's a gameplay corrupted and therefore is I'm usable in this video but instead of scrap the entire video what I've done is I've put together the players he had they'll be on slides for you can so you can see who we're trying to get the reason we didn't want to scrap this entire video is because there's a pretty bangin packing is I think you guys would want to see it yes I hope that you don't mind it in due time to click off the video but if you don't mind it just sit back relax and enjoy if you guys need Ultimate Team Coins then go and check out x3 game calm then link will be down in the description use code cap gun to get yourself a discount you're right guys he's got gun Tom here and welcome back to another episode of guess who it's the time of the headliners so we have got some headline I think this cars and hopefully we're going to see some headliners in the packs none other than our friend the fish is joining us today hello how's it going everybody right Oakley what we got on the line for them today we have got in ascending order we've got hoping Lozano Yan summer and then also necessary that's wrong see so in summer so the zone is the most expensive 170 sue says 100 K and summer is the get-out-of-jail-free card even though it's the highest-rated he is only 40 K so it would make perfect sense as to why I would have packed him in my rewards today rather than any of the other ones you know pretty much the cheapest one out of all of them and the last rate but anyway without further ado let's head over to the store okay we all know how this works we ask yes/no questions after we've got an 83 plus rated player there are some pretty nice primer paste in the store as well should we just get into it let's do it that's good okay first pack on the highly expecting a boards are this you'd hope so oh maybe not maybe not I know we are good I don't know what to say what is it yeah okay I'm good to go Oakley sure okay I also got one in my first pack so we do what those is now see starts yeah indeed okay so rock-paper-scissors boom forgot the scissors at me also have scissors rock paper scissors go sit me with the Paper Mate yep you stop out duped him out duped in okay I don't have any have any paper in from me that sir big over something my part I'll use this tax reminder rumbly this is pretty new taxman no but this is already being used for another game okay Oakley it's your player from one of the top four leagues and that is La Liga Bundesliga the Premier League or serie yes is your player from the lega lega nose or Premier League yeah he is is your player from the Bundesliga or the Premier League no is your player from the pram or Liga nose no cos gonna be La Liga or brain fart what's our leak La Liga prim Bundesliga wasn't also I'm sorry oh yes area okay is your player from Serie no do you remember that time actually that I completely forgot about the league are not worried in one of these videos to remember that and you like trying you were trying to like help me Nigel alive like do eyes car remember it that's funny well it wasn't that funny funny you I'm sure yeah okay did you play a paper PhD or Marseille is your player Spanish yes family I was hoping he wasn't does your player play so it is legal there's a player play for Monaco Leon yeah is your plan 85 rated or above yes does your player play for Leon he does yeah I can think of so many players here the skirts Ramos PK for a ho mana much about the match Rodrigo you're gonna just say do you have a home no do you have to have the pie nope do you have just try and think of there's any others that are this ask Buster Posey have asked us no do you have the kid I do yeah I'm guessing you're rockin like okay or Ascencio I was rocking at someone similar to cocaine same team here huh same team oh so yes I think I've enjoyed coaster I was so far away my entire team I was stolen right by the time he thrown it down to three players are still like he plays away a pretty crazy Hail Mary dad day we're all I knew the information was that they were a century tacking midfielder a cm or a CDM from either the Serie Legion or La Liga yeah and I called it a cup my flippered got it I so buzzed and had no idea the raising nothing it was it was yeah it was it was bringing fun real me okay so I started that round it's now yours done so let's go yeah come on more packs on the old guy yeah John can cello in that back as well don't mind if I dig don't mind if I do right let's get the other one open fingers crossed for something good okay well no surprise I have got another one okay very nice I will start off then by asking you does your player play in the Premier League serie or League and he does yeah it's your plan native to the levy placing yes because your player play in the league or serie is your flocked out twice oh man yeah it saves you a whole question when you go through those here is your place punished French or Italian yes does your player play in London like you say notice that sorry yes is your player French or Italian yes does your player play for either of the nights are either of the Manchester clubs he does yeah is your player French no that's good makes it a lot less players Oh what less does your player play for Manchester City he does yeah I think who would even fit this category I can any think of at the moment my head maybe a couple there really aren't that many and oh there are a couple actually there's that guy oh this is your player goalkeeper yes does your player play as a player play as a defender or as a goalkeeper he does yeah is your player Viviana yes hey Joe Oh managed to pull it back so we are now one a piece we're going into the third round whoever loses a friend will be discarding one of those three players at random just out of interest eveything has what you had yeah I would have pretty gon for a stinker Laporte a it's not if it's not uh LaPorta it's normally awesome end it's very rarely company almost never walk up medicines all ending up as well let's do this demo it's directly I've got another player it's your staff to get out of the same pack mate I'm not very I can neither confirm nor deny okay let's go with I'm gonna take your question away now because you can just reverse its editor it matter is your player from the Prem negan or Serie permanently gun or serie no is your player from but if it just ran bade me in by saying this you go on those days is your platform that the Bundesliga La Liga or Premier League Bundesliga La Liga or was awesome Bundesliga La Liga or Premier League no he's not he's your player from the Legion or Bundesliga the gun a Bundesliga no it's your player from you said leak on open the secret engine yeah okay cool does you play a play in legal legal knows or Syria does your play a play in the league and also the AMA knows no so just to confirm I've said Bundesliga La Liga Premier League Liga and Syria and Liga nos and you said no to all of them correct ah yes okay pram I leave that Bundesliga I'm having one even I've got it all twisted down here and I'm still struggling here so there's my top five there's one of the outsiders does your player play in the Turkish league or in the play I play the Turkish league or Bundesliga – yeah he does hmm so who view what leaves if you ask me by the way friend La Liga sorry are legal see I don't think you asked blender you go yeah it was my first question from I don't think you did I think you are I think you asked I think you asked League and twice I think I could be wrong here you might I might I might be wrong I think I've got I've got a terrible feeling and I'll hold my hands I think I think I think you're right I think I said Lincoln League and twice man Oh indicate all right it's your player I got ask now cuz yeah I mean you can't baby in hard we should be just so now I would never do that I say I ain't even asking these friends I'm replying to that if your play is your place vanish wait you see you're actually going to sneak the question you actually that's the question because of your cool-girl mess up but we haven't I have not answered any questions like I just gifted you this I gifted you this you need to be mobile man here be a nobleman and accept the respondent is your player 86 plus and from Malaga snake man you were such a snake 86 plus a legal note they're not all right as you play play in the Turkish league do you have that's how you Fernandez no I'm actually really concerned now though that I I might have messed up there but all but we'll have to go back and check out after have you got this is free players yeah and I don't know have you got Pepe no okay all right he's not even in that league anymore mate was he not now you just try and set support a very well what's good to you that this is a complete cock-up yup and ain't you three ready play no have you got cattle what yeah I knew you were gonna get me there's just no way that I can get away from it as soon as he got Turkish think I thought the whole time because that La Liga question you were saying no to all the leaks yeah I thought it's just 100 percent and I that I would lie 100% I or hundred percent thought you had kangaroo as well digit [Laughter] can we can we get a quicker a no I definitely said leave you and I remember saying yeah yeah I was rightly good because I site don't say La Liga cuz there's two million there you want oh sure well good you won't believe this part you will not believe this pack so Kagawa pops on the front inside the pack informative in yo mo bleh um titty and Robin what – that's insane i hijack a pack what do I have to start a quick sell Kagawa well how much does he worth 25 given that that was a little bit of a mess up oven of a roundup I'm happy to let you put him in front instead of summer if you want to instead of summer instead of listen okay well played mate you got me I don't think I did it's a holiday tree to be honest of you because it was more there's more in error than a clear-cut victory it doesn't happen like that part of the game not to mess on yeah I always get I always get really anxious now in these moments because I have done accidentally in the past looking at a player and then even though yes so it's worrying but I'm pretty sure you said lead gun yeah he who did you even have it how about of interest I had for Berto so far away far away from even being together yeah the only outside hope I had once we I'd messed up is that you just couldn't didn't realize that can't go hadn't uniform this week yeah I'm trying all transferred yeah well I didn't know that Pepe had transferred to be fair I think I know that fight didn't know that yeah yeah II just forgot I switched around tell me when to go I'll go I'll go go the right-center back see a cackler you get very lucky of these I mean my stupid – I've got dumb luck as they say alright kagu is out the door guys if you have enjoyed the episode make sure you drop a thumbs up we're about to go and do a rock paper stats so more difficult for me to mess that up over on Oakley's channel so go check them out the link will be down in the description Alvin that apologies for messing up once again responsibility they messed up there guys apologies it wasn't it wasn't you apologies but just I don't know is what it is help it's very said help and I'll see you next time see ya

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