OG vs Players – EU TECHIES! – StarLadder ImbaTV MINOR DOTA 2

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Commentary by Nomad MoFarah
OG vs DotaPlayers – 17 MIN MEGAS! – StarLadder ImbaTV MINOR DOTA 2
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which by the way picked 18 tons of the 55.5% win rate so pretty looking pretty good on the ice man I don't need to be in the creep wave if they've got a slight fits on 14th second cooldown a jack sees that his camps are blocked by the wind the top side so he just was box on sets that's denied the mid-range creep yeah no telling trouble down at the bottom then they're taking a lot of damage he is gonna be the first but they're trying to get the return kill on to Cutco here but the shad demon running away quick quite quickly returning early block while he blocks in is it enough ltw being blocked up by the truth of bubbling comes no tell one more right-click will be needed but he does find that kill me molarity they'll be running around from my ass moon play around there tangi Night Stalker now it's nighttime again shadow demon this time the one in trouble Scouts go being run down can set finally get himself a kill looks like he will be able to as which were toxin coming in meanwhile Jack's being spun down by boom Bodie coming in hard with the Eclipse as well did he says I'll take it all for that team and he is gonna drop for that now boom running through the trees and looking ahead Joe as well tops I'm looking for one seven for the other the fire fist comes out and it will mean Thompson finds that kill with the right click I have no songs he doesn't care TP in to the mid lane burn out these flat fists though trying to close the distance hand Oh tell someone being hunted though yeah it's got the TP where me once on some ramps around back and get tossed up into the air meanwhile Boone will find the Omni fashion topic to him not sure if that was a plan or not both eat both of them inside the trees something's coming through though it's gonna be able to get the smoke on to hide/show here now they're trying to run down the dozens upon dozens solo it's gonna die if it won't run himself away now comes a black hole just on to Kai's go here that the off laner seems like a lot of commitment but hey get to kill stop Jarek styling than Stephanie worth and I must moon his TP is canceled as well Steph get on top of him on this Night Stalker top Singh comes in as well and tiny is probably gonna be dropped here he's trying to run over to the creek cam but not gonna make it as a kill comes in DTP smoking up looking forward here bird said long time gone II got himself I say that he's still hanging around and there's pinging things exactly on his location yeah that's Cosby lining it straight to Woodsen do they see him here the teepee immediately can't by kites go here now had show he's here but the sinister gaze as well sadly he's in some real trouble right now gonna have to pop the silence but it doesn't really matter he's gonna go down all the same meanwhile in the Midland they get the return kill on two I am at my moon yeah you can do some chocolate doesn't match to grab the bounty room so you know hashtag worth but will go down on the same no this guy's a killer as well what doesn't slide up stuff as well oh no that's no way he can grapesy style inspire by step here yeah I see W being sensible here just backing himself away with that the clips coming through soon how about now is a no tell rtw and tops and all ganging up on this bottom tower and an army of five lobster joiners well-versed he's actually gonna find juggernaut here can she bring this guy down with the side timings well on my time left on it still the disruption gonna come in and save the juggernaut for the time being and now we're gonna get our spin-off have enough damaged right clicks yeah actually gets tossed up by a teammate and that means that they can't get himself away now the Eclipse comes down dude you're gonna have to shut a grave to keep this some self alive here meanwhile except trying to get on top of my ice moon did you actually get himself a lot out alive in the back lines maybe not so lucky on the tiny here is he's being ran down by all tw7 tops and meme on the backside they got cars coat in the treat as well tops and jumps its way back over but and just get banished up but steps on top of them cards go it's too much how much room to withstand and down goes a shadow demon as well that's pretty scary pretty neat pretty pretty neat that go from Roshan but diet odor to players they're looking to play some dota 2 they come in the central starts up with a son talks I'm just gonna jump straight into everybody here at that might bring down the backlash trying to bring down I'll use w LT dummies anything out me sessions back legs but no it runs a wait but they will get the tree now the back of it holding tiny and judgements tell me one the backline dazzle can be in Downey public said but the spin through from food but it's gonna take down jerax now look for more as well Hopson though he's running this fight with Drew was he gets a triple kill so far looking from op but gets banished up meanwhile boom falling low to the rather nature the rankings from hotel seppl owed out the health on the high ground said pastor but tops enough to get himself back and they will be able to find the kill onto my ass moon step round play alive he's looking for the second round page of the day of he's chasing down Kaiser Co Inc arms those chains on next three steel it no no he's trying he's rides even Thompson will get his second rampage of the day on this ember spirit said spot them oh he's hunting but who's gay cunts unsink hoon well Thompson's coming in and he's gonna route up the tilma left in such a ring you're gonna have to a bit out luckily this juggernaut will be able to run itself away from the fun stops InTouch be controlled up pretty well here and I don't think you have himself a room now but then again it seems just left in there – moons gonna get run down by Thompson and by a West Moon here meanwhile sev looking for more can they get him yes they can did he's gonna go down as well try to get the TP out but doesn't pay off just gang split apart at the moment yeah I mean the disruption some saloon but I don't CW pops the BKB and just come straight forward taro Jie turning the aggression on but who can absolutely find out he'll be pretty low on the touch gonna rip through everybody but find really only step who does not give a shit and they bring down a hide Joe now looking forward to the doubtful as well said chasing he's got that BJP going they've got this on the back legs destruction gonna save them for now I'll be dropping low but it comes a black hole it BK beat up and onto to tiny and juggernaut held still on board down don't look fools the juggernaut can they finish him up that silence this man sir it doesn't get him out as Thompson says running rampant on the back lines finds yet another kill death after death dota 2 players they are melting they want to give it one last shot but that base is falling out CW throwing those gloves there bounce around the base the searing chains out onto the juggernaut I'm not sure there's anything left in the tank for dota 2 players gigi is caught and that will be og taking game number one of his best for two series you know they didn't really get the game kind of game going they wanted to on the year on the dota 2 players so I did they well you have this not you know dazzling tiny playing really aggressively around the map if it's interesting like lane stuff and dota 2 players they're gonna pick up a puck to round up their lineup so it doesn't give them a bit of team but gives them a vessel for the lifestealer as well I went and pulled the great way for so Jack she's just following for now thank pastor tower meanwhile in the middle lane you'll get the first button to Thompson Oracle comes in with the four tunes and in it they can a bit of harass over Joe he'll take me up to the bounty on dota 2 plan yeah Jack's running around the trees hit he's gonna come into contact with a lousy ur season here's nowhere else to run my friend disease it's gonna get brought down by the live studios I was in with one slap oh oh did she well they're gonna miss the first on I'm silent up to the second one so itchy will be okay for now and I'll put the call trying to play with no tell a bit they do have the of stomp out the center does land at this time no tell I certainly break stop the flood she died for that one and the disarm comes out onto Thompson as well doesn't have a boundless strike to work with either all his points are in Jingu and the boundless so run little puck does dodge one but unfortunately will still go down to the Monkey King here Jim comes out on to ltw gets the spin but it's still gonna go through that firm make his way through the tree step joins in it comes the up here with the woo Cogswell from tops on this the disaster do 2p get annihilated inside their own jungle that's a triple kill for Dobson yep 28 ice floe up to 17 I mean they're scaling from 1 to 2 is man yeah it's massive but it used to be too good at level 1 they had to change it yeah Topsail gets a kill on to Oracle in the mid lane and he's coming in here the spin or the spin I'll TW was hunting although he does thoughts the wrong way I'll tell people not find that kill healing what comes out as well Thompson finds it the doc comes down step it once get myself away from boobs he turns around to try and get other TW the doom comes out I just talking to his dead concept get the deny three two I don't even interest it's gonna huapi their lifestealer instead it stops and starts to choose through their sliced years defenses now gets its own Jingu off but we'll cover that wukong's come into contact with my f moon damaged ship a boundless truck and hand in to full health I'm taunting away but I think this might be the end for Thompson Barnes comes out those rotations coming in can he get off the bound I can't get up the Jingu he's turning around and get some license eyelids but note won't be able to dodge the nukes from hi jelluh they might Wukong here spamming it our species hanging out behind us Andy Thompson but they're not able to force them back on the flight authority they do so they want to do they want to take a fight baby getting on me or something force them back behind the tower and into the wukong's Thompson now gonna throw it down the RP only lands onto the lifestealer though but they will be able to pick up a joke no he won't Paul's promise comes out from him Thompson actually comes out of the we cons as well as though they're chasing forward for this creep which boom did invest into an aloe blob the lifestealer and get them down so you do find the counter lifestealer but monkey can't gonna die as well but he Betty hadn't gone on them they still have Omni slash as well if they really want to use it here and where's the moon getting in there see on this house coming through and pucks like I don't want any other didn't do with that and he would be able to stay Harford keeping them both alive for this pin comes through my ass moon drops as does digi og get everybody except the techies who's he's just farming dude he's just placed in mind he's like no guys this is great space for me I can get with so many mines down from this look what the Ruby middle lane only told fest oh it's exciting any investor in ancient Crete I don't think so life's is gonna go down again yeah Huck jumps in briefly briefly you know you said about that when you steal devour you don't get the skill you can steal with a skill though uh-oh bot Lane has a fling yeah and they go beautiful skewer out from seven where's Ben doesn't really know what to do with himself here because there is nothing to do with himself but die comes the techies though saying up the mines oh that's huge exposure on the high ground there goes the stasis trap the remote mines as well they're gonna destroy them just in time before they die until one buddy just kidding it would have done anything spoiler meanwhile about the strike nearly kills techies and they're going for people AF blink RP still all they have to do spring to life I'm popular live still here and they're fine on landmine oh look at that damage coming up for the techies how do you fight innocence I mean the obvious hatch is gonna go and then pick up a stealer but techies it's still alive and now the RP comes out that's a big one as well throw the weak hugs as well but wake up the techie but lately with the false promise I'd already know about they've got the combo they use the force on the techies when he suicided she wouldn't die any damage is amazing or not if the game is over the tone of two players take a fairly convincing me I lost there

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