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Commentary by Nomad MoFarah
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serious between Caban and oh gee this is Sonoran stack dkphobos nine motel this might be in trouble here yeah that's the Sun coming out on to him and he is not a tanky boy or a couple more right-clicks will be required to got a paid bottom Bibble draw first blood a little bit questionable they're coming up onto that high ground just an action botlane as well fighting for the rune yeah they're going in a skitter trying to tear through il TW here with that open wound bitter coming in as well as this 3 on 2 right now and I'll TW might be going down pops of one that wants to find cinder in he's got those parts gap between the CK with the axis coming out and the blast as well we'll finish off cinder and I LT w getting under Tower the right-click comes through but not enough to bring him down just wondering and I know we we talked about necrophos dominating the the battery plane but bat ride has got nothing right now and Jax is gonna reveal the smoke but he's now the one on low HP so possibly repeating the mistakes off his former victim here is Caban will get it killed that sounds neat Jarrett comes back here butts enduring and dkphobos ready to pull off the exact same move again bitter has not left either a very short left old meanwhile the axe comes down onto syndrome so they will be able to get a kill with that Reapers siphon jerax it's absolutely hunky-dory as they're looking for more chasing forward on to Phobos some bitter but they will not chase any further than this I feel like it's one of their but they actually toss cinder and backed into no town Isle TW here needs gonna get eaten alive Gibbons me in terms of the course he's trying to close the gap between heroes hedge Eric's actually gonna get caught inside the class sewers Caban lay down the paint onto Gerak's here and we'll be able to find themselves as kill no spells even being able to thrown out by the tiny bear is why it something to watch but unfortunately didn't quite catch Alana step being run down by Kevin here they've got Phobos on top of him now but he's gonna pop that Ghost shroud as they come in with reality grips to that extra armor hit not gonna come off as you know about the recent side it's not gonna be enough to finish off the bat rider but the right-click coming in from Isle TW it will be able to get that kill 902 a sinner and a psycho TW just flies in with those axes and gets itself a double kill here in the top plane so oh gee just respond last group who's it going to go to an all-night knit actually taken a ton of damage here but well good Rolling Thunder though yeah I mean where's the team coming in Iron Man's gonna go on – no tell here they move trying to kill the man his horse is dead I don't see that we have to back himself away open wound still available for 9 seconds of slow comes in from 9 know that lucky shot helping out here you know out here he comes around all know they got fences every beside set but Rufus side comes out they actually find the kill on to 9 and Ali turn it around with an ultimate from the troll as well Sydnor and also dead Skinner gotta turn around try and fight this one rtw open wounds it out on Tim that mischance not gonna help out the cook of the rage and now the lasso comes off onto the morphling but he is morphing string so Thompson is alright but Gerak's might not be as he's just dying in the flames right now turns around throw out an avalanche to get poked in the space to get away it's just nice to have those or items like we talked about but he's kind of the only real one that failed some side coming down to morphling bitter stole in the last fight and use it literally just before it runs out like that was that was on the edge of running out there and somehow people time to kill with it that's unreal morphing into strength EP is coming in a bottom I'll TW no he wants to say for this tablet sinner he's gonna close gap with reality repair now you need to get themselves away whether what's being used got a whole sinner and still for now but in comes a bowling ball knocking over the pin to cinder in but yeah that all of the we love with now coming down they'll pop the old some on the side of troll wallet but doesn't yours about the time being those close the gap forms a bigger here but that will worth just keeping him control the entirety of his ultimate sad now being run down he's inside the ghost shop but he's being burn alive at 9:00 we'll finish off that kill skinner gets the credit for both of those kills as cabin take another awesome fight in the bottom lane and OG fall apart oh here we go bit of action as they get signs up immediately on how they throw down the ictus there and you catch Center and inside of it though and in comes a bowling ball rocketed back lads that are gonna pop the ultimate as they grab this maker falls inside this main lasso but they can't get him in time as you'll comes off not you're gonna be able to bring down GK photo step still alive somehow I'll field is this BKB to do what he wants in this fight set does immensely drop absence Gerak's kisser is now into this fight as toxin Genji and SAP Hangul air trying to find himself a kill on survivor will be successful and science comes terrific Cabana leading a force through the back lines and they'll be able to grab themselves rzw can't get the ultima off her Thompson finds yet another still playing around inside this panga layer for but it is starting to run out of the air moons come out but up onto the high ground he goes and back into the morphling form he's just playing some games he's playing tops and Zota dkphobos popping the Firefly note here is it all know I'll TW inspiration this could be a big problem with no tell court our lasso comes down they will tear him apart no tops of m5 I'll tell you pop that BJP North Shore ESU wants to go into this one is just a crowd of CK's up on this hill and his BKB it's just gonna basically go completely to waste they'll actually toss back I'll Twi his teammate there Derrick's helping out at homee but might be run down here is dkphobos getting those sticky napalm stacks onto him here scatter closing the gap as well Jax will certainly be dropping meme on the other side that's why they've actually managed a whole step and Topsham still yeah right he'll not going down it's a little bit messy as no tile comes back and it's getting chased out by the lifestealer the raid runs out the jerax has dropped cinder in though dropping low as well they do find that kill but I'll CW help still silence art can't crap out all three small fee will be able to use it soon as the graves come off as well I'll TW we'll have to pop that ultimate turning around on to Skinner meanwhile nine picked up on the back lines now the rest of OT can come out to help il TW as they look toward the tree Thompson trying to chase his iron man quick as always get a quick infest into his team and welcome to find them in the trees agents head in the men and beating them down as Seb comes in to join say hey what up guys I had a party in the tree a my own party but he's actually getting beaten up by cinder in and skit so we'll have to pop back coast route getting low though the running out of HP and he is gonna die tops on as well cookie and some child attendants lie so raised himself up and gets himself away nice little play there to escape from that fight but it is gonna be Oh Jean Loup three and only one death on the side of cabana as well and don't forget that the no-tell did actually go down twice in that fight sometimes we used to see these offline pangos they will go for the Rolling Thunder cooldown sometimes you got it off twice in one fight and game-changing jumping in in the ck for trying to float up but good get bashed up by nine and now the lasso comes out but will it win in respond for the BK from dkphobos means they can find the kill on the top zone immediately and just like that Caban find two kills in the river they just toss the troll on the swashbuckling pango so we just flew through the air in different directions it's great I'll cue W though in some trouble that's not a lot of damage coming out from not gonna have to pop that BKB but doesn't have mana for the ultimate afterwards oh no that feel bad so they will TP out on their tiny step in the trees though might be getting run down with that flying visuals from the batrider they do close a gap now the lasso comes out and said can't do a damn thing as he's beaten down by Caban Oh G starting to sweat here and Caban up on to the high ground here as they will start to push in and try and get these buybacks out of OG top so I'm just gonna go straight in with that rage and trying to bring down nine nice and quickly here but he does get low put it back himself up rage gonna now run out for being some troubles arouse you have come through the nice man to dodge on the stun there by top Cerner's Skinner jumps in Topsham just gonna respond with a range of is only two trying to blow up now go since the backline trying to jump on top of sender in Topsham pretty brave hits come forth but does get lifted up pump up the rate of time as then comes a Willett whisper groove Oh God so many hits on the down the top of the truck he's gonna drop in comes nine with just all the damage in the world and now they chase down no tell the backline Thor and potently Seb gonna get dropped as well as he W pops that BKB but can't do anything here is he stunned up once again so what come true he's gonna have to pop the ultimate but he's done walking into a brick wall now disarmed by the panga lair as well arty doubly fog – if things go there and no help finally go down they get jacked as well as GG is called game number 1 goes to Caban this is not the start teens qualify as Oh deals looking for a really well played by Caban though and yeah this is gonna be a lot of Units on the board like and gets phase boots necrobook he just runs at you yeah Hopson finds a kill in the middle lane as well on to nine here as he runs down really looked at mid lane so it's just gonna be the swashb okay let's see what they can do Jarek again jumped upon Harris and they come with the reality rift of course note midnight pulse nothing aggressive really from jerax available here as 9 will jump in and sneak that kill there was four heroes in this top lane yeah go step what we gonna go down as well I would say be man in here he doesn't really have any way to get out of this one so we all get dropped as well doesn't matter noise coming in on the pan goes wrong introduction hello tingly looking for the swashbuckle feels good meanwhile the roar comes out a little bit higher up as they're able to bring down bitter and now nine holding on take him after throught that ultimate meal Jarek being run down by Skinner we'll get killed nine now running around inside his hamster ball z now comes out next to no tail but said someone in trouble as the swashbuckle comes in and the jump in from the phantom assassin as well they find themselves a kill Skinner with the double kill eating through the trees no problems at all no tell fighting himself a little bit surrounded here is cabana bringing in heroes but Tulsans here as well with the haste rune it's gonna mean they're just chased you can see how much damage this mango just with a javelin it's absolutely crazy yep that sounds like fish spamming it miss jumpy forwards here yeah it's actually in the river not too sure what he's doing in this neighborhood but we'll get brought down by dkphobos and nine and now top sort of no tell to hold the line here but top some being really aggressive and it's running straight forwards means he doesn't have a remnant up here by the way nice start on the chaos bolt however now throws out the chains and sinner it's gonna get blown up just by some doggies as i ltw comes in with his posse now trying to run down a Phobos undertown with a slow fish back up from top zone as well it's looking pretty scary pick a balance there trying to run themselves away the starve out onto I LT w is gonna stop the chase for the time being by the time you've reduced to their Tower is already on half HP Hopson throws that remnants and ring coming in the back lines but meanwhile the hamster balls running through as if Matt got seven not into the trees and they'll be able to bring him down me one of the back lines Thompson is stunt up will ram the board a couple of centimeters and unfortunately the silence from dkphobos just ruining toxins game right now will be updated off but now the black hole comes in plans on just skids and on to dkphobos it's enough to turn this fight around I think with the manpower very well might be but skata gets to jump away to his teammate now try to back himself out but no tail says hello sir black comes out if we were to delay that yes it only goes delayed the inevitable in it comes the sleight of fist as well and now they'll get on top of dkphobos as well cinder incoming to join in their respawn and cows ball once again dodge i Thompson you can't stun this man that's down and goes dkphobos I'll lose him down to the tower my die on the process Yoli even there Skinner here they're doing a ton of damage her as well Skinner is just melting right now the remnant Ford's is he gonna go for it is Thompson of course this is on the sleight of fist still running forwards bitter jesting as well with his own remnants top son finding himself in the enemy base right now throwing in I mean there's there's five heroes here I was just drawing survived this really wants to go and find this tries to stop the count spot but unfortunately it's so slow that doesn't even reach him in it's like a fist so we will go down look at the space yep Roshan is being taken by og they say okay it's opsins in the base and let's get ourselves into the Roshan pit and it's not taking long at all look at the units in here that's probably the most toxin thing I've ever seen by the way just coming for that in the enemies base it's how all is so annoying to to play against for raw comes onto the ck they're gonna bring down cinder and pretty quickly here but Thompson's looking for plus one is get on the back lines that's your carry they had not Gordon they had the necro butcher excellent start and everything went wrong at about this stage that's where they can pull off this time as in comes a phantasm thump cinder in nine Rolexes can get on the spot and set chops into smack your face meanwhile tender in it's gonna die the black hole to catch moves by pan goli as well they're gonna try and get on top of nine but jarrett is actually dropping kinda low hit try to get something way but dkphobos brought down from the sky nine go drop as well meanwhile this whole time the game's over what oh there you go so deep get more the racks being attacked right now oh gee runes coming out from set I wrong down to the bottom line they go oh gee have found them immense and they found their gameplay and then the guys shouting every room in the face of Caban income ZK Phobos trying to pop back a OE silence from bringing down stem maybe but they're changing focus a child w they can't actually decide who they want to kill you bitch see I love the units are just going to work here they're attacking the base has so much stuff to think about people hotels in the enemies found out everybody Thompson goes in deep here's one he's on a triple kill Kelly go for more yes he gathers around Paige coming out for Thompson and if that is an end to the game I don't know what is GG called biker burn OT taken emphatic victory in game number two that might be the most single entertaining game I've ever watched I mean in terms of means yeah

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