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Welcome to Rocket League World Championship Season 7 Finals (Rocket League RLCS Finals S7)!
We have NRG Esports going against Renault Vitality!
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Each RLCS season spans approximately three months and feature teams from all over North America, Europe and Oceania. The top-four teams in NA and EU and the top-two teams in OCE will be invited to compete at a live International Finals event for a shot at glory and their piece of the $1,000,000 prize pool!

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let's get it underway I can't wait to see how this one goes we've got vitality in the orange and our jeans blue paid off up early aggression I'll take over the first offensive push tonight's played from Justin to get it past one Hungarian fire burner looking to clear it out there comes scrub a miss actually on the ball we'll leave it for the boys from North America when send high fire burners their first carry piece touch goes off to the side now Justin 3:1 and now through to fire burners airborne in the defense from Batali a little bit confused fire Berger's touch isn't the best though and it will be deflected no early goals here my biggest player to watch has got to be very peak on that vitality side yes they said it he's been a support as rolled for vitality all season long but can bring back that fairy peak that was Blaine defenders in that and fire burner by himself gets this one all the way done NRG scores first and beachballs rain everywhere rocket League 4:15 left to go rough killer versus Garrett G this one on the midfield wall fire burner up and K top will advance three players who have been delaying the most amount of times all on the pitch right now fire burner and Garrett have been all of them Kade up right behind them scrub killer looking for the triple Justin for the challenge now over to the side the two rookie players Justin a veteran of a few lands now but forever the Rookie of the Year in my mind comes it off the side Garrett passed one now onto the wall Katie beat to scrub kill will shut him down and put her right back into the box beats another but the ball moving laterally his teammates far back fire burner looking to even get a second solo goal here will put it into the vitality corner and while in Archie they may be ahead right now to start off single elimination has not been their greatest friend in the past even making the grand finals in WS we taped off short Justin will get a demolition as he took a early air dribble shot now off the backboard again another than wasn't a fairy Pete open up more space scrub killer down the field with ball control Garrett I'll take it from them and try to advance again the energy back in this morning territory then it's up Justin looks for the shot finds the trap man look familiar fire burner over to guarantee can they find one more here the defensive hold is guarantee doesn't find any contact houses Kate up on the top of one ferry people looking to tie the game late to the ball and guarantee me good luck trying to save every option that scrofula had right there beautiful transition from vitality a great equalizer 250 on the clock and we're all tied up dolphin ferry peak will work together in this corner taken away by Justin now onto the backboard and off over to the edge scrum to put it into the midfield and Terry piece in a challenge but it goes neutral against fire burner now guarantee putting it off hi Justin comes in looking for the shop but it's widen scrub kill it will deflect off his roof pass to fire burner shuts him down very beat out to scrub nobody challenging him as he puts it high don't be a shot okay da waiting his turn he'll bite look in beat Gary G in the corner now looking to pass into the box an excellent touch nobody believed him to make that one and now Justin I stand that in Turtles he started to bring up more and more at this event that one will turn into anything but it's pretty anyways he did that back in day number one and they got them into trouble versus int see what a save just a good sound a little bit of boost to work with his teammates on the ground rotating back into goal no double tap for scrub Killa very peek over the top of one before being demolished Justin out to fire burner on to the back where he's got a little bit of boost Kate up and shut it down all the way back down to the blue half miscommunication from NRG still Garrett able to make that recovery at first and get that ball just poked into the midfield for some extra seat safety Cup skate ops demolished deep in his own house scrub the Omega say fairy peak on the corner Justin trying to get this one back out into his teammates but fairy people find contact and they'll get to Gary G to get the passing time now to fire burner back into the corner nobody's ball my towel you'll take over there's a pass to scrub a roller towards the goal Gary G's got it up against fairies ascends the shot two defenders bite one minute remaining until a time all game Justin Alam in the back we'll pick this up onto the wall try to carry them self finds a second touch to be the first offense now here comes Garrett G can't get the dribble the pumps and safety pin scrub till it finds the clear wonderful save from Kato under pressure like he said the demo was coming for him but in Archie aren't done yet in the corner again Firebird will give her the shot [Applause] sure continues to mount a nap was too slow to beat out Justin and fire burner like you said throw a slow one to the back post and bury Pete trying to cover a Lara excuse me scrub killer trying to cover a lot there just couldn't quite make it 35 seconds for vitality to tie this up two players flight that will get it past one Garrett G hits his grace trying to block scrub it'll be Justin ultimately you takes it off for rookie Justin out down to the corner here G beats one use a little to get the pass out in front of the box the defense isn't quite there fireman it looks for the shot just too slow ten seconds left for vitality now the scrub not gonna find control fire burners they're just live to the cleared a nice win from Barry beat Joe still clapping fire high K top shuts it down they're keeping this one I've got enough booze to work with McGarity let's take him off of it put it into the ground nice for energy vitality no shortage of pressure that piece and not really able to get anything going in terms of scoring opportunities apart from the one where they caught energy on the counter-attack I have to find each other on the past plays the midfield has been highly contested neither side really having an advantage there it's all coming down to execution on offense skate-off will be 1/3 scruffy looking for a shot but Garrett finds more time it's the deflection how Justin's got control he's got Garrett on the midfield with half boost Mitch goes across the goal two players from vitality go and it's just all Kay off in the back once at high ferry people extended out to midfield and Kate up take out the pass now on to the back court of NRG Justin's got it out to midfield scrub killer shot should be a bit high in Firebird we'll get to the what a demolition end goal could open up some space if it weren't for the contact the rest of energy was able to find all the way back to the corner and now Justin back in front of the goal will be the clear for scrub killer is Garrett G fire burner rotate lot of space as well GERD she actually was late to that fall meeting here comes ferry peak shot towards the middle double commit but either way out to the side but continuing the push is by tally but finally a hole opens up and fire burner will buy some space and up alone in the back it's all that one sets it out the fairy peak but Justin finds the read on it and gets it back into the RUP Killa along Boomer Gary G takes it to the side k topples for the shot Justin is in that and ready for it past him again vitality starting to control the midfield here in game number two fire burn Ola for the air carries out scriptlet dropping it down and nearly the read there it's not gonna happen this fire burner demolished Garrett G freed is to fly down the field and here comes Justin up onto the ceiling looking for one more couldn't get it past the defense though ferry pqk top hold on seems like this ball constantly finding its way into the NRG corner and vitality just aren't winning enough for the challenge is to poke that ball out across and up into the middle for a teammate scrub trying to drop into his teammate there ferry peak not gonna make contact now fire burn out towards Garrett K top will find the refers to put it onto the backboard again Garrett and over the top of scrub bury peek responds back into the blue and they'll counter touches from NRG onto the backboard Garrett G puts it to his own corner loses the challenge to ferry peak and then another one lost its in that 490 but there's nobody to shoot and now Gary G out of his own corner will carry a pass to and up against a top they'll pinch high OH nasty corner ferry people looking for the shot but fire burners got it taking it long ways demos on the scrub kill in the backfield just in the fire Berger now we're gonna play bruisers they put it hi Garrett G looks for Cade up understand he's got to read it NRG infan absolutely boxed into their own hat most of the game they really haven't had any time to go up and see what they can do on offense this is our first chance at Barry peek again finds the clear this midfield game that was again so neutral in game number one completely dominated by vitality here in Game two they get it pass another one there's nobody in the backfield this should just be a golf fairy peak pink a Hopkins guide it straight in Game two and Justin he finally thought maybe he could go in and steal that one away and catch vitality trying to push aggressively take a huge risk and it did not pay off he needed to go back and play that time buying role that he's so good vitality barely lost Game two and that got an early lead here in game but they lost game one rather they couldn't early lead in game number two see if they can tie up the series killer past one Challenge is neutral against Garrett Firebird her airborne fairy peak set up and then paid off we'll take it off the backboard Justin now back in the midfield where's Garrett shot from midfield is wide and off to the corner scrub tries just to kill all the momentum of his fall break up any sort of offensive play to get her ball passing here Sierra with a shot but Caleb's got it go canal into though and Justin will find the shot [Applause] at the same time and it costs them big-time fire burner actually pulls them out they think somebody's gonna go for a challenge and it's just black the discipline stroke killer knows it see the disappointment on his face and they say alright fine we gave it back don't worry about it this this series has been a game of inches every goal a huge difference maker vitality knows how difficult is gonna be to get another three goal like the one they got the beginning of this game they have to find a way through the defense is fire burner garret small double commit on offense and this one which is all the way around Justin will be able to neutralize it what's it hi now here's structure looking for a shot it's off to the side and very people put it onto the wall once more two players from in our G in the corner but fire burner gets it out now k top against Justin Justin wins and sends it to the side Firebird fancy down midfield looking for the pass and gets it from ferry peak now back around the corner once more one minute remaining ferry feet past two but Justin in the back you'll be able to save this it's off to the side K top with a shot that's over the top of very because he was kind of playing the screen Garrett's got it though now fast to and into an empty corner 45 seconds left we're still tied oh nice touch of the demo from guarantee fire burner he puts it up for Justin it's a race back the other side and ferry peak coming out of the corner of solid said excellent challenges Garrett G gets it into the box McKay up with a law fire burner will be all the way in the back to pick it up demolitions galore rain on the field it's a flick past one paid off we'll be able to control this with fire burn earnest tackles of a now Gary up against scruff bounces off the rookie and down towards the Box fire Berger can he find the past of Justin he's not gonna find anything right now and now the ball back in midfield Justin passed one he's tearing it by himself up against two gets it onto the wall and K top will slow it down scrub Jilla tries to clear but it's not gonna happen as Garrett G's up first eight seconds left in the shot two times but the clock hits zero get with one last a chance enroll over time in game to weather the storm mentality – and their own quarter close but never able to really get that one just inside the lines [Applause] find the kickoff plata and equalize the series doing what it takes and now we're in the game three nobody's advantage Justin will get the first drive if this one my fire burning looking for the shot kate up cleanly carries it away no garrett with a follow-up pass to Justin's far in the back with a pump on the camp will open up opportunities Justin he's out of booths the therapy doesn't know that now the full tank he's got a past one firefighter comes in to create more chaos to camp will look to dribble it away he gets a pass – it'll be guarantee on the back end to neutralize things you can serve a shot not gonna work out with the aggression continues from an RG game – was all about vitality the midfield energies started off pretty strong here in the first 40 seconds to see if they can keep it up here's guarantee with another shot ferry Pete's got it away defense of vitality under pressure but it hasn't been anything they can't handle yes here's Justin berry peak in the midfield Garrett takes it away from constant misdirection constantly playing it to the empty corner working in Energy's favor right now his guarantee onto the backboard again the scrub killer gets all of that one all the way back down the fire who wants to counter clear you're absolutely right about trying to play to the empty corner or where nobody is because that's the only way they're gonna be able to pull people out everyone is so disciplined in such a strong defender on this pitch the only way is just gotta see it to convey them out of position Dustin with the wall play pass to he's gotten to clear them out fire burner playing a bit more cautious once I'm willing to crowd the midfield now Gary gene trend in the corner hit up to half past 1 Justin's shot will be wide Trump Kelley will pump this one high and then follow it himself here gene neutralizes it to the side and up now following with boost to work with fire burner and net will find the clear but fair peak should be coming in any second there G now free players grouped up for energy over on the side but lots of space Gary G gets a pass to and Justin adjusted to the flame Kade up trying to clear just to get to pass to he's out of whose to work with me still a threat to players were up now it's off to Garrett GK off in the back can he make contact you sure can it's the clear to the side and ferry people bouncing mascara underneath fire burner paid off trying fire branch in the back and now following it up himself finds the shot two defenders will make the play is the follow there it is Justin he went for that save he thought he had time to go maybe get it in the corner or at least pick up a 12-pack but nothing anywhere and guarantees the beneficiary that goes all the way back to fire perimeter making a massive risky challenge in the midfield both players forward for an hour Cheney wanted of course he did scrub killer looking to equalize the drop down the K top it's passed to up to fire printers [Applause] and that is classic vitality they're not going to be now for long beautiful paths that stretch to a perfect catch from Dana the little push to the left and sneak it inside the gold most perfect play and half the game left to go we're still tied up up long to the wall fire burner past one here's Justin looking for a shot at demolition on the fire burner his Garrett should be moving in quickly Justin so much aggression commanding that field by himself very people get a passin though not only for the passer scrub out of the backboard where's Caleb looking for the shot it's underneath – nobody's home in the [Applause] that beautiful follow-up by Barry peek but Justin just missing that tip as did Garrett G pixels of difference and that means K top gets a goal at a table saw nobody's in net and he puts his car up and just hit two with the underside is it what's the most amount of the most amount of surface area and the softest amount of power there's no as long as it's going towards the go I have got two teammates in this box they can find a way to finish that off and now a wooden goal lead for vitality cuz they look to take a lead in the series it's passed to scrub killa went into high Justin in his own corner bounces around no be able to put a wheel on to it fairy Pete finally to make contact or runs out of boost scrub Killa through the aerial in front of the shot double commit on defense ran RG in opportunity here at skate out moves in he's got a teammate in the midfield the fire burner will slow it down and then a bit of a group of some on the ferry because of the knock [Applause] huge play from very peak in the corner just a wonderful command that's the one be one place coming through says Justin here and a massive two goal lead for vitality absolutely insane with 120 a left to go in a game that's been a matter of inches and centimeters of pixels two goals might be enough of a lead to guarantee it from pillar keeping it high a nice deflection pass scare and then K top on the backboard can he finish it off himself he's one of a boost and he'll be falling back down fire burner now looking to advance and our team suddenly getting demolished in the midfield every touch vitality a good mile ahead of them dare G demolishing his own back third fire burner looks for the wraparound final minute of Game three my tally win this will be a match point and our G's got to find a way it's past two Firebirds for the pass cross towards Garrett G the worm part doesn't quite go in two defenders are up for it but scrub kill is out doesn't make contact the respect to the resident RG though they weren't even challenging him now Gary Jeep we're gonna pave the way for Justin he says the long went down the field Firebird over the other side Garrett's already got the read if he puts it back into the corner but K doppel just cleared a long ways 30 seconds left down by two they need a goal quickly we've got the space to work with this well what a hover vitality are willing to give them that ground because they know they have to cover a lot of ground they're confident in the defense fire burner puts this one high that might not be good km looking at it Justin tries to advance with Garrett as well ten seconds left down by two they have to score immediately and then find a kickoff and I don't think it's gonna happen the midfield just too strong for vitality as they'll secure two games like they said time for some vengeance Americans live Talia look into play spoiler chaos gets it early no hesitation Kade up following scrub kill on the kickoff fire burner went for boost and just couldn't reach it so close but it's all about the perfect read from teh top didn't think twice jumped shot goal three seconds in about as fast as you can score a goal hey now gets a past one in all of NRG a little bit of trouble here with the kickoffs game port not going their way fire Berger passed one try to give it to Garrett G now up against a top get past him and now leaves it was scrub in the net but Trey peak will have no rotated and scrub doesn't even need the help on the backboard gets it away and now killed in the midfielder he picks it up fire burner off his hood whoops it pass here's Garrett looking for the shot over the top of scrub killable needle more and fairy pick on the fact for those other ideas back out to scrub the shot is good Justin makes the same play and the pressure continues for vitality done but finally just to be able to get command to the ball in the corner so here comes in our key back to the other side but still long clear from K table the entire length of the field Justin holds on to this flicks high but flicks early circular hadn't even bit yet and he'll find the save finds the boost in this corner as well now if it gets fired burner there's a win then RG right now struggling as K top gets another one Garrett G will send it along and follow it himself looking for Justin shut down by ferry Pete right now vitality has n are G's number through and through way back out ferry Pete sends it towards the goal here G onto the side scruff killer demolished it might open up some space on the respawns and a half make a quick read it gets in the weight just enough but here's fire burner with an open net to shoot at two defenders get in the way we'll be back across in an energy territory and you said they've had an hour geez number it's because NRG hasn't had time to keep that ball close and find ways to pick apart the defense such as what they're so good at vitality forcing them to constantly clear the ball as far away as possible by keeping the ball high in the air also seriously losing their 50/50 s right now just the the 1v1 reading game eyetality is currently winning all these players tightens up the 1v1 scene and you can always count on us Gary G trice plays into the corner no boosts to work with gives a bump on the one opens up some space but K tops right there and gets it past fire runner and fast Justin all the way down scope Killam vs. Garrett G in the back the ball will be wide the vitality just continues to suffocate NRG is passed to Gary gene able to neutralize the ball those teammates not there one flies over the top but Justin manages to get the clear before being demolished what would have inevitably been a second goal berry pika k top rotates here G will look for fire burner very high scrub kill Oh makes contact now Justin keep it high straight back into the arm to scrub fireburn oh look for the dunk here Abel a new tries against a repeat but came up again right there tight rotations the defense has been impeccable from vitality with two minutes left they're still holding onto the one nothing lead Challenge game is absolutely brilliant in two minutes it's gonna feel like an eternity when they're trying to make sure they can box in the NRG now they've got a chance Justin he's been so dangerous hi but do you believe it and try and just deny the Blues to maybe open up some future holes and by taotie's rotations fire fire on the side there comes a shot vitality the last game they need they win this one when they're all the way through to the semi-finals berry Pete on to the wall get on the scrub pillar falling back now looking for the pass up the fairy peak but take it away by fire burner Kate off now in for the shot and looking for the security here strep killer blocked again my player for the defense holds with just barely vitality continues to be so dominating even on the defensive rotation scrub defines the touch that's needed be engaging the midfield KDOT will find enough of the contact hold on to it 1:07 left to go find him into the game for approaching all the Tam Tolly looking for it great bounce but guaranteed again pushed off the ball so much pressure from my town they catch them too far forward off the mark and out to the side and Archie will have to look for something else in the final minute all the pass across to guarantee Cavs a read from a mile away the safe comes through 45 seconds left it's back on the K topside he looks for the shot Justin finds the same 40 seconds remaining again ferry peak starting to find those crazy passes back in the box the vitality could stay aggressive for the last 35 you know they're to be thinking about defense though it's a one goal game anything can happen for energy long clear vitality again taking that passive approach to defense they NRG might get antsy and just push the ball as far away as possible and they won't be able to make anything happen when they feel comes in that defense it's 14 seconds remaining skate up comes off the wall guarantee out to Justin they look to eliminate North America's Titan over towards Garrett Justin advancing as well the boost and battles everything going the wrong direction the clock has expired they've got to keep it in the air Garrett's up for it ferret beast got one 500 gets his past across but not what he's home [Applause] for vitality and energy again single elimination proving their downfall we'll leave in the quarterfinals what a day and the reign of terror from North America finally stops for a moment they will not leave this tournament undefeated as Europe has a champion in the top four and who better than Cato and scrub killer fairy peak vitality will play for the trophy holy cow this is a crazy Sunday I don't even know I have no idea what's about to happen in this next match cloud 9 Barcelona's gonna be nuts cloud 9 Barcelona is also another rematch we've seen em before and that is going to be an interesting take as well but well done – Kade off-script killin fairy peak I was curious a fairy Pete who's gonna be able to play that strong this land player that he's been before in previous places like League and stuff like that all the way back in 2017 it was great to see him have a phenomenal series here against NRG K top and scrub killer performed as usual yeah and they will go on just energy and I was so surprised at the level at which vitality found out the number so quickly it seemed like my game – like we've got this we're done and then in just every game was more and more out of hand maybe the score lines didn't collect show up that midfield control the vitality had every team needs to be looking out for them as the rest the day goes on yeah it was absolutely 100% great job from vitality never allowing energy to keep that ball close let Justin make those individual plays pop it over one guy and beat him so well done to lock down a midfield absolutely well I want to hear it from the players themselves let's hear from scrub whose would call a boy thank you gentlemen scrub kilobyte ality pick Wow that was quite the game there and scrubber you know first and foremost you know this crowd firmly on the side of NRG you know makes sense we're in North America but it seems like you went over a few folks wouldn't you say games got a respect game I'm saying that that's how rolled okay so yesterday he came off of that loss against g2 tough loss for you guys you number one team in Europe g2 obviously a great opponent what happened in that game what did you feel like where some of the challenges that you faced that you needed to fix for this matchup against NRG well against g2 our communication wasn't the best and overall we just won't blame that good so yesterday we were just like take a break we're talking over and we just came in looking for the wind today that's a difference you know yesterday we weren't playing for the win we're playing not to lose but today we're playing for the win that goes a long road for sure my friend now the other thing was it's been such an emotional roller coaster for you this is the first world championship for you your rookie this season but you've been playing this game for such a long time to have that opportunity to go up on that stage shut down a team like G to move on in this competition you know I mean this is a pretty basic question but how you feeling right now bud feel an amazing man ready 1 ready 1 awesome stuff now finally before I let you go we're gonna have a tall order ahead of you the semi-finals it's either gonna be FC Barcelona or cloud9 and thoughts on those two teams they're both nuts I do think bars are actually gonna win it so we'll see though we'll save up already play the EU boys oh man you see you wonder you wonder love and then you lost it just like that I don't know how you managed it a scrub thank you so much for your time my friend guys give it up one more time give love to scrub killing this guy is a beast first World Championship is crushing the game yes [Applause]

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